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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

A Long Way From Home - 3. Chapter 3 FALLING FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY

Maybe, Daniel over reacted after catching Tommy fucking around.

The next morning, I had serious dejavue, waking to find Kyle had got me inside of him and was in the act of thrusting back on me. “Man, seriously, this is the most amazing way to wake up.”
I thought I pissed him off when he just rolled away from me, but he turned and pushed me onto my back. It was like he was trying to pull my dick off with his butthole. It was amazing to feel, how can I show him how sexy and beautiful I think he is? I brought my knees up to still keep doing what he started and nudge him forward just a hair. This way I could easily suck him off at the same time. “Oh shit, oh shit, I’m going to cum in your mouth. Fuck yeah, choke on my dick.” I don’t know when this macho straight homophobe, won’t fuck with me anymore, so I wanna get all that I can from him, right now.

When it was too much strain on my neck, I wrapped my fingers behind his head and used my forearms on his shoulders to push him down onto my dick, hard. Going through that forceful thrusting several times, I began pulling at his neck at the same time. His resistance began fading as his lips made contact with mine,I sensed kissing was probably more than he wants to deal with, but I can’t stop myself. At first it was a lite contact, open mouths gently brushing the lips together. It was more panting into each other’s mouths than it was kissing. Some how it seemed more sensual and telling. The battle of fighting against the very thing you want to do the most, completely entranced by the smell and heat of the others breath, just fucking amazing. At the point of crossing his boundary line, he began soft sucking each of my lips. As his head tilted slightly, I went in for the French kiss. Tongue sucking, slobbering, wet kissing like I felt with Tommy that first time. Kyle finally went for gold as we became one rhythm, one team with one purpose. It was a great feeling to give into the animalistic side of myself. I whispered into his mouth, “I’m cumming”, as I began to blast my seed into him. That put my straight macho man right over the edge. I literally felt him shooting between us, each spasm, each burst of his man juice puddling and seeking a path of least resistance.

After lying there for quite some time, we got up to relieve ourselves and get rid of the evidence of our debauchery, we picked up all the beer bottles, the all male clothing thrown in every direction, the cum stained sheets on our beds, it all had to disappear. The best part, we weren’t talking about any of it, or flirting or anything sexual. It was exactly as if it didn’t happen. I preferred it that way, not overwhelming torture, just we had a good time ‘so what’.

The following weekend, Kyle had a ditzy blonde ready to fuck all weekend. I could tell Kyle was in one of his moods. I tried to get some things together so I leave and get out of his way. But, I heard him and knew I was too late, “Bitch, you gotta get out of my house. I don’t need your kind of Bullshit.”

“Who are you calling a bitch, Faggot.” Who, fuck, bitch, faggot, I’m out. I got my keys and made it out the door.

“DANIEL! Stay RIGHT THERE. Don’t you go anywhere! This Bitch is the only one leaving!”

Man, I didn’t want to be dragged into that shit. Obedient Daniel wasn’t allowed to leave, so I sat on one of the deck chairs and waited for the blonde to scream as she gets in her car and leaves. I had heard this kind of thing at least a dozen times. I was even able to mouth the exact words at the right time. Don’t these girls have any original thoughts of their own. It’s like all of those sleep overs were so they could write their scrips. Now, I had to wait for Kyle to start yelling at me. He opened the door and looked at me. “Please, come back in.” Then Kyle just walked away from the door. That actually scared me more than the screaming he usually would do.

“Uh. What’s up Kyle?” I wasn’t sure what he was doing.

“Daniel, man, I feel fucked up. I need to get out of this town for a couple days. I’m going to go up to Siesta Key. My parents have a cottage there. Would you be willing to come with me? I’d like to have you there to help keep me calm.”

This was some new territory that I didn’t know how to navigate. “Yeah, ok, I can do that. I just need to call Dixie and pack a few things.” I can’t help myself, I throw myself right into his drama. Well, I had shit of my own to deal with, maybe Siesta Key would be good for both of us.

“Hey, Daniel, can we take your car and put the top down?” I smiled.

“Of course, we can, are you gonna pay for the gas?” I asked half serious.

“Don’t be a dick, I’ll pay for everything. Does that make you feel better?” He had a hint of bitterness in his tone.

“Yep, perfect. Get in, let’s go.” I drove for a while then got off the freeway at some random exit.

“Why are you stopping at a carpet and tile store?” He had his almost mad, but very sarcastic way of making me not care. I just walked around to his side of the car and opened the door.

“Get out. I want new carpeting.” I was tired of his attitude.

“Why? We don’t need carpeting and I don’t want to get out.” He looked at me accusingly, “No, fuck you, I’m not getting out.” Kyle started grabbing anything to hold onto.

“Just get out and you will see what I am going to do.” I motioned like I was a maitre d’.

Kyle got wide eyed and whispered, “You can’t blow me in this parking lot. Just get back in and let’s get out of here.” What a dumb fuck, no wonder he gets in so many fights with these girls. He only thinks about his dick.

I got sick of it and started trying to drag him out of that fucking car. I only could get one word in at a time while fighting to pull him out by the feet and him yelling, “RAPE”.

“I”, “Want “, “To”, “Stop, fucking, yelling Rape!”. I dropped his feet and fell on my ass, I gave up, I sat there on the pavement. “Dude, we didn’t have to go through all this Bullshit, I just wanted you to drive, asshole.”

“Well, what are you pissed at me for? You could’ve just said ‘hey Kyle, do you wanna drive?’, I would have been like, ‘Well, yes Daniel, I would love to drive your car on this glorious day’. Instead you made me think you were going to leave me stranded.” He actually thought that was the most reasonable string of logic.

“Dude, have I ever threatened or attempted to leave you stranded anywhere before? Why would ‘that’ be the logical thought process? Why wouldn’t it be like, ‘Ok Daniel, I want to see what you’re up to. I bet it would be something I like, because you are always trying to make me smile.’ But, no you’d rather stick with the thought that ‘I’ I would actually leave you stranded in the middle of no where.”

“I fucked up dude, I’m sorry, you’re right, I don’t know why I didn’t just trust you.” He got out of the car and reached out his hand to help me up. As he pulled me to my feet , he pulled me into a tight hug. “You always do find some way to make me smile.”

That asshole almost made me teary eyed. I just handed him the keys and put the top up. He was disappointed, but after all we just went through, he kept his trap shut. After we got back on the freeway, and about fifteen minutes into the drive, I reached my hand over and put it on his thigh. Kyle raised an eyebrow and scowled, but he managed to keep his trap shut again, that has to deserve some kind of reward. So I slid my hand up his thigh further, just so my pinky was up against his nuts, by the way, it might have turned me on more than it did him. This time he raised both eyebrows, I got his attention now. Well, I didn’t wait long to start squeezing and rubbing, occasionally even pulling, I wanted to open that package.He was all smiles. “I wanted you to drive so I could do this.” I started getting his pants undone. He suddenly looked like he saw a ghost.

“Roadhead? Are you going to give me, Roadhead? I’ve always wanted Roadhead, what do I need to do? Should I have my pants all the way down?” I knew he’d like it, but this is the kid in the toy store who is finally getting the one toy he thought he’d never get. That’s the kid who is so loud everyone stops to see what’s going on, but you can’t help yourself from being happy for him/her. Now that made me smile.

“Just keep your hands on the steering wheel, keep your eyes on the road and don’t crash. Can you do that?” He got a serious look.

“Fuck yeah, I am ready for my Roadhead , I’ll drive perfect while you to suck my dick. This is happening, isn’t it, best fucking day ever.” He reminded me of the kids who get to drive for the very first time, seriously keeping both hands on the wheel and staying extremely alert of all traffic around him.

I got his pants just off the butt and below the balls. If anyone could look down into the car they’d see a perfect nine inch dick sticking straight up. I watched the road, judging distance and speed of other cars. We were pretty much alone, perfect distance in both directions. The moment my mouth was on his aching dick, he breathed heavily, “fuck. Don’t stop.” He didn’t need to worry about that, I don’t think he could make me stop now.

I had my right hand feeling his balls while getting his fat mushroom head into the back of my mouth. I had my left hand pulling out my dick to time myself cumming at the same time as he did. I had it in my mind that I was going to master the art of deep throating on this drive. My first attempt wasn’t exactly successful, I choked. But, I got a positive response from Kyle, “Fucking choke on that dick. It feels so good. Do it again for me.”

I went for it and almost choked except the ridge of his dickhead cleared my tonsils and went right into my throat. In fact, I pushed all the way down till I had my nose buried in the soft patch of pubic hair nesting at the base of his shaft. Kyle couldn’t breathe till I pulled back. “Oh my god, oh my fucking god, I can’t believe you got the whole thing in your throat. Do you think you can do it again? It was incredible, will you try?” I didn’t try, I fucking did it. I got it now, and I wasn’t going to stop. But, I liked the way Kyle begged.

The game I played with myself now was, how long can I hold it there without having to pull back for air, like holding your breath underwater as a kid, but better. I felt like I got better at it after a few more times, but I didn’t think Kyle would last much longer. “Daniel, go all the way down again, you are the best dick sucker I have ever had and I want remember everything about the feeling of your mouth going all the way down, I don’t want to miss anything. You’re gonna need to fucking swallow.”

Alright, I wanted that shit so let’s see if I can time this right. I got it all in and began to throat fuck his dick, bobbing up and down about an inch from the base real fast, just like Les had done to me. The car started jerking some and slowing down then speeding up. “Fuck, Daniel, I’m gonna cum, don’t stop it’s gonna cum, you got it, here it is, one second, I am gonna shoot in your throat . Ugh god, swallow it, just keep swallowing, there’s more,” he shot gobs straight down my throat, but I pulled back to get gobs in my mouth too, before I slid down for more in my throat. I couldn’t spend much time juicing his balls, I knew he was having trouble driving. When I sat up, I grabbed the wheel to straighten us up, between the aggressive Roadhead and the enormous orgasm, he did pretty good keeping us between the lines. “That was the most incredible and difficult thing in my life. I thought a couple times that we might crash, so I was trying to find the happy place in the middle. Dude, you rocked my world.”

“Believe it or not, the pleasure was all mine.” I opened my hand to show him how much I came in my hand.

Kyle grabbed my wrist and licked off every bit of cum from my hand. Then he saw my surprised look, “What? I already told you, I like the taste of cum.”

“Yeah, your cum.” Still a little surprised.

“Yeah, but I think I like the taste of your cum better than mine.” He was so matter of factly.

“Not me, I think I could swallow your cum every day of the week, dude.”

Kyle got very macho looking, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” He also looked dreamy.

“Alright, I’ll settle for when I can.” I kicked back to enjoy the rest of the ride.

The cottage was on stilts in the shape of an octagon. It had a balcony that went all the way around it and had a ramp down to the beach. He parked us in the detached large two car garage. They had a small boat hoisted above our heads, a golf cart along the back wall and lots of fun toys and golf clubs. The ramp from the garage to the house had a few spider webs that Kyle knocked down with a broom. Apparently they get them a lot since they have several brooms on each end. “Don’t worry I’ll go spray in a few minutes and that’ll keep them back, at least till tomorrow, unless it rains then it’ll wash the poison away.”

Kyle gave me the quick tour. The kitchen had a lanai off of it over looking a lagoon. They had a half bath off the kitchen. The living room had a giant series of glass doors leading out to the largest part of the deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. On the other side of the place were two bedrooms, one of which was considered his. The two rooms shared a Jack and Jill half bath, with an outdoor shower, just like at home. This one also has a great view of the Gulf. Upstairs they had a large loft slash reading area and a master bedroom and bath. I absolutely loved that place. I spent some time putting our things in the two connecting rooms, while Kyle nuked the area to rid us of the spiders. I eventually managed to drum up enough of the non perishable food items to have a simple lunch.

“What do you think about taking a short nap?” Kyle looked tired as he said it and just started walking to his room. I thought it sounded pretty good and went to my room.

I felt like I was getting close to falling asleep when Kyle got on my bed and spooned up to me. All I know is, I was out like a light. We figured out that we slept about an hour and a half. That’s way more than I usually do for a nap. Kyle went to the bathroom and I went into the living room looking at the water. What a great day, perfect temperature, gentle waves, beautiful beach, fantastic house, what more could I ask for? “Hey Roadhead. let’s change and go out to the beach.” Oh yeah, a sweet talking man.

We had a great time playing in the water and looking at the things that live close to shore, when there isn’t a thousand people to scare them off you’ll see just about anything you can imagine. Best of all we made a massive sand castle. We found a disposable camera that his mother stashes around the house so she doesn’t miss anything. We took a ton of pictures of, and with, our masterpiece. A great mote went all the way around it and a large draw bridge across it. The castle had a massive wall around it, with town structures and roads up to the Towering castle. Every single person who walked along the beach stopped to look. Some took pictures of their own. One guy had decided to help us for a while. I think his name was Matt, I can’t remember for sure, but let’s go with that. Matt, was probably in his late twenties or early thirties. He had a rocking body, definitely a gym rat kind of guy. The only clothing he had on was a tight pair of white short shorts, like the 1950’s swim suits, I guess. They didn’t do much to hide anything, so how could you blame a guy for looking? Besides, I saw Kyle checking Matt out a few times too.

Matt would lay in the sand and watch us for a while then join us with some of his ideas. Each time he’d lay down I could see into the leg of his shorts, I eventually felt like he intentionally aimed it at me. Mostly, I saw his hairless balls, occasionally, his dickhead would be looking at me. As I would catch sight of his mushroom, it would just kind roll out of view. In my mind, it was because he would start to get a boner. Matt eventually got in the water to rinse the sand off and came back to thank us for letting him join us. What I noticed is he didn’t bother to unstick the front of his shorts as he came up to us, that’s what guys usually do after they get out of the water, the material clings to our bodies leaving the perfect shape of our manhood. Anyone could tell he had boned up, because it was up and to the left. That is nearly impossible to maintain without at least chub. Well, too bad, Matt went back the way he came.

As it got dark we went back up to the house. We took our showers and put on some fresh clothes. I was sitting on the deck listening to the water, and watching the moon glitter on the waves, when Kyle walked up. “You can stay here or come with me to pick up a pizza in the town square. Doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t be more than half hour if you wanted to just hang here.”

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll just hang.” I would’ve gone, but it wasn’t a big deal to me either at the time.

Kyle walked the path to the garage and took off. I swear the moment his engine was out of hearing distance, Matt stepped out of the shadows. He waved and smiled. “Hello, I was just out taking a walk. I’m staying just three houses back that way. Think I might have stepped on something and cut my foot. Can I come up and check it in the light?”

“Of course, lets take a look.” Matt only used the heal of his injured foot to walk up the ramp. I noticed he had the same white shorts on from earlier, he had just added a white t-shirt.

His feet had too much sand on them to see if there was a cut in this light, so I led him to the shower surround. But, the light was even darker there, I couldn’t find a switch for the outside light. I just opened the door and let the light out from the bathroom. Matt leaned against the surround while I grabbed a handful of water from the trickle I turned on. While washing his foot, I had looked up at his white shorts and had a clear view straight up into them, and of his, no question, hard on. I looked up at his face, he wasn’t smiling, he wasn’t embarrassed, he was horny. “You didn’t cut your foot did you?”

He answered softly, “No.”

I let his foot go back down and I pulled at his shorts to get them down with it. He had a very nice dick, I felt guilty, but I had to do it. I sucked hard and fast. I had to set a world record for a slobbery sticky cum sucking blow job in about one minute. I managed to stroke and suck his cum into my mouth so well, it literally made his knees buckle. I used that downward decent to get him onto his knees and take care of my needs. It took me about 5 minutes, of him sucking on it, and me thinking about how good his cum still tastes in my mouth, till I started flooding his mouth with my cum. I got him quickly to his feet and sent him on his way. I managed to get myself put back together and calm down, just in time for Kyle to come back with a delicious smelling pizza. Kyle came bounding up as he announced, “I cooked!”

“Smells great.” We finished that thing off in mere minutes.

We watched TV for a while then he got up and went to bed. I didn’t even get to sit on my bed before I hear Kyle, “Daniel, can you come here for a minute?” When I get there, he is lying face down completely naked on top of the covers. “My back and shoulders hurt, do you mind giving me a massage?”

I didn’t need to answer a stupid question like that, of course, I’ll just take off my underwear to sit on his legs. I will enjoy reaching up to rub his body while my dick pokes around at his ass. It’ll be looking for a way in. Oh it was good too, I had the head of my dick poking through his tight rim over and over as I genuinely massaged his back.

“Ok, lay down, I’ll do yours now.” He did too, just less massage and more poking. It wasn’t long before he had his bed slamming against the wall, trying to ram his whole body inside my hole. It was awesome, he talked a lot while he fucked me, “Your so tight “; “I’m going to cum so deep in your ass.”; “I want you to make me swallow your cum”; “I want you to suck my dick every day.”; “You should just bend me over and take my ass whenever you want it.”; “I want to crawl in your bed every night to Fuck that beautiful ass of your’s”; “fuck, I’m getting close.”

That was it for me, I threw him off of me and I pinned him down on his back. Straddling his chest, I shoved my dick into the back of his throat. He choked, but I did it again and again, until I felt it slip into his throat and pumped really fast right there. As I started cumming, I pulled back and shoved his dick up my ass. He refused to let my dick out of his mouth so I pumped him hard till he started cumming inside me. I fell onto him, trying to catch my breath, both of us sweating like we just ran a marathon. I lay there with Kyles arms wrapped around me, safe and warm.

“Daniel, we been living together for six months now, we could have been doing this the whole fucking time.” We both kept giggling about that. “Seriously though, I don’t want to go another six months either. Daniel, I know, for sure, without a doubt, that I only want you. I love you.”

I sat straight up, “What? Did you just say….”

“Wait, I’ve known for a while, but I wanted to be sure, dude I am totally in love with you!” Man did he ever take a chance!It took real guts to say something like that out loud.

My stomach started twitching, my lips were twitching so hard I thought I might have a stroke, but I had to tell him now. “I have been thinking that I am in love with you too, but there was no way in HELL I believed you’d love me back!” I didn’t need to say any more. He was on fire with passionate meaningful kisses.

It was wonderful to fall asleep in my boyfriend’s arms. Boyfriend…. I think we didn’t move a muscle till morning. We were shocked out of sleep by a huge BANG!!!! We both got up and ran through the door into the living room. ‘Oh fuck’, Kyles parents were in the living room and they were furious. Kyle and I were completely naked, his mom burst into hysterical tears and his father grabbed me forcefully by the arm and literally threw me out of the back door onto the deck. His dad grabbed Kyle by the hair and dragged him into Kyle’s bedroom. That was the moment I broke down. I could hear Kyle begging, he even said he loved me. But, his father didn’t want to hear any of it. Then his father dragged a partially dressed Kyle through the house and out to his car. Kyles mother ran after them, and I was alone. I went into the house where I shook in fear and anger. I had just about finished gathering everything when the asshole came barging in. As he came at me, I used my forearm on his throat and pinned him to the wall. “Listen you FUCK! You might be able to get away with abusing your family, BUT I WILL END YOU IF YOU EVER DARE TO TOUCH ME!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!” He tried to nod, “If I even think you’ve hit him, I will be sure to destroy your reputation, your job, and anywhere you go you’ll be looking over your God Damn shoulder! I’ll be moving out within the week, so I don’t want to hear from you! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH?!” He nodded, I let him go and he stood there looking at me, in the end he made the right choice and left.

After I got my car loaded up with all my things and some of Kyles. I walked three houses down the beach. Matt was on the deck and waved for me to come up. I just started staring into space. He invited me inside because he could clearly see something was wrong. I told him the basics of what happened, then looked at him with absolute seriousness, “I could use a blowjob to get my mind off of this shit.”

“Well fuck, then you’re in the right place.” He crawled up to me and started licking and sucking through my shorts.

I slid low on the chair and put my hands behind my head. I was willing to take whatever time it needed, but I wasn’t leaving until he swallowed my cum or took it in his ass. Matt knew as well as I did, we’d never see each other again. That guy went for everything he could get. He pulled off my shorts and was licking from my hole to my balls and back again. That tongue would plunge into my hole and he’d bite at it. Talk about eating ass, I had to pull my knees up to give him better access. After he had my dick begging for real attention, I turned Matt around so I could eat his ass the way he ate mine. Only my dick would be up in it shortly. Matt didn’t protest or stop me, he pounded his ass cheeks against my waist. His smell was more of a ripe man ass, but not exactly unpleasant. I came deep inside, breathing in his scent. I flipped him over got my dick back in him and sucked his dick till I could swallow every bit of cum he shot into my mouth. Not long after that, I got dressed and walked back to my car. This fucking sucks and I just don’t know what to do.

Copyright © 2021 PhillMakracken; All Rights Reserved.
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