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  1. Oh, I hadn't anything particular in mind but a friendly shunk was way off the radar.
  2. dughlas

    Chapter 5

    Uhm, sounds a bit like me ...
  3. Not the ending I was expecting ... but it's darned funny.
  4. dughlas

    Don't Go There

    Overlooked, ignored, taken for granted ... not an author or a poet you say. Seems you found the words to express what you were feeling. I owe you a big warm hug when I see you next.
  5. dughlas

    Chapter 5

    It's nice seeing Jack building friendships other than Jared. Also developing an interest in a boy based on something more than being one of Luke's hand-me-downs. That must be some picture of Derry. It drew the attention of both Jack's parents. Then too maybe they're more aware of him than Jack thinks. Nice chapter.
  6. dughlas

    Up For Discussion

    Food insecurity is a major issue for many college students.
  7. dughlas

    Up For Discussion

    It amazes me the things we learn not just through the story but from one anothers shared experiences. This story draws out our interest in our shared humanity.
  8. Many thanks for all the behind the scene labors.
  9. dughlas

    Up For Discussion

    I don't think I'd classify Claire's personality as aggressive, rather I'd say assertive. I agree too that it's a necessary trait of folks that do the kind of work she does. Eric doesn't seem to realize how exceptional he is in the changes he's made to his life. At the same time Claire, Adam and Andy don't seem to understand what it means for Eric to accept "charity". He has subsisted within his means and if that meant doing without well then do without he did. That was a common trait among folks of my grandparents generation and even my mum. My grandparents, like Eric, were rural farmbased thoughout their lives. They survived the Great Depression and the deprivations during WWII. They got by with what was available. As a boy my maternal grandfather ate poached venison. His people were mountain folk. My paternal grandfather hunted rabbit, pheasant and deer in season as supplemental meat for the table. I myself can remember when Sunday night's meal was hot chocolate and toast because it was cheap and filled our tummys. I watched my dad eat "coffee soup", nothing more than broken up toasted bread with a spoonful of sugar, hot coffee and some milk. I helped my paternal grandmother glean dandelion greens from along the hayfields in the spring to cook up into a tasty nourishing meal. We got by with what was available. Growing up I never went hungry, my body and clothes were clean. I got new school clothes each year but also wore hand-me-downs from my older cousins and passed on my clothes to a younger boy who was the son of a friend of mum's. It wasn't "charity" it was commonsense there was still wear in those clothes, they weren't worn and shabby. Charity was for the poor folks who had less than we did. So suggesting Eric go to the foodbank for handouts was almost an insult. An assault on his dignity and self-worth. What needs to be done is to get him to see it as a benefit, like those others available to him, that provides him with some of the things he buys now so that he can use those savings to buy fruit and veggies he otherwise could not.
  10. dughlas


    Actually, I think the National Guard is the militia referred to by our forefathers. They are the citizen soldiers. However, not even the staunchest current constitutional originalist is going to rule against the NRA.
  11. dughlas


    I think that the majority will side with women's rights whether they approve of abortion or not. The majority of those legislators are privileged white males. If they are successful hampering women's rights what is to prevent them from trying to change laws protecting LGBTQ rights and if they succeed at that civil rights laws that protect people of color? It's a slippery slope and members of protected minorities need to look to the well-being of all of us.
  12. dughlas


    I think/hope that if/when the appeals courts rule banning these laws the supreme court will decide not to hear the cases. Roberts is not likely to want to overturn too many precedents and could very well side with the liberals and Kavanaugh could go with him on that basis. Take note that these laws were careful not to put the onus on women but rather on the doctors. Roe was ruled unconstitutional because it interferred with women's rights to privacy with regard to their bodies. If you take the punishment off women will that nullify Roe? That's what the proponents of these laws are hoping. Still, it's pretty obvious that the whole intent is to deny women a basic right by denying them a safe medical procedure under proper care.
  13. dughlas


    I keep thinking these legislators are going to eventually face a backlash at the poles. Do they truly think that women will just meekly accept this form of bullying?
  14. dughlas


    Brett and César may feel that CJ and Oz stepped on their parental toes and I do think it might be best if the parental units were told sooner rather than later. However Ritchie and Lucy are old enough not to need parental approval and sought help from responsible adult family members. With CJ and Owen supporting them the youngsters are not going to feel trapped into doing something foolish.
  15. dughlas


    First let me say this was an excellent chapter. I was surprised at first at CJ's response. You could tell his mouth was about to engage before he had his brain in gear but then he stopped and went to change giving him the time for his better self to emerge. He loves his brother and the kid needed him that was all that mattered and as we've come to expect from him, he stepped in to help. Personally, I'm prolife but believe that prolife means caring for that child and providing the necessary things for them to growup happy and healthy. It also means providing education and resources for people to behave responsibly when it comes to birth control. Too many of those who are antiabortion (not the same as prolife) don't give a rat's ass about what kind of life they are sentencing the child to, they only want to force others to live according to their beliefs. I also am adamantly against men who think they have the right to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Only the father is entitled to an opinion on the fate of his child but ultimately it's the mother's choice. Ritchie and Lucy thought they were being responsible and the choice they made is right for them. I support that choice whole heartedly. I now return the soapbox to its rightful owner.
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