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  1. dughlas


    While the vandalism is awful, it's heartwarmimng to see a wider circle of support developing around Eric. How fortuitous that Eric and Emily had met earlier, had it been this event that brought them together Eric might have been less open to their help.
  2. Sorry your knee is causing you such problems. Also glad he's treating your high blood pressure. I've been on medication to treat mine for quite awhile. Good luck.
  3. Well at least I was correct about the date but I somehow got his age wrong. I thought he was a bit north of twenty, like by a century or two 😆
  4. Enjoy. You're birthday is this Saturday correct?
  5. Mum, my son and daughter-in-law and I went out to celebrate her 35th bday. We had a very nice time and the meal was excellent.
  6. I have my annual health review checkup today and will get my flu shot too. Mum got her covid booster last week.
  7. Mitch you're an idiot and maybe a might cowardly ... instead of grabbing some small bit of happiness you're making yourself and the three others who mean the most to you miserable because you're afraid to let them love and care for you. You're leavin' remembrances of you in the land, the bridge and the foal your mare will have and then fretting over folks grieving you. Just live while you can dammit.
  8. Since you already got cake from Albert and Gary I thought I'd send a burger.
  9. dughlas

    Chapter 14

    Caleb played the long game and won. Best of all Hunter came to learn just how important he is to Caleb. Hunter is an interesting departure from your more typical protagonists with Caleb as the perfect foil. They are, together, as wonderfully conceived and portrayed as those who've come before. More from them would be great!
  10. Greetings Albert. I could be better, I should be at the shop today but some issues arose with one of the shop partners. It isn't wise to remind someone they are simply an employee. Afterall, employees can quit and considering all the outdoor furnishings and plantings around the shop as well as some indoor furnishings belong to me my depart would have a profound effect. Also, I am, by their repeated admission, the best salesperson and this is our busiest time. However, I need to talk with the other partner before I decide anything. He was out of the shop this morning due to some responsibilities at his real life job and will not be best pleased with what transpired. Oh, and my head aches.
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