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  1. Guest034229

    Chapter 7

    They need to take pictures of the full extent of Carl's wounds before they start treating them. Evidence. Also they need to speak to Alex and John about welcoming a dog into their home. It's like Kevin and Cam don't have a clue how much commitment is needed to looking after a baby, full time and a dog. There will be trouble down the line. Hopefully, having rich relatives will help bail them out of their naivete.
  2. Guest034229

    So Be It

    Well I think Trevor will find it in his heart to forgive both his mother and father in time. Being the owner of not one but two Catamarans is surely going to help soften things there. I just can't believe that Lisa and Joel could have been stupid enough to go to the guesthouse again, having become suspicious about Bridget and then been wreckless enough to talk about their plans while they were there. The odd thing is why would Bridget loan them the cases and pack Lisa's for her? If they get caught with drugs Lisa simply has to say the cases were Bridget's and that she packed the
  3. FRNCH Finding rather naughty comments here MERDE
  4. FALSE Finally abroad; let's savour emancipation BREAK
  5. Guest034229

    Chapter 6

    I expect that the author was Catholic and enjoyed using this story to reconcile both his and the Churches views. Interesting read.
  6. GUESS Gender unspecified; every sex supported WORMS
  7. Guest034229

    Death & Taxes

    Did we just take a wrong turn, into a roller-coaster ride, three chapters ago? Surely it can't keep going at this pace? Incredibly exciting stuff!
  8. GAMES Guessing a males exact sexuality GUESS
  9. Guest034229

    Chapter 5

    Glad Cam plucked up the courage to tell Alex. They really need to trust Catherine with that too. Biggest ass in this story is Stoltz: Kevin's sorry excuse for a biological father. Having such a pretentious, high-minded, hypocrite dictating how his son needs to behave towards Heather is reprehensible, at best. Kevin needs to disown him. Maybe then he'll wake up to how misguided an individual he really is.
  10. Guest034229

    Chapter 4

    I admire Kevin's decency in his approach to dealing with Heather and his child. But once again we have yet another important meeting that should have taken place in private. This time between Heather, Kevin and her parents. Such incredible naivety and lack of foresight by allowing her brothers to a very private, highly charged matter. What's wrong with these people? Also, Kevin really doesn't need a father, if a violently abusive, ill-tempered and narrow minded Mr. Stoltz is all that is on offer. And as for Cameron and Kevin refusing until next year, to come clean to Alex a
  11. DOESS Does one espy summer swallow? SPITS
  12. Guest034229

    Chapter 3

    It was an obvious error for Catherine to invite the Professor to meet the family instead of enjoying an evening alone getting to know him. The lads should have offered to make themselves scarce too for the evening. As it happens, it was no loss and it let the professor show his true colours.
  13. Guest034229

    Chapter 2

    The guys might be seeing their own pad in a more favourable light, following that dressing down. Also, I think Kevin, in particular will be heeding Alex's words about needing to be honest with himself regarding his sexuality. He's definitely got a secret thing for Cam. Cam less so though he admires Kevin's physique as a result of his gym workouts.
  14. Guest034229

    Chapter 1

    I think I might enjoy this. Full of pathos, strong attractive characters and a progressive storyline that's full of hope and possibilities beyond the confines of what they've endured to date.
  15. SHOOT Seventh heaven on other turf MAYBE
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