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He's a vampire, in one sense. He's a killer sometimes. He loves a woman but only has sex with men well boys; his boys. Then he went hunting for a toy, a new addition to his stable (an old word from 'old country' HA Old??? it was also called a Harem, or worse). He was looking for a pet but found love at the time but... Then there was the drama with Bridge and he realised he was in love and that's when it all went to Hel. It started with a failed whore and ended with a war

Okay so this story is from my sick imagination... wholly, completely... well mostly. Some of the characters and the mythos is drawn from my strange and distant past. If you recognise yourself or anyone you know for Hel's sake give me a call. Apart from that the characters belong to me (God I wish they did)<br /><br />The story involves gay relationships... big time. Lots of sex, lots of drama, fantasy, strangeness and... above all, love. If you're not into any of that or if it isn't allowed where and who you are... then dont read. Simple as. If anything offends you then it's your problem for having read. You have been warned.<br /><br />All film rights to TIm Burton ;)
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