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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

This Strange World Needs A Kicking! - 20. You, To Me, Things

Chapter Twenty – You, To Me, Things

Since he could still see Pepin in the distance, it wasn’t that much of a feat to reach him, especially since Sebastian’s body was in top-notch condition. However, he hadn’t managed that until they entered the castle. As they reached the building, Kai slowed down and watched Pepin from a fair distance. He wasn’t running anymore, but he was walking fast. Well, he had been busy catching up with him, and now he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to say.

Well, for starters, he had to apologize. Yes, that was a good idea. As a virgin, Pepin most probably felt embarrassed by having their little adventure together talked about like that, especially by that big-mouthed Galien.

As he turned a corner, Pepin threw a look over his shoulder. Kai could swear he could see a small smile on the guy’s face, but he couldn’t be sure. “Pepin,” he called out. “Wait for me.”

But the servant broke into a sprint again, and Kai had to do the same. It looked like Pepin had just disappeared in the royal quarters, which was convenient since Kai doubted that Prince Sebastian was used to being seen apologizing in the hallways for blurting out private stuff.

Could it be that Pepin was about to break into a cleaning frenzy? There was a possibility that it was his way of dealing with stressful situations. Kai slowed down again. But what if Sebastian didn’t want Pepin upon his return, even with the fusing and all that? He hadn’t thought of that. That would break Pepin’s heart.

He stopped altogether. Going to the cavern and performing the ritual was necessary so that he could return home. Not for a moment had he thought what that would mean for the other people involved. But now that he did think about it, he couldn’t just brush it off like it wasn’t his problem.

The doors to the royal quarters flew open, and Pepin peeked from behind one of them. “Are you coming already, Your Majesty?” he asked breathlessly.

Ah, damn, he’d been caught. Kai had a mind to do a one-eighty and run in the opposite direction. However, a single look at Pepin’s flustered face made him feel flustered, too. His eyes were too blue, his lips were too soft, and he was way too beautiful. Like it should have been illegal to be so beautiful and a dude at the same time. It was totally his fault.

His steps carried him toward Pepin like he no longer had a will of his own. Pepin snickered, grabbed his hand, and pulled him inside. Well, that was unexpected. He thought the guy was pissed at him or something.

Just as equally unexpected was how Pepin pushed him with his back against the closed doors, glued himself to him, and pressed his lips hard on Kai’s mouth. For a moment, no, two, no, three, ah, who was counting anymore? Kai did nothing but let Pepin kiss him.

It was only after Pepin gave him a proper dental checkup with his tongue that Kai finally realized that he was supposed to protest to that. Using just an adequate amount of force, Kai pushed the servant away and stared him in the eyes.

Pepin was still breathing a little hard, his eyes were shiny, and his lips were moist and glistening from the kiss.

“Um,” Kai started, while trying to make some order in his messed up brain, “weren’t you supposed to be pissed at me?”

The confused look in Pepin’s eyes told him he wasn’t making himself clear enough.

“I mean upset,” he added quickly.

Pepin started laughing. “You said ‘not for long’, didn’t you?”

“What did I say?” Kai mumbled.

Pepin pushed his arms away and pressed their bodies close together again. “You said that I wouldn’t be a virgin for long.”

“Ah, right. Yeah, because we’ll go to that cavern and stuff.”

No, no, this was wrong. He needed to find a way to return home that didn’t involve hurting Pepin. Ah, damn it. And he had thought he had that quest in the bag.

Pepin ignored him and began undressing him. Clearly, his servant’s skills were going downhill because he simply tore Kai’s shirt, making small pearly buttons fly everywhere.

“Pepin!” he exclaimed as what the guy was doing finally caught up with him.

“We need the practice,” Pepin said with urgency.


“Yes.” Pepin was completely un-servant-like when he pushed Kai’s pants down. “I know you prefer the other way with the others, so we must practice.”

Other way? Kai could feel his brain gears turning slowly like they had to wade through mush.

Pepin laughed and began discarding his clothes.

“Wait. Pepin! What are you doing?”

The servant threw him a playful look and hurried to the bed. He stopped, one knee resting on top of it, half-turned from Kai.

If that was a posture meant to seduce or something like that, Pepin had it down pat. From that angle, Kai could easily admire the gentle curve of his back, the tapered down tiny waist, and that awesome perfect ass that should also have been illegal on a dude. It was so nice and round that Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away. Conrad should have tried feeling up Pepin’s ass and then decide who had the roundest ass in the kingdom.

No! What the hell was he thinking now? Pepin’s ass was off-limits. Wait, why was it off-limits?

“Aren’t you coming?” Pepin asked and gave him the most beautiful smile that had ever been smiled in the history of mankind.

It didn’t matter that they were in a fantasy land. Those were just details. Kai was in a bit of a trance as he tried to walk toward the bed. Then he almost stumbled on his pants that Pepin had inconveniently left wrapped around his ankles. He puffed and huffed as he struggled out of them and his boots, succeeding only in performing a strange choreography until he reached the bed.

Pepin laughed out loud and pushed him on his back. Then he was on top, straddling him, and leaning in for another kiss.

“Pepin,” Kai warned, although he felt that his words were simply falling on deaf ears.

“No rules say that I must be a virgin when we reach the cavern. Your mother even pointed out that it would be best if we were already acquainted by the time we performed the ritual,” Pepin said.

“That’s a bad mother,” Kai retorted, flabbergasted by Sebastian’s mother’s too frank ways of dealing with the matter of who her son chose to go to bed with and why. And how.

Pepin caught his chin and moved his lips slowly against Kai’s mouth. His long eyelashes fluttered, and his cheeks were turning pink. “I’m so happy it’s me.”

The right thing to do was push Pepin aside, gently but firmly, and told him it wasn’t possible to do whatever he thought would follow next.

Ah, a light bulb lit up in his brain. Sebastian was totally gay, but it looked like he preferred to be the guy who… Kai frowned as his mind struggled. Also, he, Kai, was absolutely not gay, and this time, he wasn’t drunk, so his little monster wouldn’t perk up, no matter how beautiful Pepin was. In the end, it would look like he wouldn’t be able to do it, so Pepin would be disappointed, but that would work out because it would seem natural and not forced –

He let out a surprised gasp as Pepin suddenly grabbed certain parts of his body. No, not parts, but a part that was a traitor of the highest rank in the history of all traitors!

“Sebastian,” Pepin breathed out as his hand moved slowly, “I’m ready. Please, I don’t want to wait anymore.”

“Wait,” Kai protested, but Pepin’s soft and tasty lips choked his words up, and his eyes were soon rolling in his head. “Hey,” he managed when Pepin let go of his mouth to lick and kiss along his jawline, “but… it’s going to hurt!” he shouted the first thing that came to mind.

“I know. I prepared myself while you were standing in the hallway.”

“You did? What kind of virgin are you?” Kai made an attempt to sound royally pissed.

“The kind in love with you,” Pepin replied promptly. “I’m ready for you.”

“Hey, wait --”

Pepin moved, and then Kai could feel the most treacherous part of his body pushing through a velvet-like channel. The sensation was to die for. “Aaaargh!” he let out.

Above him, Pepin struggled to breathe. His beautiful skin was flushed now, and there was sweat on his upper lip while his face was scrunched up in a frown.

“Pepin,” Kai whispered, “this is… I mean…” He couldn’t talk, not when that part of him was squeezed and teased like that, and he swore that soon there would be tears in his eyes because that was way too pleasant to be legal anywhere in the world and on all continents.

“Your Majesty, forgive me,” Pepin pleaded.

“I… I don’t think I can,” Kai replied. His hands came around like a foreign will dictating their movements and landed on Pepin’s round ass.

“Your Majesty,” Pepin whispered again.

Kai was sure he wanted to help Pepin up so that they would disconnect their bodies, but what he actually did was completely different. He pushed Pepin’s ass down, and then he groaned in absolute pleasure. At the same time, Pepin cried out and collapsed on top of him.

Kai froze. “It hurts, doesn’t it?”

Pepin just nodded while holding him close.

“I told you so!”

“It’s all right,” Pepin murmured. “I truly want this.”

Kai had a mind to grab hold of his mushy brain and talk it down from whatever it thought it was doing to his body or the body he was in. But Pepin moved his hips slowly, and another shot of pure pleasure hit him. “Pepin,” he mumbled, “please don’t do this. I don’t think I can…”

His words end up a tangled mess, just like his mind. Pepin caught his lips gently. Kai could clearly see the tears hanging like crystal beads on the curly eyelashes, and his heart squeezed. Unfortunately, Pepin’s ass did the same, and Kai’s little monster twitched happily.

“Is this… sex? I’m having sex!” he exclaimed. “Pepin,” he added with urgency, “you are doing… to me… things!”

Pepin was breathing with difficulty, and it wasn’t hard to imagine he was still in pain. Kai moved and rolled him on his back. There were sounds of protests from the other, but Kai knew that he had to do something to make it better, although what that something was eluded him completely. He caressed Pepin’s face slowly, then his neck and chest. With each touch, the other shivered, and his eyelashes fluttered.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. “But I should…”

Pepin wrapped his long legs around him, keeping their bodies together. “No, don’t you dare to run,” he warned him in a breathless voice.

“But, Pepin, you… it hurts you… doesn’t it? My little monster… is hurting you…”


Oops, he had said that nickname out loud. Not that he was talking to the thing or anything, but it had to have a name, right?

“Ignore that,” Kai said quickly. He groaned as he tried to move as even something that simple triggered another bout of pleasant sensations.

“Hold me,” Pepin whispered.

That was a plea he couldn’t overlook. He carefully wrapped his arms around Pepin and held him.

“Your Majesty,” Pepin said after a while, “you can start… moving.”

Moving? It was clear what that meant, but Kai wasn’t sure he could. Pepin’s ass was squeezing him so hard that any wrong move could detonate the bomb that his little monster was turning into.

“I’m afraid,” he admitted.

“What of?” Pepin asked.

“Of many things.” Kai allowed another groan to leave his lips as any shift in position from Pepin was making at least one part of his body act like it had a mind of its own. Of course, that was why it had its own head! Which, by the way, was brushing against something inside Pepin’s body if he did as little as breath!

“You cannot hurt me,” Pepin said tenderly.

Kai keened softly and tried to adjust his position. “I’m practically stabbing you in the back with… the thing.”

“It is not my back, but my --”

Kai shut Pepin up with a kiss. The last thing he needed right now was some dirty talk. Not that the kiss was helping any; on the contrary, a hot tongue was in his mouth, doing small circles and caressing everywhere. And that was simply enough to make his skin grow hot and his eyes become moist with too much overstimulation.

His hips jerked only a bit, and Pepin gasped.

“It hurts, doesn’t it?” Kai asked reproachfully.

“No,” Pepin breathed out. He tilted his head back, exposing his neck. “Please, again.”

Kai gulped and moved; his teeth were tingling again, and he sank them into Pepin’s exposed throat, earning an instant protest from the other. It was his fault for looking so edible. He was a human being, not a cookie, so why did he have to look good enough to eat? Kai worked his way around Pepin’s graceful neck, biting only softly regardless of how much he wanted to take a huge bite and stave his hunger once and for all.

On top of it all, Pepin was encouraging him, apparently okay with being molested in that manner. Kai could hardly imagine how that was possible, but Pepin was unique, a beautiful dude, and a guy who knew how to work a feather duster. How that fit with how they moved together now and how Pepin was driving him crazy, he had no idea.

He gave up on trying to reason with Pepin and settled for listening to each and every one of his orders.

“There, Your Majesty,” Pepin whispered, and Kai obliged. “Faster.” He just went faster. His little monster was now far from little. It felt huge like it had taken some transformation magic pill, and it was squeezed by such a tight place that he groaned in despair with each jerk of his hips.

“Pepin,” he forced out of his throat, “my… dick feels funny!”

Not that he didn’t know precisely that sensation, but he had never experienced it like that, surrounded by tight heat from all sides.

“Just let it go, please, please,” Pepin begged him.

He could feel the other shuddering and trembling, small spasms shaking him now and then. He wanted to ask what was wrong, but he felt Pepin’s cock rubbing against his belly, and soon there was wetness, too.

“Oh,” he said. “Does it mean that it’s okay if I… shoot?”

“Yes, inside me, please,” Pepin pleaded with him.

It wasn’t like he could pull out even if he wanted to. He was way too far, and beyond the point of no return, so with one final groan, he jerked his hips one time, hard, and held Pepin down. He was only vaguely conscious of the latest waves of extreme pleasure hitting him as he collapsed over the other and hung on to him for dear life.

“I’m so sorry, Pepin,” he murmured the moment he managed to gain back the ability to talk. He could hear the servant’s breathing and smell the sweet smell of his skin, but he couldn’t move. It was like he belonged there, in the other’s arms.

Pepin caressed his hair slowly. “What could you be sorry for, Your Majesty?”

“Why do you keep calling me that?” Kai asked.

“Because I don’t feel like calling you anything else.”

That was a bit strange, but Kai’s mind was utterly drained, just like his body. The worst part – for Pepin – was that he couldn’t move. For him, it was the best part because he could postpone a little the moment when he actually had to face the other and look at him while admitting that he had done that kind of thing to him. Yeah, it felt good, but that didn’t make it right. He knew as much.

Pepin didn’t protest at all. He just continued to caress Kai’s hair. “This is the real you. And I love who you truly are,” the servant said softly.

Now that had to be just one way of saying, Kai was sure. Horrifyingly so, he let out a small purr as Pepin stroke his head gently.

“This was the best thing that ever happened to me,” he managed to mumble back. At least, he could give Pepin that. Because nobody ever had made him feel like that, and he was so drowned by a myriad of sensations that he felt he could confess to Pepin that he loved him and believed it, too.

But he couldn’t do that. Pepin belonged to Sebastian, and what he had just done was so completely unforgivable that he should be hiding somewhere and hope that no one would find him and hold him accountable.

That would come later. Now, it felt too good to be held and caressed by Pepin to move one limb. He could do the walk of shame, or whatever he had to do, later. Preferably much later.


“I promised my mother that I would fold all the laundry,” Sebastian said as Milo caressed his cheeks and kissed his jawline slowly.

It was half a lie. He still had something to do around the house in exchange for escaping the cleaning of the kitchen after his and Tani’s culinary experiment. Mrs. Martin hadn’t told him what that would be, but he could use it as an excuse to get away from Milo and clear his head.

In his mind, he was more than convinced that he had crossed a line. As someone in another person’s body, he wasn’t supposed to fall in love and become so intimate with that person’s best friend. It wasn’t any solace that most probably Kai was turning Ifigia into a land overrun by monsters as he had to be completely unfit to rule the kingdom. He had professed his love to Milo, but Milo didn’t know him, not truly, and that meant that the situation, as pleasurable as it felt, was a complete mess.

“Ah, you have to go already?” Milo complained.

When he was looking at him, with those kind eyes filled with love, Sebastian wanted to forget about everything, the kingdom, his responsibilities, his true purpose. Indeed, he wanted to be no one else but a simple teenager living in this strange and wonderful world, where people like Milo existed. How simple things would be then.

“I don’t like it, either,” he said. It was challenging to keep a hold of his thoughts when Milo was teasing him like that. He only had to touch Sebastian as lightly as possible, and his body was on fire.

“At least, let me give you something for the road.”

“A kiss?” he asked.

Milo grinned. “No, it’s something I keep hinting at, and you seem not to take the bait. I want,” he said and caught Sebastian’s ear between his teeth, tugging at it playfully, “to suck you off.”

“No need,” Sebastian protested.

They were still lying on the bed, side by side, completely naked. It was impossible to hide his body’s reactions, so Milo found it the most natural to grab his manhood and tease it. As gentle as he was, his hold was firm and left little to guess regarding his intentions.

“Oh, but there’s all the need because it’s not fair that you know how I taste like, and I don’t how you taste.”

As much as he wanted to protest still, Sebastian abandoned all will and allowed Milo to slide down on his body and tease him with his lips where only his hand had been before.

He let his head back and bit his lips as Milo began to lick the length of his member with excruciating slowness. Oh, this young man knew everything about the art of seducing another. If he hadn’t known better, he would have thought Milo had had plenty of lovers before him. But no, even his light clumsiness at handling things pertaining to lovemaking were endearing him to Sebastian and was the only proof he needed that this beautiful amazing being belonged to him and no one else for the fleeting time being.

Milo hummed around Sebastian’s manhood as his tongue wrapped around the head and indulged in it. That only served to heighten the already existing arousal, and Sebastian unconsciously lifted his hips off the bed, pushing into the other’s mouth. A slight sound of protest made him realize, but it only lasted a moment, as Milo grabbed his hips and pinned him to the bed so that he could let his mouth slide lower and lower.

He made a mistake to look down. Milo flashed a naughty look at him and even smiled like that, his mouth stretched around the thing in his mouth. Sebastian groaned partly in disbelief, partly in intense pleasure that was beginning to become too hot to handle. Whether Milo knew what he was doing to him or was of no consequence. He moved with steady grace, swallowing more and more each time.

Sebastian could tell that the head of his manhood was meeting some resistance, and it only made it difficult to think anymore of anything. He ran his hands through Milo’s hair and held on to him, as he was simply falling, even as he lay there, prey to that wonderful mouth, capable of making any knowledge he had of his life and who he disappeared in a mist of desire.

Milo grabbed his manhood by the root and manipulated it so that he could suck at it like it was the most delicious thing in existence.

“No more, please,” Sebastian heard himself begging.

But Milo was deaf to his pleas at this point and just continued to bob his head up and down while his hand moved at the same time, pushing Sebastian closer and closer to the edge.

When he finally rose to the heights of his pleasure and gave up, Milo’s mouth squeezed around his member, and his naughty tongue moved over the head just as Sebastian’s seed spilled over. He shuddered as Milo mercilessly kept at it throughout his climax. While he had been before on the receiving end of such practices, he had never been particular about enjoying it.

It had to be because he found himself, through the fault of fate, in a body belonging to another, and Kai had to be much easier to stimulate than he was. That thought alone made his eyes snap open.

“I must go,” he said.

Milo had barely raised his head. He watched him and blinked in confusion. “Was I bad at it?”

“No, no,” Sebastian protested, but the part of him that still had a conscience wanted to flee already and endure no more the look of absolute love in the most beautiful eyes that existed in all the worlds he knew. “You were too good.”

“Too good? Is there such a thing?”

Sebastian stood up and began dressing. Milo embraced him from behind. “Are you running away from me again? For real?”

“I just need to think of things. And you were terrific. You always are. You can do no wrong.”

Milo laughed and held him some more. “You’re giving me a bit too much credit.”

“I don’t think so. We’ll talk later.”

“Sure. Call me once you’re off laundry folding duty.”

“Um?” Sebastian was already trying to cope with everything that had happened within such a short time.

“Folding the laundry? Weren’t you supposed to do some chores?”

“Yes, yes, of course.” Sebastian turned. He pulled Milo in his arms and kissed him hard on the lips.

“All right, you’re free to go.” Milo let go reluctantly. “By the way, you taste amazing,” he whispered into his ear, triggering another shudder of pleasure. Milo patted Sebastian on the ass as he guided him to the door.

If anyone had dared to touch him in such a casual manner in the entire kingdom of Ifigia and even the world as a whole, he would have been punished severely. But right now, every gesture from Milo, even something as innocuous as that, hurt him because it felt too good.

He would need to deal with what was happening to him and find a way back to Ifigia before losing himself completely.


I hope you all agree with me that it was about time :) Now that both Kai and Sebastian learned about new pleasures, ahem, it may be just the right time for a bit of action. Not saying anything more, but I can tell you that these guys won't be able to catch a breath, and not only because of pleasant activities.
Hope you're having a great Sunday,
Until next time,
Copyright © 2021 Laura S. Fox; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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As this chapter concludes, I can hear angels singing right behind me 🙄🙄 (me looking over my shoulder).

I'm so relieved we now have proof that everyone's cock is functioning at full capacity, I was honestly a little concerned.

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On 8/16/2021 at 12:02 AM, Maundy said:

Next Sunday is a going to be forever 😭. Great chapter ♥️😂😂

He-he, thanks a lot!

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On 8/16/2021 at 10:49 AM, johnnyboy2285 said:

As this chapter concludes, I can hear angels singing right behind me 🙄🙄 (me looking over my shoulder).

I'm so relieved we now have proof that everyone's cock is functioning at full capacity, I was honestly a little concerned.

Ha-ha, I had no idea you had doubts about that... But yes, everyone is in good working order!

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On 11/16/2021 at 4:19 AM, Aevylio said:

I still ship Kai with Conrad! 

Milo and Sebastian can do no wrong. I love them 🥺

You're probably not the only one shipping Kai with Conrad, so sorry for the disappointment caused on that front. And Milo and Seb, they're simply meant to be. But let's see first...

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