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  1. dughlas

    Prime Premiere

    Those fermented in the bottle.
  2. Glad to hear the boys will be back in town ... well sorta. Hank has a great deal to be sad about, I'm not feelin' sympathetic.
  3. dughlas

    Prime Premiere

    Unfortunately while I love the stuff I can't indulge. Guaranteed migraine. Has something to do with the second fermenting in the bottle.
  4. My Albert what big eyes you have and such a sad face.
  5. dughlas

    Prime Premiere

    I'm betting as March 1st is only 8 days away we'll see something new begin.
  6. dughlas


    Another excellent addition to the satellite series of stories in the CJ universe. This one provides the background for the NYC club PRIME. It does not require having read the previous stories but those will provide context.
  7. dughlas

    Prime Premiere

    It says "The End" but we know it's not, it's really just the beginning. Congratulations on another great addition to the satellite stories.
  8. I like Grandpa. He's giving his family their inheritance while he can still enjoy seeing them put it to use. Some people just can't take "no" for an answer. Well he got screwdrivered for his trouble. Not to mentioned the headache and firing.
  9. We're not having wind and rain today. In fact it's bright and sunny and currently 24/-4°. I think this is the coldest it's been this winter. The expected high will be at least 10° below normal.
  10. I made a cream of cauliflower soup. Perfect for the very chilly day.
  11. It's the simple acts of kindness that make the most difference.
  12. I read recently that Culvers has the best burgers and sides.
  13. The sun is shining here too but it's just past noon and the temp is only 39/3°. It's windy too. The schools in a several county area throughout the NC/SC border region were delayed 2 hours because of either snow or the potential for black ice.
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