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  1. dughlas

    Dolphin Delivery

    This is a nice little story. I could easily imagine reading it to/with my son when he was small. It's the sort of book we would buy when on a vacation at "the shore". A series of their illustrated adventures would make wonderful end of day/ bedtime stories. Something to consider seriously. Loved the Coppertone moment.
  2. I make a simple request ... more please.
  3. dughlas

    The Temple of Doom

    You must be Jokering, a mischievous feline.
  4. Despite the embarassment this one ends on a warm happy note. A fitting end to the week.
  5. That means there could be cowboys, construction workers, amateur hockey players and shapeshifters.
  6. dughlas

    Family Ties

    The time was too short for their visit. I'm glad though that the both of you did the prompts together. The stories were funny, scary and heartwarming.
  7. Wow. That visit went by quickly. Thanks for all the tidbits this week. Now in response to this one ... more please.
  8. I'm glad you took part in the prompt. As already noted your take was very different from the others. It's those differences, the authors' personalities at work, that make reading them so enjoyable.
  9. dughlas

    Chapter 11

    Looking foward to the next part of the series when it posts.
  10. dughlas

    Climate Change

    You neglected to mention at which institution William/Liam is employeed. If you would kindly pm me that info. I would like to discuss his research. Independent corroberation is needed before he announces his theory. Oh, and I was correct. Fred is not a monster he's just a twit.
  11. Self-important expert is out standing in his field or he should be. One day Adam too will look at a young student and see himself and remember Bill's kindness. Paying it forward requires very little effort and reaps unanticipated rewards. Lovely little tale, thanks.
  12. dughlas

    Chapter 10

    Why now is it a doppleganger of his youngerself can appear to him? Does his being in Aldermoor Cove weaken the block? How does the Darkness choose it's victim's? In the past it seems it chose those close to Lane which explains Carlos but why Ramona and Enzo?
  13. dughlas

    Chapter 9

    A cave that didn't exist before is the source of the darkness ...
  14. dughlas

    Abandoned Stacks

    Not certain which tale is more frightening. This one or Cole's. Both are well conceived and executed.
  15. It's as if their life together is being erased. This is scarily good.
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