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  1. Grumpy Bear

    The Party

    I will try to see if I can knock out another chapter or two in my hotel room at night! I'm going to be spending most of the time at the University of Miami Medical Center training on radiology IT systems for my upcoming project work. Miami is a short drive from where I live, but being a business trip, it will require a 3-night hotel stay, which is kind of a bonus.
  2. Grumpy Bear

    The Party

    Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, but I will be on a business trip for work for the next four days, and will not have any spare time to write during that time. If all goes well, I will be able to pick back up where Siku, Shivay and Charlie left off by next Friday or Saturday, so stay tuned!
  3. Grumpy Bear

    The Party

    There was an insistent pounding at the door, and Siku looked over at Shivay as they lounged on the couch in the den. They had spent a relaxing day off together, most of it down in the cove, nude, swimming in the chilly waters and sunning themselves on the sand. They ran down the stairs quickly to the door as the pounding continued and opened it to find Colt standing on their stoop with a grin on his bearded face, wearing a pair of faded jeans and a loose pullover hoodie. “You two read
  4. Okay, this is the first I'm introducing this concept into the stories, so it is the start of the breadcrumbs. Something in the future, maybe a few years, maybe a hundred or a thousand is going to go down. If Siku and Shivay do not come together as a Mated couple in the here and now, the subsequent series of events will be significantly altered to such a degree that it will bring about an end to the old gods forever and rain destruction upon the hidden lycan world. In sci-fi analogies, there is the time traveler who goes back to the time of the dinosaurs and accidentally steps on a butterfly. When he returns to his own time, he finds that this seemingly innocent mistake has changed the future and he comes home to a completely different world. Whether or not Siku and Shivay are able to reconcile is the key event that has repercussions for the Fate of All.
  5. It is indeed Freyja who is visiting Charlie in her dreams, but don't look too hard for a Kaarel in mythology, because she isn't there. Kaarel is simply Charlie's "secret name" known only to the Vanir and Æsir. She is a modern-day being and has been placed in the path Siku's life to provide influence; to nudge him in the directions that Fate has intended.
  6. I think we can view the intensity of Shivay's work this week as a means of escapism. He has a big decision to make, and despite finding true love, he faces losing most of his family in return, so for several hours a day, he is able to block everything else out and simply throw himself into his job. His work will most likely find a more natural pace once the turmoil is over.
  7. When I'm not writing, I'm actually a Project Manager for an international medical technology company. As I was writing this, all I could think was that Shivay would be the star of my dream team!
  8. Siku slept-in on Friday morning, and Shivay got up on his own to begin work at six-thirty. He made a cup of coffee and went into his office, to check his morning email and daily workload. To his surprise, he discovered that the Project Manager had removed Gandira from the project schedule completely and had reallocated the resources with Shivay as the sole software engineer assigned to the project. He knew that any bonus that would be awarded for the success of the project following t
  9. Grumpy Bear

    Domestic Bliss

    After I gave up pretending that I could be straight if I tried hard enough, and split with my ex-wife, I soon took my boyfriend (now husband) on a trip to meet my parents for a weekend. They were kind and polite to him, and at one point, my dad managed to get my boyfriend alone with him in the den. My husband tells me that my dad asked him one question... "Do you love him?" And my husband answered... "With all my heart." From that moment, he was accepted, and a member of the family.
  10. Siku woke when the alarm went of at five o’clock, and he quickly turned it off, extracting himself from between Shivay and Charlie and padding silently to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. When he emerged fifteen minutes later with a towel draped across his shoulders, the bed was empty, and he detected the smell of turkey bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen below. He smiled and strode through to the closet to put on his fishing pants and a turtleneck sweater over his cust
  11. Siku’s first day on the fishing boat was a dream come true. As much as he loved being on the boat out on Lake Michigan in Sturgeon Bay, he never imagined how much more he would enjoy working on a trawler in the Pacific. He was the greenhorn on the boat, and he accepted that. When he arrived at six, his crewmates regarded Charlie, sitting proudly upon his shoulder almost reverently. However, as soon as the Ship’s Cat was secure at her post in the front window of the pilothouse, the crew b
  12. Grumpy Bear

    Working Cat

    Shivay mentioned in Chapter 8 that he works in Mountain View in Silicon Valley for one of the Big Tech giants. You can... ahem... Google that to see the name of the biggest tech giant in that town.
  13. Grumpy Bear

    Working Cat

    Siku sat in the California Coastal Seafood office across a desk from his new Captain. The man was in his mid-fifties and was the epitome of a grizzled sea dog. He had a few days’ worth of beard stubble on his creased and lined face, and he wore a black navy watch cap and gray wool turtleneck sweater with his fishing bib pants and rubber boots. Charlie sat on Siku’s shoulder as usual, and the captain scrutinized the animal. “You have good references from your previous captain, and the
  14. Siku heard the car pull into the driveway a half minute before hearing the knock at the main door. Charlie ran to the door with excitement and began scratching at it with her claws, but Siku maintained a more casual pace as he walked from the kitchen into the foyer. “Charlie!” Siku whispered, “Play it cool! Don’t look too eager!” Charlie composed herself and leapt onto the long table next to the door, casually cleaning her face. “Good girl,” Siku commented before taking a deep b
  15. Date night is already written, and when I go back to proofread it, even I'm like...
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