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The Voice is back - 2. Chapter 2 Damned Murphy

Written several months ago based on prompt # 668, list of words. This spent quite some time missing in the mess that is my filing system when the notebook I had it in got put away with my call log from work.

Damned Murphy!


Marlon grumbled as he tried to keep their meager campfire burning. The torrential rain threatened to douse it with every gust of wind. He had used what was left of their torn tent to fashion a lean to over the pitiful fire, and Carl now huddled between the canvas and the tiny blaze.

“Please let it go Mar! This storm was not in the forecast. No mention of it was on any of the news stations.”

“That’s why I am grumbling. If even one weather geek had come close to correct we would not be stuck out here.”

Carl shivered and wrapped his jacket more tightly around himself and his book.

“Hey, the weekend is not a total loss. I found this book at the flea market. It’s a first edition, and should make us a hefty profit.”

“You and that damned book! If you took half as much care of the tent, we would at least be dry!”

That’s not fair, Marlon! I can’t be held responsible for a micro burst blowing the damned thing into the thorn bushes. At least we were not inside!”

Marlon shook his head as he carefully added small bits of wood to the fire.

“Explain to me again why we had to trek so far off the road?”

“I told you, babe. I wanted you all to myself. A campground would not have been fun if they realized what we planned on doing in the tent. People are becoming more tolerant of gay couples, but we don’t need to throw our sex life in their faces.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. It just gets my goat when everything goes wrong like this.”

“I know, love. One more thing to lay at Murphy’s doorstep. If I ever get my paws on that damned Irishman…”

“You’ll what? Buy him a beer and try to reason with him? You may be twice my size but you haven’t got a violent bone in your body!”

“Uh, Marlon, honey, do I see eyes by your left hand?” Carl squinted and looked closer.

“Yeah. A cat wandered up and cuddled next to me. Trying to get warm I guess.” Marlon continued to stroke the animal gently.

“Listen very carefully Marlon. Move very slowly. Get up and move away from the fire. That is not a cat you’re petting, it’s a skunk!”

Copyright © 2019 Kitt; All Rights Reserved.
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LOL. Murphy is really piling it on these guys, isn't he? I didn't know where this was going, but loved the unexpected ending. Cheers... Gary.... 

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Oh, I hadn't anything particular in mind but a friendly shunk was way off the radar.

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2 hours ago, Marty said:


I so did NOT see that coming! 


Glad you enjoyed it Marty.

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Oh, this one is good. Lucky for Carl that Marlon didn't decide to add that first edition to the fire. I had a friend who had a pet skunk. Always mentioned how affectionate it was. :)

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My apologies to all who commented here. I never got any notifications of a comment till @WolfMposted. After several months I stopped.looking and had not realized there we a couple I had missed.

@dughlas, @Headstalland @Winged_Wolf, I apologies and will reply after work today.

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On 5/19/2019 at 12:16 AM, Headstall said:

LOL. Murphy is really piling it on these guys, isn't he? I didn't know where this was going, but loved the unexpected ending. Cheers... Gary.... 

Sorry I missed replying.

You know what they say, when it rains...

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On 5/23/2019 at 7:52 PM, Winged_Wolf said:

Was wondering where this was hiding its stripped fluffy butt!!!  Glad you found it ma.

Was mixed in with Barn call logs.

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Thanks for reading.  Murphy seems to be my regular companion.

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