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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction that combine worlds created by the original content owner with names, places, characters, events, and incidents that are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, organizations, companies, events or locales are entirely coincidental. Authors are responsible for properly crediting Original Content creator for their creative works.

The Seducer: A Gone From Daylight Inspired Story - 17. William Harker’s Journal: Entry 17

§ §
Saturday, September 29, 1989

I’m overwhelmed!

I had no idea Dr. V was going to host a party at his place this weekend!

When we arrived, I saw workmen and domestics running all over the place at the big house setting up, cleaning up, building things! They were actually building a stage out on the Dr.’s back lawn!

“Ah, yes…forgive me for not warning you, my young friend. Tonight is a special occasion. A dear friend of mine is coming in from out of town and it is his, erm…birthday! Yes?” Dr. V was apologizing to me for an obvious gala he was putting on? For some reason, that felt nice! What a considerate person.

“No, Sir! Not at all! I just hope I don’t get underfoot. I don’t want to be any trouble while you’re entertaining guests.” I wasn’t sure if I should even have been at his place if he was going to have any foreign dignitaries deserving of all this being done in their honor!

“Nonsense! You shall assist in my hosting him. His name is Sir Primus Ambrose or ‘Ambrosio’ as he prefers to be called.” Dr. V said the royal sounding name as if one might say ‘John Smith’ or ‘Chuck Jones’.

He is a ‘Sir’? I wondered what ‘Ambrosio’s’ title is, but never found out.

For most of the afternoon, I kept out of the way. I figured that would be my biggest and best contribution to the efforts. Staying out of the way and not getting underfoot can be the biggest help a person can be when they haven’t a clue how to help out with things.

At one point, I got a rather odd question from what must have been the chef or cook who seemed strangely underworked. He wondered if I would like something ‘special’ prepared for my dinner that evening since he had time to cook whatever I wanted. He confessed that he had only gotten requests for a few individual meals. Most of the guests ‘would not be dining’ apparently! The chef wasn’t used to catering to so small a group for such a big gala where he would usually feed hundreds of guests.

I found that very strange! In any event, I sent him off with a ‘surprise me’ answer. I have no idea what a person eats at these kinds of things! A burger and fries just doesn’t seem ‘elegant’ enough to cut it somehow. My ‘surprise’ was a delicious pasta dish that I’m not even going to try to spell here since I can’t even pronounce it. All I know is that it had chicken and paprika in it, I guess.

I worried about what to wear, though. I hadn’t brought anything but the clothes on my back which consisted of a polo shirt and jeans. I was sure that this thing was going to require a tux or something. I needn’t have worried! After returning to my room, after checking out more of the party setup, I found a smartly dressed man there who’d I’d never seen before! His name was ‘Rogers’ and he was to be my valet! I had a valet for the day, according to Rogers, courtesy of Dr. Valahi. He fitted a suit that was then sent ‘downstairs’ for tailoring. Dr. V even had a pet tailor on site! Who does that?

I spent the rest of the afternoon being pampered to pieces by Rogers! He ‘drew my bath’ which was something I only thought was done in movies about King Henry VIII! The bath was one of the most luxurious experiences I’ve ever had! There was some kind of scented oil and salts in the water that smelled of lemons. The ‘soap’ I used was a small container of clear fluid with some kind of French name. The shampoo and conditioner were the same. I rarely take baths since I only have a shower to use back at the dorm. Maybe, I’ll need to take advantage of a bath when I’m at Dr. V’s place.

I’m sorry, I guess I’m stalling…

Despite all these niceties, tonight was, again, pretty weird.

It seemed like it was a cast of thousands, though I figure Dr. V was only hosting 200 or so. Some I recognized from the Salon Rouge, others were unknown to me. One in particular, who couldn’t be missed, was Lestat! He was dressed in a smart purple designer suit and he’d forgone his usual purple sunglasses so that his bright blue eyes were exposed.

He seemed to pick up on me immediately, almost like he knew I was staring at him. He made such a bee-line for me that I thought I might need to run away! He didn’t come at me like he was angry, just determined. I suppose, I’m on edge from my strange lapses in memory, because when he arrived in front of me he was as welcoming and friendly as he was the last time we met.

“Ah, comment allez-vous, eh, Monsieur…’Arker, is it not? But of course! Oui, I do remember! It is so very nice to see a familiar face, non?” I swear Lestat would have kissed both of my cheeks if I hadn’t stood back a bit. He’s so…French!

“Yeah, sure. You look…nice, heh!” I have no idea what to say to someone like Lestat. He’s so…strange!

“Tu es trop gentil, mon ami. I ‘ave acquired a fair collection of Antony Price suits. Hmmm, you would be stunning in the beige one. We should have it fitted for you, oui?” Like some kind of demented haberdasher, Lestat circled me and picked at my suit. For some reason, it gave me a very creepy feeling.

I stepped away, but not in a way that seemed annoyed or anything.

“Well, I think Anthony Price suits you perfectly, Lestat. You have the, er, face for it! But, I’m too garden-variety, I think. Dr. V actually had this suit tailored for me special and on the premises! To be honest, I’ve never worn a suit this comfortable before.” I tried to dissuade Lestat from any more picking by brushing at my new suit lovingly.

“Ah, but of course. The ‘Doctor’ is always very perceptive when it comes to his ‘friends’. In any case, as you say, ‘You Look Nice’ aussi. Eh?” Lestat chuckled and clapped me on my shoulder, a move that nearly sent me to the floor! He caught me before that happened!

“Mon Dieu! Je suis vraiment désolé! I’ve been working out and I forget my new strength at times! Do forgive me!” Lestat begged with what looked like honest concern.

“Are you already battering my poor protégé about? It has not yet been ten minutes into our gathering and you are already becoming a nuisance!” Dr. V suddenly appeared and though he seemed to be saying these things with humor…he was not smiling!

“Je vous demande pardon! I was not battering your ‘protégé’ about or anything like! It was accidental, I assure you!” Lestat defended himself, but I noticed he was not nearly as confident as he had been a moment ago. I was surprised by the ‘protégé’ comment. I didn’t know I’d become that important to Dr. V!

“No matter. I would borrow Mr. Harker in any event. I have some introductions to make. You two have already had your introductions.” Dr. V said easily, but I thought I saw a shadow of fear cross Lestat’s face!

“Par tous les moyens, mon Seigneur! Let not my spritely ways get in the way of business. Au revoir, beau William! I look forward to…a later meeting!” Lestat said, disturbingly, and then bowed and was gone as if he had never been!

“Insufferable arrogant fool! Should he know truly who it is that has come to this august gathering, he would be trembling!” Dr. V snarled!

“I’m sorry, Dr. I don’t know how he keeps finding me. I don’t want to be any trouble.” I apologized for putting such a crimp in Dr. V’s party. The last thing I wanted was to be a cause for disruption.

“You, William, have nothing to apologize for! Lestat knows better. He is merely an imp and a scoundrel.” Dr. V said as he led me through an elegant crowd of beautiful women and handsome men dressed to the nines! Despite that, they all seemed to regard me and all because I was walking with Dr. V…or so I hoped! Once again, I had an icy feeling snaking through my veins that I was walking through a forest full of wolves…

The feelings only got worse when a particularly sinister looking man peeled himself out of the crowd flanked by two darkly suited men. I swore it was like a mob boss and his henchmen were heading in our direction. Like a child, I felt myself drop back behind Dr. V as the men approached. I still feel ashamed about that, but the guy was seriously creepy!

The sinister man was as tall as Dr. V, but he was not nearly as conventional looking. He had long straight black hair that went beyond his shoulders, a pale angular face with a particularly wicked expression on it, and he wore a black knee-length jacket.

“Navius! Be welcome into my house and take your comfort. We are privileged that a member of the Circle Of Chicago should travel so far to visit.” Dr. V bowed curtly and a well practiced smile played upon his thin lips.

Navius, for his part, barely managed a courteous smile. I figured any more would crack that sour puss of his.

“Please, Lord Valahi, the honor must be mine! To be invited to a gathering such as this is a high honor indeed! There are…” and for a moment this Navius skewered me with a rather nasty look and then continued, “… members of our ‘society’ from all over the world! Certainly, a trip from Chicago here is as nothing.” Navius returned Dr. V’s bow.

“As per usual, Master Navius, your modesty does you credit. Chicago has the distinction of being one of the most populous of our ‘society’. Any Elder of the community from that fair city is to be regarded with great distinction. To manage such a large assemblage must be a task for you and Lord Zarius. I have missed the Elder. I trust he is well?” Dr. V asked after this ‘Lord’ as if he had real affection for him. Another name to remember, I suppose.

“His Excellency never changes. It is one of his more defining…if sometimes frustrating…traits.” Navius said with barely veiled distaste.

“Ah, that is well. Too much change among our society can prove quite damaging if not governed properly. As well you know, we keep our membership in San Francisco under a tight reign. Too many members for such a small area can be difficult to maintain.” Dr. V spoke of things that seemed veiled somehow, like he was having something of a verbal fencing match with this Navius. I had no idea what ‘society’ these two were talking about. Perhaps, this was some charity gala for one of Dr. V’s favored interest groups and this Navius was a part of the Chicago chapter.

“We manage our population quite effectively, my Lord. All know their…places.” Navius almost sneered and I had a weird feeling like I wanted to smack the guy for some reason. He seemed like he was becoming rude to Dr. V!

It’s strange, but it was almost like Navius could sense my thoughts because the minute I felt defensive about the Dr., Navius skewered me with another nasty look.

“Speaking of management, this must be another one of your ‘protégés’. An attractive one at that.” Navius continued to hold me with his incredibly intense stare that made me feel very unnerved!

“Ah yes! This is my dear friend Mr. William Harker. He has a pronounced interest in the workings of my homeland. I find this refreshing, particularly in our latest batch of students. I feel he is quite…special!” Dr. V laid a comforting hand on my shoulder which caused Navius to look between Dr. V and I and then nod.

“Indeed. So he must be…quite special then.” Navius’ expression suddenly turned from something like disapproval to a grudging appreciation of me. Just with a gesture, Dr. V must have communicated volumes to this Navius. I only wish I knew what was communicated!

Just as things started to get even more uncomfortable for me, there was a murmur in the crowd and men and women began to back away to make room for something or someone coming into the foyer.

Navius’ eyes widened as he saw a tall figure enter with a retinue of women around him.

“Valahi! You didn’t! You invited him here? You invited him and he came?” Navius was all shock and awe from that moment on.

“Why should I not. We are, for lack of a better term, family…after all and this is a celebration for him. An anniversary of sorts. A fact you should know well from your readings.” Dr. V seemed almost smug as he said this to Navius.

Navius turned to regard Dr. V in as much shock and awe as he did the mountainous figure walking the foyer.

“‘Family’ you say?” Navius then bowed low before Dr. V.

“With thy permission, My Lord, I should adjourn.” Navius said shakily.

“Go with my blessings, Navius. Keep up your difficult work in Chicago. I bid thee be ready…for anything.” Dr. V intoned with just the undertone of threat in his voice. Navius nodded and left with his two henchmen as quickly as he could!

I am still flabbergasted by that interchange! What was that all about and what was Dr. V’s relationship to the next guy I was to meet tonight?

“This, Mr. Harker. This is Ambrosio!” Dr. V gestured toward the large man as we parted the crowd making our way toward him. As we got closer, the more impressive this Ambrosio became!

When we came before Ambrosio, Dr. V did a long song and dance about having him ‘enter of his own free will and with imperious cheer befitting his Majesty’! Say what?

Ambrosio merely chuckled at that, like Dr. V was joking. Perhaps he was…though it certainly didn’t sound like it! Ambrosio actually seemed embarrassed by the greeting.

You see, Ambrosio’s personality, interestingly, was not as imposing as his physique. He actually seemed rather kind and down to Earth and disliking of all the foo-fer-ah he was getting paid.

That, I think, was his most unusual attribute - his physical size. It was so contradictory to his personality. He was not only tall, maybe nearly 7 feet, but he was BIG too! Big as in strong and muscular! His suit hid nothing of his incredible body, that’s for sure!

There was also something else about Ambrosio that I found interesting for other reasons - he’s incredibly handsome! He looks like Michelangelo’s ‘David’ had just walked off his podium, got bronzed tan skin, blue eyes, and raven black curly hair!

The tallness and the muscles, naturally, completed that image!

I don’t know if I’m gay or not, but all I know is that Ambrosio is HOT!

“Ah, my Vlad! My dear friend! You should not have taken such trouble over me! È troppo! It is too much!” Ambrosio’s said with a deep Italian inflected voice while reaching down and putting a gentle hand on Dr. V’s shoulder.

“Nonsense, Great One! For this occasion, as the Americans say - we pull out all the stops!” Dr. V said with a kind of affection in his voice he only reserves…for me! With almost everyone else, he is quite cold. I found this heartening for some reason and it made me realize just how special my relationship with this enigmatic man had become!

“And this?” Ambrosio’s hypnotically blue eyes fixed on mine and I felt frozen in time for a second or two! It was like I could see the depths of time inside of those eyes!

“Ah, yes! This is my friend Mr. William Harker! I wrote to you of him.” Dr. V had written about me - to him? Why?

“Bravo! It is good to meet you, Mr. Harker! I am Ambrosio, a long time - friend - to your professor! He has single you out as a particularly bright student! I am…impressed!” Ambrosio’s hand nearly covered mine entirely, but his handshake was gentle. Unlike just about everyone else I’ve met of Dr. V’s friends, Ambrosio’s hand was warm! Warm almost like he had a fever! I also got a better look at his deep bronzed tan. His skin was almost abnormally bronzed and yet soft and unweathered unlike how many sun worshippers’ skins can get.

“I see you admire my tan! Perdonami, it is the result of a time I spent overmuch in the sun. The results of a bad sunburn can have benefits - though I do not suggest getting a tan that way. No? Heh!” Ambrosio, like the others I have met here, seemed to know my thoughts. It was starting to make me wonder if I wasn’t in a room full of telepaths!

The feeling got even weirder when I swore I heard a number of titters and chuckles around me when I thought just that!

That aside, Ambrosio was such a wonderful contrast to everyone else around him. His tan, his warmth, his easy friendliness made him a great companion to both Dr. V and myself for the rest of the evening! I could not help but develop a fondness for him as the evening wore on. It was also good to see the ‘softening’ influence he seemed to have over Dr. V. The good doctor was at ease in a way I’d never seen him before. I could never have thought he could laugh and smile as much as he did when in the presence of his old friend.

I felt privileged to be a part of our little threesome this evening. It almost felt like…family!

Copyright © 2020 MrM; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction that combine worlds created by the original content owner with names, places, characters, events, and incidents that are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, organizations, companies, events or locales are entirely coincidental. Authors are responsible for properly crediting Original Content creator for their creative works.
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