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  1. Goode'en y'all. I've spent most of the day coping with a migraine so have been resting quietly. The day had started with promise. We went for our usual early morning walk. Then about 30 minutes after we got home the migraine started. I had such plans for working in the flower beds. C'est la vie. Be well.
  2. dughlas


    So kiss me once then kiss me twice then kiss me once again ... Freya seems a sad sort, life never quite what she'd hoped. Will she have more to tell? It's really time to change the locks. More please ... Tuesday you say, not until Tuesday. Seems Ade and Lenny aren't the only ones dealing with delayed gratification.
  3. I'm fairly certain Marty is not a cannibal so unlikely to be knoshing on other members of the forum ... what, oh ... uhm, ... never mind then. Please continue with your previously scheduled merriment.
  4. Sort of like a cucumber floating in a pickle brine.
  5. Oohhh, you used the "M" word both Val and Page cringed.
  6. I had a warm slice of tomato focaccia sprinkled with parmesan cheese and romaine lettuce drizzled with balsamic vinegar and half of a 4 inch fresh peach tart. Not particularly hungry and have a nasty migraine. I would have to pass on the macadamia nuts, both mum and I are allergic.
  7. Actually a thorough washing should remove those spines. That's how I handle the cukes.
  8. Voting is not a privilege, it is a civic responsibility. Just received notice that my application for an absentee ballot has been processed by the county election bureau.
  9. Because of the timeliness and the fact that the next posted story is too feature a different straight boy, I was actually expecting it to be complete at one chapter. An additional follow up story is a bonus.
  10. Is anyone else imagining Clo shaving her cucumber?
  11. A quarter of the frontpage of today's local paper was an article announcing the opening of this season's faire. We are gathering at the shop Sunday to clean and prep. This would have been my 17th year working in the shop. I started attending 10 years before that. It will be very strange not being there.
  12. Oh but the thrill of licking up all sticky sweetness ... breathe Albert breathe.
  13. Well conceived and executed chapter.
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