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A Long Way From Home - 1. Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins

Daniel experiences things he didn’t think he would in his lifetime.

Here’s the thing, I am adventurous, brave, kind, helpful, funny, and very modest. Whatever, anyway, I don’t panic over a little rain and wind, I don’t get scared by storms, I try to embrace them. If we are talking about real storms,I actually like late summer storms. Mom would get all of us in our bathing suits and head outside to experience everything that happens during all types of weather . She would point out the colors of the sky and the gusts of the wind. We’d walk around our small farm to learn how the rain water gathers in lower areas, but more about how it flows down to them. We all would count the seconds between lightning flashes and the roar of the thunder. It always seemed inevitable that we would end up in a mud-ball fight and need to wash up with the runoff from the barn roof. She did this to make us less afraid.

Unlike most of my siblings, I love to drive, anything, if it had an engine I found a way. The only other of us who enjoyed them as much as I did was Brad. He is a year younger than I am and we are best friends first and brothers second. After high school I tried college for a year, but when spring break came and my parents wouldn’t give me enough money to get out of Ohio, I decided to drive home for a couple days. Well, if you call my parents saying ‘we need to talk about what you are doing with your life’ my decision, then yes, I made plans to go home. What else could I do, my parents made too much money to receive grants and I didn’t ‘apply myself enough’ to get any scholarships. My parents were paying for some, but if I wanted to stay in school, eat, sleep in a dry place and have the required books? I had to work two jobs and go to school full time. I felt I deserved to get away, and if the only thing I had as choice was to listen to all the reasons my parents think I am fucking up my life, then so be it. I only I had 3 days of clothes, $40 cash, and $200 left on my visa.

On I-75 I started day dreaming about what all my buddies were doing down at Daytona Beach. I was kinda pissed at my parents, the way they treat me like I have no say in my life. It always came back to the money, “if you want me to pay/buy for whatever it is you’re going to live by my rules.” Or I would hear the never ending drum beat, “I’m going to take away your…. And what will you do about it then, you live by our rules.” Wouldn’t you know I missed that damn exit. I wasn’t exactly upset, annoyed maybe, I have had a couple tickets for crossing the median to turn around before, and I wasn’t willing to try that again. But, you know, I wasn’t against driving a bit further anyway.

As the next exit was coming up I started daydreaming again. I had been a reader my whole life. I would sneak away to the library and let something I read guide me to another thing. One day, I discovered a thing called emancipation . This is where a parent or legal guardian can relinquish their control so the legal minor can be solely responsible for all means of care, education, housing and career opportunities. Often, this is awarded to young parents in order to care for their new child, essentially they become a legal adult. Having children is not a requirement though, it can be a mutual agreement between the parents and the child in question. I gathered all the required documents, completed all the information and presented them to my parents. As you can imagine, they didn’t have a ‘mutual understanding’. In fact, they punished me with chores and restrictions that I had never even heard of before. They started charging me rent to be able to sleep in their home and enjoy whatever punishment they have chosen. Well, I have constantly dreamt of running away, and I absolutely missed that damn exit, again.

But, I had a great idea. I thought it would be relaxing to drive down to Cincinnati and then drive back up home from there, one day of torture is better than three. Strangely, I got another idea as I was getting close to the turnaround point, ‘why don’t I drive to Tennessee, then turn back in time to work at that damn restaurant near campus’. I would tell my tyrants I got lost, or even better, ran out of gas, “BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY“. At least I would have an interesting story to tell.

I was really enjoying the drive now, looking at my new little adventure, and all the things I never get to see on my own. Somewhere near Tennessee, I thought ‘it would be fun to just show up in Daytona to hang out for the rest the break, you know, before heading back to school’. I could always get another job and keep going on with my parents plan to get a business degree.

At one of the rest areas, I wrote down some basic directions I found in my atlas. No, I didn’t even have a cell phone. Actually, it was still somewhat of a new thing and really didn’t have much available like today’s world. I couldn’t afford one anyway, ‘of course’. So, I had to cut across Georgia to then head down the coast. It was along that drive that I knew, it was clear, I wasn’t going back to school at all. In fact, I was determined to move to Florida, “FUCK MY PARENTS, AND FUCK THEIR COMMUNIST MONEY“. So, I started thinking about how, or even if, I would tell my parents. See, I had a bit of an argument with my mom. She accused ME of being gay. How dare she! What gives her the right to come at me like that?

No, I don’t need people like that, not even her. I screamed at her for even thinking it. She found out my friend Greg is gay, and so what, that just makes me gay by default? What a bitch. I can be friends with, whoever, I want to be friends with. See, I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of knowing I ended that friendship after the night he tried getting in my pants. He was relentless, and I kept telling him ‘I’m not going to do anything queer’. But still, that’s none of Her damn business.

I called her one evening from Georgia. I had pulled off on a red dirt road, just off the highway. I came across an old wooden building with a large dirty white sign and black lettering over the long front porch. I assumed it was the name of the place “GAS”. There was one old rusty pump with a round sign built in as part of the pump, it was so dirty but it spelled the word Texaco, I assume it used to be lit when it was new. A telephone pole to the right of the building illuminated the area with a street lamp attached to it. It was early evening and it was getting just dark enough for it to come on. In the center of the front porch was the door into the establishment, to the right an old coca cola machine, and to the left was a payphone. I don’t see many of those phones today, but they were still pretty much everywhere back then. Next to the payphone was an old rocking chair. Just passed the rocking chair was a wooden bench where a young, definitely hillbilly, and I would say not unattractive, late teen, boy lay sleeping. He didn’t even hear me pulling up to the pump. “Hey Buddy, excuse me.” That boy shot up to a standing position in such a hurry that I almost fell off the porch. His mechanic onesie was unzipped so far down, I may have seen the top of his pubic hair. His dark brown hair, on his head at least, could use a comb and a cut.

“Oh sorry, I jus restin my eyes a spell. Can I git y’all somthin Mister?” His Southern accent was thick enough that I needed to process what he said, but it had a kind gentle twang that was pleasant at the same time.

I explained that I could use a fill up and I really needed to use the payphone. “No problem, I’ll be gittin y’all tha gas, so jis lets me know if y’all be wantin somthin else.”

‘Ok, here I go.’ I called collect and waited to hear my mom approve the charges. “Where are you!?” She had that usual authoritarian tone that I ‘hate so much!‘

“I’m moving to Florida.”

“No you’re NOT, get your ass home NOW.” She literally screamed so loud I turned to see the shock on the hillbillies face.

“Mom, I’m in Georgia and I’m moving to Florida.” That really felt good, it was matter of fact, and she wouldn’t be able to change it, no way, no how.

“Oh my God, what are you gonna do?” That hit the spot that I hoped for, and I wasn’t about to back down there. I want, no need to do this.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll figure it out. I will call you as soon as I am settled. Bye.” CLICK.

Seriously, I never felt more alive abd free in my life. Immediately, I had a smile three miles wide. I turned around to see that boy, not more than a few years younger than me, cleaning my windshield. “Mister, y’all has got tha biggest knockers I’s ever been witness ta. Boy, I wished I had tha nerves y’all got.”

“I don’t have a choice, if I don’t cut her apron strings that she keeps tying around me, I am going to suffocate. Plus, I have always hated Ohio.” He was finished with my car and coming up on the porch. Kindly, he invited me in, and of course I followed. Now, this place was as old as the outside and as basic too. But, it was clean, and had a certain charm that, literally, just warmed your heart. “What do I owe you?”

He stood there looking at me for a moment as if he had a hard time understanding me, that is just so odd to me, clearly he’s the one who sounds funny. “Tha gas’s fifteen dollar.” I handed him the money and he opened a drawer, like on a dresser, not a cash register, and put it in.

“I really could use a bathroom, I’ve had to pee for a while.” He walked up beside me and I somehow saw right down into his onsie. That young hillbilly boy didn’t have on any underwear and seemed to have a large dick. Seriously, nobody in my school was as big as what I think I saw.

“Sure Mister, folla me.” He lead me through a door into a small room with a double bed in the corner, neatly made, I will say. A desk in the opposite corner, I mainly saw girly magazines on it. A couple of mismatched wooden shelves filled with a few neatly folded clothes, and an old teal refrigerator. He pointed to the other side of the room to the door. “It’sin ther, take y’all time, ain’t nobody comin out d’is way fer tha rest of d’is night.”

I nodded and walked into the strangest bathroom I had ever seen. The smallest sink was mounted in the corner of the room. No cabinet underneath and an antique mirror hanging to one side next to it. On the other wall of the sink stood a small dresser with about four drawers. A few products of some sort on top and a nicely folded hand towel next to them. The shower was a large metal wash basin with a circular curtain rod hung over top. A long, hose like, shower head was attached to the rod. Next to the shower was a mostly normal looking toilet except instead of the tank being on the toilet, it hung high above. Every thing was very clean and respectable.

I opened the door to ask him which product was the soap, to wash my hands. I found him laying on the bed with one foot on the floor. He had his fingers laced together on his chest and I could hear a slight snore. I thought I would just walk out and leave him be, since I had already paid for the gas. But, just stepping into the room put me about 8 inches from his leg. I couldn’t help but see that he had a raging hardon that laid on his chiseled abs like a pork tenderloin. I was mystified by the sheer size and the perfect proportions of the large mushroom shaped head, and on down to the wide girth of his veiny shaft. He sat up with a start, almost like he did on the porch. This time he just sat up and put his other leg down so it was on the other side of me. “Gees Sorry Mister, I musta dozed offa spell.”

When he was rubbing his face I saw that his tenderloin now reached the soft little patch of hair just below his chest. I could see a light glistening from the pee slit and knew that was precum. That’s when he realized what I was looking at. “It’sa biggin ain’t it?” He didn’t try to cover it up, he just kept looking at me. “My pa useta say my momma had sex wit a donkey. It’was funny cause momma said tha donkeys nameas Jimmy, my pa. Alls tha girls indees parts who’d seens it, done run screamin an hollarin. Ain’t no matter, I do jus fines wit it myself.”

“Oh?” I was caught by the last comment. “What do you mean?”

“Well, Mister, I kin jus shows y‘all ifin y'all wants.” I shrugged and nodded, he smiled a sly kind of grin. With one hand he pushed his meat forward and put his mouth on it. He started sucking on the head and slowly went down more than half way to the base, which he exposed by pulling his balls out from the zipper with the other hand. Real slow and soft he went up and down like he loved every bit of it. I don’t think I have ever gotten that hard or understood what it was doing to me either, but I thought I just might break the zipper on my jeans by watching him suck that big dick. “Whatcha ya thinkin bout dat?” He looked down at my bulge, “Yeah, I wasa thinkin y’all mighta liked it. Go ahead mister, y’all don’ts needz ta be shy round here. y’all know, God twas fit ta make us’all perfect in’is eyes, an even da small dicks kin be real perty too. Sides, by tha looks a thins down thar, y’all ain’t got nothin ta be shameda.”

He went right back to getting as much of his dick in his mouth as he could and I just had to take his offer to start jacking off. He looked up, as he was sucking on his dick, and smiled with his mouth full. “Where does it all go when you go down like that?”

He smiled again with drool hanging from his lips as he stopped sucking. “Ita wine up slidin down ma throat. I stopped a chokin on it when I’z bout 10. Hasn’t y’all eva sucked on yer pecker?”

“I got the head in once, but I’m just not that limber.” I said as I was staring at the drool still hanging from his lip. “Do you like the way it tastes? I mean, when you cum in your mouth?” I could feel my lips quiver as I asked.

“I be leakin somea it now, see hows it drippin down tha sides? Y’all kin taste it ifin y’as wanta know….” This time he had a serious and even nervous look. It seemed like he never offered that before and maybe it was the first time he’d even thought about it. I was mesmerized as he just kept looking me in the eyes, slowly he pushed it further out towards me. I could feel my entire body trembling as I stared at the drooling clear liquid seeping out, like a leaky fountain. My mouth started to water and I kept swallowing to keep up with it. This boy knew I was scared, “Don’cha worry boutz it none, I ain’t gonna be tellin no’in bouts it.” He started to sound more like a whisper as he offered a more taboo suggestion, “Y’all kin do any ole thin y’all wanta do an no’in need ta know nothin.” He kept staring at me and with an even softer whisper he said, “Ifin y’all want ta, I’ll do ya first.”

That boy leaned all the way forward and put those thick soft warm lips around the head of my dick. It was so smooth the way he kept taking more into his mouth, like he did when he was sucking himself. Eventually, I could feel, a sort of pop, as the head of my dick slipped passed his tonsils and into his throat. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced. Slowly, he backed up to the tip as if to kiss my pee hole. Then, that warm wet mouth, made me shudder as he slid even further down my shaft until his bottom lip was on my balls and his nose was buried in my pubes. He seemed to just bob up and down a bit with my entire dick in his mouth. I think he knew how close he was getting me, because he backed off and looked me in the eyes again. “Now it’s y’allz turn, justa start, git’it in ya mouth. An don’t be try’n ta do nutin likes I did.”

Now he leaned back onto one elbow and pushed his dick far forward. I don’t think he would have let me just leave, well, if I wanted to that is. Instead, I just bent over with my mouth half an inch from the shinny head. It smelled incredible, I could even feel the heat emanating from it. Slowly, I opened my mouth and got my lips to surround the entire mushroom head. I could taste his sweet precum on my tongue and I started licking in circles around it. I stopped at one point to stick the tip of my tongue into his piss slit. Then out of pure lust, I went down till I knew his piss slit was at the start of my throat. Gobs of that clear liquid oozed down into my throat, causing me to swallow hard, but I was determined not to gag. I came slowly back to the slit, with my tongue, and then back down to my tonsils to swallow more of his precum down my throat. It was delicious, and more wonderful than I could have imagined. I didn’t want to stop, in fact, I started challenging myself to get more of it into my throat. With each time I went down I could feel the pressure on my tonsils. I never did gag, and eventually felt the moment his dick slipped past my tonsils. After a rhythm of getting into my throat, I believe I eventually got as far as I saw him get when he sucked himself.

Suddenly, he pulled me off of it and stood up. “Take yer trousers off an lie down on tha bed.” He softly insisted as he pulled off the onesie. He pointed as to say I should get on the long the angle of the bed. Then he pointed to indicate where my head should be. As he crawled up on the bed he go his dick right by my mouth and started sucking on mine with such precision and care. That was all it took for me to do my best at matching him movement, for movement, speed for speed m. As I could feel myself getting closer to cumming, I started to slowly thrust as he’d reach the base. He shortly started doing the same to me with slightly more care. Closer still, I would pant through my nose as I would lick his slit. I started plunging down till the head was deep in my throat where I couldn’t breathe at all. I felt him gaining speed and urgency going down on me and I tapped his head to say ‘I’m about to cum.’ Instead of stopping, he went faster and harder thrusting my dick into his throat. Right as I tasted the first real burst of his cum, he rammed my dick in his throat and did that bobbing thing from earlier. He was now getting every bit of cum my balls had. He swallowed it like it was the last thing to drink in the world. I though, had backed off his dick, I wasn’t sure I wanted the real cum in my mouth. I began getting a massive cum bath that shot all over my face. One shot had gone right in my nose and It even burned a little in one of my nostrils. But, I could feel that I hadn’t finished shooting, and just kept pulsating into his pumping mouth. Out of breath and in quite a shock, I lay there trying to regain my senses.

“If’n y’all feel like stayin, it’d be fine by me. Sides, it’d be better to drive in da mornin anyhows, names Cody, if ya are wonderin.” Cody is a perfect name for this kid.

“Cody, my name is Daniel, I guess we should’ve done that a while ago.” We both just kinda chuckled. Well, Cody and I got some things from my car and made sure it was locked up tight. Then he went through his food to make something we could fill our appetites with. We sat on the porch enjoying the cool night air and munching on snacks. “Say Cody, how did you get this place anyhow?”

“Well, my ma died bout five year ago and pa gave tha house ta my sister, on account she’s married wit two babies an all. My pa and I hunkered on in here. But, he jis couldn’t shake his sadness afta losin my ma. D’en winez up goin up’in tha hills to a cabin. Itwas’t long soma thems deer hunters founds him dead. They says he were layin on tha bed holdin a picture of my ma.” Cody just stared out into the darkness.

“I’m so sorry Cody, I can’t imagine how you’ve managed to take care of yourself all these years.”

He looked at me with a smile, “itweren’t so bad, I been carin for myself since I’s five, well as soon as Ma arms reach tha stove, an light a fire that is.” All I could think was, wow.

When I started yawning he couldn’t help but copy it. We agreed, it would be a good time to get some sleep. Let me say that when my head hit the pillow, I was so tired that I simply passed out. Somewhere around 2am, I found Cody and I were spooning. His back was pressed right up against me, his head was on my outstretched arm and my other arm was wrapped around him holding onto his abs. Suddenly, I started putting the pieces together, I realized the elastic on my briefs was hooked under my balls and Cody was thrusting back on my cock. It was so intense how he was working on my dick. He’d back into it so slowly till It was completely inside of him. Then he’d clench real tight as he’d work his way to the head again. I could tell he was pulling on his long cock and I didn’t want him to know I was awake. I don’t really know why, just that I wanted him to just keep doing what he’s doing. Slowly, as he kept working my dick in his butt, I could see him starting to suck himself off.

I found myself starting to thrust into his butthole while he sucked hard on his cock. I couldn’t help but to start gaining speed, and with all my force I shoved in to the hilt and ground into his entire ass. Shot after shot of my cum was bursting deep inside of him. He started to thrash as he was cumming in his mouth. He clenched so hard that he literally squeezed me out of his hole. That’s when he got up to use the bathroom. When he returned he’d brought a hot washrag to clean my dick off. I thought that was really cool of him.

Cody gave me his address and the number to the payphone. So if I know I’m heading back his way someday, I could let him know. He looked so sad, part of me wanted to take him with me, but since I don’t know where I’m even going to wind up I thought I should leave well enough alone.


I did go to Daytona, and some buddies gave me what little cash they had left after I told them what I was doing. I thought, the beach is great with all the young babes everywhere. After the whole Cody thing, my manhood felt threatened. So, I hooked up with a hot blonde honey from Canada. She was a perfect 10 with a rocking body. We laughed and flirted with each other, all the way up one side of the strip and down the other. This babe invited me back to her hotel room, and I couldn’t have been more ready for her. A very good looking rowing team, type guy, got on the elevator with us. He kept looking us up and down with a big smile. As, Tiffany?, I think that was her name, opened the door, Bro came in behind us. “Daniel, this is my boyfriend, Lester. He and I, well, we like to play with pretty boys like you. Sometimes, Les, is more.”

“Good one babe. Where did you find this guy?”, Les walked up behind me and stared rubbing my shoulders, then he started smelling the nape of my neck. I was about to fight him off when, ‘threesome Barbie’ pressed up on the front of me and started kissing my mouth with her cherry flavored lipstick. I thought, ‘I could stay for a few minutes longer.’

“Why don’t you boys introduce yourselves to each other, while I go freshen up.” She had a wicked grin.

Les just kept doing like he had been, just adding more hands to my the rest of my body, especially my very hard bulge. I couldn’t deny it, he was incredibly sexy and the whole thing was so, WILD. I could feel his excitement pressing into the back of my jeans, and I wanted to be a good sport. So, I reached back to rub his bulge like he kept doing to mine. Blondie was making all kinds of noise doing whatever while in the bathroom, which kinda gave me a feeling like she might be in there a while. Les pulled my t-shirt from the waistband of my jeans, then started rolling it up my body. I lifted my arms so he could toss it towards the door. Bro got agressive feeling up and into my ass muscles. He whispered in my ear, “She takes a long time in the bathroom, who knows what she’s doing in there.”

He’s right though, I can’t even imagine what all these girls have to do to stay clean, seems like a lot of work. Les slid one hand into the front my jeans and started pulling on my dick. He moved it straight up so about 2 inches stuck out over my waistband. Slowly, he was turning my body letting me know what he wanted, and also I was failing at trying to fight it. As soon as I faced him, he bent over and got the head of my dick in his mouth. It felt so good, warm, wet, naughty. It was like he would add so much suction while pulling upwards that he managed to get another couple more inches out above the top of my jeans. His hands kept messing with my butt and rubbing just inside the waistband. Then he dropped completely to his knees while still sucking with incredible force. By this point I was relieved when he got all the buttons of my fly undone. That jock kept that suction on the entire length of my cock. Seriously, it was the most incredible thing I have ever felt. I tapped his shoulder to let him know if he keeps it up he will be getting a mouthful soon. I think that just encouraged him to suck harder and faster. I knew I was defenseless now and I couldn’t hold back, even if I wanted to, and I didn’t. I could feel the heavy pulsing at the base of my cock and the first real shot went right down his throat. I looked down to see him pull his mouth off and stroke me with his hands as I continued to shoot cum on his face. Bro sucked me back into his mouth with more tenderness and yet it still doubled me over while I continued blasting into his mouth and throat. When he completely backed off and sat on his heals, he looked up with a smile, his face covered in my thick white cum. He had a huge wad very close to his eye and another to the side of his nose, which was quickly moving towards his mouth. As soon as he was able to lick it up, I grabbed my t-shirt and left.

I couldn’t say it was a complete waste of time, I at least got off and was ready to get the hell out of Dodge. I thought the night was still young enough that I could drive around the town to see if it was a place I might like. It didn’t take long to know it wasn’t the place for me. A couple of guys surrounded my car at a stop sign trying to sell me crack, I thought I was going to run down, at least one of them, when the guy at my window started pulling out a gun. One of the others shouted, “COPS” and took off running. The lights on the cop car started flashing and chased them around the corner.

About halfway to Orlando, I stopped at a rest area. I was getting tired and fast. Also, the need to pee was getting stronger. After a fast walk into the main building to take care of business, I found a candy and pop machine in a side building. As I got in front of my car, I saw a new fancy van pull up next to my passenger side. A sexy lady, in a white summer dress, got out from the passenger side and marched towards the restrooms. She obviously needed to use the ladies room bad. Her husband, I assumed, nodded at me then crawled into the back of the van.

I decided to lean on the front of my car to enjoy my dinner of candy and soda. This rest area was really hopping, and offered plenty of people watching entertainment. With several cars in and out, and several more stopping to get some shut eye, like me. Every type of person would walk past, sooner or later. After the sexy wife came back, she opened the back driver’s side sliding door. That van was sweet on the inside, leather seats, soft lighting, a mini bar with a fridge that the man was digging into. Anyway, they were saying something I couldn’t quite hear, it kinda sounded like she wasn’t going to wait for him to fall asleep herself. She got into the far back as he hopped down to take his turn in the john.

I had finished with my delicious meal about the time he had shut the door and nodded again as he passed me. Looking around for the closest garbage can, it was up by the restrooms. So I made a twofer, toss my garbage and try to get one more pee out. The rich handsome husband stood at a long row of urinals where a steady flow of guys coming and going made me gage my timing. A man to the side of Hubby walked away and I approached quickly and pulled out my young dick, for some reason I was already semi hard. I could see Hubby taking a few peaks at my growing friend, so I felt it was fair to see what he uses to keep his Lady happy. Not bad, he was fully hard at about 7 inches, nice girth and uncut. He pulled back his foreskin to reveal his flaring mushroom head. By this time my youthful man tool had reached it’s maximum potential and he saw 8 inches of college boy dick. But, I zipped up and went back to my car. I watched Hubby nod as he got back in the van.

I was still awake an hour later, the rest area died down with about 10 cars in the lot hunkering down for the night. A cargo van had parked on the divers side of me and it blocked out the light that was keeping me awake. In the new mostly darkness, I noticed the fancy van door opening slowly. Then Hubby stepped out and slowly closed it back again. He walked around to my window and I had already had it down for fresh air. He looked around a lot while I pulled out my quickly growing erection. Then he reached in so he could stroke it. Then he leaned in and whispered, “Will you meet me in those trees over there?” I nodded and started rolling up my windows as he walked into the trees. When I approached my eyes had to adjust to see that he had his dick out and was stroking it. I walked up to him exposing my manhood that he wanted so badly. He squatted in front of me, I assumed so he wouldn’t get dirty as he devoured my dick all the way down to my balls. ‘I wonder if his wife knows he is a professional dick sucker? My guess is she doesn’t have a clue.‘ He stood indicating he would like a turn. I hesitated then thought, ‘fuck it’. His dick was so hard and velvety warm. I used my hand a lot so I could suck on the ridge of his flaring dick head. Then he tapped the top of my head so I stood up. He went into double overtime to not only suck off my youthful shaft and balls, but to utilize my slobber, that I left behind, as lube on his dick. His hand was going up and down on that married dick so fast it was a blur. He used his other hand to follow his mouth in a twisting fashion on the full length of my dick. It was really good and effective, I had the sense he was in a hurry and needed to get back to the van, but he needed to get my young college boy cum first. He didn’t have to wait long for my knees to buckle and my abs to tense, it was so hard I started to double over as I was filling his daddy mouth. He kept sucking while I kept pulsing more boy cum on his tongue. He shot off into his clenched fist, I do that sometimes for easier cleanup. As he stood, he smiled and licked up his cum from his hand. That’s one thing I never do, it always gaged me to think of it. The Cum Eating Married Man softly said, ”thanks” then strolled back to his wife.

I thought it was a reasonable idea to go brush my teeth in the bathroom after the sugar and daddy dick in my mouth. A dude about my age, maybe a hair younger, walked up to one of the urinals where the mirror provided a clear view of his dick. He turned in time to see me looking, busted. Thank God I didn’t get punched, dude came over to the sink and barely payed attention to me. That was good because I was getting too tired to deal with a fag hater thinking all gays are trying to suck his dick. As I went to use the air dryer, the dude just went out the door.

I walked out to my car, and unfortunately the dude from the urinal was leaning against the cargo van parked next to me. He still wasn’t paying any attention to me as I got to my car. He then walked right up to me, kind of freaking me out, until I realized he was opening the rear sliding door of his van. I got a view of a thrown together in a hury and no money camper. Basically it had a cooler and a bed. I watched as Dude put up a wire with curtains on it across the back of the front seats. Once the front was blocked off from the people walking by, it looked effective keeping people from looking into the back. Strangely, he left the sliding door open about two fee. I saw him take off his pants and get on the bed. I could tell he had his feet on the floor, he was at least sitting on the bed, probably even laying back. The question kept popping into my head, ‘why would he do that when I could tell the bed was big enough to lay down completely on it’. I decided to lean against the driver’s side front fender of my car. From there I could clearly see him laying back with his fingers crossed over his chest. Dudes legs were spread wide revealing the mound in his white boxer briefs. I definitely didn’t need to risk anything to get off with a fag beater baiting me into trying something. Besides, by this time I had already got off twice, so I gave up. As I grabbed the door handle of my car, I hear, “Hey, where you going?”

Awe shit, that show Was for me, and may actually be wanting something good. I peaked my head into the opening of the door, where I could see he hadn’t changed positions even a little. “Shut the door.” He was obviously very aware of where I was without even opening his eyes. Obediently, I got in and closed the door. I sat on a milk crate next to the cooler waiting for another command. Several minutes go by and nothing, but I know what he wants. I slowly crawled towards him to get a closer look at the shape of his bulge and the way his balls were being held in his cotton boxer briefs. He’s even more muscular and sexy looking than I had first thought. I studied his face, he looked like he was sleeping, it made it more fantasy like. I knew he wasn’t actually sleeping, but I couldn’t help but to try not disturbing him from his comfort. He still had his t-shirt on, it did nothing to hide his very defined pecs. The bottom of the shirt was high enough to leave a two inch gap before the elastic band of his BVD’s. There were a number of soft hairs creating a trail into the material holding my curiosity in them. My heart was beating so hard in my chest that it almost hurt. My attention was focused on the movement contained just below the elastic. His maybe 6 – 7 inches of hard average thickness, pulsed a few times in anticipation. I needed to feel it as it happened. Instead of my hands I decided to play with it using only my mouth through his underwear. I started with squeezing the head with my lips making it pulse again. Dude let out a long breath as I sucked on the head through the cotton which was quickly getting soaked with both my saliva and his precum. I know because it tasted like Cody’s precum.

I moved between his legs so I could do more underwear sucking on his balls and on down by his butthole. Those BVD’s were starting to get soaked and his breathing was gradually sounded erratic. My left hand went to work rubbing my dick through my jeans and my right hand slid the finger tips under his elastic waistband. As I continued getting the cotton wet covering dude’s balls, I slowly pulled the top of his BVD’s down until they revealed those nuts that I never stopped licking. He moaned when my tongue made first contact directly on his bare nut sack. That’s when I decided to change things up by pulling at the sides of those briefs, pulling them down and off. Now, I dove under those balls to bury my face in that space between his balls and his butthole. Before I could decide if I dare put my tongue on the dude’s hole, I realized I already have. Not even remotely as disgusting I believed it would be. I spent enough time covering the entire area with gobs of my spit while he arched his back and panted hard. I reached up and pulled that dude’s dick way back to my mouth where I sucked it in with all my might. It gave the perfect distraction while I got my pants down around my ankles. I came forward to get his dick in it’s normal position and occasionally pulled on him to get his ass off the edge of the bed. I knew I was working dude’s cock good, because I was doing what had recently been done to me.

Thinking about Cody putting my dick inside of his butt, and the incredible feeling it gave me. I just adjusted my angle so I could feel the opening to his rim with my dick, while I never lost rhythm of my suction. The dude started thrusting into m mouth only to pull back onto my dick. Gradually, he must’ve realized how good my dick felt pressing into that slobbery wet hole. The rhythm began to change as he pressed a little harder onto my dick and a little less into my mouth. Each time getting more of it inside of him, I pressed harder into him. Then I refocused on the intense suction with his dick in my mouth. He was really moaning and thrashing as I would get most of my cock into him, followed by sucking his dick all the way down my throat. I wasn’t sure at first what had changed. His hole started clenching down hard on my dick, almost as powerful as Les’s mouth. It took me about three or four really hard pushes for my cum to start filling his bowels. I suspected he could actually feel how my cum had made everything more lubricated while I continued to ram into his clenching hole. Suddenly, he shot so hard into my mouth that he almost choked me with it. Each of us still thrusting but with less urgency each time, it took about five or so minutes till we were able to calmly separate. “I can’t believe you fucked me. Shit, I can’t believe, how fucking amazing it felt. Fuck, I would never have done that if you hadn’t been poking at me while giving me the best blowjob of my life.”

I had to do a one second chuckle and try to stand enough to get my pants up. “Dude, you’re hot as fuck and I just couldn’t stop myself from getting inside you. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I lost all control of my ability to stop after having that direct contact of your hole and my dick.”

“Fuck, I might want to do it again before leaving in the morning, do you think you might be around?” He sounds nervous and hopeful.

“Sounds good to me.”

“Fuck it, you can just sleep in here if you want.” But, will we actually sleep.

“It would be better than sleeping in my car.” I crawled up beside him and found that indeed we were going to get some sleep.

At some point during the night I was dreaming about Cody waking me up with his ass. I knew somehow it was a dream so I just went with it for a bit. I opened my eyes to find the morning light creeping through the windows and that it was dude actually sucking my dick. When he realized I had opened my eyes he smiled and moved so he could sit on my dick. He wanted to get right to it. I tried to get to his dick to suck it, but I just couldn’t stretch enough. I opened my mouth wide and held out my tongue for him to aim his cum. This time he worked for my cum. But the moment I had my nut he bust on my face and tongue.

We were heading west towards Orlando when I met that dude, and I wondered if I might ever run into him again. In the meantime, I reached Orlando and while it’s nice enough, I felt hell bent on being closer to water. Then after reaching Tampa, I immediately felt like it was Toledo with palm trees. Not getting a very good feeling about this one either. Heading south on the freeway I guessed I wanted to be in the far South. As I pulled into Fort Myers I felt something this time. A very empty pocket with a quickly maxing out credit card. This is going to be home whether I like it or not.

Copyright © 2021 PhillMakracken; All Rights Reserved.
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It's a great beginning chapter of Daniel's adventures. I look forward to seeing where the story goes.  In your description of Tampa it was just how my cousin and I felt when we spent a few days there years ago minus Toledo's pot holes.

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