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  1. BANGA Banging and no grease allowed TOUGH
  2. ROUND Ready ordering undersized new dick SLAVE
  3. FARTS Flatulent air reignites the show BURNBabyburn
  4. PAINS Pineapples are inserted naturally: Sadists TREAT
  5. ASWPE A Sweet waste Pineapple enriched SEMEN
  6. SIGHT Speedos is grabbing his thing TIGHT
  7. SAFER Someone's all for easy resolutions FUNGI
  8. BARGE Breathing and relaxing gag: essential SKILL(s)
  9. WAGER Wide as Girth exacts revenge PUSSY
  10. UPPER Usual piss poor entertaining response HOMER
  11. MAYBE My arse your best exercise BARDS
  12. SPERM Sugar Plums eaten regularly make MAGIC
  13. SIMON Suck it! My orbs need EMPTY
  14. TRAMP Try receiving a male pony PUSSY
  15. BOYSS Bring on your sassy swagger GIRLY
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