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  1. Only just stumbled on this story and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. ty
  2. mansexlover

    Find Ch 1

    Great start to your new story
  3. mansexlover

    TWB Ch 8

    A most enjoyable story. I look forward to book 2
  4. mansexlover

    Chapter 4

    great chapter
  5. mansexlover

    Chapter 86

    All good things must come to an end I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your story and look forward to the next one xx thankyou
  6. great start to the story looking forward to reading more
  7. mansexlover

    Chapter 82

    Great chapter I can't wait to read the next and the one thereafter. The story is so captivating with great "plots" the children are having the time of their lives and the interaction with the adults is always a win win situation for both parties .
  8. mansexlover

    Chapter 80

    The children are certainly being kept busy with new happy memories to replace all the bad ones from their past. Great chapter.
  9. mansexlover

    Chapter 78

    Great chapter
  10. mansexlover

    Chapter 77

    Are we going to get some feedback in the next chapter with regards to the children getting their new clothes... how did the new children re-act. What was their journey to the island like... what did they get up to on the island?
  11. mansexlover

    Chapter 13

    Have only just joined though I have read numerous stories on here. I have thoroughly enjoyed this story so far and look forward to reading many more chapters.
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