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A Long Way From Home - 2. Chapter 2 New Friends

Somethings aren’t what they seem.

I know I will need to sleep in my car till I can save enough money for a place, but in order to work, I need to figure out how I will be clean and on time. First stop, thrift store for good bedding and towels. Then a drug store for toiletries, found a wind up alarm clock that’ll be perfect. At this point, I have mere change left. I stopped at a gas station and found the hot dogs were mostly burned. The attendant said she was going to throw them away as she gathered them into a bag. I pulled change from my pocket, “I would like to eat them but all I have is a quarter.”

“Honey, keep your quarter, these are on me. She also made a bag of stale buns and condiment packets. I literally couldn’t stop the tears.

“Thank you.” As I gave her a hug and got in my car. I thought it would be nice to eat these at the beach.

Fort Myers Beach is a sandbar island, a very big sandbar with shops, restaurants, and whole neighborhoods. I found a spot to park across from the beach, there was a small area kind of hidden by shrubs, I might be able to leave my car and sleep there later. As I was waiting to cross the street with my dinner, I noticed a laundry mat about 2 blocks down, ‘that’s perfect!’. Traffic cleared up enough to cross safely over to the beach. A cement walkway / running path with people riding bikes on it too., led me to a picnic area. But, what really caught my eye, a small building which had a sign to the right that said MEN, and one to the left with WOMEN. ‘Score’, and to top it all off, to the right of the building was a series of five shower poles like in locker rooms, each pole had four spickets, ‘double score.‘

The next morning was perfect, I went to the bathroom, took a shower with my bathing suit on, walked on the beach, then gathered up some clothes to do at the laundry mat. Next door to the laundry was a beach themed thrift store. I really liked the whole vibe. An older woman, maybe in her 50’s, was the only one working. They weren’t that busy yet, it was still technically morning. Of course, as I rummaged around she walked up, “Hi Fresh Face, are you looking for anything particular?”

“Actually, I am, I really need a job. You know, just to save a little money to get settled. See, I just drove down from Ohio and hope to live here. Can I help you clean or fold, anything really.” I knew I was starting to sound desperate, truth be told, I was.

She was staring at me as if she could read my mind. But, that’s when I saw she had the most amazing rich blue eyes. I have blue eyes, and most of my family dies too, but I never saw any like hers. Her bone structure was perfect, even her body was incredible, for being an older woman. “Would you be willing to fill out an application Sunshine?”

I couldn’t help but to smile, there’s hope there. “I have some clothes washing at the laundry mat next door, would you mind if I fill it out there so I can forward my clothes to the dryer?”

She was gracious and even gave me a pen. I left the current address blank and did my best to answer all the questions truthfully. After I got everything into a dryer, I decided to put the year make and model of my car, as my address. That was being 100% honest.

“Daniel, my husband’s name was Daniel. Every thing is fine, except for your address, what’s going on there?” She looked concerned, so I told her about where I parked and how I have the alarm clock, shower, even clean clothes. “Well, go get your car, as soon as your laundry is done. Drive down the ally to the back of this store, I’ll meet you back there.”

I did exactly as I was instructed, and was happy to see she had a small fenced in parking lot with two spaces and a dumpster. “My name is Dixie, let’s get you started on your new life, shall we?” She parks in one space and said I could use the other for now. Then she brought me back into the store to show me around. I was entirely grateful, I knew she was going out of her way to help me. I felt compelled to really work hard for her, like she asked me to clean the floor with an old mop. Then wipe down the windows type stuff. When the day was done she gave me cash. The most incredible thing she did that day, she handed me a set of keys. I looked in complete shock, because I was. “There’s a key to the lock on the fence, there’s a key to the front and back doors of the store, there’s also a key to turn off the alarm, in case you happen to set it off.” She then walked me to the back and showed me a storage room. It had quite a few boxes and things hap hazardly tossed into. “Somewhere in this mess is an old cot. If you clean up this room you can use it to sleep in.” Next she took me across the hall. “You can use this restroom, it’s not much, but if you move that junk in the corner there, that is a shower stall. Feel free to use this whenever you need to.”

I literally cried, I turned my back to her to try to hide it. She came up behind me and pulled me into a hug. “It’s alright, you’re just fine.” I spun around and held her in a big bear hug. “Dixie, this is too much. You don’t even know me. I could be a thief or something.”

“Are you?”


“Then you can stay, I’ll see you tomorrow at 7:30.” And with that she left.

First, I went to work on the bathroom, I pulled out the boxes from the shower, I checked each one to see what I should do with them. The bottom box though had gotten wet a bit and the clothes inside had become funky. I found a garbage bag behind the counter and was able to get the whole box in it. I knew she’d probably throw it away, but I set it in the hallway for her to decide. Once everything was out I saw the shower head drip. I found it was one drop every couple of minutes. Then I turned on the water to make sure it still works and if there’s any hot water. I can’t tell you how excited I was to actually take a hot shower.

The storage room was going to be a big project, but I thought the way to start was to look in the boxes then move and stack them. As soon as I found the cot I cleared the back wall to set it up. It was dusty but that was easy enough to clean. In the one corner was a very sturdy shelving unit. I turned it sideways to divide the room into two sections. I made it so when you walked in all you saw were neatly stacked boxes. A small path taking you to the back section led you to the cot, a small table with a lamp, and a smaller shelving unit. The small shelf was not especially sturdy, but worked well enough for my clothes and things.

Over the next two weeks, I worked with Dixie during the day. She shared stories about her life, like when she was 19 she became a model and moved to New York from Colorado. She had become reasonably famous, and known to be very good at it. She met her husband at one of her photo shoots. He was the photographer, and that’s how they fell in love and traveled the world. When Dixie and Daniel decided they were ready to retire, he built them a home on Fort Myers Beach and began starting different shops and things. After Daniel died of cancer, Dixie began selling off some of their businesses. She has kept the house and owns the entire building which has 10 shops in it. This is the only shop she still runs though.

At night, I would go in the shop to scrub the floor almost making it look new. I cleaned those windows so well that we saw people touch them to see if there was even glass there. By the end of two weeks, it was a like shiny new penny. I could tell Dixie was beyond pleased. “Daniel, I am having a small party at my house on Sunday. Let’s close the shop and have you come over.”

“I would be happy to see the house that, your Daniel, built for you.” She liked the way I said that.

As I drove down the beach with the address on a piece of paper, I followed simple directions. I was starting to get nervous like I wasn’t worthy of all of this, I didn’t think someone like me should have good people in my life. As I got closer, I knew it was a mistake. These homes are practically mansions with a canal in the back and yachts tied up to their docks. I was just about to turn around and get out of Fort Myers when Dixie spotted me and waved me into her driveway. She pointed to a good spot to park and walked up to greet me. “I thought you might not come, but I would have been very disappointed if you didn’t.”

“I was just going to turn around when you saw me.” I think she heard the degradation in my voice.

“That’s rediculous, you are my favorite guest, come in and meet my other friends.” I followed her into the main entrance where I could see a group of people casually dressed were sitting on sofas chatting. From the foyer, Dixie pointed towards each guest and quietly told me who each of them were. After that she announced, “Everyone, I want you to meet my new special friend, Daniel. He has been kind enough to help me whip my little shop back into shape.” I was so entirely embarrassed, but everyone there were so kind and welcoming. We went out back to the grill and ate steaks and talked for hours. Dixies best friend from Colorado and I had a lot of jokes and laughter. Anne said Dixie won’t stop talking about me and that I have wowed a woman who can’t be wowed easily.

Later, as evening was coming, Dixie took us to her small 40’ cruiser. Right as we pushed off I hear Anne yell, “Dixie WAIT. Tommy’s coming!” There was no real waiting because Tommy took a flying leap and landed right in front of me, out of breath and a huge smile, Tommy turned to me and winked, “Thanks for waiting for me, Dixie.”

“You’re on board aren’t you?” I saw the smile she had as she turned hitting the gas. Tommy lost his footing and landed square in my lap. When all the giggles and teasing subsided Tommy still remained in my lap. What was even more bizarre to me was that nobody paid any mind to it. I certainly didn’t want to be a party pooper, or worse, seen as a homophobe. As Dixie got us out of the canals and into open water with waves to ride over, Tommy leaned back into me. He turned his head to look me in the eyes, “Are you ok? I can move if you want me to.”

I really didn’t give it much thought, “I’m good if you are.” To prove my point, I reached my left hand out and put it on his thigh. Tommy put his left hand over mine almost immediately. I glanced over at Anne in time to see her wink at Tommy. She saw me watching her and gave me a shy smile.

As time passed, Anne got up and made her way to Dixie. I felt Tommy start to entwine our fingers, something as simple as that made my heart flutter. I also saw Anne use her thumb to rub Dixie’s back, It was all so sweet. As weird as all this was, I felt like I wasn’t so far detached from it anymore. I guess I may have crossed a line along the way. Up until then, I had been feeling like all of this wild behavior was merely experimental, nothing I would want for a lifetime. I swooned as I smelled Tommy’s neck, I actually felt light headed from his unique odor. To really get as much of it as possible, I let my chin rest on his shoulder. In kind, Tommy put the side of his head against mine. I felt so moved, by his calm outgoing nature, that I wrapped my right hand around his waist . As Dixie got us back to the dock behind her house, she asked us youngsters to get boat tied to the dock. I couldn’t help but to watch Tommy’s muscles and shape move in harmony. He was really a beautiful young man. I took Dixie by the hand to help her onto the dock, she grabbed my hand and my arm to make me walk with her. “I love Tommy and I say this with sincerity. Be careful, he is a very handsome, attention seeking, flirt. Although, if he were to settle down, you two would make quite a beautiful couple.”

A couple, partners, mates, lovers, could I really do something like that? Could I ‘love’ another man? It is such an odd thought that I try to just shake it off. Everyone had gathered and were saying their goodbyes. I also felt like it was time to get some sleep, so I said my goodnights to everyone, including Tommy. He watched as I drove away, that image, of his face, stayed in my mind all the way back to the shop.

I took a long hot shower, it felt good to put my pajamas on and walk through the dark shop. The street lights gave enough light to pick out a book from one of the shelves, to read in bed. Something called, “Blue Lagoon.” Before I could get back to my room, I heard a tapping sound. I thought, ‘maybe I imagined it’. As I turned to go to bed, I heard it again, this time I saw Tommy at the front door of the shop with a big smile. My heart skipped a beat when I took the first step towards the door. I already knew what was going to happen, I wasn’t a virgin, but this anticipation of passion is new, to be sure.

“Pajamas? I guessed you as a boxer briefs kinda guy.” He mocked as I let him in and locked the door behind us. “I wanted to see you, is that alright?”

I just led him to where my space was In the back. He decided to continue joking around, “These really are great”, he chuckled as he lightly tugged at my pant leg.

I turned with a serious look, “I’ll take them off if you want me to.” That changed him. He stepped up to tenderly kiss the side of my mouth. Slowly, he hooked his fingers on my waistband, and inch by inch he pushed them downward. Before he needed to bend in order to get them farther down, I nibbled on his bottom lip. I felt emotionally connected to Tommy, even just the sound of his name, being tossed around in my head, was beautiful to me. This man kissing me, right then, was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. “Stop, wait, Stop Tommy. I don’t want to do this with you like this.”

“What are you saying? You don’t want to feel my warm,” kiss, “wet,” kiss with tongue, “mouth “ kiss kiss tongue, “ on your cock?” Tommy smells so powerful and delicious. He put his hand in my pajamas and tugged forcefully on my dick. “I want this, I want you.”

I pushed him back, “What I want is to see you tomorrow, I want to spend a day talking, and mostly I want to go to sleep now.. So you need to leave and come back tomorrow.”

Tommy looked like I just killed his dog, anger and sadness written all over his face. I nudged him towards the front door. As I started unlocking it I said, “I swear I want to do everything that you want to do.” His smile came back, “I just want it tomorrow.” His sadness came back. I kissed him on the cheek and pushed him through the door. Tommy stood on the sidewalk with a raging hard on, I waved and turned for my room.

Around noon, Dixie gave me time to go eat lunch. I kept looking for Tommy, but no sign of him yet. I got a sandwich from a deli a few doors down and walked across the street to the beach. I like sitting there watching the people going in and out of the shops. Every walk of life is here to see. And, there’s Tommy heading towards the shop. I threw the last bit of my sandwich in the trash and waited for the traffic to clear. Tommy didn’t go in our shop, he went into the laundry mat. I managed to cross the street and get in the laundry mat in time to see Tommy going into the men’s bathroom in the back. I casually mulled around for about 10 minutes to see if Tommy comes back out. I started doing a pee dance while reading the rules so I wouldn’t draw suspicion on myself. As I entered the bathroom, I saw the two urinals on the left were empty, the two sinks on the right weren’t being used. I could see Tommy’s feet facing the toilet in one of the two stalls. I quietly went into the adjacent stall, and slowly stood on the toilet to looked over the wall. My heart froze. Tommy had his dick in Bobby McIntire’s ass as he squatted on the toilet. Bobby leaned into Tommy, and they started kissing as Tommy kept a steady rhythm driving deep into Bobby.

The thing is, Bobby was a very popular senior in high school football at that time. He came into our shop, every now and then, with family or friends. He was a very charismatic young nan. I can’t even describe the level of devastation I felt as I quietly left the stall and reached towards the handle to leave. I was beat to it by Bobby’s dad coming in. I said, “excuse me”, as I walked out into the the washing area. I stopped at the sound of banging, and shouts were heard from all three. “Everyone heard “WHAT THE FUCK” and “DAD” with some kind of begging. Most everything else was muddled by the shouting over each other. I realized people were calling 911, it seemed like officers were there in seconds. A bloody Tommy, got led passed me as he looked me in the eyes. I could see the shame come over him. Bobby appeared completely humiliated with his still very angry father. One of the officers told them they will both need to go with them to the station, and just like that, they were all gone.

Dixie asked if I knew what all the commotion was about and just about fainted when I told her the story. “Oh that poor boy, I wonder what is going through Bobby’s head right now? I bet he knows he won’t be able to get ahead of this.”

I thought about that for a minute and I did actually feel sorry for Bobby. Tommy was beautiful, I couldn’t imagine too many people not being attracted to him. Yeah, the whole thing was just messed up. Later in the week a story broke that Tommy was a crazed pedophile who forced Bobby to be sexually assaulted. So, that’s how Bobby was able to get sympathy, instead of shame. I knew none of that was true, but I wasn’t willing to destroy a young man’s life, just to vindicate someone like Tommy. But, for me, I felt any chance of having a man to man love affair was over.


I started writing my mom letters, just to let her know some of what I have been doing. The letters I got from her all had a different feel, less authoritarian. She wrote about my sister, Misty, and her new complaint of her fiancé. My brother, Mark, and all his glory in baseball, she would keep pushing the whole, he’s going to be a famous pitcher someday. My brother, Brad, he’s having some good success with his swimming pool building and design business in California. Then my baby sister, Desi, whom I love and adore, she’s heading off to high school. It all sounds so, home, yet so very far away. Each letter, mom would say worrying things, but also she’d say things about growing up.

Mom started sending care packages every other week. Dixie, Anne, and I would look forward to discovering what’s inside. They all had canned food, some kind of cereal, but sometimes she’d put underwear, socks, one time she put a night light in with a note she worries about me stubbing my toes at night. There was always something we could get a laugh about, but they both would point out how much my mom loves me and worries about me. They kept wanting me to call her, but I didn’t want to have that much direct interaction with her. I guess I thought, I might not be able to keep from admitting that I have been having sex with men. I don’t think it’s any of her business, and I probably would only do it to start an argument.

Time went by and I eventually moved in with one of Dixie’s neighbor’s sons. Kyle had just graduated high school, and he wanted, to not live with his parents, so he asked me, one day while we were chatting, if I’d help him build a tiny house on this little strip of property his parents had given him. We had all kinds of fun with designing what it would look like, and how it could function. We wound up with 700 square feet, which is still pretty big for a tiny tiny home. By making an in and out kitchen and bathroom, just a small portion of each actually inside and the rest outside, we managed to have two bedrooms as lofts, a good sized living room and a laundry area. We built a twelve foot deck all the way around it. For the outdoor kitchen area we made a U shape with boating canvas and plastic windows for fowl weather days. Folding glass doors gave us access to the oven, refrigerator, microwave, and a prep sink. On the rear side of the place we had a large two headed shower we could share with a sliding glass door to get to the toilet, Sink, and towels. For privacy, we made a wrap around wooden surround. If anyone would happen to see us, they’d have to be standing on the beach and all they’d see were our feet and heads. That was my absolute favorite part. I would usually wake up early and watch the waves roll in while I washed my hair and body. Magical.

Kyle had girls with him on the weekend. They didn’t all spend the night, but ones who did would wimper as he would Ram his nine inch dick into them. During the week we would hang out and play games. It was just like hanging out with my brothers. Once in a while we’d get drunk and act a little handsy and say gay stuff. But, I didn’t think he ever meant or would do any of it.

One weekend we had a couple of girls over, I really felt like they were going to put out for us. Kyle and his girl started arguing because she was a total dick tease and she kept saying he’s a fag. Of course, that got the girl I was with to go defend her bestie. No, neither one of us were getting lucky that weekend.

“Man, fuck those hoes, they were bitches anyway.” Kyle really was a fowl mouth, rich, thug when he was drinking. He got us each another beer, “Daniel, let’s take a shower to get rid of their stench, then let’s go for a walk on the beach. What do ya say?” But Kyle wasn’t waiting for an answer, he just got up and was stripping on the way to the bathroom.

Right? I mean he’s almost 19, a rocking body and currently my best friend. Why shouldn’t I play along with his antics. “Hold up dude, I’m coming.” I basically dropped my clothes like he did.

We had a light we can use out in the shower, but he didn’t turn it on, so neither did I. I put my shower head on hot. We had installed a tankless water heater, so technically, we could have hot water forever. The pressure dies down some with both showers going, but it is enough to still feel good.

Kyle was still pissed, “I bet those bitches are finger banging each other night now. Fuck’em, damn, you look better than both of those cunts anyway.” I could tell Kyle had moved slightly closer. “I bet if I was nice and I begged, I could get you to let me fuck you.” He waited to see how I’d respond, but honestly, I didn’t know how to respond to such a romantic offer like that. Kyle actually took that as a maybe and went for a second attempt. “What if I said I’d let you do it to me, if you let me do you?”

I just looked at him, but I still didn’t know what to say. I could see that he was at least interested because he was getting hard. I know he saw that I was a little bit interested by my “growing attention”. Kyle’s now third attempt, “Ok, fine, you do me in the ass first, and I’ll even suck your dick, but you gotta do the same fucking shit to me or I’ll beat the fuck outta you.”

“How can I say no to that? Besides, this won’t go down on its own.” I kept pointing my hard dick at him.

I was convinced he’d never done anything like this before. Maybe he’d been too afraid, most likely he just never thought about it. But, his curiosity was enough to make his mouth feel great on my dick. He even licked my balls for a while. “Hey Kyle, try using your hand to stroke my dick while you suck, like the chicks in the pornos do it.” Shit, that flipped a switch in him. I think he found he had more talent than he thought which gained his confidence. He started rocking my world.

I actually had to stop him, “Dude, let me try.”

He jumped up, “Ok yeah, fucking suck my dick dude.” He seemed like a kid again.

I had to hold back some, I didn’t want to scare him off by being experienced and I wanted to keep him from cumming too fast. At first I was a bit toothy. “Daniel, man, watch the teeth, sorta put your lips on them so all I feel are your lips.” Then I didn’t go down very far and hardly any pressure using my hand. “Yeah, that feels good, but just try getting my dickhead bear the back of your mouth.” He waited before saying, “I love it dude, just squeeze a little tighter with your hand as you pull back. Oh fuck yeah, just like that. Don’t slow down, go down a little more each time. Dude, you are fucking awesome.” Kyle started really pumping my mouth now, so I started choking to keep him from cumming too soon. “Oh shit, I’m sorry dude, I got carried away, it just felt so fucking good.”

“It’s cool Kyle, I didn’t really hate it, you know?” I could tell he really did feel bad for ‘choking’ me.

“I know, right? I thought I would probably throw up if I ever had to suck a dick. Dude, I think I would suck your dick again, when we get desperate.” He really does say the nicest things.

“Alright, I’m ready to stick my dick in your ass now. How do you wanna do this?” I want him to be in control. He likes that role and I am curious to see how far he’ll go.

“Fuck, ok lets get in my bed, it’s bigger than yours.” He turned off his water and grabbed us both a towel. As we made our way, he stopped. “This is probably gonna hurt like a motherfucker. We gotta find something that will make it smoother. How about vegetable oil?” I just stared at him like he was insane. “What? Ok fine, hand lotion?”

“Dude, I can’t even jack off with that shit without it drying out.” I need to protest whatever he comes up with, because I wanna actually eat his ass. I just can’t let him think it’s my idea.

“Fuck! Your right, your right. I hate to say it dude, but I can’t think of another way. You gotta lick my hole. I mean you could spit but I don’t know if you’d get enough on it and if you try smearing it I don’t think you would get enough that way either.” I had to make it look like I hated the idea but don’t have another suggestion of my own. “See, you know I’m right, come on, let’s just do this.”

As soon as we got up to his bed Kyle was on his knees with his face down on a pillow and his ass in the air. Damnit he’s just so damn hot. I got up behind him and just put my index finger in my mouth then hesitantly swiped it around his hole. Then I just put the tip inside of his pucker. “Dude, don’t be a pussy, just fucking lick it!”

“Fuck you, wait till your about to eat my ass, fucker.” I took a deep breath in, stuck out my tongue and just flicked it around the edges.

“I am going to fucking punch you if you don’t stick your tongue in my asshole right now.” Damnit that turns me on. I did, I stuck my tongue in as far as I could make it go. “Oh fuck yeah dude. Do it again.”

I did too, I kept doing it, over and over. But, then I couldn’t hold back, I started holding my tongue, in that tight pucker, while I started sucking on his ass. I would lick it up and down and listen to Kyle moan and whimper. That big dick of his started leaking like a faucet, so I knew I had to stop. “Daniel, just do it slowly, but you gotta get that dick inside of me.”

I took the head and teased his pucker, then rubbed my whole shaft along his crack, pressing as my dick head passed over his quivering hole. I got into an angle as I slid my shaft upward again so it would just catch on that pucker, but it would pop right back out and up. Kyle became desperate, he caught my dick with his hand as I had my angle on the way up. He literally forced my dick straight into his bowels. “Oh fuuuccckkk. Dude, your ass is perfect.”

“Start going back and forth real slow. Yeah just like that.” I kept that pace for quite awhile, he changed it without warning and started slamming back on me. I thought our house would come off it’s foundation he was rocking so hard.

“I’m, I’m, dude, you’re gonna make me cum. You’re about to make me shoot it.” He came off and we just panted until I was passed it. “Ok, I’m good“, he went right back on it, with just as much intensity. Now I could only handle a few minutes before I was ready to get off.

“If I let you cum, do you promise to let me do you right after?” He sounded ready.

“Fuck yeah, you gotta feel how intense this is. I want you to fuck me like you do those bitches.” I got the head right at his hole.

If I thought he was slamming onto my dick before, this was a whole new level. I was trying not to cum, I was trying to use breathing techniques and arching my back so it wouldn’t go all the way in. None of it worked. As soon as I started shooting into him, I started slamming in his ass with all my might. I eventually grabbed his shoulders to be slam every millimeter inside of him filling his gullet with cum and dick. When I pulled out I saw that my cum must have been getting plunged out of him, because it was all over his mattress. “Oh dude, I’m sorry, I got cum on your bed.”

“No dude, I fucking came without even touching myself. What the fuck? I didn’t even know that was possible! How do you cum, all over like that, without using something to slide on it?” He rolled over so we could see how far he shot.

“Hey Kyle, you have some on your chin.” I pointed.

“No way.” He swiped it off and looked it over, with one swoop he licked it off. He saw my surprise. “What? I eat my cum all the time.” He laid back on the bed. “I will need a couple minutes before my turn.”

“Yeah sure, let’s make a sandwich and have another beer.” I don’t want him too sober yet.

Kyle followed me out to the kitchen, he grabbed us beers and asked if we could just split a sandwich. I knew we were on the same wavelength. We were sitting on the deck with our balls hanging and our dicks exposed. I got up and grabbed us another beer. Halfway through, I crawled across the deck to his dick. He smiled an evil looking smirk. I kept eye contact as I stuck out my tongue. He opened his legs and lifted his shaft till it was on my tongue. “Remember, don’t scrape your teeth on it.” I nodded and closed my lips around it.

I savored his taste and I softly moaned getting him hard in my mouth. After some blood began the hardening process, it went to full on rager in no time. I enjoyed sucking on him for about ten to fifteen minutes. When Kyle stood he pointed at his seat. “Get on your knees facing the back of the chair.”

I did as I was told. Kyle squatted down and told me to bend forward. I heard him take about three big breaths, “See Kyle, I toooollllldddd you.” That’s right he wasn’t messing around, the boy was full on eating me out. This he was great at, all on his own. I reached down and grabbed my dick, only to have him smack it away.

“You’re going to wait.” And he back to my hole. My dick started aching for attention, but I was determined to wait for his permission.

He teased at my hole for a couple of swipes, then I felt the pop through. He was gentle in that he waited a minute before pushing another inch in. Thirty seconds later he pushed about three inches deeper, then only ten seconds he’d plunged all the way to the hilt. Kyle whispered, “Are you ready?”

I whispered a hair louder, “Fuck me fag.” Oh boy, no Mister Nice Guy anymore. That boy was trying to unstop a clogged pipe. All those times I listened to him pounding on those girls. I was getting them all at the same time. He reached under my armpits to straighten my back, then reached backwards with his hands to grab my shoulders. He was through asking permission, or caring if I was enjoying it or not. I had become a tool for his orgasm. I kept thinking he will cum in my ass without warning. I will see if I can guess when it will happen. I started putting my head back to listen to his breathy grunting. He started kissing my neck and licking in my ear. I reached backwards to pull his waist into me harder His legs started to tense so he grabbed my waist as he stood high plunging as hard as he could. I knew my job was to hold onto the back of that chair for both of us. I really could feel his dick pulsing. I became juicier and more lubricated. I could even smell his cum as he continued to ram me at full speed ahead. He wasn’t even slowing down, I couldn’t control myself, knowing how much he filled me with and he was using it as his lube to keep ramming me. That turned me completely on. I knew it was really going to happen, he was making me cum without touching myself. That’s when he almost cried out, he was cumming a second time, but this was his ultimate orgasm. The one he never knew about.

“Oh – My – God” then my voice went real high pitched, “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?”

Kyle was still inside me, as we just remained still trying to catch our breath. “Dude, I know, I came so hard that my stomach is all cramped. Did you cum?”

“Fuck yeah, I didn’t even touch it. I wanna know how far it went.” Kyle pulled out and helped me stand.

“No way, that’s gotta be five feet!” We just looked at each other wide eyed.

I blurted out, “Look, I don’t have any complaints about the sex I’ve had till now, but maybe I am a fag, because that was the best ever.” I am terrified what he’ll say.

“Daniel, I love women, and I will marry a woman. If there is such a thing, I would be willing to say, I am a fag for you. But, I don’t want you to get all faggy and clingy, I will end this immediately.” That’s Better than I thought he’d say.

I was more than ready to pass out. “Daniel, I’m sleeping with you in your bed tonight, mine has cum all over it. I’ll clean it up tomorrow.”

“Yeah ok, do you want the right or left? I suppose we both can be in the middle.” I think he’s going to punch me if I keep this up.

“In your bed, is there a difference?” I lightly punched his shoulder.

Almost immediately after laying down, Kyle spooned up behind me and slid his hand up my stomach to pull me even more to him, “Any closer and you’ll be inside me.”

He leaned right up to my ear and whispered, “exactly.”

Copyright © 2021 PhillMakracken; All Rights Reserved.
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