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  1. Hey @SnowBear! That's actually an idea that I've had rolling around in my brain since I decided to make Trophy Cub the first in a series, but like you said, I'm working on how to get the timelines to match up, since it has been established that werebears came to be alongside pagan humans. I'm thinking that maybe in a future story, we find an Ancient so old, he makes Matthias look like a cub, and he can say that HIS papa was a Cave Bear, or Arctotherium angustidens. Still noodling the idea around!
  2. It was nearing mid-afternoon the following day when the wolf guard entered the bears’ cabin. “Rieka has ordered a feast in celebration of the return of the lost sacrifice, and the restoration of balance within The People. You three bears are to be the guests of honor.” He noticed that Bill was untied from the bed and sitting with Marcus on the couch. “Has this one been persuaded to join us?” the wolf asked Marcus. “Yes,” Marcus replied, “He may still be a skeptic, but he wil
  3. Grumpy Bear

    Fever Dreams

    Then, you got the point. While the chapter wasn't intended to be political, it should leave you feeling mad, as the bear-god is using the same kinds of mental manipulation on poor Rodney as we see in political ads all the time!
  4. Grumpy Bear

    Fever Dreams

    Please note that the words spoken by Rieka during the funeral for the boars are paraphrased from the actual Druid "Sacred Rite of Passing" as written by Chief of the British Druid Order, Philip Shallcrass.
  5. Rodney lay on the fluffy bed in the cabin’s bedroom, unconscious, writhing from the pain of the wound to his abdomen. Bill was partially correct about his injury. He had been poisoned, but not by bearsbane or any other known herb. He had been infected by the wights. At the Academy, the wights had seized upon the opportunity to invade his open wound, and once inside his body, they set to work, festering and inflaming it, preventing him from healing properly. As they occupied his body
  6. Marcus woke up in a soft bed in a darkened room laying next to Rodney. He was nude, and after a brief scan of the room, he saw his clothing folded neatly on a chair, along with Rodney’s. He looked at the sleeping Rodney, who was also nude. There was a large patch of gauze covering the wound on his belly from the fight with the boars, and blood had partially soaked through the bandage. He got out of the bed and padded across the floor. They seemed to be in a rustic but well-kept cabi
  7. I think that's part of the nature of the wolf. When engaged in hand-to-hand combat their first instinct is to assert dominance and demand submission before making the kill. Apollo just wasn't expecting the enemy to vanish from their jaws before the killing bite! That was unfortunately a hindsight 20/20 issue for Bill, and the reason he shouted "Gods I'm such an idiot!" after seeing the mist come sweeping through the chimney into the apartment. (It was also a pretty convenient plot device for me, as well!) -- 💙 Grumpy
  8. The reveille call went out at 6 am as usual, but this morning, it was immediately followed by an announcement from the Headmaster through the campus loudspeaker system. “Cadets, as you wake today, you will notice that a military camp has risen on our Parade Grounds. For the next two or three days, the Academy will be host to an actual Special Forces unit conducting training exercises nearby. While they are here on campus, all classes and PT sessions are suspended. Their camp, the Parade
  9. It was nearly midnight when Thomas and Sam pulled into the Academy. The students were all asleep in the dorms, but the werebear teachers and staff were all awake and on patrol. Gary greeted them in the circular driveway as they pulled in. “You can drop your bags here and then park the truck around behind the main house in the teacher’s lot.” Gary instructed Sam, who got to work unloading the back with their spare clothing, camping, survival equipment, and a box containing a special electr
  10. The group gathered in the former ballroom of the mansion, which now served as an auditorium where the entire Academy could gather indoors for special events. Present were the entire werebear teaching and support staff, as well as Bernie, Joe, Manny, George, and Peter. Gary had considered sending Manny and Peter to their rooms, since they were the only two not privy to the existence of were-creatures but decided that they’d already seen too much; leaving them out of the discussions at this
  11. “I think we need to get out of the house!” the teenage blonde girl screamed at the others. “The doors are locked,” her muscular boyfriend yelled, shaking the doorknob futilely, “We’re trapped in here!” “It has us exactly where it wants us,” the dark-haired goth girl replied to them both. “None of us are getting out of here alive.” “If it wasn’t for you and your stupid Ouija board bullshit,” the other boy shouted, “We wouldn’t even be in this fucking mess, bitch.” “Why don’t
  12. Grumpy Bear

    Free Day

    The bugle sounding reveille went off at 6 am as usual, but today was Saturday. Not only was it Saturday, but Bernie and his friends had no sporting meets, kitchen duty or other assignments. It was a completely free day with which they could do as they pleased. Free days were not plentiful, but they occurred often enough that Bernie’s group had developed a system. They took turns deciding what to do as a group with their free day, and today was Manny’s turn. For the last few weeks, Manny
  13. Bernie reported to Gary’s office and sat on the couch, just as he had done every weekday for the last month since arriving at the Academy. He had been nervous for the first week, not sure what Gary was going to try to make him talk about, but he soon found the hour spent each day in the Headmaster’s office to be casual and relaxing. It seemed that Gary had been working backwards through his life. In their first session, he just wanted to talk about Walter and the Children’s Services prog
  14. Gary and Bill sat in front of the computer in Gary’s office. They were on a video conference with three of their Council representatives and Matthias, the Ancient. Representing the Council on the call were Gunnar, Axel and Thomas. “Here’s the situation, Gentle-bears,” Gary said, “We have a new cadet at the school as of this morning who has been orphaned and in foster care since the age of five. Bill and I have confirmed by scent that he’s bear kindred, but there’s a problem. He’s been b
  15. Hmm... If only the Bears had one of the Ancients on speed-dial who they can consult on such matters... 🤔
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