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Poems of Reflection - 1. Life's Way

You made it, like actually made it
You’ve achieved true inner peace
Makes sense you’ve finally let go
Of all the fear, restrictions and limitations
It’s a great feeling that should be cherished

Cherish it as you would your life, or anyone's life
We only get one so why bother worrying about things
That happened before you met certain people
Before you were educated and wise

Remember there’s not much time left
You can still make a difference
Yes, you’re one person but all it takes it one
One vote, one person to speak out what everyone’s thinking
You’re not alone and you never will be

Whether people are there physically or spiritually, you’re not alone
Even dying, you’re not alone, besides what’s to fear
Everyone dies, but not everyone lives
Let alone, and live to the fullest

We're always reflecting. Reflecting on ourselves, worried if we made the right choice or not. We can’t change the past, but we can change the future. It’s January 2021 and I decided to let go of fear, restrictions, and limitations. So far this month, I’ve been on point in showing loved ones that they’re not alone. Between my birthday, Dad's birthday, my sister’s birthday, grandfather's birthday, plus my grandparents' anniversary and throw in a cousin's birthday, and my grandmother's birthday, and I got myself a busy January. Yes, all of this happens in the month of January, every year, just as we also celebrate my parent’s anniversary. Mom passed away eight years ago when she was called home to Heaven's gate. My parents were together for nearly thirty years. I assure you, my dad isn’t alone and neither is my mom. None of us are. Our reunion will be here before we know it. This is only the beginning of 2021.

A lot of projects and content coming your way soon. Hope everyone has enjoyed Life's Way. This is my first time showcasing my poetry and inner thoughts, so I hope to get some experience and get better along the way.

Copyright © 2021 NFields1608; All Rights Reserved.

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You are so right. It only takes one!  And no matter what, we are not alone!  I love this.....  Great first poem (well posted one)!!!!  I can't wait to read more my friend!!!:heart:🥰

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Thank you, I only hope you like the rest of the poetry as much as this one when more comes out. 

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Thanks for posting your poetry. There is a good message contained in this one. Cheers... Gary....

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Thank you, I appreciate the kind words, my goal is to have a little message in each poem as I continue to post them, my goal is to post another one or 2 this week

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