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  1. We're currently experiencing a t-storm. Burst of moderate rain and bright flashes of lightning accompanied by thunder. I guess there will be no morning walk. I was looking forward to that. I've been walking 3 miles each morning, excluding Sundays. Lately, because it's near the end of my route I've stopped by the complex pool to swim 10 laps. It provides a nice and much needed cool down from the walk. The morning temps here have been 77/25° with 95+% humidity. In this heat I average a pace of 20 minutes per mile, when it's cooler my pace is nearer 15 minutes per mile. This morning would have been my last chance for a swim. Tomorrow Thistle and I start for home.
  2. I prefer the cod in my fish 'n chips to be slightly more ... cooked.
  3. It certainly was. Tom has a Youtube channel and Matty being his dive partner is a frequent guest. A recent one was Tom waxing Matty's chest and tummy prior to leaving for Tokyo. It was funny.
  4. Congrats to Tom Daly and Matty Lee of GB, Olympic gold medalists in 10 meter synchronized diving. Their winning dive was beautiful to watch.
  5. Warm muggy weather has returned. It's currently 84/29° with 82% humidity so it feels like 95/35°. When I get back to PA the end of this week I'm not gonna miss the humidity.
  6. Mum and I went out for crepes for brunch this morning so dinner will be salad.
  7. I don't suppose the delay was the result of stopping for a cuppa tea ... no, thought not. Stay safe and dry.
  8. See, someone else thought the same thing.
  9. It sounds more like he's gonna sell Gary ...
  10. He's likely planning to use a folding lawn chair ...
  11. Mum and I had shrimp salad over romaine lettuce and chopped tomato. It was hard work I had to clean and cut up the tomato. Thistle and I bought the shrimp salad from a local foodtruck we patronize, the romaine lettuce came in a bag.
  12. Greetings Albert. I am well enough thank you as I hope are you and Steve.
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