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Raising the Limit-Book 1 - 8. Chapter 8

TC and David take things a little further.

The next two weeks were hectic for David, but as he promised TC, he kept his work hours to less than sixty. The final permit had come through at last and David was in Bradenton everyday overseeing the demolition crew. He and TC managed to get together for dinner a couple of times, but they only had one Saturday night where they got to play. TC was just as busy as David. Even though the Ft. Myers project was done, he still had other jobs come up.

TC’s line of business often required travelling to remote locations, as well as a lot of teleconferencing. He had spent the better part of two weeks advising crews on various projects all over the country. He also informed David that he was going to be out of town the third week in May as he had another conference to speak at. This one was out on the west coast, in Los Angeles. He’d be gone four days.

April slipped by before they knew it and things seemed to calm down for both of them. David and his crew were finished in Bradenton. The buildings had been demolished and the debris cleared and now the construction company could come in and have a fresh slate to work with. His days were filled with meetings and phone calls. The Detroit project was going well. Greg’s crew had found asbestos, which they expected due to the age of the structure and its removal was slowing down the process, but not by much as they had been ahead of schedule anyway. David figured that they could probably shoot for a mid-August implosion as long as things continued to go well. Greg had proven himself to be more than capable of handling this part of the project. David would need to be in Detroit for about a week when they got to the point of setting the explosives and the actual demolition.

David and TC made plans for the weekend before TC needed to fly out to LA. They had reached a point in their Dom/sub relationship that brought them to a pivotal point. TC had incorporated more anal play into their sessions and David knew that he was eager to finally try fucking him. David was pretty sure he was ready for it too.

As the weekend approached David made up his mind. They had already had a couple of conversations centered around the topic and David needed to lay it to rest for good. He called TC when he got back home on Friday.

“Hi, whatcha up to?” TC said as he answered.

“Just thinking about tomorrow night.” David answered. “I’m ready TC. I don’t see any reason to wait anymore. I trust you.”

David could hear the happiness in TC’s voice. “Thank you David, that means a lot. As much as I’d love to discuss what I’m going to do to you tomorrow night, I can’t.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt whatever you’re in the middle of.” David started to speak.

TC cut him off before he could finish, “You’re not interrupting me. I only meant that if I started verbalizing it I’d get all wound up and I’d be over your place in a heartbeat screwing you into next week.”

David’s heart beat just a little faster and his mouth went dry. “Oh,” was all he could manage to utter.

TC chuckled and told him. “Six o’clock tomorrow, my place. I’ll see you then. And David? There’s a spa on Clark Rd that does men’s waxing. They take walk-ins.” TC hung up, still chuckling.

First thing the next morning David was at the spa that he found that TC mentioned. David had always believed that he had a high tolerance for pain. That belief was shattered in a split second the first time a cloth strip was ripped off of his nether region. Let’s just say that there were tears. Hot, salty tears. Tears of innocence lost. In the end his skin was smooth and silky, albeit bright red. The skin tech assured him the red would be gone in a few hours as well as the residual stinging sensation. HIs humility, however, was gone forever, ripped away along with a swatch of ass hair.

David paid the guy and added a hefty tip, as much a bribe to forget the sight of a grown man openly crying, as a reward for a job well done. When David got to his car the tears threatened to spill once again as he realized he had to sit down on an ass that felt like it had been stung by a swarm of angry bees. TC damn well better appreciate this.

He spent the rest of the day tending to his household chores. The kids would be here in just under a month and David started to get their rooms ready for them. He considered it spring cleaning. He opened the windows in both rooms to air them out. He wiped down the walls and cleaned the baseboards in both rooms. The curtains got thrown into the laundry and the windows were cleaned inside and out. He still needed to clean out both closets, clean the floors and put fresh bedding on the beds. Those jobs he’d do right before he went up to get them.

By four-thirty he had all the cleaning he could handle for the day. He was all sweaty and stinky so he turned the shower on to warm up and got undressed. Stepping under the warm spray he shampooed his hair and then added some conditioner, letting it soak in while he turned his attention to the rest of himself. David let the body wash pour out onto a washcloth and then proceeded to lather every spot of skin he could reach. His cock woke up as David ran the soapy material over it. He paid close attention to his ass and taint, grateful that the stinging had stopped and the redness had faded. He eased his own finger, slick with suds into his hole, teasing himself just a bit as he cleaned up.

Knowing that TC would be disappointed if he made himself come, he pulled his finger out with a low moan and rinsed off. David grabbed a towel and dried his skin off. Naked, he padded barefoot across his bedroom to the walk-in closet. He grabbed a pair of cargo shorts from his drawer and a plain blue t-shirt quickly followed. Not bothering with underwear David got dressed and then put a few things in an overnight bag to take with him. He knew without a doubt he’d be waking up in TC’s bed tomorrow morning. David glanced at the time and made sure the house was secure before grabbing his bag and keys and headed out the door.

He made the drive over to TC’s in less than ten minutes and parked in the guest lot. The concierge recognized him by now and waved him toward the elevator with a smile. David waved back at him and stepped into the elevator when the doors slid open. At six o’clock on the dot he knocked on TC’s door, not sure if the sound that he heard was the knocking or his heartbeat.

TC answered the door looking incredibly sexy, wearing only a pair of low slung jeans, his hipbone just barely peeking out over the waist. He was barefoot and the hem of his jeans were frayed, which only added to the sexy vibe. His bare chest looked like it belonged to a Greek statue. His skin was deeply bronzed by the Florida sun and he had just the right amount of hair, curled about between his nipples that were already beaded with excitement. David’s eyes followed the trail of chest down as it spread softly across his abdomen and tapered down before disappearing into the low hanging waist. David could see the start of his trimmed pubic hair and licked his lips subconsciously.

TC took David’s hand and led him through the door, closing it behind them. The lock was engaged with a soft click. TC led him down the hall silently until they stood in the doorway to his bedroom. He gave David a soft kiss, gentle, almost chaste even.

David had no time to wonder about it as TC told him how he wanted the evening to go. It completely unhinged David.

TC started by saying “I know you’re probably thinking ‘why isn’t he throwing me on the bed and tying me up and ravishing me’, and believe me, I’ll get to that eventually. But first, I know you’ve said that all of your prior experiences with bottoming didn't bring you any pleasure and you really didn’t enjoy it. If it’s OK with you, I want the first time that I enter you to be without any ropes, or ties, or toys. I want us to come together with only what we were born with.”

David was astonished to say the least. “You want vanilla sex with me?” he managed to squeak out.

TC’s chest rumbled with low laughter, “It won’t be plain vanilla, I’ll throw in some sprinkles at least.” Then he sobered and said, “David, I want this first time between the two of us to be memorable for you. I’ll still be in charge, but you’ll have more flexibility in setting the pace, letting me know when to slow down or speed up. I want you to be able to move freely. As much as I would love to tie you up, I think this first time you need to be able to maintain your own control.”

“So you’re going to let me top from the bottom?” David grinned.

TC smiled back at him. “Just this once.”

“OK.” David felt a swell of happiness wash over him. He had been nervous about tonight and TC knew it and in an instant dispelled his trepidations. Trust went a long way and David’s trust in TC was rock solid. He knew that at some point TC would tie him up in knots and fuck his brains out, but for now they would do things the old fashioned way. It was just what David needed, not having bottomed in years.

TC proceeded to lead him to the bed. Standing on the side he kissed David thoroughly, his tongue dancing along the crease of David’s lips. Prodding. Questing. Seeking.

David let him in, allowing his own tongue to join in, duelling for the best taste. TC grabbed the hem of David’s shirt and pulled it over his head quickly, disengaging their lips for the briefest moment. Nimble fingers unbuttoned the cargo shorts and the zipper followed. David’s cargo shorts slid down to the floor, and the globes of his ass became the next victim in TC’s quest for flesh. TC hummed his approval of David’s commando state.

Meanwhile, David let his fingers do some exploration of their own. Up until now he had only gotten to explore TC’s body when TC called the shots, or during their mutually agreed upon “benefit” sex time, which was primarily hand jobs and blow jobs. Now David let his hands roam over the firm muscles and soft pelt of TC’s chest and abs. His own fingers unbuttoned those low slung jeans and pushed the denim down past his hips so they pooled around his feet. He wasn’t the only one who had gone commando.

TC pushed David gently back on the bed, disengaged his feet from his pants and crawled up beside his lover. Skin slid along skin as they rubbed their bodies together, lying side by side, exploring and touching like they never had before. David nipped the sensitive spot along TC’s neck while TC tilted his head to the side to give him better access. TC’s hands never stopped moving over David’s skin. Those hands caressed his back and ran themselves over his flank, David’s ass muscles contracting automatically at the sensation.

TC was effusive in his admiration of David’s body and how he reacted. He whispered his delight and moaned loudly when David hit a hotspot with his tongue or fingers. It wasn’t long before TC’s Dom had enough and TC became more insistent in leading the way. After what seemed like hours of foreplay, TC growled, “On your stomach, agori, legs apart.”

David flipped over, trapping his hard shaft beneath him as he obeyed his Dom. TC pulled David’s hips up so he was on his knees, but they were spread widely. The effect opened up David’s ass cheeks and exposed his hole. TC admired the smooth skin, running his hands all along the crack, over his hole and down his taint. TC took his balls and rolled them around in his hand, feeling the smoothness, still silky from the lotion David had applied after his shower.

“Mmmm, you listen well.” TC murmured.

“Yes, please Sir.” David said, just a slight waivering to his voice, not even sure what he was asking for. He just needed something. His cock was starting to leak, a bead of moisture appeared at the slit.

TC knelt behind David and leaned down so his face was level with his ass. He gently blew on the exposed skin, sending shivers alond David’s spine. “What do you want me to do agori? Tell me.” TC commanded.

“Rim me Sir, please. I need your tongue on me, in me. Please!” David pleaded.

TC bent forward, his tongue spearing the puckered skin, flicking and probing. The tight ring of muscle slowly started to relax.The appendage paid homage to the entrance for several minutes before moving down to tease the smooth skin. TC inhaled the soapy scent that still clung to David’s skin, just starting to be infused again with his natural musk. Pure manliness invaded his nose, driving his need further, calling out to his Dom. David moaned loudly as TC took one of his balls completely in his mouth, gently teasing the nut inside its protective sac.

TC ignored David’s leaking cock and reached over to grab the lube he had placed on the stand next to the bed. He coated his index finger and ordered. “Turn over, on your back, put the pillows under your hips and spread your legs.” David twisted quickly to comply. As soon as he was settled TC probed at his asshole, teasing, “Tell me again again, agori. What do you want?”

“Your fingers in me.” David demanded, before quickly adding “Please, Sir.”

TC shot him a wicked grin, and with the hand that wasn’t covered in lube gave a quick pinch to the loose skin directly beneath his balls, right where it connected to his taint. It was sharp enough to pinch, but not rough enough to really hurt. It did get David’s attention though and he held back a retort that nearly spilled out.

“You’re learning David. Kalo agori.” praised TC as he slid his index finger up David’s ass as far as it would go. Slicked up, it went in easily, although David hissed at the sudden intrusion. TC manipulated his finger, circling, stretching and soon a second joined in, adding the classic scissoring motion that everyone should master.

By the time TC added a third finger David was nearly begging, “Fuck me TC, please.”

Unwittingly David had evened the playing field by using TC’s name. It didn’t register to either of them that TC automatically did as David asked. He slowly pulled his fingers out of David’s tight ass, David’s hips automatically trying to chase the departing digits. TC quickly grabbed the condom packet that he had already torn open and quickly encased his cock in the latex barrier. He slathered more lube on his cock and on David’s hole.

TC gripped both of David’s knees and slid his arms under them. He spread them apart and looked down to where his encased dick was poised at David’s entrance. “Are you ready David?” TC asked, still not aware that he had slipped out of his Dom mode.

David nodded.

TC pushed.

David inhaled and pushed out against the welcome invader, helping to ease the way. All of the preparations with the toys had paid off. TC eased into David, steadily pushing until his long length was fully sheathed in David’s ass.

David definitely felt the stretch and there was a slight burn, but TC held still and watched closely. It only took a couple of minutes until he saw David’s face relax. TC pulled back slowly, watching for any signs of discomfort. When there were none, he commenced the slow and easy back and forth motion that went back tens of thousands of years, probing and shifting until he hit the exact right angle.

David’s eyes popped open when TC hit his prostate head on. “Holy fuck. That. Do that again.”

TC smiled and this time it was his turn to obey. His Dom allowed it because of the look of pure ecstasy on David’s face. His hips thrust back and forth steadily, gradually increasing in tempo and strength.

David’s cock, which had deflated as he was being breached was back to full mast. TC hefted one of David’s legs over his shoulder to rest and took a firm hold of his thick cock, now drooling from the slitted crown. He pumped the meaty appendage in the same rhythm as his hips pistoned in and out.

They both were vocal in the throes of passion. TC imploring David to squeeze tighter. David insisting that TC fuck him harder. TC was close and he needed David to come. He could feel David tighten around him, ass searching for that one last push to send him over the edge, David’s balls were pulled up tight, scrotum shiny with lube and pre-cum. TC gave him a few more hard strokes and just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore he growled, “Come David, come for me agori!”

David yelled as TC hit his prostate dead on and he erupted, shooting a strand of white, milky fluid up and onto his chest, subsequent shots hitting TC’s stomach as well as his own, the final surges oozing over TC’s fingers.

David had barely finished when tremors shook TC’s body as he dumped his load of cum into the condom. One of these days he would unload directly into David’s ass, but right now that was too intimate a gesture between them.

Ragged breath tore from both of their lungs. TC slid out of David and collapsed onto his side. He let go of David’s cock, which by now was softening rapidly. He licked the cum remnants off his hand and then leaned in to kiss David, sharing the bounty. The kiss ended much too soon, but both of them were still struggling to draw a normal breath. TC pulled David close and together they took care of each other in the afterglow, hands gliding over sweaty skin soothingly.

When David was finally capable of speech he started laughing. TC quirked one eyebrow questioningly. David snickered and admitted “I guess I now know why bottoms love getting fucked so much. Damn TC you certainly know what you're doing.”

“I would hope so, I’ve had plenty of practice. I’m sure your Dom knows his way around a sub’s prostate too.” TC commented.

“Yeah, he knows a thing or two.” David admitted.

They were both silent for a few minutes, each processing what had happened, replaying it in their minds. TC’s mind focused on how far back he was able to push his Dom. He tried to wrap his head around the fact that they had just engaged in consensual sex of a non-BDSM nature. He wasn’t sure how he really felt about it. The last person that he had sex with on that level was Elliott, annd even then, Elliott had been his sub 24/7 by mutual agreement. They had a rich sex life and not all of it involved kink. There were plenty of times that they had made love just for the pure enjoyment of it and of each other.

David was thinking about what had just happened as well. Even though TC had approached this as a vanilla session, his Dom was still very much present. David knew that it would always be that way with TC. He was very much grateful that TC introduced him to the glorious wonder of a prostate pegged orgasm. It had ripped through him starting from his toes and travelled up to the top of his head, it had been so intense.

David played with the soft strands of hair on TC’s chest and finally broke the silence. They needed to air out this session. While it was completely enjoyable for both of them, he had a feeling TC needed help clarifying what had just happened.

“Talk to me TC, tell me what you’re feeling. I can see you need to sort this out.” David prompted.

TC kissed the top of his head and asked, “Are you completely comfortable with what we just did and how it turned out.”

“Yes, you were honest with me up front about why you wanted to approach this the way you did. You were right. I think I would have freaked out if I was tied up and not able to control any of it. Yes, your Dom still made himself known, but TC, I’m proud of how you were able to control it. You let me do what I needed to do. As far as it turned out, well I think our completely drained balls will attest to how well that went.”

TC laughed at David’s frank honesty. He never did mince words and that was one reason why he valued their friendship so much.

David sobered up and confronted TC. “What about you? You need to be honest with me. Are you completely comfortable with what we did and how it turned out?”

TC couldn’t lie to his best friend and admitted, “When it was over I was a little bit unsettled to tell you the truth. The last person I had sex with like that was Elliott. It was odd to realize that I didn’t feel guilty or like I was betraying his memory. I guess it’s what I expected to feel and I was surprised when it didn’t turn out that way. I think it’s because you and I have such a unique bond. It’s, umm, comforting? I guess. Ugh, I’m not saying this right.” TC shook his head in frustration.

Now it was David’s turn to prompt, “Comforting how?”

TC took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “What you and I have is familiar, I guess. I feel like we can see each other every day and never run out of things to say to each other. I also feel like we could go months without seeing each other and pick up right where we left off. Like we just did. I wish we had never drifted apart, but we’ve only been ‘back together’ a few months and I feel like our bond is even stronger than it was in college. TC said, inserting air quotes at ‘back together’.

“I get it TC. I feel the same way. I’m so happy that you’re here and at the same time I could kick myself in the ass for letting so much time go by.” David said wistfully. “But who knows what could've happened if we never lost touch. Our lives could have gone in a completely different direction, I’m not going to question it. We just have to roll with it.” he added.

“I never thought about it that way, but I guess you’re right.” Replied TC.

“Of course I’m right. And you want to know what else I am? Hungry, that’s what. Somebody accosted me as soon as I knocked on the door.” he teased.

TC humped David’s leg half-heartedly and retorted, “If you really want to be accosted, I can arrange it you know.”

“I just bet you can, and I’m sure you will. I’ll hold you to it. Now let me up and feed me, you big Neanderthal.” David laughed as his cock made a feeble attempt to respond to TC rubbing up against him.

TC sighed and relented. “Pizza or Chinese?”

“Which is quicker?”

“Chinese it is.”

“I want dumplings and beef lo mein, please.” David requested.

TC grabbed his phone and called the Chinese place down the street that delivered. In addition to David’s dumplings and lo mein, he ordered moo shu pork, beef teriyaki and a double order of egg rolls. He called the concierge to let him know they would be getting a delivery. Twenty minutes later the concierge called to let them know the food was on the way up. TC signed the charge slip and tipped the delivery guy, who got a nice eyeful as TC had merely pulled on a tight pair of boxer briefs to answer the door.

David had rummaged through his overnight bag and put on the pair of boxers he had packed. He snatched the bag of food from David and started unpacking the containers. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was hungry, he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. The food disappeared quickly and after they cleaned up tiredness caught up to both of them even though it wasn’t quite ten o’clock yet.

They shared the bathroom as they got ready for bed. David helped TC change the sheets before they both slid under the covers, meeting in the middle, with David cuddling up to TC’s larger frame, his head fitting comfortably in the niche created by his chest and shoulder.

Even though they were tired, neither was actually sleepy. TC idly ran his hand up and down David’s arm and finally broke the silence. “So we only have a few more weekends together before your kids arrive. Is there anything special you’d like to do before our weekend activities get curtailed?”

“What makes you think our activities will get curtailed?” David asked.

“Well, I just figured that with your kids here you’d want to spend the weekends with them doing stuff.” TC assumed.

David smiled and replied, “You’re right, I do want to do things with my kids. That doesn’t mean you have to stay away. I think I mentioned before that I’m honest with my kids. I don’t feel the need to hide you from them. You’re my best friend TC, and they already know that. If they find out that you’re also a best friend with benefits, that’s OK. They won’t judge you or me for it. They know I’m gay and I’ve never hidden the fact that I have sex. I’ve never told them about my interest in BDSM, but only because it’s never come up. I have a sneaking suspicion that they might know I’m into it, but they’ve never asked. If they do, I’ll be as honest as I can without going into specific proclivities.”

“What makes you think they know?” TC inquired.

David chuckled as he answered, “Lyssa and Owen are good friends with Miles and Andi’s kids, Rance and Rachael. They spend a lot of time together in the summer. As a matter of fact, Lyssa is going to work out at the farm this summer and get paid. I’m hoping to find something for Owen too. But anyway, a few summers ago, I guess my kids were twelve, so Rance would’ve been thirteen and Rachael eleven. Apparently Rance and Rachael went snooping around the house and found the key to Miles and Andi’s toy closet. Ask Miles next time you see him what it’s like to explain nipple clamps, dildos and handcuffs to an eleven and thirteen year old.” David paused to laugh. When his laughter faded he continued, “I’m pretty sure that my kids got a secondhand lesson from those two, but because they’ve never seen that kinda stuff here, they’ve never brought it up.”

TC was still grinning at the image of Miles explaining sex toys to his kids. “I hope you hide the key to your stash better than Miles.”

“I built a fake panel in my walk-in closet, so even if they open the access panel, it just looks like an A/C duct.” David confessed.

“Not only sexy, but smart too!” TC teased as he planted a kiss on top of David’s head. Then he added “Are you serious about finding a job for Owen for the summer?”

David answered “Yeah. Why, do you know of something?”

“I was at the marina yesterday checking supplies on the salvage boat and stopped in to say hello to Sean, the manager you met. He was telling another customer that he’s thinking about getting a high school kid for the summer to do odds and ends jobs around the marina, like running the grocery deliveries out to the slips, helping the maintenance crew wash the boats before they go back into the water, manning the gas pumps occasionally, general stuff like that. Do you think he’d be interested? If so I can text Sean.” TC informed him.

“That would be ideal for him. He loves being outside, and at least at the marina there’s usually a breeze. Do you know if it’s full or part time? I really don’t want him working full time, but twenty, twenty-five hours would be perfect. That’s about what Lyssa will be doing out at the farm.” David said.

“I’m almost positive he said part-time. I’ll text him tomorrow and let you know.” TC replied and then promptly yawned. David followed suit and the two gradually let the conversation taper off as they each drifted into sleep.

Is it just me, or did it seem like April had 15 weeks and May started 3 days ago? My sense of time is all screwed up. 🤪

This is one of those chapters that I really should have totally rewritten, but I just didn't have time.

Well, whatever mistakes TC and David made are mine. It'll get addressed later on.

For those of you in the US, have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Copyright © 2020 kbois; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

No need to rewrite anything from my perspective. That was the perfect way for TC to introduce David as a bottom, given that he'd known his previous poor experiences with it.

David's waxing sounded so much more  painful than anything TC would have done. It's hard to imagine a grown man crying. Paying a heavy tip to forget what he saw, seems absolutely reasonable ☺

So we know TC can largely drop out of his Dom persona when there is something he really wants, although it's natural for him to reassert himself again from time to time. I think that approach will help break some of David's boundaries, as things progress.

Introducing the kids over the summer sounds like it will add some variety and hilarity to the storyline. Kids do share about what they discover and these four seem more than capable of that. 

[Sic Lead] on Macduff.

Edited by Bard Simpson
  • Love 4

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Thanks for the vote of confidence. 

I damn near soiled myself and had a heart attack this afternoon. I was having computer issues and thought I lost Chapters 11 thru 19.  I can now teach a PhD level class in panicking.

Thankfully my phone wasn't affected and I could still access it. I did lose a couple of pages of one chapter. Way better than having to start over for 9 chapters 🤯

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Perfect chapter.TC was a considerate top for David, bearing in in mind his previous experiences bottoming. Looking forward to the introduction of the kids.

  • Love 3

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1 minute ago, kbois said:

Thanks for the vote of confidence. 

I damn near soiled myself and had a heart attack this afternoon. I was having computer issues and thought I lost Chapters 11 thru 19.  I can now teach a PhD level class in panicking.

Thankfully my phone wasn't affected and I could still access it. I did lose a couple of pages of one chapter. Way better than having to start over for 9 chapters 🤯

I think that losing a couple of pages is ok, compared to the disaster you could have had. I'm not surprised you panicked 😀

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4 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Perfect chapter.TC was a considerate top for David, bearing in in mind his previous experiences bottoming. Looking forward to the introduction of the kids.

Thanks.  TC is really considerate. He'll develop as the story goes.

David's kids are pretty cool. It's going to be a fun summer.

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4 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

I think that losing a couple of pages is ok, compared to the disaster you could have had. I'm not surprised you panicked 😀

I damn near had kittens! This whole day has been a bit of a cluster. 

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2 hours ago, kbois said:

I was having computer issues and thought I lost Chapters 11 thru 19.  

Backing up often, is sound advice for both I.T. users and bottoms.

Don't forget BDSM. Backup Data Systems Methodically! 😉

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14 minutes ago, Bard Simpson said:

Backing up often, is sound advice for both I.T. users and bottoms.

Don't forget BDSM. Backup Data Systems Methodically! 😉

Good advice.

Bad thing is, this day didn't get any better. Husband knocked over a glass of juice onto the tile floor. Shatter and splatter all over the living room. We've both mopped and it's still sticky. Then I took the dogs for a walk and when my bigger dog pulled hard while we were trying to pass another dog walker going the opposite way, he knocked me down. Into a ditch. It rained earlier. FML 🤬

I'm hanging it up for today. 

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A lovely chapter, sweet as it was sexy. Throw in the talk about the kids, and it even seemed domestic.  (TC himself said it felt "familiar.")

Hot waxing? Nope, uh-uh, not ever! :no:

Yes, the kids know everything!  (If you ever want to turn bright red, just ask them what they know. 😂)

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7 hours ago, travlbug said:

A lovely chapter, sweet as it was sexy. Throw in the talk about the kids, and it even seemed domestic.  (TC himself said it felt "familiar.")

Hot waxing? Nope, uh-uh, not ever! :no:

Yes, the kids know everything!  (If you ever want to turn bright red, just ask them what they know. 😂)

You're on to something....

I don't think 'familiar or domestic' is what these two were thinking of when they started this whole thing. Should be interesting to see how they handle it!

Waxing hurts plain and simple. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise! (Add in someone plucking the strays like you're a chicken and it's a form of torture!) And that's  just eyebrows.

I'm constantly blown away by some of the stuff my kids come out with. My 17 year old knows absolutely everything there is to know and is an expert on everything as well. He's in for a rude awakening one of these days! 🙄

Thanks for commenting!

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