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MetaEndings 7. MetaWolf Premium

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MetaEndings is the 7th book (of 8) of the MetaWolf series; a polarizing, sexist, homophobic and twisted story in the M/M wolf shifter genre. Treachery reaches a new level, vampires employ a new level of trickery, the US Army intervenes and cancer threatens to kill all wolf shifters; making a Meta trip on his power and failings alike. It is a 'straight' continuation of MetaProphecies and requires the knowledge of the first 6 MetaBooks and the MetaPrompts until #72 to be appreciated.

With Colt in Hell, the fight with the Lord doesn't go as expected; it seems the vampires' trickery over the past years to keep Colt weak and the pack decimated works. The outcome not only shapes the future of the Earth in general but changes the surviving pack in ways not expected; but most of all it severely impacts Colt's mental state. It is becoming increasingly difficult for him to distinguish reality from nightmares; or to understand why he's exposed to them. If fighting the Lord wasn't a test tough enough, he now has to find a way to fight his worst - inner - demons to survive. And he knows he has to fight them on his own - as promises can be broken.

Copyright © 2016 JohnAR; All Rights Reserved.

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what about the punishment cuffs CE demonstrated for Colt

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When the the story status become "Premium"?  I can't read the latest, now.

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