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  1. And you'll still expect her to make you tamales for Christmas.
  2. I think my mum might take exception with you on that. Her teeth are great.
  3. I had one under my shed until it got into the dog run with my Rottweiler.
  4. I'm sure you'll remain as adorkable as you currently are. Oh and Howdy.
  5. You might not mind a hedgehog in your garden since they are primarily insectivores but you don't want a groundhog since they're herbivores and fond of a number of garden crops such as peas, beans, carrot tops, spinach, etc.
  6. A very nice lady you say, about your age you say ... hmmm ...
  7. Our groundhog is not the same as a hedgehog, entirely different species. The groundhog or woodchuck is a double coated rodent, marmota monax, related to the marmot.
  8. And since he isn't gonna go out drinking with you, oh, and learned the importance of condoms, we'll never know.
  9. I had to be concerned with groundhogs nesting under any brushpiles I built. Also, my local township has an ordinance against burning brush or trash, there is an exception for farms allowing them to burn brush.
  10. Mum says she could eat soup every day. She says the same thing about salad.
  11. Fighting that infection may have someyhing to do with your energy level too.
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