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Sub-genres: Drama, Dystopian

For Ted and his collie, Sal, life secluded in the wilds of Yorkshire appears perfect. That is until one day when the world around him changes. What direction will Ted's life take now and how does Jase fit in?

This story started out as an entry for a GA anthology. As I got my teeth into it, the story demanded more. I was happy to oblige. 
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Did not leave chapter comments as I came across this story well after it was completed.

Extremely well written and very descriptive, the setting in the wilds of Yorkshire were in some ways an integral part of the story and so well described.  I did feel the first chapter was a little choppy pace wise but the rest were smooth and flowed really well.  

The two main characters could not have been more different at first glance; but in reality they shared many of the same core values and issues, just separated by age and class.  They both have history that for Ted is in the distant past, while Jase is much more recent.  Both lost a man, not to someone else; but to a fear of who they were or how others would see them.  

The set up for the story and what drives these two together is something truly out of their individual control.  Jase arrives in darkness, but finds that Ted is truly in the dark about what is happening out of his isolated world.  Ted helps Jase continue on and gives him the means to move toward his goal; but also realizes he too must come out of his isolation.  

Pull up a chair, and find out of you feel about this tale.  

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Apart is a short piece of work showcasing a slice in the lives of 2 very different men thrown together in a national crisis. 

As quietly as it starts, it ends, although the story certainly does not end. We are left wanting to know more, which is testament to the skill of the author. 

Jase and Ted are forced by circumstance to reflect on their life choices and how they will respond to the crisis. 

A well written, interesting tale. 

Response from the author:

Thank you! Yes, it is only a snapshot but one I hope to expand upon in the future. 

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