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  1. dughlas

    Chapter 20

    Mike Donaldson is an idiot, yes I know we'd really already established that when he attacked a bailiff and deputies in the courtroom but now he gets into a brawl with a minor on school grounds. Plus provoked or not it seems he made the first move to attack Drew. He's just piling up the charges and can't seem to understand that all he's doing is undermining his daughter. At the rate he's going she'll end up losing everything. Thank you Keith for being the voice of reason. "Darling boy"... I like that term of endearment. Keith seems to be one of the few adults Drew currently listens to. "Maybe I needed to ... shake things up." The image of a naked Drew hopping up and down trying to loosen things up is hilarious. Which is what I suppose you intended. Hmmm, and just who is on the other side of the shower curtain? 😯
  2. Greetings Albert. It has been an up and down sort of day. It began with an aching head but that eased some and I was able to accomplish a few errands but by mid day the migraine intensified and has been troublesome since. Thank you for asking. I hope you've continued to mend.
  3. Is it only Clo who's permitted to enjoy this or might the rest of us drool too?
  4. dughlas


    So from your comments this is the beginning of the dolphins' tale. However, I'm curious as to what becomes of Tejan and his people. Do they eschew human form to become cetacean permanently or do they become the once fabled mermen of lost Atlantis? Autumn is so far away.
  5. dughlas


    From lycan to cetacean, interesting twist on an old trope.
  6. dughlas


    An interesting amalgam of lycans and Atlantis. I like it.
  7. Oft the hurt and anger don't really end they just morph into other sentiments ...
  8. It's the humidity here in SC that makes it so bad. As soon as that moist tropical air moves in it becomes almost unbearable. Even the pup doesn't like it. Walking him becomes a chore. Howdy Texy.
  9. Awww gee I guess it's too late to join you.
  10. I know you miss him but oh, how much he loves you.
  11. He's still a handsome guy at age 64 and has those lovely blue eyes.
  12. dughlas

    Chapter 19

    With out doubt Drew wants Cole to be safe but he's so terrified of losing the most wonderful best thing that's ever happened to him, he found someone to love. Yes, Teo and Alessia love him and he loves them but that has always been a sibling sort of relationship. Even when he briefly perved on Teo. This is something entirely different something he's never been allowed. Now on top of all the other upheaval in his life it's slipping from his grasp. The depression is real. The loving support of his siblings is a constant but the hug from Mrs P is so unexpected he crumbles. I understand Morgan's fear but I'm not sure I grasp the need for totally isolating Cole. It borders on cruelty to force him to give up everything on top of the turmoil he's faced recently. I think Morgan has failed to think things through and has made a mistake. Drew has a cell phone independent of the Thomas's plan. Cole's grandparents likely have phone(s) independent too. Why can Drew not call their number in order to maintain some contact? It's not as if Cole's mom could trace those. Keith and Cole are gonna be okay. Both recognize the good in the other. "Drewbie-doobie-doo" ... love it. It was an enormous kindness on Mr Rockwell's part to give the boys a means of contact. Let's hope desperation doesn't cause them to do something foolish.
  13. dughlas

    Chapter 19

    I really like that nickname.
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