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A Long Way From Home - 4. Chapter 4 SOUL SEARCHING

How will Daniel fill the void?

I went to Dixie and told her everything about Kyle. She cried with me, only when my anger wasn’t enough to hold it back. Dixie had given my room to a sweet girl who was in a tough spot. So, we were trying to come up with other options. Anne had been listening from the other room and decided to join the conversation. She told me about a girl she knew who worked at a resort on Sanibel Island. The girl lived in their employee housing. Now that sounded interesting.

The next day, I went on an adventure to see what I could find out about this resort. It took me a while to find it, the first thing I saw was on guard station monitoring who goes in and out. Across the street, with access to the general public, was a series of shops in a typical strip mall fashion. The major difference was it’s construction, all wooden clapboard rustic structures in stilts. Even the walkways were wooden with railings and stilts. I kept an eye on the busy guard station and noticed an occasional trolley with 20 or more people on them would basically roll right in. Obviously, the resort offers the transportation for their guests to venture outside of the resort itself. I also noticed a trend that most came from the same direction. I began walking in that direction to see if they make a stop somewhere close by. In the meantime I wandered around the shops. I bought a pair of green lens sunglasses and a pair of yellow lens glasses from two different shops. I probably walked a mile before I saw an obvious stopping point for the trolley. I was able to join a family with about 5 children of various ages. I blended right in with my preppy appearance. I was excited when I was ushered past the guard station with the rest of the people on the trolley. It was beautifully landscaped hotel looking structures, cottages, town houses. I also caught site of several restaurants and shops along the way, all were neatly blended in with the rest of the buildings and landscaping. We went as far as the trolley would go before turning around.

At the point where I stepped off I saw restaurant called, Captain Charlie’s. It was busy with people who were in casual attire and most were oblivious of my existence. There were multiple outside patio tables and a large deck overlooking a marina full of beautiful yachts, I counted 20 tables in that area. There were multiple average customers carrying their own plates and wandering around with them. In a grand central location with a giant atrium, there was a series of buffets amongst two water fountains and clumps of palm trees scattered about. This place was incredible. I followed a new family who even made small talk with me, that’s when I created a fake persona to blend in, and to keep my real mission to myself. “My parents come here every year mostly to golf. I am in College at Berkeley studying Economics. It’s sometimes more work than I anticipated. This year I managed to squeak out a 3.9 so good ole dad brought me with them. I’m really not much of a golfer, but dad rented a Sea*Doo Spotster to buzz around the island with. I just have to stay out of anything more than a 2 foot chop. I just keep close to the shore in case I need to beach it for storms.” We got our plates and grazed from one buffet to another. As I would put a modest amount on my large plate I would try a bite of the different things, you know, to see if they tasted as good as they smelled. Just those samples were plenty to satisfy my stomach. I pretended to walk back towards my table with my family’ when I suddenly noticed a restroom, “I should go before I sit down to eat.” My family bid me a nice day. A waist high wall with plants gave me a place to ‘temporarily’ place my well designed food from the buffet. Inside the restroom it smelled like some kind of soft incense. There were multiple sinks in one area that had ornate faucets and low lighting around the mirrors that when standing at the sink gave a person perfect light for grooming. Another area had wide gentle waterfalls where men stepped up to urinate into. Then, of course, the room for the toilets. Each one was a creation capable of being handicap accessible. The toilets themselves hardly gave out any sound at all. Soft music drowned out any unpleasant sounds that may have come from one of the occupants. The dividing walls weren’t immediately noticeable from the outside, all you’d see are the wooden slat doors you might see in a spa. When I went inside one. I saw one side wall was an interesting dark mirror type, that went from floor to ceiling. On that wall, there were gaps you would put your hand into for your toilet paper. On the opposite wall was a soft light blue illuminating wall, it wasn’t shining onto the wall, it ‘was’ the wall shining at you. The wall began about two feet from the ceiling and ended about a foot or so from the floor. Sitting there, you could tell that a passerby would not get enough angle to see you unless you were standing right in front of it. I leaned far forward to look under the light wall and noticed the thickness of the wall itself couldn’t have been more than two inches, and that the opposite wall of the next stall went from floor to ceiling. While I was looking, a man, who obviously had shorts on, had come in and took his time to prepare himself. The legs were a light amount of average length leg hair. He didn’t have socks on and had those casual type boat tennis shoe, they even resembled a light color denim. Old man tennis shoes I have always called them. So, why would I think any different now? He was an old man with young looking tan strong legs.

I must have waited about two minutes for that old man to drop his shorts. As I suspected, tan cargo shorts with a blue canvas belt, such an old man outfit. But, wait a minute, no underwear. I thought for sure I would see a pair of Fruit of the Looms come down, otherwise known tighty whitey’s. He let the shorts completely lay on the floor and on his feet, I rarely do that, it’s kinda gross if you think about it. Maybe, the old Republican (nothing against Republicans, but they do have a reputation of having a certain appearance) was more particular about what the tighty whiteys touch so they are on his knees. ‘Holy Cow, did he just spread his knees wide open?’ Well, you can’t do that with your underwear on your knees, he didn’t have any underwear on. ‘Good for you, old man dude.’

Now, we guy’s notice things about the guys who are our temporary neighbors. We all do it whether we admit it or not. There are many things that you understand by sounds, like constipation, or diarrhea. Even watching videos of your grandchildren for instance. Hey, I know I have heard definite video porn sounds, again there are things you’ll learn from your neighbor, like a whimpering moaning woman who is performing for a grunting stud of a man. Or, a moaning woman who’s enjoying the oral pleasures of another woman. Even a grunting stud with a whimpering sissy boy, and even two grunting studs having a go with each other.

There’s another way to tell something about your neighbor, their shadows. These very telling, what are you doing with your hands? Holding a phone, holding the walls, holding each other waiting patiently, wiping from the back, wiping from the front, and of course the all telling touching your dick. I like that one sometimes, you never really know, they check the peehole and examine their balls, they pull on it out of curiosity like a toy, they even pull on it with a mission. You can see how fast their hand is going, and if they are leaning in any direction. You also can tell if they push it into the bowl as they cum, or catch it, or best of all just letting it fly. Sometimes those guys won’t even clean it up when they’re done, hot.

This guy that was next to me was definitely pulling, and it was definitely hard. Well, shit, I had to know more. I tried to get the right angle to see up at his face. I only made it to his lower chest with his light blue t-shirt. Not bad though, and his dick made my mouth water. I sorta decided if he was even remotely handsome and slightly interested, I would suck his dick. Curiously his hands weren’t exactly old looking hands, and the blonde hairs around his dick looked soft and more like a dusting. Wow, I am definitely curious now.

I decided to try the other technique I know has started many homoerotic experiences from grade school to college and I imagine beyond. You don’t have to be gay at all to participate, it can be as simple as knowing at what point each of you are at by using all the signs to not only know where they are in their orgasm but to inform them where you are. A kind of race if you will. Another is to see how interested the other might be in seeing your dick. You can swivel so you sort of point in their direction using shadows, seat movement sounds and if they’re looking leg adjustments. Many times it can interest even a straight man to look under since they now have your permission. When there isn’t any doubt about the curiosities from your neighbor, either by seeing their shadows trying to see up under or you’ve now seen each other’s faces looking from under. Now you can get your knees on the floor by the wall to put your penis into their stall.

My game I’m playing at the time was, look at my shadow doing what you’re doing. See me try to look under the wall, notice how I want to know how interested you are. This was easy because the responses were equal. I used my arm to reach up into his stall so I could get him to move right next to the wall. This way I could stroke his dick, play with his, or if I really wanted to be daring, I could toy with his butthole. For this guy I did all of that. He definitely liked it all. It was also time to reciprocate. He stayed with stroking my dick to get some of my oozing precum on his fingers, and rubbing my balls. Next, he was the first to offer his dick from under the wall. It was even better in close personal observation. His peehole glistening from anticipation making him begin some pre. I wanted him to know how interested I was in playing with him today, so I got on the floor, put m mouth close enough to feel my hot breath and tugged the shaft using one hand and cupped the his balls with the other. A thin gleaming stream ran from his tip down his shaft and dripped from his balls onto my fingers. I quickly licked my fingers to find it a delicious stream of man precum. With one deep plunge, I got his entire dick in my mouth, in my throat and even my lower lip and tongue to ticket his ball. He was really trying hard to not make an obvious sound. This guy panted through the need to express his appreciation for pleasing his long overdue needs. But, I still have plenty of work to do before this ends. When I pulled immediately off he let out a long breath. Old or not, he’s definitely got a sexiness about him. I plunge back down as hard as I can and do my now favorite thing, bobbing up and down fast and short with it in my throat. The response was almost immediate with a pant just a bit louder with a slight moan.

I stopped immediately and completely let him go. I really think he knew he fucked up, so he used a hand to say, ‘ok, sorry, you can go, I won’t do it again.’ True to his perceived promise, he did not use a moan or even heavy pant to rusk alerting someone of our tryst. He was reaching a point where he was bucking up into my downward plunges. It’s an obvious sign he would cum if we kept it up. I pulled off, pushed a bit above his dick and he back away with my command. This guy was a good listener, I bet his wife tells him about all her emotional feelings and he is engaged in whatever she says.

I got my shorts and boxers around my ankles and pushed my knees, my dick and my entire pelvis under the wall clear up to my outtie belly button. This guy pushed my shirt up so I pulled back to my side of the wall, better access for his viewing and whatever other pleasure he had in his mind. He started with my balls, it wasn’t just a tickle with the tip of his tongue, he pulled one nut at a time into his suctioning mouth so he could pull on them. Slobbered under, over and all on them. This guy spent plenty of slobbering time all around the base of my very excited dick. A few times he licked my shaft clean of my precum running down. I knew this guy had some good experience and I was excited to find out just how good he would be.

Another talent he soon revealed was to swallow my entire nine-ish inches and tickle my balls with his tongue as I did to him. This bad dude pays attention, I have to admit, I liked that. ‘But, can he,,,,,, wait,,,,, yes he can.’ Dude swallowed my dick on the next plunge and bobbed my dick in his throat! I swear he should’ve been on America’s Got Talent. Hell, maybe he was on the PPV version, I wonder if there is one?

The passion he had for coming completely off, waiting a second, the plunging down as hard as he could, reminded me of a couple videos that called it edging. Because, each time he waited my dick would pulse and throb with anticipation. I know for a fact that my precum pours out like a fountain when it jumps around like that. Something I’ve always had to worry about in public ever since I started puberty. He wasn’t gingerly licking it up now. He would watch it flow down my shaft, gather on my balls, drip onto the floor, then plunge down as hard as he could. Every now and then I could hear and feel him changing positions and angles. So, I was taken by surprise when he plunged down with his ass instead of his mouth. It was obviously different enough that I knew, that gave me the permission I needed to thrust into him as he plunged down. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and so did he. When that first blast of my cum shot into him, I felt him spraying on my knees and lower thighs. We continued to plunge through my entire orgasm, and a couple more for good measure.

After I pulled back into my own stall, we had some cleanup required before just existing. But, we managed to leave only moments apart and with no one wise to what had happened. But, I will tell, when that moment came, you know, when we saw each other’s faces the first time, we knew each other immediately. In fact, I froze from my memories of him. Saw a certain level of fear in his eyes too. It was Bobby McIntire, the senior Tommy went to jail for. To be fair to Tommy, Bobby was 18, but there circumstances when the one in question is still attending school and if they admit to wanting the interaction or not. Bobby and his father were attempting to save his reputation so they played the innocent card, ultimately putting Tommy in jail. Well, now I have no questions about if he was still in high school, I knew he wasn’t, and I even knew he wasn’t living with his parents anymore. That little tidbit came from Dixie one day.

We worked our way through our shock and washed our hands. I had questions, but I wasn’t about to start there. I walked out knowing he was behind me somewhere. I didn’t bother to look back, I figured if he wanted to talk he’d follow me and if not he’d change direction. Either way, fine by me. After I got through the front door and made it into a grassy park like spot with a bench, Bobby came over and sat next to me. I was not about to speak first.

“First, I want to Thank You.” I looked him in the face, I wasn’t clear if that was for the fuck or what. “I saw you, you know, that day. I saw you look over the wall. Thank you for not exposing me.” I had to look away and stare into a blank space. “I also want to say that I liked Tommy a lot, even maybe too much. I saw him go in the store with you the night before.” That got my attention. My head practically spun around in disbelief. Before I could ask any questions about it though he continued. “It was accidental coincidence that I was walking home late when I saw him across the street tapping on the door. I sank into a dark spot to watch. After you let him in I went crazy in my head. I told him I loved him and this is what he does? I even blamed your for trying to steal him away from me.” I opened my mouth but he put a finger up to let him go on. “I waited long enough to see you push him out of the door. Yes I was still jealous of the kissing, but I knew by the way he was disappointed, that he didn’t get the chance to do anything with you. So, I followed him, he never even knew I was there. I followed him to the alley behind his apartment. Sometimes you would see guys standing around if you walked way down, which he did. Yeah I watched him sucking some guys dick.”

“Oh shit.” Bobby nodded.

“As you can imagine I didn’t get any sleep that night. And, I know now, neither did my father. I walked over to Tommy’s early in the morning and left a note sticking out of his mailbox to meet me in that restroom at noon. Like me, my father was suspicious and followed me. He read the note and put it back so Tommy would get it.” Bobby looked at me knowing I would be in complete shock, and he was right. “My father waited across the street for me to go in before noon, he eventually told me from his angle he saw me go into the bathroom. Then he waited to see who would go in with me. He told me he saw both of you go in and started going over there to bust you both, but you were leaving as he got there and didn’t think you were a part of it. So he let you go.” Now I know I looked afraid. “Don’t worry, I was emphatic that I never knew you were in there. But, my plan was to get one last fuck from Tommy, then tell him what I saw. My father made everything way worse. I tried to stop him but he was out of control. When the police showed up my father had already planned for the innocent plea. I knew immediately what he was doing, when the officers bought it hook line and sinker, I didn’t know what else to do. So, I went with it. My only other fear I couldn’t shake was what you would do or say. Well, I think my father kept bringing you up because he probably worried the same thing.” I couldn’t respond to any of this because I was truly at a loss for words. “I don’t want you to think I got off easy. My father beat the crap out of me every time he was too sober that he couldn’t forget about it. He never hit me in the face or in a way that would keep me from being able to play. But, I had a steady stream of bruises on my body.”

“Oh my god, Bobby, I had no fucking idea. The only thing I knew was that you really liked him from the way you kissed and it was like making love or something. I kept feeling so sorry for you that you were going through all of this for that guy. As beautiful as he was, there was something very sinister. I don’t really know, I have been just as guilty of fucking around….”

Bobby chimed in, “Yep, me too.” I smiled at him and he at me for that most obvious observation.

“But, I look back at my short memory of him and I just can’t shake the idea that I was lucky to get away from him.” I was looking at the sky with my gratitude.

“Exactly! At the first moment I realized the officers were willing to buy my dad’s story, I saw something in Tommy’s eyes that was so cold, so completely heartless. I’ve often wondered if my father hadn’t intervened if there would’ve been some altercation between us where I wound up dead.” He was a little choked up saying it out loud.

“Maybe. but thank God, We’ll never have to know.” And gave each other a bro hug that wouldn’t even be questioned by anyone who saw it.

“I gotta get going soon, I need to take a shower, change and get to my next job.” He looked at the time on his phone.

“Oh yeah? Where are you working?” Very curious to know.

“I wait table in this restaurant, I had just got off my shift, and I serve drinks poolside where I’ll be going next.” My jaw hit the bench on the way to the ground.

“You mean you’re working in this resort?” Well, obviously, but was amazed at the coincidence. “ Sorry, obviously, it’s just I snuck in to try to get a job. I heard they have employee housing and it all sounds perfect for me.” He stood up and grabbed my hand to pull me up.

“Come with me.” He led me through a maze of pathways eventually learned to four buildings, three stories high in a square position surrounding a large pool. He told me about the employee housing which he is currently living in, and that his roommate just moved out. We started hoping I could get hired and be his next roommate. He had me thinking it could happen. He had just enough time to show me where the HR offices were and introduce me to the receptionist and that I am his referral, his friend and his preferred roommate. We gave each other another bro hug and he ran off.

With Bobby’s referral, Dixie and Anne as references, and a half way decent resume’, I got hired. I get to move in tomorrow and start in three days. There’s a couple training days first. I left there feeling pretty good. But, I still needed to go back to Kyle’s to get my things. I had to admit I was scared, what if his dad has people there watching and waiting? It wasn’t the best idea, but I pleaded with Dixie to come with me. Looking back I’m so happy she did.

It was Kyle’s father who was sitting on the deck waiting. Who knows for how long. He stood as Dixie and I approached. I just walked by him as he glared. But, Dixie went right for him. “That boy in there helped to build their house, don’t you think he deserves something for his labor?”

“He got that when he took my son’s innocence.” He said it with such hate.

“Oh please, do you actually believe no one knows about that unfortunate situation with his former gym coach? You didn’t think that was news? What about when he was caught with Mr Johnson? I bet Mrs Johnson remembers. Don’t you think so?” She knew things I had yet to hear.

I received a check for $3,000 that day and we went right to his bank and got the cash. I really love Dixie. But, the money doesn’t replace the pain in my heart for what could have been. I will always think of Kyle as the one who was taken away.


Bobby was almost giddy when he came in and saw me putting things away. He marched right up and threw his arms around me. “Daniel, I just heard about what happened to you and Kyle. I hated hearing that. Do you know if he’s ok?”

A tear ran down my cheek, “No not really, I hold onto the belief that if something did happen it would get back to me. So it comes down to, no news is good news. But, I want clear the air about some things, like who did you hear that from and what did they say?”

“Ok Daniel, you’re from around here, but I grew up knowing Kyle. I have always known him to have a, liking?, for other boys. There were some things that happened while we were in school and I don’t know as much as you’ll want me to.” He waited for a response, but I wanted him to get to it. “We have a common friend named Lisa, she’s tried to keep track of him and make sure he’s ok. Well, she had a somewhat informational conversation with his mother. Apparently he he’s been sent up north somewhere to live with a relative. She also said that he had been tricked by a man living with him. Neither of us believe that for a millisecond, but that’s what his parents are saying. Thing is, technically Kyle is an adult and if he wants to leave, he can. We think his father may have had him committed in some psychiatric facility, but we don’t know enough. Lisa had talked to Kyle about a week ago and he confided with her that he was falling in love with you. So it wasn’t hard to connect the dots. “

Well, there it was, “There would be no way of knowing for sure what may have happened, but I hope someday he’ll be able to escape from his family. “I laid down and looked over at Bobby, “I don’t know what I want. You should know that, I think it’s important to be real.”

“Yeah, about that. I might be trying to please other people, or maybe I am just built like this, but I don’t want to be known as gay. I don’t talk about any of this with anyone here. So, what I’m saying is I choose to be in the closet. The guy who was my roommate here kept making passes at me and I refused to even acknowledge him. Eventually he turned his attention to another guy here and they left together. Nobody ever accused me or even asked me. All I really know right now is that we shared something powerful in our life and I thought I trust you. After that, I have no idea.”

“So, let’s be completely clear. I will be interested in messing around with you, I may mess around with other people if I feel comfortable enough to do it. I imagine you would do the same?”

“That’s exactly how I feel. There are a couple of girls that I have dated here and there, but I think it’s better to not bring them here for any, physical activities. I don’t care what excuses we use. I just would like this to be a He-Man Woman Free Zone.” We had a decent chuckle over that name.

Bobby and I went for a long walk. He showed me how to get to the beach and where we are allowed to be. I got to see the places I’ll be working, and the places we are allowed to go on our free time. Bobby also gave me the rundown on places he’s gotten lucky. There were a lot of bathrooms. I saw where some of the guests go in the trees to play when their wives and kids aren’t around. There were a few good looking ones that night, but we thought we should leave well enough alone.

When we got back to the, Hole, that’s what the residents call our little sanctuary, Bobby pointed different guys he has messed with and some he thinks might. It was all good information. “Bobby, what we saying when we are asked how we knew each other?”

“I have it in my head that you’re the shop guy and we talked a lot about girls and jobs. I don’t know, what do you think?” He had it pretty good. I just think we need something interesting we did to want to be roommates.

“I could say I was showing you how to fight. You can say I taught you how to beat guys off with both hands!” That gave us a serious case of the giggles. “I have a military family and learned many fighting techniques that have been useful. I can show you some if you were interested.” I have found that people I have shared it with become my best friends and I thought maybe Bobby might like it.

“Like karate?”

“Well, there’s some of that influence, it’s actually more about learning to foresee what is coming and what can you do to end the situation. You might see a clear way to do a throat punch.” I showed him a slow punch to his throat. “Maybe you need a distraction to get closer so you throw a punch you know they’ll block bit you bring your knee up at the same time into their groin. I have used both of these very effectively.” Bobby was pretty surprised at my knowledge. “But, what usually is the right thing is to get them in a position that proves they don’t have the ability to win. They usually keep trying to work a way out, but you have to leverage your control. A forearm to the throat against a wall will begin to suffocate them, if you tell them what their options are, they usually back down. But, some wrestling moves with your hands placed on the front and back makes them think you are going for a headlock, they aren’t completely wrong, their defense is to drop low to escape your grasp, just as they begin you use their moment and throw your legs in the air like your jumping onto them. This will twist then to lose their balance and you land on top slipping them into the headlock pinned to the ground.”

“That sounds very effective, and kinda hot in a dominant way. Ok, when do we begin?” He was imagining someone in front of him and how it would feel to throw himself into the position.

“We already have.” He looked at me and smiled, he knew he was already the student.

“Hey, there’s that hot guy getting ready to jump in the pool, his name is Jim, I think he works in lawn maintenance. He keeps trying to get with that girl who keeps teasing him, she’s Stacy, she’s a fox isn’t she?” I nodded because she really was. “Well, he’s been trying all month, I really don’t think she is interested in him enough to just let him do whatever he wants. The other day it was just him and I hanging by the pool. While we were chatting about Stacy, I must’ve stared at his crotch a hair too long. Jim gave me a look like ‘I think I just caught you looking at my dick.’ Before I could try to protest or pretend to be uninterested he looked around the Hole and back at me. He’s like, ‘Truth is I’ve been fucked up horny for a month. It’s so bad that I start talking, I get instant hard on and I get paranoid when I know people see it. Sorry dude, I just want her so bad, I don’t know what to do to just be me again.’ I think he’s trying to ask me or someone to cure his blue balls by talking about Stacy while I give him head. What do you think?” I had the exact thought about Bobby’s story.

“Does he drink beer? That kind of dude would need an alternate excuse if anyone ever found out. He wouldn’t even need more than two to feign drunk.” Bobby looked at me with a smile like, ‘go on’. “Say we give it a go, if things looked like it would go bad to either of us we help the other to stop before shit happens. We could see if he wants to hang out and have a couple beers after we talk about how hot Stacy is. I bet he would be completely down for it.”

“When do we begin?” He looked like he was planning an attack.

“She’s fended him off again and is leaving and still giving him a sweet smile. Let’s go see if he agrees with us that she likes him, but maybe she’s a virgin.” Bobby got up right away.

We kinda just casually walked over and sat in chairs on both sides of him. Bobby jumped in first, “ Hey Jim, tough luck, Huh?” Jim dropped his head in frustration. “Jim, this here is an old buddy of mine, Daniel.”

“Hey, what’s up?” Jim reached out with a low energy hand shake. He’s a man of many words.

“Hey, nice to meet you. We were checking out that babe you were stalking. Bobby said her name’s Stacy?” Jim nodded sadly. “Man, I think she is really into you. No really, like when she’s teasing you, she always has a smile. And, oh, when she was walking away it was like she’s saying, ‘Don’t forget about me, because you are my kind of guy.” Boy, did his face ever light right up.

“I swear that’s what it seems like. But, damn, I think I’m dying over here.” Jim’s thumb unconsciously swiped over his erection he was trying to hide.

I stayed with the conversation after looking Bobby who lifted his chin like ‘your doing great, keep going’, “Well, a hot chick like that, she’s been getting guys just like you coming on to her for most of her life. I think she loves it, but I think it scares her. I eventually think maybe she’s still a virgin.” Man Jim about broke his neck to look me in the eyes.

“No way, how would she be able to last this long?” He couldn’t wrap his head around it.

Bobby chimed in, “You know how some girls want to save themselves for marriage? I was dating a hot chick like Stacy who would get me so fucking ready, I mean I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in her pussy. She started confessing she wanted to save herself for marriage. I was like, ‘no problem, let’s get married and since we’re going to get married anyhow, let’s do it now’ but she started adding that it all made her feel nervous. I mean hell, I myself had to wank the pud several times a day, just to be able to see her.”

“I can’t, I’ve tried, fucking beating off has never worked for me. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.” He laid his head back on the back of the chair revealing how hard his dick is, it’s even throbbing from time to time.

I had to move this along, “Well, there’s gotta be a way, Dude, I need a beer. That’s how I usually handle this problem, drink it away!” I smiled wide and Bobby cracked up.

Jim stood up, “Yep, me too. Hey why didn’t you guys come back to my place, I have a refrigerator full of beer, do you want a few?”

I jumped up, “I never turn down a free beer.”

Bobby jumped up, “I’m in.”

Jim lives in the older building of the quad, it teeters on the verge of a slum. What draws people in is having a place to yourself, unless you want a roommate. They leave it up to you. His place was very man cave, Christmas lights surrounding the room, stop sign over the 1970’s couch, and a couple blankets over the curtains to keep out any light trying creep it’s way in. “Gentlemen, have a seat anywhere you like.” He handed each a beer as we made our way to the furniture. There was a recliner oddly placed right next to the double bed, where I plopped down. And, the couch a few feet away on the other wall that Bobby sat on, I think we both imagined Jim would be joining Bobby on the couch, nope, right next to me on the bed. “I knew a girl like Stacy in highschool, she had great tits and one of those sexy jelly butts.” Jim said dream like as he leaned back on one elbow. In that position he was slightly twisted with that very hard dick pointed right at me. He saw, me looking, “hey, sorry dude, mind of it’s own.”

I shrugged, “Hey, what’s a ‘Jelly butt?’”

“Fuck, like your walking behind them and their butt has extra jiggle’s with every step.” Jim closed his eyes.

Bobby very dry and matter of fact said, “Because she’s fat.”

“No way dude, I’m not talking about chunky butt, I ain’t into that shit, I mean the kinda fine honey you would follow in a string bikini.” Jim chugged the rest of his beer.

He was about to stand up when I dropped, “Who’s in the bikini? You or her?” Jim jumped on top of me to give me a noogy on the top of my head, “Fuck you man, you suck!” We were all cracking up, but in my fake struggle with him I swiped my hand right over his dick. He didn’t even acknowledge it. He pushed at me as he stood, “you’re alright, hey you guys want another beer to which we both chugged the ones we had and accepted the offer.

Jim came right back to his position after serving the beer. “So you’re following a babe who is wearing a bikini that barely covers her crack let alone her cheeks. As she steps it jiggles to tell you how much cushion she offers while you are ramming her pussy.”

Bobby started chuckling, “Huh, here I just thought they were fat. I guess I just don’t notice as much as you do.” We all cracked up. “I think Stacy has a cheerleader butt. They do all those acrobatic flips and twists, it’s like a tight muscle butt. I imagine she would squeeze you with them if you ever tried to fuck her in the ass.”

“Damn, dude. That’s fucking so hot!” He threw himself flat on the bed with his rager right there under his black trunks. “God, I fucking need to get off. Hey tell me more about Cheerleader Muscle Butt.”

I looked at Bobby like, ‘bring it’, “Fuck man. I had this cheerleader, she was cocky and fit, she knew everyone wanted to be inside her. I was so fucked up because she was the second hot babe wanting to, FUCKING SAVE HERSELF. I was like what the fuck, right? But she’s like, ‘I would try sucking your dick for you’. So there was hope after all. Dude, she was awful, I pretended to pull out of her mouth and pretend I came in my hand, just to get away from her.” Jim and I were belly laughing. “So, she was a good kisser and hot, so we continued to date and I continued to hope. One day, out of the blue, sh says ‘if you promise not to cum, I’ll let you put it in my butt’. “ Jim and I stopped laughing our eyes were huge.

Jim was baffled, “Dude, what did you do?”

“What do you think I did? I promised not to cum in her ass, like I didn’t cum in her mouth. Turned out she totally respected me for that.”

Jim was cracking up, “You fucking dog you, your proof of not cumming out of respect was when you faked having that kind of control! I love it, I gotta know what happened.” I had to see how hard Jim’s dick was, I just was so amazed he could be that hard for that long.

“Ok, so we took a long time getting it in. I had no idea what to do and she was basing it off of a story her older sister told. Once it was all the way in, I couldn’t get over how fucking GREAT it felt. I kept trying not to go fast, because I promised I wouldn’t cum, and she kept saying I was going too fast. I told her how good it was on my dick, how happy she was making me. I was bucking into that ass.” Bobby was acting out like he was riding a bronco. Jim and I were in complete suspense. “She told me to pull out as I was already sliding back in, I was totally going to pull out, but she clamped down like to squeeze me out, but that put me over the edge, absolutely no control to stop that. I just lay there twitching like a fish out of water. She knew what I did and started screaming at me. But, it was like she was screaming down a tunnel that I was sleeping in. I was in heaven.” Bobby put his head on his hands like he was going to sleep, Jim and I lost our minds. We all had tears streaming down our faces. That was definitely one of the best laughs of my life. Two more beers we were quieting down, Jim’s dick never softened even a little. He caught me looking and smiled, “Hey, you guys gotta see this.” He got up off the bed. “When I moved in here I was like why the fuck did they hang two of these long mirrors on both sides of the bathroom door?” Bobby and I walked over to examine it, there was one of those long cheap mirrors on both sides, we just looked at him like ‘so what?’ “Dude, I was thinking why would you need two? One in the bathroom is enough if you want to check yourself before going to work. So, I decided to take the one out here off and just keep the one inside.” Bobby and I looked at each other like ‘where’s this going?’ And I took a good swig of my beer. Jim grabbed the mirror to take it down. “Then I found this. I was like why did they have a hole in the door?” I had to gulp my beer down. “Exactly, it hit me too.” Jim went in the bathroom and closed the door. After he took that mirror down he looked at us through the hole. “It’s a gloryhole.” Our jaws were hitting the floor.

I had to ask because I needed to know. “Wouldn’t it hurt?”

“No dude, that’s why they put the tape around it. Here, stick your dick through it, you’ll see.” Bobby stepped up and put his quickly growing dick into the hole. From inside I heard Jim say, see, that shit is a turn on ain’t it?” Bobby looked at me as he pulled out like’holy shit’. “Try it Daniel, nobody here gives a shit.” I had been hard for a while, so I shoved it through. “Oh fuck, dude your dick is big. Good for you man.”

I kept it sticking through the hole for a little bit, “Jim, have you used this yet? It kinda feels good.” I pulled out and he was taking a pee. I looked and he was peeing by shoving his hard dick down.

“Well, all I’ve done so far is pretend I’m getting a blowjob with it sticking through. I admit I have gotten close to cumming that way but get bored too fast.”

“How do you do that?” Bobby asked, a little Hopefull sounding.

“Here, I’ll stick mine through and you’ll start to see some precum, see so when I was younger I would pre like that and then cum without touching it. I just don’t get excited enough now.”

I was looking at it with desire, “Jim, all this talking shit has got me all horned up. I could use a cum session, so I will blow you if we all take turns.” Silence, but he hasn’t pulled out, “look you need something dude, but I ain’t gonna take a risk without both of you taking one.” I put my finger on Bobby’s lips to not speak.

“Yeah, I’ll do it, but you better take this to your grave.” We both smiled.

I pointed at Bobby, “Alright, I’m in.” He is the tag along friend.

I got down on one knee and put my warm wet mouth on his dick. “Holy, fuck, dude…. Fuck that’s so good.” I was just going down about half way and slowly. “I have really been needing this.”

Bobby said, “Jim , I gotta know what it feels like.” Jim pulled back and Bobby stuck his in.

“I, I don’t know what to do.” Jim sounded scared. I motioned for Bobby to back off.

“Jim, I’m coming in.” He got out of the way and I came in I scooted up to him and whispered in his ear. “Listen, we are just having a good time. Let me get you started after you put your mouth on his dick.” Jim looked confused but he didn’t protest. I turned off the light so it got extremely dark. “Bobby, let’s try that again.”

This time when Bobby got through, I took Jim’s hand and Started stroking Bobby with it. I whispered in Jim’s ear again as I started stroking his dick, “just put your mouth on it.” As soon as I could tell he had it in his mouth, I went down and started sucking his dick. He really liked that, enough that he started mimicking what I was doing for him. It was working like a charm. I stopped him for a second. “Hey Bobby, I think it’s your turn, do you need me to help you?”

Bobby pulled out, “No, I, I think I can do this, but if you fuckers ever tell anyone, I will kill you.” Jim had already stood up and shoved it through the hole. I could hear Bobby pretending to struggle a bit, but it didn’t take long to tell he got the hang of it as Jim started fucking the door.

Jim surprised me by finding my dick in the dark to stroke me. I decided to get upon his back and put my dick between his legs. I was just holding onto him and lightly fucking between his cheeks and thighs. I could tell he wasn’t going to last long, and I was right. He started trembling and shaking while slamming into the door. Two deep grunts he was doubling over and trying to breathe. I backed off and pulled him back enough to open the door and push him out. I put my hand through the hole getting Bobby to stick himself through, I knew he got to taste Jim and I knew with that on his mind I wouldn’t have to work too hard. Within a couple minutes I was drowning on Bobby’s cum.

After Bobby backed out I immediately, put myself through, “Listen Fuckers, you guys made a deal and you’re going to take care of this right now.”

I imagined Bobby dropped down and started working to make me happy, but after a couple of minutes it was clear that two mouths were working on both sides, then one on my dick with one tending to my balls, I wasn’t sure who was who, so to be kind I told them when I was cumming. They both backed off as I know I probably shot across the room, but someone got on it to get the smaller shots. So, in typical guy fashion as soon as it was over it was time to go. No disappointments or weirdness, just see ya later.

Back at our personal pad, I asked Bobby, “What did Jim do when he saw you get some of my cum in your mouth? Did he cringe?”

“Daniel, it wasn’t me, that was Jim.” He knew I would trip out.

“No way, why?” I was blown away, pun intended .

Over the next week I was on my new routine. Bobby was mostly working while I was mostly off and vice versa. It seemed to me that Jim was around more when I was around. We usually talked about Bullshit down by the pool. A couple days he and I went with Stacy on the beach. That was about as much fun as I got, it was fun, don’t get me wrong.

On Friday morning of my rare weekends off, Bobby announced he was going out of town with his parents. So, it was just me hanging by the pool. Jim came up and looked eager. “Dude, my parents came by yesterday, they brought my stereo from back home, I am so psyched. Do you want to come up and listen to music?”

l“Absolutely, let’s go?” I swear I was hard before I took my first step.

When I walked in the first thing I noticed was how much light filled the room. “When I found out my parents were going to be stopping on their way to Miami, I cleaned and painted. I couldn’t let my mom think I was a complete loser. Would you mind helping me put the blankets back on the window and the Christmas lights, it just isn’t my place without them.” It took a little time, but it was cool when it was done. “Help me push the chair by the bed.”

Jim’s stereo was of an older model, but it sounded mint, we could only put one quarter of the way up, it would’ve been to loud for the Hole. We played all kinds of things from Creed, Nickleback, and Kid Rock, to Eminem, Sting, and LL Cool J. Jim had a strobe light he turned on and we acted like crazy kids. I was on my third beer and feeling goofy. I flopped down on my back on his bed with me feet dangling by the chair. “Hey Daniel, come here and look at this!” Jim was a bit too loud between the songs so I laughed.

As soon as I got up I knew what I was looking at. Jim wanted play time. Fine by me, I stroke his dick a couple times as some old Led Zeppelin was jamming on the speakers. My choice of rhythm with Jim’s dick was low and slow. I was getting that thing all slimed up with my saliva and his thick precum. I was a bit disappointed when he pulled out of the hole but more surprised he pressed his asshole up to the hole. Fuck, my face and my mouth were all ready slimy wet, it was great to get his hole like that too. Basically I was tongue punching that hole with all my might. I thought why not see if he’d like my dick playing with his rim. That boy was quivering so hard the door started rattling. Now I got serious sliming that hole with my mouth. The next time my dick got pressed up to his hole I added enough pressure that the head slipped right in. My precum started to lubricate his hole and I could move an inch back and forth. That was enough for Jim. He pulled off and opened the door. I thought I fucked up and crossed the line. He even grabbed me strongly by my arm practically dragging me across the room. I landed in the chair as he took his shorts off. On his knees he began to worship my dick. He wanted to lick, suck, and kiss every inch. He was making love to my balls with his mouth. He was rocking my world. He lay back on the bed right in front of me and pulled his knees to his chest. Like a buffet I started munching every bit of his ass. I went down on his dick and back to his hole. Poking my dickhead into his hole made him moan and squirm, not to get away but get it deeper. My supreme talent took over all my self control. My dick would slide outward as my mouth would plunge down on his leaking dick. My dick would slide all the way in while my tongue licked the tip of his piss hole. Faster and with more energy, I fuck sucked this cum out of both of us. “Damnit Daniel, that was so fucking awesome. Give me just a couple of minutes, I wanna do that again.”

A couple of minutes turned into more than an hour. We were considering going down to the pool so we threw our trunks on. As Jim turned down the music, we could hear soft knocking at his door. We both were surprised. “Hey, what’s up?” I could see some dude in old cargo shorts, no shirt and flip flops standing there holding a twelve pack of beer.

“Sorry man, but I moved in next door earlier and I love the music you’ve been playing, I thought maybe you guys wouldn’t mind me hanging out if I brought beer. Jim looked at me and I shrugged.

“Yeah man, welcome to the Hole. I’m Jim, your neighbor. This is Daniel, he lives across the quad. Let me put those in the fridge.” Jim was such a charismatic guy.

“Cool, I’m Jarred, I just got here from Santa Barbara.” Jarred looked about eighteen or nineteen, he was a total surfer type, but without all that whacko surfer lingo that nobody understands. “Dude. What’s that?” We both look at where he is staring at.

“Daniel and I aren’t sure. These mirrors were on both sides of the door and Daniel suggested we take the one off out here, like why would you want a mirror on both sides of the door. When we took it down we were like, ‘Oh somebody fucked up the door and didn’t want to buy a new door’. But we were like why the tape, you know? And, that hole is like perfectly round. Daniel took the mirror off the other side and then, more tape.” Jim looked at me.

“Dude, I still say they had a light or a speaker, in the hole.” I was so impressed with Jim’s wit.

“Hell no, haven’t you guys ever seen a gloryhole?” Jarred looked at us like we were dumb hicks. We looked at each other like Jarred spoke Chinese. “ Dude, look. One person is on each side. One puts their pecker through the whole and the other one sucks it.”

Jim looked at Jarred like he was crazy, “Well, why do it here? I mean if you were going to get a blowjob why go through all of that in here?” Jim was studying the hole. I went to the fridge and passed around beers while we contemplate the origins of the hole.

“Jim, I think the kid is right, it’s definitely at the right height, and I think it’s big enough for even my dick.” They both looked at me like ‘really?’ And smiled.

“Alright, let me spell it out for you. Say a guy who doesn’t want to look at a dude sucking his dick, but wants his dick sucked, this is a good option.” He was pointing his fingers in the hole.

“Ok, or say some guy wanted to try sucking a dick once in his life, but wouldn’t want anyone to see him doing it.” I put my hand through the hole.

“You and Daniel are perverts, and you’re trying to get me to put my dick through the hole so you can try sucking me off, I get it now.” He starts chuckling.

Jarred shot back, “No, we’re giving you the chance to admit you want to suck our peckers and then make fun of you.” Jim was putting on a fake puking show.

I decided to bump it up a notch, “After two more beers, I am going to stick my dick through that hole and one of you better suck it, because I wanna know what I’ve been sheltered from.”

Jim pointed at Jarred, “ Don’t look at me, he’s the one talking about sucking dicks through holes, my guess is he has experience.”

I think Jim accidentally hit a nerve because Jarred turned a bit red. I tried to save him. “No asshole, he’s just trying to point out to the idiots the use of the gloryhole, which is in your place.”

Jim got a sour face, “I’m sure you bitches know how to play quarters?” He went over to get set up on the coffee table he had to pull out from the wall. Jarred and I took seats around the table and he smiled at me like, ‘thank you for sticking up for me’ and I smiled back like, ‘anytime’. Jim got us all fresh beers and had Jarred go first. Wouldn’t you know that punk made it right off the bat, He picked Jim.

I was next and I had to get Jarred so he would get comfortable enough to show me what’s at the end of that happy trail going into the top of his cargo shorts. Plus, I can tell that fucker wasn’t wearing underwear. He just smiled and took his shot. Jim unfortunately missed so Jarred and I insisted that he had to take a shot because he missed, Jim argued against it, but in the end he took the shot.

Jarred missed and Jim was happy to point out our rule. “Jim, I was thirsty anyway.”

Wouldn’t you know I made it. I looked them both over a couple times, “Jarred, sorry buddy, you’re the new guy, and I wanna see what you’re made of.” I wiggled my eyebrows up and down to which Jarred winked at me.

Jim kept chuckling and getting us more beer. He managed to get the quarter in the shot glass and sternly pointed at me. I took my shot while giving him the finger and Jarred cracked up. “You guys are great, I’m so glad I knocked on the door.”

He missed the glass after the quarter slid around the rim. And , unfortunately for Jarred, I made it in with ease. “Daniel, why do I feel like you’re trying to get me drunk?”

I looked at Jarred with a serious face. “I told you already, I wanna try that door.” Jarred turned so red then smiled.

“All right faggots, let’s play poker.” He was already getting the cards. “Do you two know how to play?” We both said we at least knew how.

Jarred said, if we’re gonna play strip poker then I might as well take my shorts off right now.” Jim went over and turned the music up a bit, then turned off the main lights and finally turned on the strobe. Jarred got up and was doing a guy dance like a stripper and unbuttoned the top. I unvelcroed the top of my trunks and Jim took off his shirt, I got behind Jarred and bumped my dick against his butt a couple times. He got behind me and dropped his shorts. He bumped me and turned around as I did. What a great ass. I dropped my trunks and Jim got up behind me. Jarred took a look over his shoulder and looked stunned when he saw my dick growing by his butt. He moved quickly and went into the dark bathroom.

Jim and I looked at each other like ‘what should we do?’ But, Jarred beat us to the punch when his 6 inch hard dick came through the hole. Jim grabbed it and started stroking it. I stood by looking at how beautifully proportional it was to Jarred. I needed to play with that in my mouth. So, I got on my knees and licked on the ballsack occasionally sucking in one or both of his nuts. I switched with Jim so I could suck it. I think I went down on it twice and he pulled out. “I don’t want to cum, yet.” I tried to see, all the strobe light let me see was a long stream of precum. Then I hear ”Ok, I’m good, I had Jim just hold Jarred’s dick head in his mouth. That lasted about three seconds and Jarred had to pull out. “Sorry, I’m so close.”

I whispered to Jim’s ear, “I’m going to go in and you stick your dick through.” Jarred looked sexy standing their begging his dick not to cum. When the door closed I whispered to Jarred, “I want you to suck Jim’s dick. While you focus on how good that is, I am going to suck you off so you cum in my mouth.” He started to protest, “Look, even during and definitely after, I want you to keep sucking and so will I. Just try it, if you truly want to stop we will.”

I got on my back on the floor with my head and shoulders propped up on the door Jarred straddled and began sucking Jim. I softly sucked in his dick almost all the way and the only thing I did was move my tongue around it. That precum was wonderful and thick. Jarred was trying to pull back, but I wrapped my arms around him and he wasn’t going anywhere. He put a hand on the back of my neck while he began bucking into my mouth in erratic movements. A flood of cum filled my mouth before I could swallow it all and Jarred was breathing heavy while sucking Jim’s dick. I quickly got his dick back in my mouth and started sucking. Real sucking, I was determined not to let him go soft and definitely to cum again. Jarred was doing great working on Jim’s dick. I saw how hard it was and could feel Jim banging against the door. I kept Jarred’s in my mouth, sucking and pulling on it with my mouth and throat.

Slowly I scooted further up the door and began pressing down on Jarred’s hips. He had no idea what I was up to but he wanted anything I wanted. So as I am doing everything to keep him going I got some of the mixture of saliva, precum, and gobs of frothy cum on my hand and started rubbing his asshole. He started to understand and when I got the tip of my dick resting just inside his pucker, this guy started to work to get me in as long as I keep sucking. He probably never been in a position like this, but he is acting like he is loving it now. I reached a point where I had a hard steady rhythm that would get me over the top. Right before it was at that point my mouth filled with his young love. Some cum was hitting my face and I knew Jim had probably shot more than Jarred knew what to do with. That’s where Jarred would know what it was like to have my love inside of him too.

We all went over to the bed with the CD’s all on repeat, the strobe light flashing and none of That mattered, we cuddled up and fell asleep as naked as the day we were born. At some point before morning though, I woke up to find Jarred had left, Jim was snoring very loud and was curled up in a ball. I was just about to the stairs of my building to head up to the third floor. I looked around because I thought I heard a noise like someone close by, it stays pretty dark in the Hole, mainly so we don’t stand out to the guests. I gave up and got my foot on the first step and a very drunk, stumbling, slurring, half dressed, tan, muscular man stepped into the light next to me and flopped against the wall with his head tilted back. “Hey, I , I know you cause you in same as, I know you on floor up.”

“Yes, I’ve seen you too.” I wasn’t quite sure if I should help or just watch to be sure he doesn’t hurt himself. But, remember, I wasn’t exactly sober either, I guess my judgement might have been slightly skewed. “Let me help you and you can help me too, does that sound fun?” I wrapped my arm around his back with my hand under his unbuttoned shirt. It was one of those Hawaiian looking shirts with big red flowers.

“Hey, do, do you like friends? Wanna be my friend?” He put an arm around my shoulders for support. I saw the shorts he was wearing were the dressier type, dark blue and neatly hemmed just above mid thigh. He had great legs. His brown belt was undone and his zipper was all the way down. The only thing keeping his shorts on was that top button. I couldn’t quite tell if he shaves everything and just hasn’t gotten to it, or maybe he trimmed everything to a short pattern of dark body hair. Either way, I almost dropped us because I was staring so hard.

“I do, I love friends. Listen, we won’t tell anyone that we know each other and I will make this fun for both of us.” I got us to the top of the first flight and pushed him up against the wall for a break. “Where were you tonight?”

He seemed to just look at me, “Who eryou? Wait, you by me. Oh, yeah, hey I waz fukin this chick, you ud like her, big big ttitties. But, she caught by husband n I went down the window. Fukin didn’t cum. You hate dat too huh.” Why’d he tell me that, I got so horny knowing that.

“Here, we gotta go up another floor. But, you should leave me get your zipper up.” I said as we were getting up a few stairs and I started grabbing at his dick to ‘help with the zipper.’ I did get the zipper up some as I squeezed at his good sized and thick dick.

“Hey, I think, you, you like that?” I gotta us up that flight easier so I decided to go for broke on one more flight.

“Maybe, You know I almost got it up.” I started pulling at his zipper again. I actually thought it was fun, no matter how it turned out. “Do you like it when I pull up on your zipper?”

“I do, hey, waz yur name? I, um, I’m Todd, thaz me.” He put a hand on my chest and started pulling up my t-shirt.

As we came around the corner of the first floor it was very obvious he was losing consciousness. I wasn’t completely sure which apartment was his and Bobby won’t be back so I dragged Todd into my place and dumped him on my bed. I figured if he gets sick I will deal with my bed., I shouldn’t bother Bobby with it. My reasoning said I should make him more comfortable. So I got his shirt off and put it on a hanger and took off his sandals and put them near the foot of the bed. “I think you’d be happier if I folded your shorts for you.”

The top button on the shorts was a bit difficult, it may have had something to do with the way I was holding the material all bunched up around his entire bulge. After it released I realized that the zipper I had struggled with to get half way up, was more difficult to pull down, I thought maybe his penis was getting in the way, so I had to put my hand on it and move it around. Turned out it wasn’t the problem. I considered it could be jammed and I should just pull down his shorts the way it is. It’s more difficult than you’d think to pull them off by standing to one side. I actually had to straddle his legs and grab the waistband towards the back of his shorts. It was a little weird because my face was so close to the opening of his zipper at that point. Inch by inch, one side then the other. Eventually his shorts cleared his butt and his waist. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I had ‘accidentally’ pulled his underwear down with them. That was a silly thing to do, because when I attempted to correct my mistake I slipped and fell with my mouth open right onto his dick. I was like ‘what just happened?’

At that moment I remembered him being so unhappy that he hadn’t came that night. Well, I took advantage of my clumsiness to help him with that little problem of his. I had to work for it, almost an hour, I hope he’ll know how dedicated to his wellbeing I was. One of the sitting chairs was close enough to move next to the bed, I figured it would make it easier for Todd to wake me for help. Also, I didn’t want him to think we did anything, so I stayed in my t-shirt and trunks.

The strangest thing was, I woke up, in my bed, naked, alone. I checked the bathroom, Todd was definitely gone. Many possible scenarios flashed through my mind. The two most probable? I woke up, took off my clothes and crawled in bed with him. Or, he woke up left, then I took off my clothes and crawled into bed. I began to pray for that second one. As I headed for the bathroom I noticed a folded piece of paper sticking up on my night stand. (Come down to my room when you wake up. 315)

No matter what the scenario was, I knew this wasn’t going to end well. Basically, I figured if this was going to be my last day, I’m going to take a shower and eat something before facing my death. The funny thing is I love eating breakfast and I almost never do, why is that?

315, here it is, there’s a hand full of people mulling about, most have some kind of uniform on heading to work, they probably wouldn’t be much help, better to mind your own business. Knock, knock, knock

Silence and probably asleep. As I try one more time the door swung open with my fist in the air. Todd stood there in a pair of grey sweat pants hanging so low I could see that trimmed bush. He had absolutely nothing else on. Holding the top of the door, and leaning into it, he looked past me and around the Hole, as his stoic gaze came to me he swished his head the way we all do to say ‘come in’.

In order to guard my back , just a few feet gets me in the door and turn to see what he’ll do. It didn’t help my fear when the god closing the door locked the deadbolt and the handle. Still unable to read his face he didn’t look directly at me, “Are you hungry, I can make breakfast?”

“No thanks, I just ate.” That’s when he stopped to look at me. I got the impression he wasn’t happy that I didn’t follow his instructions. “I didn’t see your note until after I showered and ate some cereal.”

“That’s not breakfast, I’m making eggs, scrambled because I’m kind of hungover, some bacon and a smoothie. Sit down relax, you look tense.” He turned to the kitchen, they’re nothing more than a kitchenette in a back corner with all the essential along the dividing wall. As he cooked I moved over to the breakfast bar that easily seats two behind him and the bathroom then is behind me now. It’s exactly the same as my place, just backwards. “What’s you’re name? Sorry, I’m Todd.”

“You told me last night, and I’m Daniel.” I felt a little more at ease, he had somewhat of a friendly tone.

“Can I call you Dan, or do you want me to call you Daniel?” I’ve always hated that question, If I wanted you to call me Dan then I would introduce myself as Dan.

“Nobody does, but if you want to call me Dan, I’m good with it.” That’s when 99% of people give in.

“My Grandfather’s name was Dan, I miss him horribly and it feels good to say his name.” I couldn’t see his face, but I could hear the sadness in his voice.

“In that case, I absolutely want you to call me Dan.” That almost made me teary.

“I must have gotten pretty wasted last night. Sorry if I gave you any trouble.” Todd had finished cooking and put a plate in front of me then just stood on the other side to eat his.

“It really wasn’t a big deal, I had been drinking myself, I happened to recognize you and wasn’t sure which place was yours. Sorry if I crawled into the bed with you, I don’t remember getting in the bed.” With Todd’s silence I was sure that’s what I did.

“Not exactly, and that’s why I wanted you to come over. I want to, clear the air, so to speak. I woke up and saw you sitting there. I saw my shirt neatly hanging and my shorts folded. Even in the dark I remembered your face. I decided the best way to thank you was to treat you with the same kindness you showed me. I shook you a couple times and you looked me in the face, sleepily, but with recognition. I laid you on the bed and you reached out to grab my neck. I remember thinking I must still be pretty drunk, because I wanted, so incredibly badly, to do something I had never done before. Now that you are in front of me, and obviously don’t remember, I could pretend it didn’t happen. I just don’t want to be like that. I leaned down and kissed you. I felt you kissing me back, I never in my life felt anything more powerful than that one kiss. My being came alive. Right now, I wish I could say that was all that happened, but I can’t.” I was not about to say anything, I wanted, no I needed to hear him tell me what we did. “While I kissed you I undressed you.” I thought he wanted me to stop him, but I obviously wasn’t. “I undressed myself, I thought you helped me.” He looked at me like ‘it’s obvious, and you know what I’m going to say.’ I was not going to let him stop there, I turned up both my hands to say ‘what did we do? Tell me everything.’ “Alright, I sucked your dick, ok? I got your dick in my mouth and I sucked it. Hell, why stop there? I sucked it until you came in my mouth. Oh and guess what, I fucking swallowed it. That’s right, I didn’t miss a drop. Fuck man, I’ve never done that in my life, and I swear I thought I never would’ve.”

I can only imagine the shock on my face when tears started rolling down his cheeks. It wasn’t crying exactly, it was the affect of saying the truth about something you never wanted to say. “Todd? Look at me. You didn’t do anything wrong to me. You are still a good person. If anything I am the only bad person here. I can’t believe I am going to tell you this but, I was groping you while I carried you upstairs, I undressed you on my bed and I sucked your dick exactly as yo just described, right down to swallowing every drop. You probably, wouldn’t ever have done that if I hadn’t done it first. You must’ve looked at me while I was doing it and it was embedded in your mind. It’s not the first time I have sucked a man’s dick, and it seems it won’t be the last. I have never considered myself gay, and I am not convinced I am totally gay. I’m probably bi? I don’t know, but I do know this is my fault and you have every right to hate me.”

Todd was eerily quiet. His face was as stoic as the moment he opened the door. I couldn’t read him in either direction. He was probably reading me like the Headlines of a newspaper, Creepy Fag Tries Converting Good Christian Saint. Hell, as horrible as I felt right then, I still looked at him like I wanted to take full advantage of him. His perfect muscular body and the perfectly groomed body hair. I would jump his bones in a heartbeat.

“Dan, I hear everything you said, but I didn’t hear how you are responsible for what I did.” I couldn’t tell if he wanted me to try again or if that was supposed to mean there would be no way I could.

“When you came up to me you were telling me about a woman with big boobs you were with and her husband came home. You crawled out of a window or something, I’m not sure. Anyway, what really got my attention was how upset you were that you hadn’t cum yet. I wanted that to be an invitation so that’s what I did for you. Look, I knew it wasn’t, and I knew I shouldn’t be doing it. But, Todd, look at yourself, you are a 20 on a 1-10 scale. I had just enough to drink to justify touching you. I am so sorry about that.”

“Shit, that’s right, I forgot about her. I really fucked up. But, first, I want to make things right with you. Will you go to a movie with me tonight? There’s a Sci-fi in town. We could go out to eat somewhere first, my treat.” He had a big amazing smile that I had no power to say no to.

“Are we calling this a date if I say yes?” That should’ve got him to change his mind, the clingy thing guys hate.

He looked me dead in the eyes, “That’s what I’m calling it. I’ve never done anything like this before and I see opportunity looking right at me. I don’t know if it can lead to anything, but I never know that with women either. If you’re not comfortable with calling it that then we can be two average buddies hanging out.”

I had to really search myself for an honest answer, “Todd, just let me form my honest words one second.” I could feel them wanting to come, it was like reaching into my childhood and family, looking at what I knew about gay people and what I’ve seen since. “I don’t have a simple answer, but here’s what I have. I don’t look at gay couples and think that’s what I hope to have. If I were to really imagine myself in a real relationship, I probably would love cuddling and kissing, doing sweet things for my man. However, I wouldn’t want to lie to the outside world, I don’t think. I would just love to be with my best friend. The guy who cracks me up in guy ways. The one who would be uncomfortable with public affection with a guy or girl, other than joking around. Which, I love crossing the lines for a laugh. I have never been truly romantic with a girl because I couldn’t help myself, but I know there have been a couple of guys that I have felt an urge to do or say something that I felt from my inner soul. The girls I thought I was romantic with was like rehearsed lines in a play, they only to make them feel attractive. I think what I am saying is, I would like to experience both. Some kind of combination that isn’t in everyone’s face for the benefit of a show, just two guys having a good time hanging out, maybe wanting something they don’t have, but not forcing it either. I sound stupid, what do I fucking know.”

I hadn’t looked at Todd until I stopped talking because I was looking inward at the whole jumbled mess I’ve been in for the last year, let alone my entire life. But, when I looked up at Todd, he had real tears. “Dan, that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard in my life. That is exactly what I want and I never knew it, let alone be able to find the words to say it. Dan, would you be my new best friend date tonight? I promise not to come on too strong.” We laughed at the last part.

“Todd, it would be great to go on a hot man best friend date with you.” We laughed but our eyes told the seriousness of what we agreed to. “Hey, do you think it would be against the rules if I tried giving you a back massage right now?”

“I don’t know, I think it depends who’s rule book you look at. But, I have a feeling we are writing a new book, so I’m good with getting a massage. I’ve never actually had one, unless you could girl’s rubbing my back or playing with my shoulders to whisper stupid shit in my ears.” I got a big smile and he pointed towards his bed.

He laid on an angle with his head at the foot of the bed. I started by standing near the corner where he put his head. I was excited to touch him this way. I was eager to feel his skin, his warmth. My hands went to his ears first, gently pulling them as they brush against his beautiful soft dark hair. They went along his sexy jawline and into his hair. With my fingers on each side of his ears, my thumbs pressed into the middle of his scalp, back and forth into his neck and back to the top of his forehead. I remained where I stood, except I leaned in more for leverage into his neck and across his trapezoids. My dick brushed against his head and my heart raced because of it. I moved my hands down the backs of his upper arms and up to his neck. The skin was silky and warm, his smell was gentle and alluring. I moved onto his shoulder blades letting my fingers reach into his arm pits. I wanted to release any scent that would be trapped there and I was not disappointed. They wafted into my nostrils and my mouth watered. I felt my heart wanting to press my thumbs along his spine and spread across the bottom edge of his shoulder blades. My dick throbbed when I heard him moan with pleasure. I knew I wanted to make him feel good because it would turn me on.

I needed a new angle and went to his side. The angle he lay in allowed me to still stand and bring an arm out to put a hand on the inner and outer sides digging my palms into his triceps. I was also elated to have my fingers in his arm pit hairs. They were trimmed, just kept longer tan than the body hair. It was a great sensation to rub inside his palms and between his fingers. I grabbed each one as I passed. To twist them up to the tip. I reached far across his back to the other side with both hands. When I had them hard against his side, and my finger tips just under him, I dragged them across his back towards me. He unconsciously moaned. I did that three more times hearing that delicious moan each time.

I walked around to the other side. I repeated every detail as I had already done. Each one giving me more pleasure than him. Dragging my hands across his back tho, this time I had my two last fingers drag inside of his sweat pants waist. I felt the soft matting of hair that drew my eyes to them while he cooked I think I added a couple more moves to that so I eventually had most of those fingers on that hand go through the sweats. I got on the bed at his side of his calves with my knees pointed towards his waist. I slid one hand in the warmest, most pungently delicious, crevasse that I would fantasize about for many years to come. The other hand at his hip, and both thumbs pressing at the bottom of his hard glutes And the top of his hams. I pulled down through his hams to his knees and back up again into the root of desire and passion. In order to do some work on his lower leg I turned my knees towards his leg.

Ready for my need for control, I moved to his other side, once again to repeat all the same feeling and emotions I had just enjoyed. Only this time I know what I am going to do next and it is making my dick ache with anticipation. I straddle across his ankles and placed each hand between my legs one each of his. My thumbs reaching to the inside and my fingers spread outward and a firm grip I slowly pushed them up and into the promise land. My thumbs reached down to circle the mounds in his sweat pants that formed his balls. Then slid down and up into my mouth watering destination. Now my thumbs stroke that place from the balls to asshole and back once I am satisfied with the groan I received used my thumbs to move over his hole and spread his cheeks apart. In order to do it again I had to bring enough fabric from the sweats back into his crack and it worked like a dream. Again, only now I wanted more pressure which made me get my face to follow my thumbs right up to his fragrant musky manhole. I have only been this turned on by one other person and I wound up cumming without touching myself. I was definitely getting close.

I brought my knees next to each of his thighs. I could feel the heat from his legs under my balls. With each palm placed firmly on each globe I leaned in hard pressing heavily to spread his glutes. Again and again my very hard dick touching, fabric to fabric, Todds quivering hole. I literally felt it open and close on the tip of my dick, even though the layers between them. My palms moved slightly up onto his hips and reduced the pressure a fraction, my dick pressed into the holy grail. The chalice of heaven , it threatened to rip through the fabric separating it.

Moving my palms squarely onto his shoulder blades, I took a plank position with my dick sandwiched between his two strong globes in the heart of his heat and pheromones. My back couldn’t stop from trying to arch, pushing the full length of my dick through the mounds and back down dragging across his hole. That is where it happened for me. I felt it pulse so hard that I felt the wet stickiness spread through my shorts. After two more arches I had to get off the bed and into a chair to hide my wet spot. Only, it had already went through my shorts and formed a smaller spot in the crack of Todd’s sweats.

With his face still pressed into the mattress I heated a muffled Todd, “Oh my fucking god. I can’t believe that just happened. Dude, I just shot my load. It’s everywhere!” He rolled to the side so I could see the completely wet sweats, the enormous wet spot on his bedspread, and his glistening sticky abs. “Look at that! What am I, twelve?”

I stood quickly, “YOU? Look at my shorts , and oh my god, it’s running down my leg. We looked each other in the face and laughed so hard our stomachs ached. “Ok, stop, I can’t. I can’t laugh anymore. Please, just stop.”

We basically stopped with a lot of chuckling and removing if the sticking layers. Todd turned me towards him in the bathroom, in front of the sink, he kissed me gently gently on the lips, then slightly opened his mouth while pressing our sticky bodies into each other. I was feeling like I would melt away, it was so good, and so hard to break away. Todd smacked my ass and kissed my ear, “let’s take a shower.” As we pulled apart it sounded like pulling apart freshly glued paper and stung a little too. Now the belly aching laughter returned. What a new experience taking a shower was when you’re with another man, it wasn’t just with. We took turns washing each other. I didn’t was a single spot of my own body, and Todd didn’t was anything on his. Yet we were clean from head to toe. It was thrilling and erotic, taboo and heavenly. When we got out and were drying off we were like giggling teenagers at a party. We tried taking off the others towel as we ran out into the room.

“Excuse me, who are you, the guy I presumed was his roommate asked.

Todd had smashed into the back of me, “Josh, hey, what’s up?” Todd rested his elbow on my shoulder and crossed a foot over his ankle, I remember thinking, ‘how GQ.’

“Todd, why are you coming out of the bathroom with another guy with just towels on?” I have to admit, it didn’t look good.

“Josh, would you prefer we didn’t have then on?” Todd dropped his towel immediately.

“What the fuck Todd! What is wrong with you? Are you fucking Gay?” What was beginning to throw me for a loop was noticing Josh’s eyes kept going back to Todd’s dick. Sure, he was barking mad, and yes he kept saying put something on. But, Straight Homophobic Josh never covered his eyes or turn around, he was creating a mental picture.

“Well, no, not yet anyway, see Dan here” he used both hands to display my presence, “and I are getting ready for our first Hot Man Best Friend Date, with any luck, I might get lucky. Would you like to join us, I bet we’d be able to find a Hot Man Best Friend Date for you too.” Todd looked at me seriously. “What do you think? He’s good looking enough isn’t he? Do you know any one who might try it?”

“There’s a new guy who might be up for some excitement. I can’t guarantee he’d be willing to do anything too ‘GAY’ though. Do you want me to call him, Josh?” The face looked frightened and shocked, I don’t think Josh believed a word of it. “Josh, chill out, Todd and I are messing with you. We were at the beach and felt a little sticky so we kept talking while we took turns washing up. Hey, Todd invited me to a sci-fi downtown, we said something about eating first. Would you want to tag along?”

“Dan, that’s a great idea, what do you say Josh?” Now Josh still looked confused but he was definitely more relaxed.

“Well, ok, as long as you get dressed.” Josh said, almost smiling. Todd still butt Ass Naked walked up to him and fave him a hug.

“Now you’re talking Josh!” Todd smacked his ass like he did mine and pointed, “Now go take a shower, but leave the door open so we can use the mirror and peak at you.” He had shouted out to Josh as he was about to shut the door.

“Damnit Todd, I can’t tell if you’re fucking with me.” He yelled through a small opening of the door.

“Don’t close it, I’m not fucking with you!” But we were both getting a good laugh. “Do you really have a friend, you know, that might be able to pull off something like this?”

“I actually think I do, he’s a surfer dude with a strange way of living. You know, ‘FREE LOVE’” we cracked up.

“Perfect, go see if you can find him.” I started throwing my clothes on. “Oh and Dan” Todd walked up and kissed my lips, “Don’t take too long.”

I turned to run out the door and turned again to kiss him back. Another pivot I went out the door. Ran as fast as I could across the Hole and up to Jarred’s apartment. Banged rapidly and didn’t get an answer, I thought ‘gloryhole’ and banged rapidly again on Jim’s door, no answer. I was about to give up and Jarred stepped into the hallway with a towel around his waist and wiping his hair with another. “Hey Daniel what’s up? I just got out…”

“I see, I don’t have time for that.” I shoved him back into his apartment and talked at lightning speed to get to the point. “Please say you’ll come. Maybe he’ll play maybe he won’t, either way, I swear to you, it’ll be fun.”

Jarred stared for a minute, “Yeah what the fuck. Well what should I wear on my first Hot Man Beat Friend Date anyway?”

“Shit, I don’t know. Uh, well think. ‘Buddies hanging out meets ‘I want to fuck.’”

“I can do that.” I leaned in and kissed his lips.

I told him where my place was and to meet me there in fifteen minutes. I picked out my my new favorite dark jeans that I bought recently because they fit just right in the back, and the front. Dixie bought me Untuckit shirt that is white sheer fabric and tiny little pleats running up and down. I could see it all before I even made it to my door. I raced around the room gathering everything but the underwear, ‘because I’m letting the boys go free tonight.’ Man, just thinking about it gave me chub. As I was shaving my face I heard some one was knocking. I opened the door to find a stunning young blonde surfer dude standing in my doorway. “Jesus, save me from the sinful thoughts going through my mind right now. Come in Jarred, I’m almost done.”

Jarred followed me to the bathroom and watched me shave and fix my hair. “Daniel, you look great. Let’s go so I can meet my straight date.”

We stepped out as Todd and Josh walked up. “Hey, look at that, we showed up right on the Josh. Dan, who’s your friend?”

“Jarred these guys are Todd and Josh, it’s time to get out of the Hole tonight guys.” We almost raced each other down the stairs. Well, Josh hung a little back, he wasn’t completely sold yet. After I got that money from Kyle’s dad, I bought a newer car, actually a minivan. I thought if I ever wind up homeless again, I would rather have room to lay down. Turned out to be perfect for the four of us. Josh and Jarred were pretty quiet until I put my favorite song from KidRock, Bawitdaba. Nobody say still all the way to Ft Myers Beach where I arranged a table at Ann and Dixie’s new restaurant. Dixie and Todd had huge charming personalities, they couldn’t help but to draw you in, it warmed my heart to see them hit it off so fluently. Jarred is a bit more reserved like Ann, they both have a knack for throwing in zingers that will make you have hard belly laughs. Josh turned out to be very witty once he relaxed and started going with the flow. My favorite part of dinner was the way Todd would rest his hand/arm on my shoulder or leg while not missing a beat in any conversation. At one point I was leaning my elbows on the table having a funny conversation with Josh about trying to please the parents with dates they picked out for us. Todd was talking to Dixie Ann and Jarred about what it’s been like working on the resort for two years now. The entire time. Todd had his hand just inside the back of my shirt and was rubbing right along my waistline. No big show, nobody knew, but my heart skipped a couple of beats.

We invited Dixie and Ann to join us for the movie and we were so excited they accepted. They are fortunate enough to have people do all of the closing duties. With the ladies in the van I put on my Melissa Etheridge, soft enough not to interrupt any conversations and just enough to sing along at the good parts. I loved watching their faces as they were all engaged. I found enough love in my heart for every single one of them. Sitting in the movie with Todd on my right, Dixie on my left, and down the row was Ann, Jarred and Josh. The movie was good enough to keep interested as well as engaged with the people you were with. Usually I don’t like people talking to each other across me. But, Todd would put an arm around me or a hand on my thigh to ‘support himself’. I saw Dixie hold Ann’s hand, and I saw Josh let Jarred put his hand on his thigh, but then he put the popcorn bag over Jarred’s hand.

When the ladies were home and we were finally back at the Hole, Todd and I watched Josh invite Jarred over to play the video games they’d talked about for a couple hours by then. Honestly, I thought Jarred was just trying to appease Josh at first, but suddenly they started to look like they could be friends.. We laughed as we entered my place. But, Todd had a question for me, “Dan, would it be alright if we just turned on the television and sit with each other?”

“Todd, I think that sounds great. I am just spent. Here’s the remote, and there are videos in that drawer if you want to look for anything there. Do you want anything to drink, or maybe something to munch on?” I was beyond happy to hang out, in fact that has always been my favorite thing to do.

The thing that stood out to the most, Todd really fit the bill when we were around other people. At that time, just the two of us? I don’t know if I was uncomfortable or if he sent off some strange vibes, I just wasn’t into it. “Hey Todd, can we just plan something this week to hang out. I don’t know if I am coming down with something or if I’m just tired, but I really want to go to bed.”

Todd didn’t have much by way of facial expressions, “Yeah, hey that sounds great, you know, I think I just need to unwind. Maybe I’ll see tomorrow or something.”

“Absolutely, Todd. I really did have a great night, I want to thank you for being so great.” He gave me a big hug and I felt very sad when he left. But, the truth was, I still wasn’t over Kyle. I just need more time or something. All those wonderful things I felt with Todd that night, I wanted with Kyle.


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