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  1. dughlas

    Chapter 22

    Not sure who's thoughts are whirling faster, Sawyer's or mine. I know too much and yet not enough so I'm simply going to finish with ... this chapter is incredibly well done from conception to execution, thank you.
  2. Not all antibiotics work on all bacteria. Some have become resistant to certain antibiotics and some just naturally are tougher. I had sepsis a few years ago and the bacteria responsible required one particular antibiotic to treat it others were ineffective. Interestingly it's a bacteria found in soil, it also has a reddish hue and can live on soap residue.
  3. I didn't know there were bad days for a Bloody Marty ... er, uhm ... I mean Mary.
  4. dughlas


    Well written and evocative of the time perhaps though they leave me a bit empty. I prefer a more personal connection.
  5. I am doing well enough thank you. Had a good morning. Mum and I went out for brekkie. Then took her mail-in ballot to the official county drop-off site. After that came home and spent a couple hours weeding and cleaning up the front of her house. Now though my head says it's time to rest quietly. Mum has an appointment later this afternoon with her eye doctor so I'll take her to that.
  6. Well if in the middle of the night you were in your favorite spot and some crazy guy came along and told you to take a hike through a cold heavy rain to hang out in a boring old barn how would you feel?
  7. Howdy Texy. I didn't realize Emperor of Texas and the Universe was an elected position. I thought it was self-appointed. BTW, congrats on voting. I received confirmation today that my mail-in ballot was received by the County Elections Office.
  8. I use a piece of licorice root as a toothstick so the image stuck with me. I still have a hard time with the thought of them separating. I feel like they belong together. The way Coy looked over a naked Boone suggests to me he's not a zero on the Kinsey scale. Might he feel more than he let on because of the change in Boone after the broken nose. I'd like to know just a bit more about that kiss and the circumstances surrounding it.
  9. I so wanted to laugh at the Santa cartoon but I'm sad and frustrated that everywhere we seem to going backwards.
  10. Grrrrr, I'm not old. I'm adorably middle-aged. And we don't speak of my work for my Da.
  11. So you're working on a short story. Hope things are well with Cole and Randy.
  12. Unless he was aiming for something tasteless ...
  13. Yes, I am in an odd frame of mind ... G'day y'all. The day should dawn bright and clear with cooler temps and lmore comfortable humidity albeit briefly before a return to warmer and more humid weather as the week progresses. I hope to pot up some mums and ornamental cabbages we bought yesterday and begin weeding some of mum's flowerbeds. It's becoming obvious she can no longer keep up the maintenance once I leave. Not sure what the solution is, I'll need to ponder a bit.
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