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Dutch - 6. Chapter 6 FRANKY

Things were different then.

Franky remembers, not so long ago, when he had a best friend. For them it wasn’t like it is today, there was no chance of surviving with the world knowing your private business. There are certain things other men know about each other, and the rest choose to pretend not to know out of fear. Franky remembers how ruggedly handsome his father was, all the ladies would say so in town. His mother was a strikingly beautiful woman who was very proud of her husband and her children. She never had a reason to think otherwise, that’s the way it has always been and supposed to be.

Franky was about 11 when he learned about the secrets of men. His father owned a successful farm with many people working for him. Franky loved following his father around watching how he handled business and care for those in need of compassion or support. Possibly the most important he ever saw came when one of the delivery guys returned late. Franky heard his father tell his mother he was going to have a man to man talk with Stanley, the most unreliable delivery driver. He told Franky’s mother it would be wise not to interrupt him because it could get ugly. Of course, to an 11 year old boy, this was enough to tear him away from his favorite television program. Franky followed his father by staying out of sight in the shadows of the late evening. Franky slithered his way to a hatch at the back of the barn for the cats to go in and out catching mice. His slender body fit just right that it became his favorite way to enter the barn. Mostly he used it to spy on anyone who was around. That night he saw Stanley leaning against a wall and his hands shoved way down into his pants pockets. Stanley was looking more nervous than Franky had ever seen him. His Dad sat on a chair looking thoughtful, “Now what am I supposed to do with you? You should know, Howard told me what he had to do to straighten you up and keep you from messing up his business?”

Stanley started acting pretty scared, so Franky knew it must be something bad. Stanley tried to sound righteous for a moment, “Now, I don’t know what he’s been telling you, it don’t matter none anyway. I swear to you, I thought I was making good time until I got pulled over for that broken tail light.”

Franky’s father jumped out of his seat to get within a foot of Stanley’s face. G “Now see, right there, you’ve known about that light for weeks now. I don’t care why you didn’t fix it, that’s your responsibility and I reminded you of it more times than I should have to. Tell me, did you get a ticket?” Franky’s father sounded like he does when he gets angry with him. It made him feel sorry for Stanley.

“Well, no Frank, Roy just gave me one of his warnings.” Franky could tell that Stanley was feeling trapped. He too would feel like no matter what he would say next, his father was going to let him have it.

Franky’s father took another step so he almost had their noses touching, “Yeah, I know about the warnings Roy gives to guys like you. I know how Howard got you to straighten up, and I know what my wife hasn’t done for me in 10 years. Do you think you can guess what all of these things have in common?” Franky had only seen one grown man cry. That was at a funeral and everyone excused his emotional outburst on account of losing his wife. But, he had just seen the second grown man cry.

Stanley started whimpering, “Frank, please, I don’t like doing that. I have a wife and kids. There’s got to be another way.”

“Stanley, there are 3 ways this trouble will end for you tonight.“ His father held up a hand to count them off on his fingers. ”I can fire you immediately. You can go home to tell your wife why you quit your job. Or, you can get on your knees to prove to me that you want this job and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it. Well, What’s it gonna be Stanley?” So far Franky didn’t understand what they were getting at.

After Stanley realized he had to make up his mind, Franky watched Stanley get on his knees. His father used his condescending tone he uses with his children, “That’s a good boy, Stanley. If you do a good job, you can come back tomorrow after you get that taillight fixed.” Stanley nodded his head completely understanding what he has to do.

There was no preparation in Franky’s mind for what happened next. He was in total shock when he seen his father pull out his penis in front of Stanley, but that was nothing compared to seeing Stanley putting his mouth on it. Franky thought about runnin, but he couldn’t stop watching. His father stood tall and proud, while Stanley looked weak and scared. Franky could tell that Stanley was trying to make his father happy. The way he was doing it aside, he wanted to be forgiven. Franky had seen a story about lions and dogs asserting their dominance on other males of their species. He heard it was to let the other one know who was in charge. He never imagined that humans would do it, let alone his father. Franky wasn’t quite sure why it ended the way it did, but Stanley must have done something right, cause his father was suddenly quite nice to him. As Franky thought his dad was about to leave he saw him close the door sbehind Stanley. “Franky, I know you’ve been watching, I want you to come out now. It’s very important that we have a real Man to Man discussion.”

Franky walked out scared, but was proud his father called him a man. “Do you understand what you just watched?” He honestly shook his head no, but nodded quickly. “Well, now I’m curious what you think you saw.”

Franky told him about the animal story, “It looked like you did the same thing.”

“That is completely correct, you really surprise me sometimes. There are times when a man needs to prove he is in charge of other men. That can be very difficult sometimes. What you witnessed is just one of many ways. Franky, I want you to listen very carefully, never ever forget what I am going to tell you. Women, including your mom, must never be told about any of this. Women and men are so different that they would not be able to understand why this was important. The women who have found out, about a man they know, try to destroy that man’s reputation. Do you swear, in the brotherhood of all men, to never let any woman know what we as men do or why we do it?”

“Yes father, I do.” His father hugged him knowing he would need to have many more discussions about when it’s ok to do something like this. But, that will come later.


As Franky started puberty he had developed a group of friends Who’s main goal was trying to woo the girls. One boy, Hank, purposely tried to kiss the girl Franky had already kissed, Mily. Franky decided Hank needs to learn a lesson. As soon as school was out, Franky stopped Hank as a circle of kids formed around them. Mily stood by crying. At that time she liked them both. “Did you kiss Mily, Hank?” Hank just laughed at Franky.

Hank turned to the rest of the little pack to show he wasn’t afraid. Franky approached, and as soon as Hank turned back he saw Franky’s fist hit him square in the nose. Down Hank went, the tough comedic Hank stood and bolted all at once. Franky slid over to Mily and slid a hand into one of hers while kissing her perfectly on the lips.

When Franky told the story to his father, he’d asked if he should have dominated Hank. “Let’s think about that son. Why would you think that you commanding Hank to do something like that, would actually compel him to do anything?”

“I don’t know, but I was angry enough to do it.” He had thought it was a good reason.

“Don’t you think Hank would have been angry as well? I would even bet he would’ve gone to your friends to tell them what you were hoping he would do to you. He’d say you probably actually wanted to do it to him instead.” His father stopped working and sat on a bale of hay. Franky sat beside him. “Son, if Hank could convince your good friends that you wanted to do those things, you would be devastated. It’s very hard to regain your friends trust, just from an accusation like that, as long as it seems plausible. It wouldn’t take long before Hank could approach you and promise to not expose you, if you would do it to him instead. You see the difference here? In your original line of thought, there’s nothing for Hank to gain if he did do it to you, there wouldn’t be any more consequences if he didn’t do it.” Franky was really thinking hard about everything his father was saying.

“Ok, so you’re saying I have to find something for Hank to gain so I can make him do it?” Franky really thought he heard it right.

“Not exactly, see son, if you are looking for the reason to force him to do it, actually it’s probably because you want to be doing it. If that’s true, it would be fine, but there are better ways to get that to happen other than force. In this case, Hank has presented you with an offer where you would gain a silence to not expose your possible perverted motives to your friends. Force is never a good thing for the other person. It makes them scared, angry, and sometimes they will want to hurt you even worse. But it can be a motivator If there’s something to gain. However, if you just wanted to know what it feels like, it would be better to do it with someone who wants to know what it would feel like also. If either of you told other people, you’d both be harassed equally. Therefore it is in the best interest to trust the other person enough to know that they would not tell. Son, I need to warn you that if you look for a boy like that, you most likely will find friends who don’t have the same curiosity, at least at the same time as you. They most likely would harass you if you tried to ask.”

“I don’t know if I want to do that the way you’re talking about. But, I think it sounds impossible to find someone if I did want to. I wouldn’t be able to trust anyone without asking and so I would never ask if I don’t know for sure that they wouldn’t tell people.” Franky wasn’t saddened by his conclusion, more perplexed why anyone would ever try.

“That is a very good observation. If you would like to know how people wind up knowing they can trust each other, I can tell you the basic understandable way. But, if you’re satisfied with your conclusion then I would still call this lesson a success.” His father is trying to help his son discover what all boys have done since the dawn of time, but most of them never receive help. These guys can suffer their whole lives because of one innocent incident. He wants his son to be free to explore what all the world offers, safely, and respectfully. It takes many difficult discussions that are sometimes very telling to a parent.

“Father, I feel like I can say anything, or ask anything with you.” Franky had just learned a very valuable lesson. He has a wise and loving confidant.

“Franky, you are correct, but be careful that there are no ears anywhere close before starting a discussion like this, your secrets could be shared without your permission. So, only share when it’s just you and I alone.” Franky remained thoughtful looking, “Are we finished?”

“Ok, so I don’t know if I will ever want to do that stuff, but you said there is one basic way to know if you can trust the other guy. I am curious what it would be. If you want to tell me that is.” Franky’s father lightly rubbed Franky’s shoulder.

“I am absolutely amazed at how smart you are. You’re older brother wasn’t so smart, so I continue to worry about him the most. Anyway, I think you understand why sometimes it is used to humiliate someone, but how would you know you can ask?” Franky was listening to every word, “Have you ever had a conversation with a buddy about naughty things?” His father is trying to be delicate like his father was with him.

“Well, it’s funny telling you this, but the simple answer is yes.” Franky has amazed his father at every turn at how sharp his brain is.

“Ok, it’s fine, just don’t let any adults, especially your mother, ever hear you. Now, have you ever had tingling feelings do something to your penis, especially while talking like that or looking at pictures for example?” Geesh he wonders how his own father didn’t have a heart attack from these discussions.

“DAD, I really can’t believe I am going to tell you about anything like this, I swear dad, if you tell mom or worse, Freddie, I’ll tell mom what I saw.” Franky said it with such truth and real threat.

“I promise with all my heart that I will never tell another person about anything you tell me, unless I get your permission first.” How could any father no be proud to have a son who’s as smart and brave as Franky. And, to think, his wonderful little boy who is growing up so fast actually knows he can trust his father with anything, that is a trust Frank will never break.

“Sometimes Billy and I look at magazines we found in his brothers bedroom, he has a big stack of these magazines showing ladies touching themselves, down there, and sometimes a guy will have his penis go inside her. Well, that has made my penis get real stiff, I don’t worry about it because Billy’s is stiff too. Hey, that’s what you mean about knowing you can trust the other person, because they need to trust you, too. I don’t think I would want Billy to do anything with me, but, I think I understand what you said about, being careful about all that stuff.” Franky’s eyes were wide open.

“Franky, you are so beautiful and smart. Son, please be very careful, I don’t want anything bad to ever happen to you. But, I swear to you now, that I will always do everything I can to help you make good decisions to make things better.” Franky gave his father a hug like he never remembered before. He was filled with gratitude and love to be so lucky to have a father like his.

When Franky would try to tell his young boy Kevin about things his father told him, Kevin never said anything other than ‘Ok, are we done yet?’ He was never able get to any of the good stuff. He felt like he failed his son. That is until one day, he was mending a barbed wire that had come loose from the fence way out by the creek. He could see Kevin and Dutch through the trees. Both boys were completely naked. That didn’t make any difference to Franky, what he saw with Kevin is a boy trying to have complete freedom to have fun and be free. Kevin didn’t have an erection or have any interest in anything other than jumping into the water naked. Dutch, he was very different. The more he watched him, the more worried he was for Dutch’s well being, thereby his son by association.

Dutch was sitting on the big flat rock that’s cocked slightly towards the water. He had his knees up to his chest and would steal every chance he got to look at Kevin’s penis. He would smile and joke about whatever Kevin did, but always said he isn’t in the mood to get in the water. One time while Kevin was seeing how long he could hold his breath under water, Franky saw Dutch put his knees down so he could adjust his aching erection. Dutch was concerned that Kevin might tease him if he knew. Franky thought that could go either way actually. When the boys got dressed, Franky went back to work on the fence. He watched the boys walking back towards the house and he heard Dutch say he was going to walk home so he could help his dad with some things. Franky took the path through the tree’s back to the house and beat the boys by a few minutes.

As Franky walked to his truck and got in he yelled, “Kevin, tell your mother I have to go to the hardware store, and I’ll be back soon.” Kevin waved to his dad to say he understood.

“Hey DAD!” Franky had just put the truck in gear, then took it out so he could hear Kevin better. “Would you mind giving Dutch a ride home so he doesn’t have to walk?” Kevin really does look after his friend.

“Sure, Dutch, come on, get in the truck.” He could see Dutch didn’t want Kevin to ask that for him, he may not have been going home at all.

“No thanks, I’ll be fine Franky, thanks for the offer.” But Franky knew that Dutch knew he was going to have to get in the truck.

“Don’t be silly boy, sit your butt down in this truck.” Dutch reluctantly obeyed.

Once they were out of the driveway heading in the direction of Dutch’s home, he began to come up with a safe way to have a conversation with Dutch. But, other than being Kevin’s dad, Dutch didn’t have any other reason to trust him. “Hey, were you actually wanting to go home, or did you have somewhere else you wanted to go? I can take you wherever you want, I don’t have to take you home if you don’t want to.”

Dutch had a, completely surprised, deer in headlights expression. “Really? How’d you know I wasn’t actually going home?”

“Well, Dutch, you may not realize it yet, I was young like you, once upon a time.” Franky chuckled.

“Would you mind taking me to the dam? I like to go there to think.” He had that doubtful but hopeful face.

“Absolutely, I’ve always loved going there to think, I still go there on occasion. I think it’s the roar of the water that is soothing and easier for thinking.” He smiled wide at Dutch as he made the turn that would take them towards the dam and away from town.

“Gee, thanks Franky.” Dutch had learned long ago that Franky prefers to be called Franky, but if other adults are around he should call him Mr. Franky, just to satisfy the BittyLadies, he liked to call them.

“Boy! I say, I think my boy is so lucky to have a friend like you.” He knew that would really get Dutch’s attention.

“Well, why?” He had started thinking he probably shouldn’t hang around with Kevin, on account Kevin doesn’t want to just be next to him when they’re alone sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes would be nice. No, Kevin never does.

“I had a friend just like you while I was growing up, why I didn’t really know it much at the time, but I didn’t want to have anyone else around me unless Billy was there. He sure made me feel safe. And, he made me laugh too, which is a great quality in a best friend. See, I believe that a best friend is way more important than any other friend. He, or she I suppose, should always have the others back, giving good advice and trying to help them out of trouble whenever he makes really stupid mistakes. That kind of friend actually loves his best friend so much, he wants to tell him everything that happens, even before anyone else in the world. I can tell how much you love my Kevin.”

Dutch looked terrified after Franky said that. And, it was concerning enough to pull over and pay attention to the conversation with him. Dutch began trying not to cry, but he really believes his deepest darkest secret is out. Franky waited while giving Dutch a loving, caring, and patient expression.

Dutch slowly started to realize that Frank wasn’t going to hurt him.

“Dutch, you are an amazing young man, with so much passion and loyalty. How could anyone not want you in their son’s life. I know Kevin has his head in the clouds, most of the time. I rarely see him aware of the people around him who want to love him. Like that girl Lisa, boy she really would like for Kevin to look at her, just one time, like she looks at him. But, she isn’t the only one I’ve seen, hoping he would do that. My best friend, in all of life itself, did the exact same thing when he looked at me. Of course, I had absolutely no idea at the time though. Well, until one day when things changed in me. I started seeing the people around me who were wanting me to love them, mainly Mily and Billy. Wow, talk about confusing. I thank God every day for giving me the father I had. I learned early that, in private, I could tell him absolutely anything. I also could ask anything l, without any worry of him punishing me, or exposing me without my permission. It was a very valuable tool for guiding my life. My father was gentle explaining the differences between boys and girls, in every emotional and expectant way you might come up with. If I wanted to keep them both in my life, I would have to tread carefully. There were plenty of times I believed I had lost one or both. But, as time continued to build our lives, I learned how to love them both separately. Now, as a father who loves his children, I could not ask for the lord to give Kevin a better best friend. Son, I don’t know how you and Kevin will be as you get older. But, I am entirely happy you are here now, to love him when he doesn’t even know how to love.” Dutch wept and buried his head in Franky’s chest.

Franky let Dutch just let it all out. It didn’t take as long as he thought it might, as Dutch started to pull himself together. “Franky, where is Billy now?”

“He’s around, one day I can make a point to introduce you, if you’re still interested later.” Dutch nodded and smiled, knowing he has someone he can say, or ask, absolutely anything without judgement. He instantly knew it was the most valuable asset he could ever hope for.

“Hey, do you still want to go to the dam, or do you want to go into town with me. I am still going to go to the hardware store.” Dutch smiled bright making his red swollen eyes brighten up a little. Franky handed his a hanky to wipe his face with.

“I would love to ride into town with you. Are you sure you don’t mind?” ‘Geez’ Franky thought, ‘can he get any sweeter?’

The little town square was busy with people parking and leaving, Franky found a lucky spot right in front of the hardware store. The moment they walked in the door they heard, “Franky! Did you go trading your boy in for a new one?”

“Hi Bill, no I still have two great boys, but I think I might adopt this one, unless you have some terrible information I’m not aware about him.” Franky winked at Dutch.

“Well, not exactly, except he isn’t a very good thrower. He tried to play toss with my Tyler, damn near killed me as a football came flying through my window. But, that’s all I got for you.” They and a couple other shoppers chucked, because everyone knows that story. Dutch didn’t chuckle, he turned a bright shade of red, and that just got more chuckling and a soothing hand from Franky.

As they walked, Dutch tried to whisper “Is that “ but Frank cut him off with a finger to the lips. As Frank drew his finger back he moved it back and forth, universally known as, ‘Don’t say another word.’

Franky went about his business without much fanfare. However, when they got to the counter to pay, Dutch took a particular interest in looking ‘Bill’ over. His first thought was Bill looked handsome enough, for someone old that is. Somehow though, he just couldn’t picture Frank ‘loving him’. As they got in the truck, and were driving around the square, Franky got Dutch to pay attention, “Ok, a very important lesson. We should never discuss anything you and I share in private, with anyone, and we are far from any ear that may hear what we say. We wouldn’t want them to pass it around without our permission. Even if you don’t think they’d be able to understand what we’re saying, we don’t give them a chance to figure it out. Do you understand?”

Dutch felt bad for trying to ask Franky about that while in the store, “I’m sorry Franky, I won’t ever do it again, not even with Kevin.”

“Perfect, then you have my complete and absolute trust. To answer your question directly, no he is not my Billy. He’s a very nice man, who my wife thinks is attractive, but I have no interest in his type.”

‘Type?, like Kevin would be the cute farmboy type.’ “How would I be able to tell if Kevin likes me, the way I like him?” Dutch is still nervous saying such things out loud, let alone to Kevin’s father.

“Well, that’ll be harder than you think, and easier than you think.” Dutch looked like FrankY just spoke a foreign language. “See, the hardest part will be not hoping so hard, in your heart, that you wind up actually seeing things that aren’t there. What will be easy, is that moment you may see the same passion you have for him, is staring right back at you. It really can be difficult when you want something that badly that you can’t see the real truth. Because, he may never look at you like that.”

“Well, what if I didn’t try to love him, but you know, just kinda kiss him?” Franky admired the boys bravery.

Carefully, Franky put together his thoughts. “Many boys experiment with each other, and then marry women. There could be all kinds of things that they will do. But, I swear, it can be very dangerous if you don’t trust that the other person will keep it a secret. Have you ever talked with a friend about naughty things and felt a tingle, or a stiffness in your penis while talking like that or looking at pictures?”

“If I tell you, you have to swear on your life you will never tell a single person, not ever.” Boy oh boy, did those words ever sound familiar.

“Dutch, I swear to you that I would never tell a soul anything that we talk about in private. I want you to be able to trust me with everything.” And he reached across the seat to shake on it, even as an adult, it’s binding.

“A cousin, and I, were talking about girls, in the barn, while looking at a magazine. It had guys putting their penis inside of the girls vagina’s. I noticed my penis got bigger and was really sticking out far, but I wasn’t scared because my cousin had one too.” His lip twitched from nerves but he told the truth.

“That’s a perfect example of what I am trying to say. Because, you didn’t have to ask if you could trust him, you already knew. If he told on you, you could turn and tell on him. Neither of you would gain anything from tattling other than misery. Every time Ladies and girls looked at you, they would think of that kind of guys, and they will hold it against you to torture you in the worst private ways. You must be sure that you would not be risking everything you love, or the other person’s. This goes for girls too.”

“What do I do, if I want to know what it’s like to do the things in the pictures? If I don’t think Kevin would do it, then I would never ask, and never ever know.” Dutch was so sad.

“Let’s use your cousin as an example, I am not saying anything one way or other about him, just an example. When you looked at your cousin, did you tell Kevin that you were looking at your cousins penis?” Franky was praying this boy doesn’t get him into trouble, but he really wants to help him to not get hurt.

“No, he’d probably hate me forever if I did and my cousin would kill me if he knew I did.” That was very intuitive.

“Now, imagine your cousin wanted to do some of those things with you that day. Would you have to tell Kevin or anyone for that matter?” Obviously Dutch knew where Frank was going with this.

“It doesn’t make it right to do it, and I would live in fear of anyone ever finding out.” Dutch started to get tears.

“I understand, and you are right, but everything may not be as right or wrong as you may think. If you find an opportunity and you do something, I want you to know that you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. I am more concerned that you know what not to do and hopefully how to be sure nobody gets hurt because of wanting to experience life. You are a particularly handsome young man who will have many people wanting to be with you. I am trying to make sure you have a measure of when it may be safer before, during and after. It’s entirely possible that if I didn’t say these things my son may be hurt as well.” He watched Dutch adding up all the information. “Ok, now I wanna point out a couple possibilities you may not have considered. If you were to do something even with Kevin, what would you do if you knew at that point you didn’t like it. If the other person didn’t like your response they could tell everyone and you’d still be labeled that way for the rest of your life whether you did or did not like it.”

“I wouldn’t want that, and I wouldn’t want to do that to anyone. Thank you, Franky.” He hugged him as they pulled into Dutch’s parents home. “I wish my dad was like you.”

“I know for a fact that your father loves you very much. He had asked me long ago to watch out for you when he can’t be here.” That seemed to make Dutch smile.


Not easy being a parent or a spouse, sometimes it’s even hard to be a friend. Franky was learning fast after just graduating, engaged to Mily, who might be pregnant already, and his best friend wants more attention. Sometimes Franky simply wanted to go looking for a fight. He knew a group of young guys who work hard, party hard, and oftentimes fight hard. They would meet their friends, and their enemies, out at the dam. Franky has been known to show up, from time to time, always looking for trouble. Franky’s stakes are well known amongst the boys. Those who are prepared to pay the price will automatically back out. Others may fight each other, for the right to fight with Franky. The odds are stacked against Franky from the start, he’s smaller and basically not as trained. But, when that boy shows up at the damn, he’s already pissed off at the world and ready for pain. Franky’s a scrapper, and ain’t afraid to fight dirty. If you think he’s a fool, you’d be mistaken, he is very respected amongst his peers. If anyone try’s to get away from paying up after they lose to Franky, they will be paying up with every one of them, at one time or another. You don’t want to fight Franky unless you can handle loosing. But, the victor gets to decide how the party will play out after the fight. Some of these guys plan for weeks how they could win and how they want the party to play. Franky isn’t the only fighter, and there are other types of fights that go on around them. The ultimate rule, no matter what your problem is with someone, nothing is ever spoken outside of the circle. If there’s a doubt about someone’s allegiance, they are usually run out of town.

Each generation, that Franky knows of, has had these ritual fights. Some of them still do to this day. Franky pulls up a particular guy in mind when he’s heading there. Floyd is a big farm boy who has won against Franky twice now, although, not by much the last time. He made Franky pay dearly each time, and Franky wants to pay him back with a whole plan of torture. Franky’s had to suck, get fucked, eat ass, eat other guys asses who were fucked, tied to a bumper to suck everyone who comes up, tied to a tree to be fucked by anyone who shows up, before the fight or after. Don’t go feeling sorry for Franky, he’s done all of that to other guys. He’s also added paddles, horse crops, leashes, and hog ties to name a few. Franky is a lovable happy boy, always has been. He doesn’t do this but once or twice a year, but he’s always hard at the moment he decides he’s going. He’s always pissed off, and he wants his release. There was only one time that he didn’t go there for those selfish reasons of his.

Billy, had other friends who helped keep him happy until Franky was ready for him. Nobody was allowed to do any harm of any kind to Billy, unless they wanted a crazed Franky and his best fighting friends, to show up where they live and work. One unwittingly ignorant young chap, took Billy to the dam. It was a long time fighting enemy who spotted Billy in the car heading to the dam. No matter how he might feel about Franky, he knew it wouldn’t turn out well for Billy. That rivalry boy raced around town gathering his buddies to find Franky and get out to the dam. When they arrived, a circle had been formed, larger than most nights they’ve had. Many faces from other counties who rarely show up, were amongst the crowd. Right off the bat Franky knew that Chet, the ‘enemy’ who gathered Franky’s group, wasn’t the only one racing out to gather support for this fight. Right in the damned middle of everything, was poor Billy. He was more scared than he’s ever been. Franky went right to the middle to fight for Billy. The outsiders had their biggest go in, it was clear their reward would be Billy. Franky pointed at their prettiest and it was known who the townies were playing for. Franky never needed to question where Chet’s or any other regulars allegiance lies for this fight. In fact, Chet came up beside Franky and tapped his elbow into Franky’s. It meant, ‘don’t worry you have me’. The fight began with an outsider scrapper blindsiding Billy on the side of the head. The whole field exploded with fists blood, bats, chains, knives, rocks, most of them were sure someone was going to be killed. Billy was on the ground, trying to crawl to Franky. He saw the scrapper, who threw the first punch, pull out a knife heading for Franky. Billy picked up a pretty big rock and slammed the scrapper square in the back. Franky had just taken a blow that spun him around just in time to see Billy’s slam and the knife that fell. The big outsider saw the knife also and dove for it, making Billy panic to get it first. There was a struggle and others from both sides were trying to help retrieve the knife. To someone walking up it would look like a big pile of angry boys. The injured were being dragged away, the unconscious were set aside as the brawl continued. In the end, Billy had the knife on the big guys throat, he had those big arms pinned using his legs, and the big guy crying for his life. The penalties were clear and the pay up about to begin. It didn’t take long for Billy to understand what power he gets with his victory. And a perverse punishment was delivered. It’s easily arguable that every single one got something they came for, but it definitely came with a price.


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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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