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A Long Way From Home - 7. Chapter 7 Storm

Daniel has to search his soul.

Two days of packing and planning I was on my way up to I-10 West all the way to L.A.. As I got onto I-75 North, I couldn’t shake my memories of the day I arrived in Fort Myers at that very exit. I got off the freeway, that day, so broke, alone, angry, confused, well I am still confused. A child wanting to be a man, wanting to be free. Things were different, and yet, the commitment to creating a new life was still my driving ambition. Even if I didn’t know who I was right then. Brad gave me the best advice I held onto, ‘Don’t worry what the world thinks, just enjoy the here and now. The rest will fall into place.’

As I passed Tampa, I sincerely believed I could return to Florida someday and make a place for myself, again. But, it wasn’t long after that, I was on a whole new Freeway destined for a whole new adventure. That was approximately 3pm just in time for the mid afternoon Florida rain shower. Almost like clockwork, perfect skies, clouds role in, dumps buckets of water for 20 minutes, sun comes out again. It may have lasted a hair longer that time, but the sun came out for perfect weather, per usual.

I had to leave the people I have loved, and lost, so I could start a new life. Easy enough, all I had to do was imagine this new future. Man, it’s going to be great, Brad and I driving along the coast in Cali. I can imagine the hills and the ocean, the places Jarred had talked about. I will be able to share this adventure with my friends, and even one day, my family. I had an idea to stop in New Orleans, for a drive through tour and a bite to eat. But, that would have to wait till the next day. I needed gas, pee, and something more substantial to eat than chips. At the next exit I found a travelers paradise. An enormous truck stop advertising everything I would need.

From where I wound up parking, to the main entrance, was quite a hike. Inside, it resembled a mall for truckers. I had never imagined a place like that existing anywhere on the planet. The nearest men’s room was next to a diner that was going to be my next stop. Yes, I stood at a long row of urinals, yes I did the ‘just checking out the construction and lighting in here’ moves. Yes I saw a number of guys with great ‘man tools’. But, I wasn’t in the mood for any of that, and not sure if anyone there was either. The diner was busy, I kept to myself and sat at the counter. The cheese burger was delicious and filling, I couldn’t help remembering how grateful I was to eat those burned hotdogs when I had no money. Now, I had a whole new gratitude for the money I had that gave me a delicious meal. A convenient type store was nearby where I bought a few more drinks and munchies for the van. I decided I would settle in for the night. After tossing and turning for a half hour, I realized I was a little wound up from the drive, I just wasn’t quite ready for sleeping. The early night air felt great an there was even a calming breeze. So I checked the identifying markers around the van and walked mostly around the perimeter if the truck stop. Somewhere along the backside, I found a small picnic area. I sat on a table to watch hustle and bustle of trucks and people. I saw a guy in his late twenties, early thirties maybe, wander to a small building towards the back of the picnic area. I was pretty sure it was a restroom, so I thought I’d see what it was like. Well, compared to bright mall like bathrooms, this was more like an original restroom here. Maybe this was a redneck rest area, at one time. The door had a slight squeak to it, anyone in there would know somebody just came in. There was a dim light bulb over head, it was the only light in there and did nothing for the perimeter of the room. One sink with one of the push faucets, one temperature, and if you want more water, you push it again. One old school urinal that went down to the floor. No divider between the sink and that urinal, where that dude who walked by, was standing. I felt I probably should wash my hands before going into one of the two plywood paneled stalls. Trucker dude stood proudly back from the urinal displaying a heavy uncut cock. There I said it, I had no other word for it at the time. He hardly tucked the head into his open jeans as he turned to go into a stall.

I knew what was up when I walked into the adjacent stall, and I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see a 3 inch hole in the dividing wall. I wasn’t there to play any games, I wanted to get this guy into action and that’s why I fished out my dick then stuck it through the hole. Trucker Dude had skills, had my legs trembling and my hips banging into the plywood. I liked his abrupt stop and forced his own way into the hole. ‘Yes, Sir, anything you wish Sir.’ So, I took a knee and did what had been given to me. I hoped I surprised him with some of my own skills. I thought he was about to bust so he pulled out, rested about 15 seconds, then came in for more. Each time he was right there, just about to fill my mouth, he’d pull back. I would watch the gobs of clear liquid leaking from his piss hole, but still he held back. He took a knee to put a finger in the hole. Kindly, I obliged by putting my pulsating dick back in the hole. Now, the game he’d been playing was now turned around on me. I would think he’s going to let me cum and he’d completely let me go. I could even feel my hot precum ooze down to my balls where it would drip off. Then that cum vampire, would start sucking hard and fast getting it to maximum cumdrinking potential. I started begging for him to let me get my nut. I needed to feel it pumping into his mouth. I told him, “I will do anything you want, if you just let me cum.” So, he did, he sucked just as hard and fast but without stopping. ‘Oh thank god’.

“Put your ass against the hole.” I knew he wouldn’t let me escape the deal, and my payment was going to be that enormous cock up my ass.

I do as I’m told, adding gobs of my spit and cu to my hole, hoping it might help reduce the inevitable pain. Luckily, he knew what he could do to a guy like me, and gently worked his way in. He had most of it in when he abandoned all gentlemanly kindness. He had me where he wanted me and demanded his payment. I felt every burst of cum from his massive cock blast into my bowels. I knew he managed to fill it deep inside me. I managed to pull up my pants and get out the door before he left the stall. It was about a quarter way to the van when I knew I needed a toilet, fast. A quick turn to a side door led to a much smaller men’s room in the main building. Only 4 urinals and 3 stalls. Thankfully there was no one in there when my bowels exploded. I couldn’t believe how much cum spilled out. I stood to see the bowl completely filled with that man’s cum. I felt dirty from knowing how much he had shot into me. As I was leaving to go to my van, I saw a glass room with chairs on one end, and a reception desk on the other. The sign said ”Showers”. Come to find out it was $5 to rent a private shower room. After getting my toiletries from the van, I was surprised to find the room had a toilet, sink, and the shower. That was one of the best showers I had in a long time.

The next morning, I got gas and breakfast before getting on my way. Maybe, half an hour later, the weather became a light steady rain. I kept playing my CD’s as I kept both hands on the wheel. I was somewhere around Alabam, right when it started raining much harder. At times everyone on the road put on the flashers because we couldn’t see ten feet in front of us. But, then it would be just a good ole fashioned thunderstorm about 20 minutes later. Several times it would start that crazy stuff again, then calm down some. I saw an exit sign with the gas symbol on it during a particularly hard rain ban. I was getting kind of low on gas anyway, so I pulled up to the station. After that powerful blast had ended, I was willing to make a run for the door.

The lights were on, but there is nobody around. I figured whoever works there had to use the restroom, so I went towards the back to get a soda. As I opened the glass door, I could hear voices. “Hey, is somebody in there?”

“Yeah, give me just a second.” The guy came out of the cooler and motioned me to come to him. “We are waiting out the storm in here. Bring that soda and join us in here.”

“I know that rain is intense, but do you really think it’s necessary to hide in here?” I said as I followed him in.

“The radio says it’s about to get worse as the eye wall of hurricane Justin passes over us.” The man, who I assumed works here, said.

“Hurricane? How bad is it going to be?” I looked around, the clerk was about 50 years old, missing a couple teeth and probably married his cousin. Some lady at least close to his age, but maybe grew up more middle class with a couple kids. Then there was this dude who jumped off the pages of GQ magazine. I thought at least I don’t feel completely out of place now. Sure I grew up on a farm, but I am not a hick. We had a great house, swimming pool, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and we even had a big boat up at Lake Erie. The farm life kept me in better shape than the jocks in school.

GQ Collin Farrell patted the floor next to him, “Bad enough to sit in a cooler with a group of strangers waiting for the end, does it have to be freezing to death? Have a seat, I need some body heat on this side.” I sat down but I thought he was kidding about leaning on him.

“I am Daniel, I am from Ohio and I am moving from Florida to California.”

GQ Collin stuck out his hand, “Dustin, from Florida, heading to Vegas.”

The lady next to him, clearly happy to be leaning against a young stud waved at me, “Poly, I live about an hour up the road, was visiting my mother in the nursing home down this way.”

The clerk nodded at me from the corner, “Roy, I live about 15 minutes from here. Better make yourself comfortable, it’ll start feeling pretty cool in here if ya don’t cozy up to that fella.” He added a wink as he said it and I just about went off on the old hill-jack. ‘What was that supposed to mean anyway?’

I thought better of it after I got up against Dustin. They were kind enough to let me join them. Right about a half hour into it, there was a definite change. I could feel the pressure building as the wind sounded like it would blow us away. Poly buried her face on Dustin’s shoulder and Roy reached over to move some products over to see through the cooler door. “Got pitch black out there. Hope everyone is alright out there.”

Dustin looked me in the face like he was saying, ‘are you scared?’. I just gave him the, ‘I haven’t decided yet’ look with my eyebrows slightly raised. He smiled at our obvious ability to understand each other. BLACK, and I mean completely. The power went out and I was suddenly aware of the lack of cooler noise and the massive gusts of wind slamming into the building. Dustin had reached across my shoulders to pull me closer, I didn’t even flinch, I admit I was scared out of my mind and that felt nice. I imagined he probably did the same for Poly.

The wind was relentless and Dustin was pressed against my whole side, with my shoulder in his arm pit, my ribcage connected down to my hips with his, and our legs pressed against each others with our knees up. Thing was, I had nowhere to put my arm from that side. Well, I had my elbows on my knees for a bit but then I got uncomfortable so I folded my arms across my chest. That move right there, it put my elbow right on his crotch. Man that was so warm. He didn’t do anything or say anything, thank God. It was the only way to be comfortable in such a tiny space.

We heard the sound of something big that hit the building. I think we all gasped. Dustin started rubbing my other arm from across my shoulder. He even pulled me in impossibly closer. It forced my elbow to wedge between his legs and basically nestling his balls. I was only slightly aware of the intense heat emanating from them. We were like that for so long that I started losing blood to my feet. As I lowered my knees to the floor I noticed Dustin do the same with the one he had by me, but because of my elbow I knew he had the other still bent up. I got the impression he was shielding my elbow and his crotch from the old hag on the other side of him. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that position, other than I was happy she didn’t have access to find out what we might be doing. Not that there was anything actually happening, yet. ‘I mean, we might be faced with our deaths and this is what’s on my mind?’

Another crashing sound, I found myself slumping down a bit, my face was more towards Dustin’s arm pit and chest. I even slightly turned more of my body towards him. I felt him gently kiss the top of my head. It was very parental like. I liked that, I had someone who tried to comfort me in my final moments. Yes, I started to think we might not survive. I buried my face more into his arm pit and was surprised at how stimulating the smell was in that safe place. It was a powerful smell that filled my nostrils and made my heart beat faster.

Dustin put his other hand on my arm and started rubbing up and down the entire length. Even after I straighten it out and squeezed his knee with it. Slowly he turned so that his bent knee turned towards me. It was like he was wrapping me in a cocoon. A cocoon of warmth and smells. I didn’t know if that was the right thing that close to death I didn’t care. We wrapped around each other and I literally fell asleep. It was so warm and delicious that I was able to completely drift off into lala land. I know I didn’t sleep long, but I did notice the wind had calmed down and there was a small amount of light coming through the store. Dustin seemed to have the same urgency to hide our position we had been in, so we sat up straight. Like we all had the same thoughts at the same time we got up to see what had happened.

As I got to the front door I noticed Dustin came up beside me, “Holy shit.” I heard him say more to himself.

“Yeah, that’s fucked up.” I nodded as I tried to push the door open thereby pushing a giant branch back enough to get out. The cover over the pumps was gone looked like it may have wound up across the street, hard to tell. I made my way towards my van and although it had been moved, it doesn’t look damaged. Dustin went over to his Cherokee and seemed to be stunned. I went to see what he’s looking at and said, “oh shit.” The windows were smashed and a tree went from the back window through the front windshield.

“What am I going to do now?”

“You’re gonna git back in the cooler, the eye is almost passed and all that winds gonna go the other way now.” Roy had walked around close by and when I looked up I could literally see an immense wall of very nasty horizontal weather lines coming our way. I grabbed at Dustin’s arm to get his attention. “Let’s at least get past the worst of this and we’ll see what can be done.”

He didn’t say anything, just turned saw the wall of brutal weather and followed me towards the door. That was when I saw the motorhome smashed into the side of the building. I jogged through the debris and got to an opening through the windshield. “Anyone in here? Yell if you can hear me.” There wasn’t any answer and I was about to go when I saw a hand sticking out from under a cabinet which was probably from the kitchen area. I reached down to move the cabinet and saw the man’s head was almost completely smashed in. I had tears that I couldn’t hold back and Dustin put his hands on my shoulders. He squeezed and rubbed them as he softly spoke, “Hey, it’s alright, he is in a better place and you can’t do any more for him now.”

I turned to leave and he pulled me into a hug. “I’m alright, we gotta get back in there, the rain is starting.”

Like we knew the drill, we grabbed chips and candy as much as we could carry. We all had an urgency to shelter and have as much of the necessary items from the store as we dared to get. We took our seats we had before. The power was still off, but there was enough light to notice Poly sat closer to Roy than to Dustin. I even got the slight impression she was trying to avoid him. I almost worried she was judging our new friendship. Fuck her, I thought to myself.

Within the hour it was completely dark again and the sounds of wind and crashing was back to the same intensity. Without power the cooler had warmed up, the need to share body heat was over. I found myself wanting to make an excuse to touch Dustin again. I cocked my knee towards his direction and happily found it just under the crook of his knee. The top of my knee was getting warmth from the underside of his thigh. Moments later, he let the weight of his knee come down onto mine. I got the feeling he was rubbing his leg and stopped as it made contact with mine. He left his hand stay on the side of my thigh. I started battling with myself as I was keenly aware how hard I was getting. I kept trying to tell myself that this isn’t the time or place to do anything. Although, I am curious to see what he would do next. I moved my hand along my leg until it stopped at the edge of his. I felt him lightly itch the side of his leg making more of his hand arch out over my hand. When he stopped, it was still on the top of my hand. My heart pound so hard, I thought it would just stop completely any moment. I couldn’t move the tiniest of muscles, I just waited. The tension was broken when I heard the sound of a can being opened and the distinct smell of beer fill the air. Then I heard another and realized Roy opened one for Poly. “Y’all want one?”

There was silence for a moment and then Dustin chuckled, “That actually sounds really good.” And after the sound of it opened, I found Dustin nudging me with it. Then he simply asked Roy for another.

After I had three, I felt pretty good. I also felt braver and daring. I just put my hand straight up onto the upper part of Dustin’s thigh. Hell, my pinky was firmly against one of his nuts. No surprise, he put his hand in the same place on my thigh, only it wasn’t my balls he brushed, it was my now throbbing dick. Damn, it felt so good and taboo. I decided I was going for more and laid my full hand onto his cock and balls. I got light headed by the amount of heat coming from it, and how it throbbed from just slightly applying pressure. When he started repeating my movements, I got frightened that I might cum at any moment.

The wind was so loud, I couldn’t even hear the buckle when I got his belt undone. I didn’t hear anything when I got his zipper down either. I had on basketball shorts and so he pulled at the waistband enough to get his hand in over my boxer briefs. I know I was leaking like a faucet by that point. Before I could get my hand in his pants I heard Poly say she has to go to the bathroom. We managed to straighten up before Roy lit a lighter to guide the way. “Polly, I’ll go with you, it’s just down the hall and I will use it too.”

Roy and Poly left, and after they closed the door I felt Dustin pull on the waistband of my shorts, and my underwear gave way to his prying hand as well. Before I could get my head around what he was doing, he had the entire length of my dick in his mouth and even in the back of his throat. He barely backed off before pressing it hard into his throat. I had to stop him before I shot off. I just pushed him back against the wall, fished his cock out and did the same to him. I got in a rhythm of sucking and stroking him at the same time. He started breathing hard and tried to stop me, but not before I tasted the first shot of cum hit my tongue. Instantly he got back on my dick with fast thrusts into his throat. It couldn’t have been more than one minute before I couldn’t stop cumming down his throat. Blast after blast only seemed to encourage him to go faster. I squirmed under the intensity of it. I was actually relieved and sad when he stopped. I whispered, “That was fucking incredible.” He chuckled and squeezed my dick again.

We saw Roy and Poly go past the doors of the cooler with the lighter, we just watched and laughed when we heard Poly run into one of the shelves. Not long after that we realized they were smoking cigarettes. I didn’t have any interest in them, but I thought I would see what else I could find while trying to get another look outside. Dustin stayed behind.

I grabbed a bag and walked around grabbing anything that resembled food or medicine, I also grabbed a bunch of water. “Hey, Daniel, if ya move some stuff on the shelves in the cooler you can put more things on them.”

“Roy, I am starting to worry about the roof, I can hear the wind getting in and it sounds like it is getting the whole thing to move.” I said as I picked up my pace by just shoving things through the doors.

“Well, then take these keys to lock those cooler doors and get back in the cooler.” Roy said as he tossed me the keys from his pocket.

For a second, I saw Poly walk over to the window while puffing her cigarette. Roy started walking over to see what she was looking at just as I finished locking all the glass doors. The pressure changed with a huge push then a massive pull. Half the roof and ceiling flew off and shattered all the glass at the front of the store. Poly simply vanished into the darkness and Roy tried to grab her but was pulled out with her. I was holding onto the handle of one of the cooler doors to stabilize myself as the suction pulled me up and back, then forward, I started to think I wouldn’t be able to to hold on any longer when Dustin reached out from around the corner and pulled me into the cooler. I turned my face into Dustin’s shoulder and sobbed, “Roy and Poly are g- gone.”

“Shhhh- come on, let’s sit down. Shhh” we laid in each other’s arms with our legs twisted together. He held the back of my head with one hand and then pressed us together so tight. “We’ll be alright, we’ll be alright.” He kept whispering in my ear as I shook in his arms. Honestly, I never felt better than when we held each other like that.

Sometime through all the terror, I either passed out or fell asleep, maybe a bit of both. When I opened my eyes though, I felt like I had a massive hangover. Dustin still had his eyes closed, so I just let myself breathe in his scent. I felt his need to pee pressed firmly against mine. I wanted him so badly. I couldn’t stop myself from grinding into him. He ground back so I looked at his face. He looked me in the eyes and I tilted to put my lips to his. He kissed me with more passion than I had ever felt in my entire life. I was eager to taste him, to feel every desire he had for me. We ground long strokes on each other’s rigid manhood. I felt on the edge so I simply slid my hand passed the waistband and grab him with lust. He responded in kind without ever stopping his kiss. I had no need for air, if I couldn’t get it from his mouth, I didn’t want it. And so, I felt him give me his seed as I gave him mine. He shook in my arms as we kissed more softly now. Then we just smiled at each other before one more sweet kiss. I brought my hand to my face and licked it clean.

“Daniel, let’s see what we could eat before trying to get out of here. Are you alright with that?” As long as he stays with me, we never have to leave. I nodded and began untangling our bodies.

A few of the glass doors were broken but not smashed, so all the food is still on the shelves. I grabbed a bag of white powered doughnuts and a mountain dew. Looked like Dustin decided on chips and candy with Gatorade. “Dustin, what time do you think it is?”

“My watch says it’s almost 6am.” He sounded surprised and just looked at me funny. “I don’t know when I stopped here.”

“Me either, I was too focused on driving that I didn’t even look at the time.” I got up and tried to see through the glass doors, but they had mud and leaves all over them. “Sounds like the wind and the rain aren’t stopping, but I gotta pee.”

Dustin nodded and got up to join me. The hallway outside the door was still there, but judging by the amount of light available, I guessed that was about all. The rest of the store is gone. We just held onto the door and each other so we could pee into the wind. Then back into the cooler. I started blindly digging through some of the things I had tossed onto the shelves. “Yes, I remembered grabbing a flashlight. Let’s take some of these cases and make a spot off of the floor.”

Turned out to be the right move as water seemed to make its way into the cooler, not a lot, enough to be uncomfortable if we were sitting in it. Dustin and I passed the time telling stories about growing up. Even with all the chaos and our possible deaths, we actually had fun laughing and talking.

My phone had died ages ago, I had no concept of time, except for the sunlight coming from the cooler doors. That’s another reason for feeling all sweaty. In an effort to not bother Dustin, I crept out through an inch of water. The mud covering everything was 3 or more inches. Leaves plastered on every piece of metal and wood. I remember the smell of freshly cut grass but a million times stronger. There was a telephone pole near what looked like an entrance to the gas station, that thing had snapped in half and lay across the road. The devastation was immense, it went as far as the eyes could see. From where I stood, it looked like an ocean of water in every direction. The ramp I came in on was completely underwater which went up to the arch of the bridge covering the road the gas station was on. I heard movement behind me, I spun to see a bewildered Dustin making his way through the rubble. “What are we going to do Dustin?”

Eventually I found my van mostly intact under what looked like a chunk of a billboard sign. I figure it will take some time to clear a path into it. “I’m hoping to be able to charge my phone once I can get in my van.”

“Yeah, at least it will keep us busy. I want to see what I can find in my Jeep first.” Dustin turned towards the side of the building to find the Jeep. The tree was mostly through the passenger side which made it easier to crawl into the driver’s side. I stayed in case he needed help after he was done gathering what he could. He grabbed a duffel bag and two suitcases and passed them through the window to me. “Well, that’s enough for now. I will dig around again later.”

“Ok, yeah I want to see if we can get anything from the other cars too.” We went to an old Oldsmobile Cutlas, probably Roy’s or Poly’s. It lay on its side near the road. At least the windows didn’t break, but I had to climb up on the car to open the door, the weight of the door made it so it wouldn’t stay open. “Hey Dustin, can you find something that could help me prop the door open?”

He didn’t even hesitate, he climbed up, “Here, I will hold it and help you climb out when you’re done.”

“Dude, you’re the best.” I winked at him and he gave me a wicked smile.

I handed Dustin a backpack with all kinds of things crammed into it. I handed up a purse with some Poly’s identification and money. We were able to find keys in her purse that opened her trunk. It had a popup tent and other camping gear. “Dustin, do you think we should stay here or try to find help?”

“Actually Daniel, I was going to suggest staying for at least three days to see if someone comes to help, but I thought we could go around the area here to see if we can help someone else.” I hoped we could.

I just looked at Dustin with my best, ‘You are amazing’ face. He blushed the universal, ‘Aw, shucks’. “Great idea. We can gather up things to carry in case people are hurt or need water.”

Now it was my turn to blush when I saw Dustin look like he wants to do bad things to me, and I can’t wait. “Alright, I think that’s good. Maybe we can find some gas cans and at least get what we can from our cars and maybe the tanks here.”

“Ok, take my hand.” I can’t believe I am so focused on how he feels as he grabs my hand, what the hell is happening to me?

A pile of trees and branches formed a kind of shelter for the guys RV, I found what I wanted right by the windshield opening. A big pot to cook or boil water in. Then I found Dustin in the storage cooler behind the one we stayed in. “Hey Daniel, have you found anything?”

I lifted the pot, “I think we should bury, Bob.”

“Who’s Bob?” I just held up his wallet. “Oh the camper guy?”

“Yeah, he’s really starting to stink.” Dustin nodded with a ‘I don’t like it, but I know you’re right’ face. We debated different ways and settled on putting him beside the camper under a pile of rocks and a marker.

It was a horrible job but it was the best thing to give him some respect and not spread the disease that can come from dead bodies. We put his wallet in a ziplock baggy and put it in his hands. We found a tarp in his camper that we wrapped him in. Then, I happened to see a wheelbarrow by the old tree line. I made my way over to it and was pleased it was preserved and the tire had air. After that we took turns collecting the rock then switch placing them. After that we were able to gather Bob’s kitchen things, tools and gas cans. Some of those things we just organized in the camper like a shed. Dustin grabbed a sheet of metal from the gas pump awning that we blocked the windshield with so the bigger creatures couldn’t get in. Dustin had been getting perishable stuff out of the storage cooler so we could make room for the stuff we’re keeping.

Even though the roof and one wall of the restroom was gone, I managed to clear the carnage out to find the toilet in tact and in working order. The sink attached to the inner wall had seen some better days, but the faucet still worked. I showed Dustin my findings and we high-fived, “ It’s great to have water, but Dustin, we will have to boil the water if we’re going to drink it or use it to flush out our eyes, or even brush our teeth. We should get bottles and any containers with lids that we can store boiled water in.”

“How do you think of all this stuff? I feel like I would be helpless if you weren’t here.” I stared into his eyes and I saw real admiration, not an once of sarcasm.

“My dad loved camping and he was a bit of a survivalist. He had been trapped in a snow storm in the rocky’s with my grandpa. They didn’t get rescued for 8 days. They used everything they could find and made what they couldn’t. The next thing he would do if he was here would be a fire place and weapons. There could be wild animals that aren’t too happy, and not everyone can be trusted.”

“Amen to the last point.” I felt vulnerable not having protection from police, or even weaponry to protect ourselves.

Again, we gathered blocks and stones to build a double opening fireplace in one of the cooler door openings. Dustin got another sheet of metal for the other side of it, so we can keep the heat inside during the night. I started creating spears and axes for weapons, also using them as tools. Dustin continued moving branches and shelves so we could work in front of the cooler doors as well as protect us from some animals. He said if someone flies over, they might be able to tell we’re here by the arrangement of things to survive.

I found a couple rolls of electrical tape and I had found a pair of workman’s gloves in Bobs RV. So I went around spooling up the downed wires and taped the ends. They definitely weren’t live but in case they go live we won’t be electrocuted. It was quickly getting dark and we had been collecting wood all day as we gathered other things. The corner of the store opposite our hallway had a small section of the roof still attached. I used a good sized tree trunk to prop it up, more to just make me feel better about getting under it to stack our wood for burning, its starting to feel like rain coming again, so I tried to also cover the firewood with tarps of plastic. After I got the fire built up I went to the bathroom and tried to wash up from a bucket of water, well everything except my face. I used some boiled water for that.

Dustin and I cleared a path to my van. One of the back windows had busted, but surprisingly, most things weren’t very wet. I found a fresh sweat pants from my bags and decided to find a way to store the bags in the cooler.

Dustin met me at the door with a huge grin. “I have a surprise.” He stepped to the side to show me the bunk mattress from Bob’s RV on some kind of platform he built. “I used three shelves to get it up and keep space to store our clothes and stuff. I am going to get cleaned up with the last bit of light, but then let’s close the door and try to get some sleep.” And when he winked, I admit I got hard fast.

“Dude , this is fucking awesome and it’s far enough away from the fire, it’s perfect.” And I pointed towards the door. “Go get cleaned up so we can get to bed.” That smile he gave me when I winked back made me blush.

He came back with pajama bottoms on and crawled up on the bed. I pulled the cover back so he could lay facing me. We made the attempt to keep about a foot between us. I could feel his warmth from all the way over there. We looked at each other for a few minutes. “Daniel, are you scared about how long we’ll be here?”

“I think I would be more afraid if I were by myself. But, this is pretty good considering what we’ve been through.” I rolled onto my back which put our skin closer.

“I agree, it almost seems like a strange camping trip with you.” He put his pillow so he could prop his head up, now he put his hands behind his head which let his elbow kinda rest on the top of my head. “I’m so tired “

“Me too, good night.”

“Good night.”

Probably about fifteen minutes later he moved down facing me again. Dustin laid his knee over mine. I decided to keep breathing slow deep and steady. But, if he gets anywhere close to my dick , he’s going to know I like what he’s doing. Before I could give up thinking he’ll do something, he put a hand on my stomach. I would guess that if he moved his pinky down one inch, he would be touching my leaky dick head that is sticking out from the top of my sweats. Yep, there it is. The fact that I am so hard definitely emboldened him. He started exploring my length while making it throb. Eventually he decided he wanted to feel it without barriers. Gently I felt the tied get pulled undone, followed by his fingers dragging my underwear with my sweats down to be hooked under my balls. My cock is arcing off my body in full anticipation. I almost I will cum when he touches it again. While waiting for him grab it I feel him move further down the bed.

As he leans close to the head, I can literally feel the heat from his breath. I also feel the pool of precum collecting on my stomach starting to overflow down my side. ‘Oh , fuuuucccckkk yeah.’ He’s trying to do that swallow thing again. I don’t think there’s anything better in this world. The only thing I can try to do is not cum. I want this to last as long as It can, but I don’t think I am doing very well at it. I am right there and I can sense he’s pulling off so I thrust my hands down on the back of his head as I blast into complete orgasm while driving myself deeper into his throat. Almost as quickly I released my hold so I can grab the bed for support. I was surprised that he didn’t stop. He increased his intensity as if to pull every last drop out of my cock. Then I realized as he shot across my legs that he brought himself to orgasm as he swallowed my cum. He laid his head on my stomach and he kept my increasingly deflating cock in his mouth. Actually reminded me of a baby suckling. That’s how I fell fast asleep.



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