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Meta 1. MetaWolf Premium

   (3 reviews)
Genres: Mystery
Sub-genres: Light Mystery

A different take on the traditional M/M werewolf romance topic: less romantic, less traditional, more disturbing and with more conniving wolves, vampires and humans. -- Book1 of the MetaWolf series. All 8 MetaBooks, MetaViews and MetaPrompts are already online: http://www.gayauthors.org/story/johnar/metaprompts.

Colt Parker is a socially incompetent college student. So he is not surprised that he is rejected by an attractive red haired hunk named Prime and his friends in his business class. When a frat prank goes wrong, he learns that these men are not what they seem to be and that somebody wants Colt dead for no obvious reason. Prime's way to protect Colt is too disturbing. But Colt's hesitation to agree to it puts him, Prime and his friends into serious danger ...  Forum: http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40241-metaseries-ranting/

Copyright © 2017 JohnAR; All Rights Reserved.

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Timothy M.

· Edited by Timothy M.

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Sometimes a writer defines a new genre, and everyone else has to take their creation into account. Anyone writing about robots must decide whether to comply with Asimov’s rules, and writers of fantasy or magic will be measured with Tolkien, Rowling and a few others. The visions and the worlds these signature writers manufacture are so compelling they set a standard for the particular genre. 

On GA, anyone doing gay (wolf) shifter stories cannot ignore Rob Colton. Thus, if you’re writing gay shifters, particularly wolves, you can either run with the type casting he sets up, of the dominant Alpha male finding his mate (whether human or wolf), who is often smaller, weaker and definitely a complete bottom. Or you can decide to break away from the mold and do something different, like Sasha Distan does with Born Wolf. Both choices can be found at GA, and this review is about the most epic norm-breaking story I’ve come across so far. 

JohnAR’s Meta series actually spans several genres and is probably even more in opposition to Twilight than Timber Pack. Though I guess JAR does stay within some traditions. :lol: We get vampires as arch-enemies of werewolves, all living in secret amongst clueless humans. There are the usual pack dynamics of Alpha, Beta, Enforcers and so on, plus also a clever college nerd with an unhappy family background.

However, one reason Meta fascinates me is JAR’s unconventional ways of solving various problems I’ve always had with ‘traditional’ werewolf/vampire stories. First of all, the fact normal dominant Alpha behavior is sort of obsolete in the modern world and can bring trouble on your pack. JAR’s answer to this Gordian knot is brilliant and obvious – after you’re told. For once it’s brain over brawn.

Secondly, JAR’s wolves are much more like real wolves than humans. Genetically based instincts and smells affect them profoundly and even rule them, and if you judge their behavior by human standards you’ll get it wrong. In a real wolf pack only the alpha female has cubs (by the alpha male of course), and JAR’s werewolves have their own traditional version of a breeding based hierarchy. Since this cannot hold for gay wolves, something else has to be devised. JAR’s solution for the Inner Circle of his Meta pack will probably be considered perverted by most of his readers. The biologically imperative loyalty demand is certainly weird and hard to accept – for a human.

Thirdly, there is no biting and turning, and that goes for vampires too. JAR’s vampires arise and behave in ways which are more believable and scary than most stories. But interestingly some of them can actually breed with normal humans. As can JAR’s wolves – or at least they seem to attract plenty of sexual interest from human females as well as wolf bitches. At times to an uncomfortable degree for gay wolves.

Apart from the supernatural stuff the most fascinating feature of Meta is the main character, Colt. He is the nerdy genius with issues and he also has somewhat kinky sexual interests - almost obsessions. Be prepared to feel annoyed and shocked, but at least he judges himself as relentlessly as he does his surroundings, be it fellow students, teachers, or relatives. Some of the most delightful moments in the first book are Colt sparring with his business class lecturer. I’m quite intelligent myself, but Colt is in a league of his own, and I’m in awe of him – and by extension his ‘creator.’

In case I haven’t scared you off yet, let me conclude with a few warnings. JAR loves cliff hangers, obscure hints, confusing and provoking his readers, making fun of gay stereotypes and romances (especially those favored by women), and – as mentioned – being contrary to shifter story norms. He and Colt are into non-conventional but possessive polygamic relationships, hot sex with more than a hint of D/s, and hunky but non-hairy guys with lots of muscles. Preferably Marines.

I dare you to try out Meta, and I know JAR would welcome you ranting at his stories in reviews or the story discussion topic. But please be aware this is not a challenge to be taken by soft-hearted, vanilla-loving believers in soul-mates and hetero-normative relations. So don’t blame me if you come away shaken and disturbed.

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Ho letto Meta su un altro sito e devo dire che mi è piaciuto molto, grazie

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