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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

A Long Way From Home - 6. Chapter 6, Family

Brad has news.

After hanging out with Zach and Jarred for about another half hour, you know, get the heart rate down and make sure no one is freaking out or anything, it was easy to get Brad back to the cottage. On the walk back, I realized, how unbelievably wild, my brother is, and apparently has been. Ok, we were both known to be the, wild ones, out of all our brothers and sisters. We were daredevils looking for accolades from our adoring fans. Even the Scornful Sour Pus’s would stop to see what we were up to. Brad, though, was slightly more reserved and quick to point out flaws in our antics, which may result in another broken arm or leg. I was always the fast talker with the perfect reasonable answer right off the cuff. So, between the two of us, we kept each other reasonably safe, and out of severe punishment. But, these things he’s doing, I swear I had zero clue Brad would do things with guys. And, he is so nonchalant and confident about it. Like ‘Well, of course, I suck dick, doesn’t everybody?’, EXCUSE ME, did I just slip into the twilight zone?

“Alright, now you have got to spill, I held up my side of the bargain.” On one hand, I didn’t want to know, but on the other, I wanted to know everything.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Brad was trying to play stupid with me. So I punched his shoulder pretty hard. “Alright, Fuck. Why are you such a PRICK? What do you wanna know?”

“When was the first time?” I was so nervous to hear the answer that my stomach got very tight.

We weren’t very far away from the cottage, but Brad pointed at a bench to sit on. “So you remember when the Butler twins built that treehouse with their dad?” I nodded, “I like 9 and they were like 12. Well, they had managed to get a living room chair, a bean bag and an old day bed up there. One day they kept looking at each other and smiling. Of course, I wanted to know what was up. Well, Rick asked if I ever had a boner. I had no idea what they were talking about. Rob explained it was and I knew then I had several a day. They asked me to show it to them, which I figured it was a trick so I absolutely refused. Rick said he’d show me his, of course, I was curious. He unbuttoned his waistband, pulled the zipper down and reached into his underwear. I got an instant boner. I watched with an intense curiosity as his hand began to lift upwards and his other hand started pulling his underwear down. I will never forget the moment I saw his fully hard dick in the flesh. Rick turned to Rob and told him to get his out. I definitely wanted to see if his looked the same as Rick’s. Of course it was, they’re identical twins, for God’s sake. Anyway, it was then my turn, my hands were shaking as I unbuttoned my jeans. My stomach felt like I might get sick as each tooth of my zippier came undone. My left thumb hooked into the waistband of my underwear and my right hand pulled out my proud boner. I was too, my dick was the same size as theirs. They even talked about how mine might get bigger than theirs will be when we grow up. I really liked how they talked about our dicks. That was it that day, but my curiosity grew. Every time I saw them I asked if they wanted to go up in the treehouse, and most of the time they did. We’d talked about our dicks and our balls. We’d laugh and tease, but there was always a strange feeling in the air.” I was so captivated by his story that I didn’t see the older couple coming up to walk by us. I was glad Brad was paying attention.

“It was probably just a few weeks, but in summertime, that’s forever, Rob had something he had to do with his parents and Rick asked if I wanted to go up to the treehouse. Like he had to ask, he knew I loved going up there. I remember telling him that you were wandering around and could possibly surprise us. So Rick came up with a new game. He asked if I have ever touched your dick. ‘Heck no, why would I do that?’ He said it feels good so if course I asked him the same thing available Rob. ‘Almost every night.’ Wow, I was just blown away by that, and got an instant boner. He patted the bed to sit next to him, and he pulled out a girlie magazine. We combed over each picture on each page as Rick put his hand over the top of my shorts he rubbed along my boner, he even squeezed it some. As we started on a new magazine of pretty women with their legs spread, Rick put my hand on top of his boner. He was right, it felt great. I rubbed and squeezed just like he did to me. That’s when we heard you climbing up. So, we sat here giggling at the nude girls, which got your attention. We moved so you could sit between us and look at the magazines with us. I saw Rick looking at your crotch while pretending to look at the pictures. That’s when I saw you with a boner for the first time. If I did see it before then, I must have had no idea what it was.”

“I remember that day. It was the first time I had ever seen what a vagina really looked like. By the way I pretended to look at the pictures as I saw you both with boners. It was pretty hot feeling you guys sitting so close that our legs pressed into each other while having boners. I dreamt about that for a long time.” I felt a little honesty was good at this point.

“Me too, but what really got my attention was the clear sticky stuff I found in my underwear when we got home. I never had that before and thought maybe I peed a little.” We both chuckled at the thought. “Right after I turned 10, summer was almost over, everyone is going school shopping. We didn’t have much time for the treehouse anymore. Mom took you out for your school shopping and Rick’s mom had taken Rob. We agreed it was probably our last chance for a while. I had a new game I wanted to try, ‘pulling on each other’s naked wieners.’ Rick loved that idea, we started out laying on the bed facing each other and since this was my game I instructed him to get mine out first. Right away Rick commented about my clear liquid stuff leaking out of mine. ‘Mine does that too, do you ever get the white sticky stuff after?’ I was shocked that there would be more and he told me not to worry, ‘it feels even better.’ I liked the sound of that.” I couldn’t help but see my baby brother Brad had a boner just telling me about it.

“Keep going. I am really getting into it. See, I have a boner too.” We laughed a little.

“I got Rick’s out much faster, and the pulling began. It felt amazing, like it was the best thing in the entire world. But, Rick, always full of surprises, did something that made my head spin. He licked my hand getting it thick with his spit then put it right back on his dick. It changed everything. I could go much farther up and down, and I could squeeze a little tighter at the same time. You bet your ass I licked his hand, I knew that had to be out of this world. I could tell that by Rick’s face and the way he got so stiff with his legs. Oh, my, God, Danny, I wanted him to do that for the rest of my life. Amazing. I started leaking tons clear stuff, Rick let fo of mine and licked his hand. I was still pulling mine some, but I couldn’t wait to see what would happen to Rick. I knew it had to be good, every thing else he’s showing me had been great, so I studied every movement, every flex, I even scooted down so I could get a close up of the way his hole spread open as he pushed down, and the way his balls came up as he pulled to the top. I wasn’t quite ready for the first blast of his thick white stuff to hit my cheek. The rest either got on my neck or on the bed.” Brad and I laughed at how hard we were right then. “Rick and I played with it for a while. We squeezed some between our finger tips, wiped some on each other, and Rick put some from his finger in his mouth. I thought I would throw up right there. But, he swore it tasted good. He couldn’t tell me what it tasted like, but that I would probably like it. You know me, I’ll try anything once. I couldn’t say it tasted good, but I couldn’t say it tasted bad either. The thing is, I thought about that every day for weeks. I started wondering who else could do that, but I was too afraid to ask.”

“Ok, so that’s a great story, and I did just about all of that with Rick and Rob in the treehouse, only I didn’t even want to try tasting their cum. So when did you get to do anything again?” I knew I had to hear more, but it was getting cooler and we made it back to the cottage. We each had room but we laid on his bed to talk more. We knew we would be up late so we shit the lights off and laid there fully dressed in the dark.

“Danny, do you remember when Mike and Denise next door had their little girl Ellen? They were having a hard time because Mike worked third shift and Denise worked from like 11 to 7 cutting hair? So, they had us going over to babysit Ellen while Mike slept? Well, every now and then Denise’s brother would come by either to take over or just check on me.” I chuckled.

“Yeah, Doug, I was about 14 and he was 16. I remember because he drove that sweet Camero. He’d hang out and tell me jokes, but we had to try not laughing out loud, we didn’t want to be the ones to wake up Mike..” I always liked Doug.

“Exactly, well, I hadn’t done anything other than the twins flashing me every now and then. But, Rick lost interest, and I was too afraid to try anything with someone else. One afternoon, I had just put Ellen back in her bed after changing her diaper while Doug showed up. He turned on the TV and laid on the couch. He said he was playing football with his buddies and twisted his ankle. He told me all about his amazing catch with his horrible landing. I always liked his stories.” I chuckled and nodded, “He asked me to bring him an ice pack to put on it. When I came back with a towel full of ice he asked if I would hold it on it for him, that way he could keep it elevated on my lap. Made sense to me and I thought I might get to see up his shorts, maybe catch a glimpse at a ball or even a peak at the head. It had been something I became aware of in gym class, but it would frustrate the hell out of me. Doug closed his eyes and fell asleep. I had the perfect opportunity to get a good angle to see up his shorts, but I couldn’t see anything. I was damned if I wasn’t going to try to find another way. I had the ice pack in my right hand and placed my left hand on his shin. Then after a few minutes I moved it up to his knees. Man the hairs felt so soft and his skin was so warm. I held my breath when I put my hand on his thigh. I was so close, I kept thinking about how his balls and his dick were just small inches away. My fear kew me from going the whole distance, but I did get my hand maybe an inch or so below them. My whole hand was on the legs of his shorts. He had on those nylon baseball shorts. Danny, I was convinced my boner was going to break through my zipper. I eyed his bulge eagerly planning my next move. Danny, it moved from laying on his right hip to just below the waistband towards the right. The more I studied every detail I could the thicker it got.”

“Damn, why didn’t I ever get things like that happen to me?” Truth is I had, but I was either not interested or too nervous.

“Right before I committed to laying my hand on it, Doug kept his eyes closed but used both hands to pull his shorts down below his balls. Saw every hair on his big balls, they moved when his dick pulsed anticipating my next move. His dick arched over his mound of fur surrounding his dick. I could see the veins because it was so hard.” Brad was silent a moment, but I knew not to speak, he was just picturing it in his mind. “Doug had just given me permission to do anything I want. I felt his balls first, they seemed so heavy. I put my hand along the length. It really throbbed a lot, but he got so hard when I started to stroke it. I could feel where his mushroom flared and every vein along his shaft. I noticed it got slipperier as his clear precum leaked from the tip. I wanted to taste it, not just that, I wanted to taste the white stuff too. I don’t know what came over me, still don’t remember thinking about it or ever talking about it, maybe I seen it in one of the magazines. But, I leaned over and directed his boner right into my mouth. It was delicious, I had to use my mouth like I was using my hand. I thought if I kept my mouth moving with my hand he wouldn’t know I had my mouth on it too. I started to do it a little faster when he started thrusting his hips. I felt like he was trying to show me the pace he wanted me to match. I got very disappointed when he made me stop. I thought maybe he didn’t like it, but instead he got on the floor and he got me in a 69, although I didn’t know they called it that yet. I guess he knew I wouldn’t last long because he really wasn’t doing very much. I got the clue he would be doing it soon when he started sucking mine and I knew I was about to do something. I wound up getting quite a bit of his in my mouth and I found out he got the first couple shots of mine in his mouth, but he got a bunch on his face, and he shot some on my face. I would normally laugh if I saw someone with that on their face, but right then it turned me on, I could see the white thick stuff on his face was exactly like Rick’s was. I made Doug put his mouth back on my dick because I was still so hard. After he sucked it for about 5 minutes he started swallowing hard from the massive amount of pubescent sperm that emptied from my balls into his mouth.”

The next morning I had realized we talked till we passed out. I was still on his bed in the exact position I had been while talking to my best friend in the world. Brad had turned onto his stomach, just like he always did. Other than that he was right where he was when exhaustion took us over. I quietly got up to go shower in my room. Just before I stepped into the shower I heard my phone by the bed. There was a text message from Dixie asking if we wanted to go out on the boat at noon. I saw the clock (10:45) and texted back we would meet them there. Before I got into the shower I went to get Brad up.

We didn’t really talk much on the way to Dixie’s, we still pretty tired and I just pointed out some of the things that tied together the stories I had shared with him. Dixie and Anne were scurrying about as we pulled up. Brad and I jumped right in with the short version of an introduction. We loaded up food and drinks, blanketing, towels, extra clothes (t-shirts mainly), and the toys to pull behind the boat. Brad turned on his charm that ladies always swooned over and loved how Dixie handled him with her history of charming more dashing men than him. They cracked me up, Anne and I took the helm to get through the canals and just before the open waters, the captain and her new first mate, relieved us of our duties.

We passed the tiny bit of sandbar, that was left above water, where Dixie and I read Kyle’s letter. We headed down the coast and docked in Naples for a late lunch. Brad loved how quaint the little town looked around the marina. Then Dixie really surprised me with an adventure into an everglade river. “Dixie, there’s something by the boat, it’s really big!” I kept pointing at the large whale just barely following the slow moving boat.

Dixie took a quick peak then threw the anchor over board. Anne had already been busy gathering things which turned out to be snorkeling equipment for everyone. As we were getting ready, Dixie and Anne explained the plight of the Manatee and how gentle these creatures are. The giant I saw beside the boat came right to me to say hello, the water was crystal clear and wonderfully cool. I couldn’t believe all the scars it had. I assumed it was from the boats, but Dixie said some of them were from other creatures like alligators and bull sharks, which are known to go deep into fresh water. We were joined by two other Manatees Which seemed so playful and loving.

While tooling around in the river heading back to the Gulf, Brad shared embarrassing childhood stories. Which everyone has always had a good laugh at my expense. “Hey Danny, should I tell them about the time mom caught you practicing your yoga poses?”

“Hey, I don’t think this is the right audience for that.” I was trying to say that he better not.

“Daniel, Dixie and I have been around the block more times than you can count, we can handle anything.”

“Our mother had been out grocery shopping and came through the house looking for someone to help bring it all in. When she opens Danny’s bedroom door she finds him flipped over backwards, completely naked trying to give himself a blowy. My sister Debbie and I came running in to see what all the commotion was about, there’s Danny holding a pillow over his private and yelling for everyone to get out. Debbie kept saying the didn’t understand why everyone was so emotional. That was until we heard mom telling dad what she had seen. We laughed so hard, didn’t we pretzel boy?”

“Yes, yes, that is a very funny story, and I am glad you ladies enjoyed it. But, Brad and I shared a story that had an interesting twist.”

“Oh my God. you always bring that up after your yoga story.”

“Eventually you should realize you shouldn’t tell everyone about my very personal traumatic experience experimentation. Anyway, where our bus dropped us off after school, it was always followed by another, on that bus was two bullying brothers, the May’s. They were the exact same ages as us and with fiery red hair. We always did something to torment them as their bus went by. They always opened the window and shouted profanities at us. Sometimes we gave them the bird one time we threw carefully prepared water balloons at them. This day our great plan involved, mooning our adversaries. Our bus was never far off, we always saw a group trying to see what we’d do next, then there was a group around the May’s. In unison, we spun around, dropped our pants and bent over. The crowds cheered and whistled until everyone heard the unmistakable sound of a police siren. I managed to pull up my pants as I ran. I turned to see if Brad was following me and saw a golden retriever had tackled him before he could get his pants up. The dog was licking him to death while the officers picked him up off the ground to get him in the car. They each had an arm and were trying to pull up Brad’s pants as they dragged him. I fell to the ground laughing until I saw the officer’s turned the car around in my direction. I could have won the state championship for track I ran so fast. As I hid in the barn, here comes the cop car. Mom and dad appeared in no time flat. Brad was escorted by a very upset mother. After they were inside, the officers and our dad laughed out loud telling the story.”

Anne and Dixie had tears, they laughed so hard. “What Danny Boy isn’t telling you is how he was the one who got spanked, not me. Dad said it was because he should never leave his brother behind, he said Danny should either take whatever punishment that I’d get, or he should help me escape with him. And, Danny never left me behind again.” Brad said the last part with true love that told of stories of pain and hardships that the ladies were tearing up just knowing we had ever suffered anything to bring on a sadness like that.

The rest of the time we heard stories from Dixie and Anne as girls growing up in Colorado, through marriage and children, and back together again to share the last stages of life together, Best Friends Forever. It always amazed me how wonderful They’d make me feel. As all good things must, our day had come to a close. We shared heartfelt goodbyes and headed back to the cottage.

We Walked along the paths recapping the very short trip before he leaves the next day. I turned and asked him to come into a small bathroom just off of a fairway the golfers use. What I didn’t tell him was I had arranged for Jarred to be in an adjoining stall with a gloryhole between. Brad was supper excited to realize what was going on. They both asked me to stay as I was about to leave. Brad joined Jarred in his stall to sit on Jarred’s dick while Jarred sucked my dick through the hole.

I was completely sad to see my brother leave the next day, I wanted him to stay forever. I noticed there were a few less people in the Hole, Bobby said they were heading back to college. A week after Brad had gone home, Anne called tell me that Dixie had passed away overnight in her bed sleeping. My heart broke into a thousand pieces. It all seemed like a blur. Anne paid for my fair to escort her to take Dixie’s remains home to Colorado. I met their children and grandchildren in worst of circumstances. Then in no time I flew back to Florida by myself. I couldn’t believe that a wonderful flower, gifted to the world to see, was wilted and gone forever.

Brad felt the heartache all the way over in California. But, he had spent what little time he could away from his business to come see me. Nobody would have expected him to drop everything, but Anne knew he would have if he could have. I learned from Kyle how precious pictures were, after he had gone I took countless pictures of my journey. Some I sent home to mom and dad with letters along the way describing my life. Some I had sent to Brad before and after his visit. I know he really loves them. I kept mine in albums I created. They told my story, someday I hoped to share it with my children.

Not more than a week after Dixie’s house being emptied and Anne moved back to Colorado, Brad called. He told me he did it. He was opening a store to sell jacuzzis. He asked if I would help him run the store in California. I said my goodbyes and headed off the island, in my loaded up minivan, for the last time. “California here I come!”

Copyright © 2021 PhillMakracken; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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