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  1. Mike and Gunnar cuddled under a blanket on the couch in the living room, enjoying the fire in the fireplace. It was mid-November, Mike had been with Gunnar and Thomas for about two weeks now, and it was just another two weeks until the beginning of the holiday season. Gunnar had informed Joshua that they would be staying at the house at least through the New Year and they would decide on what to do after the holidays, depending on whether Mike had made his choice by then or not. After the first few days in the lake house, Mike was feeling back to his normal self, and he insisted on lett
  2. I don't think Mike has any 'freak out' left in him after everything that has happened to him so far! He's quite clearly enamored with Gunnar, and the prospect of becoming the type of man that he has always fantasized about is extremely tempting.
  3. Mike woke up in the soft king-sized bed with clean white sheets and the quilt with the bear motif hand-stitched into the pattern. He’d been in this bed for a day and a half now, being tenderly nursed back to health. He looked over and saw “Mr. Bear” asleep in a chair in front of the fireplace with an open book laying on his belly. He rolled over onto his side to admire his sleeping hero, but the mattress squeaked, and Gunnar’s head perked up and his eyes blinked a few times. “Good morning, Mike,” Gunnar began to say, “Or good afternoon, I guess. How are you feeling?” “I’m a l
  4. Grumpy Bear

    Bears of War

    Yep, that's the number I've been keeping an eye on for the last couple days. It has been going up around 20 to 30 points each day, and since I'm at 214 as of this moment, I figure another couple of days should put me over the top!
  5. Gunnar and Thomas pulled the Jeep off to the side of the road along the eastern edge of the State Wildlife Area. It was a few minutes before sundown, and they were right on schedule. Gunnar pulled out the bag that Susie had made for them. It was a messenger bag that had been covered in fake fur that matched Gunnar’s own bear fur color. They stripped down and stashed their t-shirts, pants, and sneakers in the bag. Gunnar fastened his wristwatch around the strap, and then hung the bag around his neck. He and Thomas shifted into their bear forms, and the bag hung around Gunnar’s neck like a
  6. Grumpy Bear

    Bears of War

    I appreciate everyone's feedback! I'm having a good time writing this and the next chapter is going to be a wild ride! I'm actually up to chapter 20 now in my writing. The only restriction right now is the wait each day for the next chapter to be approved in the moderation queue, but I should be hitting the 250 mark on my community reputation story score in the next day or two, so that restriction should be lifted soon. As long as I can play out the scenes of a chapter inside my head first, like watching a movie, then writing it all out is quick and easy. I can get one or two chap
  7. Grumpy Bear

    Bears of War

    A semi horn honked outside, causing Gunnar and Thomas to run out to the front porch and investigate the commotion. Parked in front of the house was a twenty-two-foot Ford F650 flatbed truck with removable sides. The cab of the truck was painted in rainbow colors, and the removable sides were airbrushed with portraits of four familiar drag queens, with the words “The She-Wolves” in graffiti-style script. “Very subtle,” Thomas joked as the extended cab opened and four lean and stylish wolves piled out along with an average looking blond man who must be their human friend Tim. “We
  8. The next morning, after breakfast, a truck backed into the driveway and two men jumped out to unload a cord of firewood and lay it neatly in a 4x4x8 foot stack along the side of the tidy blue storage shed. Gunnar walked out onto the porch as they were just finishing up and asked the man who seemed to be in charge what he owed him for the wood. “Oh, it’s already been paid for by Joshua,” the man said. “It should come out of the supplies and maintenance budget for the house.” “It’s sure good to see somebody in this house again after all these years.” The man continued. “It’s a sh
  9. Gunnar picked up Thomas mid-morning at the airport in Green Bay the next day and filled him in on the backstory of his travels and recent trouble during the hour’s drive to Sturgeon Bay. He included the information all about the She-Wolves in Chicago but omitted the eight weeks spent with Roy the horse trainer in Kentucky from his tale. He didn’t need a lecture from Thomas for putting himself in a position to have his heart broken so soon after starting out. Now, they sat at the dining table in the lake house. Gunnar had bought an atlas of the parks and forests of Wisconsin and had a l
  10. Gunnar belched loudly and let out a little laugh as he drove north on US 151 around Lake Winnebago. He was still full from his big breakfast but glad that he had decided to add on a triple order of bacon and a second carafe of coffee to his tab before leaving the diner. That waitress was so nice and attentive; she had a heaping helping of bacon delivered to the table in less than a minute after he ordered it, and it was hot off the griddle. He clipped his phone into the dashboard holder and synced it to the Bluetooth in the Jeep’s stereo system as he reviewed the tentative plan again in his
  11. Being sold to another pack was a threat used to keep Mike in line, as a sort of "If you think we're bad, well sell you to another pack who is even worse" kind of thing. I doubt Kane would be willing to accept money in exchange for his pet purely out of spite now that he knows that Gunnar wants him so badly.
  12. Maybe Nick was more careful with Kane in the past, and didn't allow Kane to actually cum inside him raw like that. It could be that they got carried away in the heat of the moment this time and it could now be a problem. Either Nick has a way of masking the scent from the other members of the pack, or else he's in danger of exposing himself! Or perhaps it was just the fact that Mike was taunting him about being caught in the act that angered Nick so much. Accusing a male of "lifting his tail" for another male is quite an insult in the wolf culture!
  13. It was still a couple hours before dawn when Kane’s SUV pulled up to the patio on the east side of the pack house. “Hurry up and get him inside,” Kane ordered Nick, “and make sure nobody sees you. I’m going to announce to the males that the pet is sick and is under quarantine for the next two weeks so that nobody questions the condition and the… smell that he’s currently in until he can recover.” Nick nodded and pulled the sleeping Mike out of the backseat by his arm and threw him over his shoulder once again. Nick winced at the offensively strong odor of sex and multiple lycans eman
  14. "Papa" is a term used in the werebear culture. Some of these terms will be defined more specifically in upcoming chapters.
  15. Gunnar walked into the Silver Bullet and scanned the room. Padded fuck benches in one corner with a group of lycans fucking on them, a St. Andrews cross over on the far wall with a sickly-looking thin wolf tied to it being flogged by a wereboar, sticky pool tables over in the bar area with bossy bottoms sprawled on them demanding cock, and a mysterious set of black curtains hanging underneath a charming flashing neon “Cum Bucket” sign. “I suppose the black curtains are hiding the super-naughty stuff in the backroom that Hair Bear doesn’t want me to see,” Gunnar muttered. “That’s fine wi
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