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Storyverse: Stealing the Show - 6. Chapter 6-Korner Klash

No spoilers, just some plain old Korner Krew antics. For those of you chomping at the bit…. THIS is your chapter



I will not be responsible for you spewing coffee or tea or any other edible item over work reports, homework, electronics, etc…

You may want to go empty your bladders before starting to read. Otherwise, a fresh pair of Depends are recommended.

A binder or corset is advised to prevent injuries to your ribcage. Laugh injuries are a real thing.

Finally, I feel the guilty need to dedicate this chapter to @weinerdog It beats apologizing!


A hush fell over the crowd as the warm-up man put his fingers to his lips, signaling the show was ready to begin. Lights dimmed, adding a quality of excitement to the building anticipation. As the first blasting notes of an orchestra of brass instruments sounded, enthusiastic clapping accompanied the peppy tune.

From the right side of the set, a not-quite middle-aged woman bounded across the stage, hands over her head, encouraging the audience to clap louder. Her smile was dazzlingly bright in the glare of the overhead lights. She wore deep aubergine pants and a matching vest that shimmered as she moved. The ensemble was paired with a buttery-yellow, long-sleeved shirt. Piping along the sleeves, collar, and front placket matched the deep purple of her pants and vest. Strappy, three-inch heels matched the shirt perfectly. Not many people could pull off the color combination, but the host rocked it.

Taking her mark center stage, she egged on the audience and motioned for the contestants on either side to join. When the music finally ebbed, she bobbed her hands up and down in the universal signal to calm the fuck down. It took a minute, but eventually, the audience quieted.

“Hey, Everybody! I’m your hostess with the mostest; MrsGnomie. Whoo-eee! We’ve got a good one for you today. Joining us are two special teams, straight from the incredible story platform: Gay Authors, or GA as its members affectionally call it. Let’s meet our first team-The Stoners!”

More applause broke out as MrsGnomie jogged over to the team on the left side of the stage. Five contestants jumped up and down with excitement. The guy in the first spot added a few spins and ass shimmies to his jumping skills.

“Now there’s some team spirit!” MrsGnomie declared. “Let’s see who we have here. Why don’t you introduce everyone and tell us who you’re playing for?”

Still wiggling, the man introduced himself. “I’m Patch1, and I’m SO excited to be here! I’m a proud member of Team Stoners! Astone2292 is my absolute favorite author. Go, Aaron!” He waved at a young-ish man sitting in the front row with wire-rimmed glasses and a Ned Flanders-esque mustache. Another round of applause emphasized Patch1’s endorsement of his boo.

“That’s great!” MrsGnomie gushed. “Now tell us who you’re playing for.”

Patch1 could barely contain his excitement. It was like watching a Pomeranian trying its best not to run around in a circle when offered a treat. “Oh! Oh yeah! We’re playing for Families First. It’s an organization that helps families with kids in the LGBTIA+ community who may have fallen on hard times. Job training and placement, assistance with bills, childcare, and things like that.”

“Sounds like a wonderful organization,” MrsGnomie beamed. “Let’s see who you’ve got with you.”

Patch1 bounced on his toes. “Next to me is one of the savviest readers GA has, CincyKris. Then there’s one of the first members of Club Stoner, RainbowPhoenixWI. On the other side of him, we have two of the best profile names ever: Mansexlover and Centexhairysub!”

Team Stoners simultaneously whooped, setting off another round of furious clapping and hollering from the audience, all of whom were fellow GA readers and authors.

GA founding father, Myr, was sitting up front, shaking his head with a proud smile. His hard work in creating and maintaining the site was worthy of the admiration of its members. His support team beamed alongside him. Valkyrie, Renee Stevens, Wildone, and Cia all encouraged the fracas Patch1 created. If this were a school, they would be the substitute teachers, letting the kids get away with misbehaving. It took a few moments for everyone to settle down.

MrsGnomie sashayed over to the opposing team, where a chunky little dachshund was in the lead position. His floppy ears perked up as the hostess approached, and his tail wagged at the speed of light.

“Weinerdog! Who’s a good boy?” she cooed, causing the little dog to go belly-up on the raised podium he perched on. After a quick belly rub, she went back to business. “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s hear it for The Krew!

Thunderous applause shook the soundstage. Enthusiasm for the Krew was ramping up the crowd into a near-frenzy. The overwhelming response to their team drowned out Weinerdog’s barks. When things settled down, the poor pooch was panting as if someone had left him in the car on a hot day.

MrsGnomie took back control and asked, “What charity are you playing for?”

The little dachshund grinned the way only small dogs could get away with. “We’re playing for Oz House, a network of safe houses that supports teens and young adults in the LGBTIA+ community with no other place to go. They provide a home, help with schooling, job training, and a whole bunch of other services. They’re amazing!”

“Another worthy cause,” MrsGnomie declared. “Tell me who you’ve brought with you today, Weinerdog.”

“Well, MrsGnomie, love the suit, by the way! I’ve got the crème de la crème of the infamous Korner Krew. Keeping us in line, we have the super-smart, doesn’t-miss-a-trick, beautiful 84Mags!”

Wolf whistles pierced the air, most likely courtesy of Howzat, Drpaladin, and Drsawzall. They were known for their over-the-top responses.

Weinerdog growled, the sound picked up by the microphone attached to his collar. MrsGnomie shot him a reprimanding scowl. “Now, now, Weinerdog. We don’t need to muzzle you, do we?”

The dachshund’s ears drooped. “No.”

“That’s better. So tell us who else is on your team.”

His ears and tail perked up again. “Of course. Next to Mags is everyone’s favorite lovable geek, Danilo Syrtis! Danilo is kbois’ beta-reader extraordinaire. Then, one of kbois’ original followers, having been with her since the beginning, is the ever-popular, snarky-as-all-shit, Spyke! Rounding out our team is another diehard, pioneering supporter and Krew member, Raven1!”

The team collectively fist-pumped the air, shouting, “Long live the KREW!”

MrsGnomie wore a similar expression to a mother fed up with her kids’ misbehavior but did not know how to stop it. She solved the dilemma the way most moms do: by walking away. Turning her back on the cacophony, she took her place behind the center podium and waited for a lull in the crowd’s roar.

When it came, she was quick to regain control. “Let’s get started. Give me Patch1, and give me Weinerdog!”

Patch1 bounded over to take his place. Weinerdog jumped down from one platform and waddled over to the center. He looked at the set of steps rolled up to his side of the center podium. With a sigh, he hopped his chubby little body up the steps as best as his stubby little legs could carry him. He was panting by the time he reached the top.

Flipping her clue card open, MrsGnomie read, “We surveyed one hundred geography majors. The top five answers are on the board. Name something Wisconsin is famous for.”

Slam! Patch1’s hand whipped out and smacked his buzzer. Weinerdog’s short paws never stood a chance. “The Packers!” Patch1 shouted.

“Show me–the Packers!” MrsGnomie instructed the invisible behind-the-scenes dude or dudette who controlled the giant game board behind her.

DING! The number two spot flipped over, revealing twenty-five points.

Patch1 jumped up and down before blurting, “I’m so glad I didn’t narrow it down to fudge packers!” The crowd roared with laughter. MrsGnomie stood there with her mouth agape.

Gathering her wits, the hostess turned to the stunned dachshund. “Weinerdog, one answer will beat it. Name something Wisconsin is famous for.”

“Um, uh, lakes?”

“Show me lakes!”

Bzzzz! A giant X lit up the board.

“Aw, sorry, Weinerdog, but I think that’s Minnesota. You know, where Jay Petermeyer is from?” MrsGnomie looked smug. “Alright, Patch1, let’s play!”

Patch1 practically skipped back to his place. MrsGnomie stepped up to CincyKris. “CincyKris, five more answers are up there. Name something Wisconsin is famous for.”

CincyKris nodded. She got this. “Cheese,” she confidently stated.

Sweeping her arm toward the board with flair, MrsGnomie instructed, “Show me cheese!”

The number one spot was revealed with its signature ding.

RainbowPhoenix1 was next and proudly answered, “Viva!”

The look of shock on his teammates’ faces was priceless. Viva? What the hell? Did he not know his states? Team Stoner clapped politely and tried to sound upbeat as they grit their teeth and chanted, “Good answer, good answer.”

Not surprisingly, the buzzer gave them their first strike.

Up next, Centexhairysub cut it close, hollering, “Beer!” just as time ran out. Ding! Fourteen additional points were accumulated.

In the fifth-place anchor spot, Mansexlover chewed his bottom lip. He stalled for more time by asking MrsGnomie to repeat the question.

“Cows?” he guessed.

“Good answer! Good answer!” This time, his teammates yelled.

There was a pregnant pause before the victorious ding accompanied the board, revealing Dairyland. It may have been splitting hairs, but the Stoners would take the points without question.

Patch1 struck out, the clock’s three seconds disappearing in a blink.

RainbowPhoenixWI was twitching as MrsGnomie reminded him, “There are two strikes and one answer left on the board. If you miss, the Krew will have a chance to steal.”

On the other side of the stage, Team Krew was busy making Xs out of their forearms. Everyone except Weinerdog, that is. He was perched on his hind end, tail out for balance. His short front legs were trying to cross themselves but failing miserably. The distinctive laughs of BlueFanLady and scrubber6620 could be heard above the rest of the audience, including JayT, whose volume control was always set on loud.

Biting his bottom lip, RainbowPhoenixWI leaned closer to his microphone, eager to make up for his prior gaff, and said, “Cold winters.”

The Krew groaned from their side of the stage, not happy.

Ding! Round one went to Team Stoners. The audience cheered them on. Patch1 did another impromptu happy dance, shaking his moneymaker as the crowd egged him on.

Once again, MrsGnomie put on her stony face and hushed the crowd. At this rate, most of the content would end up on the proverbial cutting room floor before the air date.

“Give me 84Mags and CincyKris!” MrsGnomie called.

The two ladies shook hands amicably, then placed them on the raised stand specifically for that purpose.

“Ready? We surveyed one hundred kbois readers. The top TEN answers are on the board. Name a flavor of whiskey.”

BAM! 84Mags’ hand was a blur as it hit the buzzer, lighting up her side of the podium.

Smiling like the world was her oyster, she declared, “Mango Habanero.”

Across the stage, CincyKris, Centexhairysub, and Mansexlover groaned. Patch1 and RainbowPhoenixWI looked confused.

MrsGnomie turned toward the game board and called, “Show me Mango Habanero!”

An anxiety-inducing three seconds passed before the board lit up the number one spot to reveal the survey’s choice.

“What?!” RainbowPhoenixWI exclaimed. “That can’t be right. Who the hell has ever heard of Mango Habanero whiskey?”

Three-quarters of the audience yelled, “kbois!” Raucous laughter followed.

Danilo Syrtis was up next, and when MrsGnomie asked for his choice of kbois’ fans type, he purred in his cute little ooh la la French accent, “Pee-noot butt-herr.”

Ding! Number two. By this time, Centexhairysub and Mansexlover were holding up their hands, each digit ticking off a correct answer.

Spyke high-fived MrsGnomie as she glided over, ready to hear the answer. Spyke didn’t disappoint and grinned knowingly. “Blackberry.”

Three down, seven to go.

Raven1 was vibrating with excitement. His eyes shone with amusement as he confidently guessed, “Fireball, a.k.a; cinnamon.”

Centexhairysub and Mansexlover each folded down another finger. RainbowPhoenixWI groaned.

Play moved through the entire team again, each Krew member rattling off another correct answer. To add insult to injury, they were even getting them in proper order; Carmel Turtle, Chocolate, Orange, Vanilla, Apple, and last but not least, Cookie Dough.

“Well played, Team Krew, well played,” praised MrsGnomie. “Swept the board and in order, too. Impressive. After two rounds, the Krew has a slight edge over the Stoners, but come on over, Danilo Syrtis and RainbowPhoenixWI!”

The two jogged over, eyeing each up and down before begrudgingly shaking hands.

MrsGnomie ignored the chilliness and went right into the next question. “We surveyed one hundred bakers. Top four answers are on the board. Name an ingredient in German Chocolate cake.”

Danilo Syrtis’ podium lit up. “Flauw-errr,” he said in his sexy French accent. It was enough to make anyone, male or female, swoon.

MrsGnomie blushed. “Show me flauw-errr. Uh, I mean flour!”

Danilo gave her a geeky smile and clapped when flour was number three on the reveal.

Gathering her wits, MrsGnomie turned to RainbowPhoenixWI. “Two answers will beat it.”

Confidently, RainbowPhoenixWI responded, “Chocolate, of course!” Completely expecting it to be number one, his posture deflated when the number two spot lit up, leaving the number one answer still uncovered.

The contestants hustled back to their spots, and MrsGnomie stood in front of Centexhairysub. He was chagrined when his “Eggs” response was met with a big fat X.

Mansexlover was able to come up with the number four answer; pecans. Their team was dealt two more blows when Patch1 and CincyKris struck out with milk and vanilla, respectively.

Absolute disbelief washed over MrsGnomie’s face as she walked across the stage to where the Krew were huddled. Jumping up as she approached, they started shouting out possibilities; Butter! Baking powder! Water! Salt! Weinerdog ran around in circles, completely overtaken by the zoomies.

A piercing whistle tore through the air, stopping everyone in their tracks. Reader1810 stood in the aisle, fingers still poised, ready if needed. Myr gave his favorite Site Moderator a look of gratitude. Cia and Valkyrie got hit with the giggles, which got worse when Wildone tried to shush them.

Back on the stage, MrsGnomie managed to get everyone in their places, knowing the editors will somehow manage to capture the best content for the twenty-four minutes needed to air.

Weinerdog was shaking when the host stopped in front of him. Whether from nervousness or excitement, she ignored it, choosing to cut to the chase. “Okay, Weinerdog, here’s your chance to steal. The number one answer is still up there. Name an ingredient in German Chocolate cake.”

The dachshund sneezed, then wheezed. “Oops, sorry. I sneeze when I’m nervous.”

“Just don’t pee on the floor,” 84Mags uttered under her breath. Too bad her microphone picked up every word, loud and clear. Chuckles and titters rippled through the audience.

Weinerdog whipped his head toward his teammate, eyes wide with disbelief.

MrsGnomie cleared her throat. “Three seconds.”

“Germans!” the little dog snapped. His eyes went comically wide as he realized his mistake. You could hear a pin drop in the studio. Everyone stared at the poor dog.

“Show me Germans?” MrsGnomie asked, still in shock. The loud buzzer startled her out of her discomfiture. Now her face contorted with pure annoyance.

“Are you serious, people?” she shouted. “How could you NOT know the number one answer? It’s white! And flaky!”

Across the stage, Patch1 snorted. His microphone picked up his words loud and clear as he whispered to CincyKris, “I know something else white and flaky, and it’s in my laundry basket!”

MrsGnomie pinned him with a withering look. “Says a lot about your love life, doesn’t it?” she snapped.

The audience lost it. Unadulterated cackling, guffawing, snickering, chortling, snickering, and every other form of laughter overtook the sound studio. It took the producer and executive producer nearly fifteen minutes before they managed to regain control. Even then, the odd giggle would still escape from someone. MrsGnomie needed another twenty minutes to have her make-up retouched.

The director signaled MrsGnomie to start. Picking up where they left off, she stood in front of Weinerdog and gestured toward the board. “Show me the number one answer!”

After a moment’s pause, Coconut was revealed. The Krew started laughing again, but it was cut short with one stern look from MrsGnomie. The cameras continued to roll as the contestants and audience did their best to control themselves. The post-production team was going to have their hands full with editing this episode.

Excitement built as the scores revealed both teams were within striking distance of a win.

“Let’s have Spyke and Centexhairysub!” Mrsgnomie yelled over the clapping of the crowd.

Spyke was wearing a look of fierce determination. Centexhairysub’s eyes narrowed in an attempt to intimidate his opponent. The tension was palpable as they assumed the proper position.

Reading her clue card, MrsGnomie announced, “We surveyed one hundred GA members, top three answers on the board. Name a genre of stories–”

Centexhairysub smacked the button prematurely. “Fiction.”

Shaking her head, MrsGnomie turned around and said, “Show me fiction!

A big fat X lit up the board. Groans from Team Stoner accompanied the sound.

“Let me finish reading the question,” MrsGnomie chastised. “Name a genre of stories excluding fiction and romance that GA readers can explore.”

Centexhairysub face-palmed himself, realizing his jumping the gun may have jeopardized his team’s chances.

Spyke shifted closer to the podium microphone, forgetting one was already attached to their shirt. “Poetry.”

Team Krew went nuts when poetry was the number one spot. Cries of “Hell, yeah!” “We got this!” and “Let’s go, Krew!” followed Spyke back to their side.

Raven1 was ready, and when asked, he replied, “Biographies.”

More shouts of triumph from the Krew as the number two answer lit up.

The next few minutes were nail-biting as Weinerdog incorrectly guessed Westerns and 84Mags missed with History.

Merde!” Danilo swore when he realized it all came down to him. Shit was right when, like a deer caught in the headlights, the buzzer sounded as his three seconds ran out.

Still huddled as MrsGnomie approached, the Stoners weren’t the most confident-looking bunch as they took their places, wishing they had more time.

“Okay, Patch1. This is it. If you answer correctly, your team wins the game and goes on to play Fast Money. If you miss, Team Krew will play for the big bucks. Name a genre of stories, excluding fiction and romance, that readers can explore.”

His voice shaking, Patch1 stammered, “L-letters.”

MrsGnomie turned to face the board. “Show us, L-letters!”

The producers, indeed, were sadistic. A full ten seconds elapsed before the giant X, accompanied by the loudest buzzer yet, indicated an incorrect answer.

Team Krew went crazy, jumping, hollering, and shaking their asses. Weinerdog fell off his platform and landed with a yelp. He shook himself off, figured out he was okay, and ran around in a circle again, despite MrsGnomie’s earlier threat of a muzzle. He was a NASCAR dog, only making left turns. Team Krew should be grateful he wasn’t a border collie trying to herd them.

Letting the Krew have their moment of ecstasy, MrsGnomie waited somewhat patiently for them to calm down before inquiring, “Okay, guys! Who’s going to play Fast Money? I need two of you!”

84Mags and Weinerdog jogged over to stand next to the host. Waving to her adoring fans, 84Mags exited the stage with a pep in her step to wait for her turn. A stagehand brought out a rolling staircase, just the right height for Weinerdog to hop up and be eye-level with MrsGnomie.

“Okay, here’s how it works,” MrsGnomie instructed. “I’ll ask you a question, and you give me an answer. If you and 84Mags reach two-hundred points, your charity will get fifty-thousand dollars. We’ll put twenty seconds on the clock. Are you ready?”

Weinerdog wagged his tail.

“Name a GA member who everyone knows.”


“What day of the week is most popular for posting stories?”

“Umm… Monday?”

“Name a popular blog feature on GA.”

“Oh, uh, Weekly Wrap up!”

“What is a type of author at GA?”

Weinerdog’s head tilted in confusion. “Author?”

MrsGnomie didn’t notice the dachshund’s uncertainty, and she continued. “Name a GA author whose ego is too big for their head.”



Weinerdog ducked his head as MrsGnomie shot him a look of reproach. Ignoring the dachshund’s cheesy grin, she turned around to face the board. Weinerdog turned too and sat on his haunches.

“We asked, Name a GA member who everyone knows. You said, Chris191070. Survey said–”

Thirty-four. The audience went nuts. Those sitting near Chris reached out to clap him on the back.

MrsGnomie moved on to the next question. “What day of the week is most popular for posting stories? You said Monday. Survey said?”

Ding. Another eight points.

“Name a popular blog feature on GA. You answered– Weekly Wrap-Up.”

The survey granted Team Krew thirteen additional points.

“You’re doing great, Weinerdog. Next, we asked, what is a type of author at GA? You said, Author. Survey said–”

Four points. The audience groaned.

“I’ll take it!” Weinerdog yipped. “I didn’t even understand what they were asking for.”

MrsGnomie shook her head before moving to the next question. “Name a GA author whose ego is too big for their head.” Once again, she shot Weinerdog a look of admonishment. “You had to go and say: MrsGnomie.” The audience snickered. “Survey said–”

The crowd roared as the board revealed fifty-one points. MrsGnomie looked annoyed.

The excited dachshund almost fell off his podium again, but this time caught himself before sheepishly waddling down the stairs. Tail wagging furiously, he hopped back into his place next to his excited teammates. He grinned as Danilo scratched under his chin. Raven1 and Spyke patted his head.

84Mags appeared from off-stage, jogged over, and hugged MrsGnomie. The two shared an almost obsessive-compulsive love of kbois’ character, Caleb. Many believed it wasn’t healthy.

The beaming MrsGnomie returned 84Mags’ hug fiercely. It was their own little club of two, although the latest rumor was that Daddydavek was petitioning for membership.

“Mags! Are you ready?”

84Mags bounced up and down a couple of times. “Bring it on, Gnomie-girl!”

“I’ve got good news. Your teammate scored one hundred and ten points, so you’re more than halfway there. Here’s how it works. I’ll ask you the same five questions I asked Weinerdog. If you duplicate his answer, you’ll hear this; Bzztt! Bzztt!

“You’ll need to give me another answer. We’ve added five seconds to the clock, which starts as soon as I finish reading the first question. Ready?”

84Mags’ eyebrows knitted together, and the line of her mouth tightened. She meant business as she nodded.

“Name a GA member who everyone knows.”


Bzzt! Bzztt!

“Try again.”

“Reader,” 84Mags said, shaking her head.

“What day of the week is most popular for posting stories?”


“Name a popular blog feature on GA.”

“Weekly Wrap-Up.”

Bzzt! Bzztt!

“Ask An Author.”

“What is a type of author at GA?”

84Mags’ eyes darted back and forth, searching for an appropriate answer. “Pass,” she said, knowing time was running out.

“Name a GA author whose ego is too big for their head.”

84Mags glanced at MrsGnomie. The scathing look she received in return had her yelling, “kbois!”

BZZZTTT! Time was up.

Team Krew clapped enthusiastically. “You got this, Mags!”

MrsGnomie pressed a finger against one ear as she listened to someone through her earbud. Nodding, she turned he attention back to 84Mags. “We need a more specific answer for a GA member everyone knows. You said ‘Reader’.”

84Mags bit her bottom lip. “Reader1810.”

The audience clapped their approval. Reader1810 blushed.

MrsGnomie and 84Mags turned around to face the game board. Slinging her arm around her Caleb-loving BFF as Weinerdog’s answers were revealed, MrsGnomie said, “As you can see, you’re in a good spot. Let’s see how you did. I asked you to name a GA member everyone knows. You said, ‘Reader1810’. Survey said–”

Thirteen. That brought the score to one-hundred-twenty-three.

MrsGnomie continued. “Chris191070 was number one. What day of the week is most popular for posting stories? You said Thursday.”

Ten more points. 84Mags wrung her hands nervously.

“Wednesday was number one. It figures it’s kbois’ typical posting day,” MrsGnomie huffed with an eye roll. “Next question was, name a popular blog feature on GA. You said, Ask An Author. Survey said–”

Eighteen. There was a collective gasp as everyone realized the points totaled one-hundred-fifty-one, and 84Mags missed the next question, which meant they needed the last answer to score forty-nine points. Was kbois’ ego big enough? A low murmur raced through the audience in anticipation.

Shifting her weight side-to-side, 84Mags exhaled a long breath as the camera closed in on her. “I can’t believe I drew a blank.”

“It’s alright, Mags. We asked, what is a type of author at GA? You passed. Promising. Promising Author was number one.” There was another eye roll from the host.

“Last question. You need forty-nine points. Name a GA author whose ego is too big for their head. You said kbois.” MrsGnomie smiled a little too brightly.

All eyes turned to the front row, where kbois sat, looking smug. 84 Mags glanced over her shoulder and caught the thumbs-up the author gave her. Mags gave her an apologetic look in return.

S-uuurvey said!”

This time, the dramatic pause seemed to stretch out endlessly as everyone held their breath. The second the scoreboard revealed the number forty-nine, everyone went wild. Confetti rained down. Music blared from speakers all around the stage. Authors, site staff, and members alike were all jumping up and down. On the stage, Team Krew found themselves surrounded by those who’d stormed the stage, hugging and pumping their fists in the air triumphantly.

Kbois stood next to MrsGnomie and nudged her with an elbow to get her attention over the chaos. She leaned in and practically yelled, “I knew it would all come down to you and me!”

Gnomie grinned and yelled back, “All the way, K. All the freaking way!”

Shouting to be heard over the noise, she closed out the show by congratulating both teams. Team Stoner’s charity would be getting twenty-five thousand dollars, so it was a win for everyone.

When Kbois hugged it out with MrsGnomie, the host leaned in and said, “Bitch, so help me if you ever bring it up that my ego is bigger than yours by two goddamn points, I swear I’ll–”

Her threat was abruptly cut off when Astone2292 interrupted. “Ladies! What a forkin’ awesome show! You rock!”

Kbois smirked. Gnomie glared.

The studio execs tried to kick everyone out after the taping wrapped for the episode. They gave up as kbois, and astone2262 clasped their hands together, raising them over their heads. Kbois hollered, “Party’s on us!”

Way to go Dudette!” The shout came from none other than jkeeletupelo.

Everyone cheered and surrounded the pair. So many loyal readers and fellow authors introduced themselves. FanLit, travlbug, Bft, frosenblum, and Onim were long-time followers, and it was nice to put faces to names. More recent followers milled about, Vblew, Story Reader, and Clancy59 were debating how long favorite characters Cassie, Liam, and Kaya would last in a room with Lucifer.

Even more recent additions to their fanbases were having a great time mingling. Doha, Al Norris, and Alexmugs fit right in with the rowdy, shenanigan-loving readers kbois and astone2262 had come to call their own. Their loyal fans made it known they were good sports for putting up with the good-natured teasing.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind. Gay Authors was by far the best site not only for amazing, gay-focused stories but also as a welcoming community of like-minded individuals. Myr and his staff should be proud of themselves.

**No doxies were harmed in the creation of this chapter**

Well folks, this is it. The last spoof on the game show theme. A massive shout-out to everyone who agreed to let us use their names. Aaron and I hope you enjoyed this little collaboration.

You should know the drill by now. Reactions, and recommendations are greatly appreciated. There will be a short epilogue, so reviews will have to wait.

in the meantime-- comments. Aaannnddd GO!!!

Copyright © 2022 kbois, astone2292; All Rights Reserved.
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    You probably have a crazy and hectic schedule and find it hard to keep up with everything going on.  We get it, because we feel it too.  Signing up here is a great way to keep in touch and find something relaxing to read when you get a few moments to spare.

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