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Genres: Non-Fiction

 The internet can change your life in so many ways. Here's how GA helped change mine. 

Language note: I use 'queer' as an all-embracing term to describe those who aren't straight. I also tend to use 'they' in any context, singular or plural.

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  • 1. My story
    • 1,377 Words

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· Edited by drsawzall

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I've often commented on just how lucky we are to have this incredible story site populated by some of the best wordsmiths and authors found anywhere.

And as this story review points out, it is so much more!

Please take a moment to read this story and others by this author along with the many fine authors who contribute to this story site.

That this site makes a difference in so many ways is indisputable, as evidenced by the following!

This is what happened one day in June 2019.

I was pretty much minding my own business at home one morning when a thought popped into my head. Not a question or a proposition or a ‘What shall I do today’ but simply a statement. A statement which answered so many questions. I remember turning the thought over briefly. More from surprise than anything else. It didn’t occur to me to question it. 

Why? Because it felt so damn right. Because it gave me my label. Because I could now make sense of my world. 

In this special anniversary year for GA, I can’t help wondering whether I would’ve found my own inner peace without this site and everything that followed.

Maybe. But then again, maybe not. 

Thanks, GA, for everything.  

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@northieshared an intimate part of his journey and life with readers. This is a nice autobiographic piece.

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Gary L

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A great writer offers us “my story” in just over a thousand densely-packed words.

As with his stories, Northie makes us think and reflect in this case of our identity as well as his journey.  He pays a heartfelt tribute to GA which I, for one, share 100% 

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