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  1. I've encountered a serious issue with this story. I was chatting with a friend the other day and was about to tell him what Ritch was up to at the Academy when I remembered two important facts ... first, he would have no idea who Ritch was and more importantly Ritch isn't a breathing person. Note I didn't say living because the individuals you've peopled your stories with do live lives in our minds. I suppose that's a compliment or a statement on my mental faculties. BTW ... HAPPY 63rd BIRTHDAY!
  2. That wouldn't work for young Miss Clo why would you expect any success?
  3. Is that a young Josh Hartnett? I had/have a crush on that fella plaid or no.
  4. dughlas

    Turtle Trouble

    I'm hoping that someday I'll see these stories in book form in the kids section of bookstores. Nicely done.
  5. It's downright chilly this morning. It was 42/5° at dawn. It's now up to 44/6° but the wind makes it feel like 37/3°. Fortunately it's sunny but forecast is for unseasonably cool weather for the next 48 hours.
  6. Yeah, as Marty said it all started with Albert waving his meat ...
  7. Today is Steve's birthday ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!
  8. Back home we would call that an "onion snow". It's just shy of 80/26° and sunny here today. Spent about an hour outside working on the stones bordering one of mum's flowerbeds. Managed to finish before the neighbors were ready to cut the grass. We're expecting a strong cold front later.
  9. She was willing to settle for a sausage off the bbq. I'll bet she'll like Albert's meat ... uhm, wait ... I think I need to rephrase that ... Clo likes 'em big and juicy I bet she'll really enjoy the meat Albert has on offer ... doh ... let me just try once more ... that steak looks tasty with nary a veg in sight, it should satisfy her appetite
  10. How did he get sand on his jaw without it getting on his wet tee shirt?
  11. It was a pleasant day here reached 70/21° with partly cloudy skies. I did a bit off work outdoors. The forecast is for it to turn chilly during the day tomorrow. Fortunately the ocean water temp is in the mid-60's/18° so that plus a light wind should keep us frostfree here along the coast
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