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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

At Sea - 7. AS Chapter 7

Then next day I was feeling miserable of what the delay in the mail had done to upset Jacob, I decided to remain in bed as I wasn’t feeling up to going to university today, and when I didn’t turn up for breakfast, aunty Jacq came to find out why. I explained to her about how rotten I felt about how I treated Jacob, and that my rotten luck I was not able to see him before he left to go back home, and Aunty Jacq said for me to stay in bed and rest, while she would bring me my breakfast.

About twenty minutes later, as I was starting to wonder why Aunty Jacq was taking so long to bring my breakfast, I got up and put my dressing gown on, and was about to walk over to the house when there was a knock on the door, and I sat on bed as I answered. “Come in Aunty”, but I was shocked to see Jacob enter, holding my breakfast tray.

“What the heck are you doing here, you are meant to be on your way home to Canada” I said to him. Jacob put the tray down on my desk, and I gave him a big hug, “I am sorry that I received your letter so late, if I hadn’t had to deal with all the drama of the sinking incident and getting back to normal university life, I would have come to some sense and come to see you, I am so sorry for the way I ignored you, it was very rude and inconsiderate of me” I said to Jacob, who returned the warm embrace.

“Well I accept your apology with this nice hug, I have been hoping to get one of these from you since I first met you” Jacob replied with a smile as we separated, and I went over to the desk and started eating my breakfast.

“So, tell me, why are you back in Tasmania?” I asked in between mouthfuls of food. “When I arrived in Sydney, to transfer to my international flight to Vancouver, via Honolulu, there was a delay due to aircraft mechanical problems, and after four hours of waiting, we were told that we would be put on a flight later today, so I telephoned Uncle Jared to let him know.

It took me a while to get through as he was busy on the phone, when I eventually got through to him, and told him about the delay, he told me about you receiving the letter late because of a delay in the mail, and he told me to get on the next flight back to Launceston, and so here I am” Jacob said with a big grin.

“Wow, that’s a long diversion back home?” I commented, and Jacob chuckled, “Well I think it is worth it, just to catch up with you, Uncle Jared has contacted my parents to explain the delay, and that I would be back home 4 days later than planned, as that was the earliest he could get me on another flight home, so that gives me 1 ½ days here to spend with you” Jacob said with a cheeky grin and a wink, which made me laugh.

Once I finished my breakfast, I gave the tray too Jacob to return to the kitchen, so as to allow me to get dressed, and I met him in the lounge room, where we sat down and chatted, to get to know each other better. Later in the morning we went for a walk around town, and I showed Jacob some of the sights that he hadn’t seen during his stay, as his uncle had been fairly busy with work at the boat store, and we bought some lunch at a local café.

When we arrived back at Jared’s place later that afternoon, we sat on the steps where we had a wonderful view of the harbour and the setting sun, “It is a shame that the day has come to an end, I have really enjoyed spending the day with you just as friends” I said to Jacob, “I too have had a wonderful time, and I’m so happy that we have been able to get to know one another, can we do some of the same tomorrow morning, before I go?’ he asked me.

“I’m so sorry buddy, but I have important assignments too complete, and lectures to attend tomorrow, I have already missed a fair bit with the fishing boat incident, I have so much that I need to catch up on, I wish we could but I must get back to my studies” I said sadly. “I know, I just wished that we had more time” Jacob replied, and we remained silent for some time feeling miserable.

As I stood up and stretched, I looked at Jacob, “At least we have had today, and we can always keep in touch by email and Skype, here I have written down my contact details, when you get home send me a message that you arrived home safely” I said to Jacob, and I could see tears developing in his eyes.

“I will miss you, I have had this crush on you since we first met, I know that you may not feel the same way, but I hope we can remain friends” Jacob said and I pulled him into a tight hug, “Yes we can be good friends, and I will keep in touch” I replied, and a few minutes later I said goodbye and headed back to my uncle and aunts home.

A couple of days later, as I stepped out of another full-on lecture, my phone beeped to let me know I had a message, when I looked at it, the message was on Skype, “Hey, just letting you know I am home safe and sound, I miss you heaps buddy, keep in touch, Jacob”, I smiled as I put the phone away as Amanda approached.

“What’s the big smile for? she asked me, “oh nothing really, just received a message from Jacob, to say he arrived home in Canada ok” I replied casually, as we headed to the cafeteria for some lunch, and we decided to sit down outside under a big gum tree where it wasn’t so hot, there was a slight breeze today which made it quite enjoyable to sit outside in the shade.

I brought up the event of the sinking incident, and asked Amanda if it frightened her into not going on fishing boats ever again, and after a long delay having thought carefully about my question, she said no. “That’s good, as the family has been talking about a replacement boat, and we would like you to be a more permanent crew member, when you are not studying or working” I said to Amanda.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I think I would like to think about it a bit before accepting the offer” she said to me, and I was a bit disappointed by her response, “Well don’t decide anything until you see the new boat ok?” I said to her and she smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

During the next few weeks, I kept myself very busy with my studies, and Mum even made the journey down to St Helens, to spend some time with us, which included a stern discussion with her brother – Jay, in regards to the safety of her only son, that being me. When we were half way through the second semester for the year, we had a public holiday long weekend, and with me studying just Marine science now, my last lecture finishes at 11am on Fridays, and I was looking forward to the 3 ½ day break.

Just as I stepped out of the lecture, I looked at my phone and noticed a message from Uncle Jay, “Can you, Sam and Amanda meet us down at the Georgetown Marina at 1pm today, as the others to bring an overnight bag of clothes”, I grabbed Sam and Amanda as they stepped out of the lecture hall and showed them the message.

“Are you free, or do you have plans for this weekend I asked them as we stared at the message on my phone, wondering what it was about, “I was going to go camping with some of the boys, but we haven’t decided where or when, so I guess I can come” Sam said to me.

“You know I have no plans, so I am definitely coming” Amanda said to me, as Sam was typing a message to his friends that he has other plans. Alright, let’s go to your accommodation to get luggage, and we can grab a bite to eat on the way to the marina” I suggested to my two friends, “Hey Carlton, can we come along too please?” came the voice of one of our class mates who was standing nearby and he had overheard our discussions.

Marcus, was one of the final 7, who were wanting to join the fishing job earlier in the year, he is a year older than Amanda, and at 24 years old, he was best of mates with Sam, who had grown up as neighbours and best friends, and both had done well in their studies so far.

“I can’t promise you anything, as I am not sure what my uncle has planned, we have just been summoned to the Georgetown marina this afternoon at 1pm” I said, “ok I will take my chances, as I have nothing planned for the weekend” Marcus said and he and Sam dashed off to get organised.

I sent a text too Uncle Jay, “Sam and Amanda have agreed to come, and one other class mate, Marcus is interested also, whatever it is you have planned” and a few moments later I received a reply, “ok see you all at the marina at 1pm”. I had a good clue what it is that was happening this afternoon, and I was starting to get excited at seeing the new catamaran, which I knew would be arriving soon.

When we arrived at the marina just before 1pm, Sam and Marcus were there waiting for us, “So Carlton, do you have any idea what this is all about, is it a replacement fishing boat for the one that sunk” Marcus asked.

As he said this I was scanning the marina for any sign of the catamaran, and I spotted it near the end of the main jetty. “You are partly correct, just follow me and you will see” I said as I led the way onto the jetty, and we passed a lot of sailing yachts of various sizes, but nothing that looked like a fishing boat. I walked right past the catamaran and stopped at the end of the jetty with my back facing the Catamaran.

“Alright guys, close your eyes, I can see the boat approaching, so keep your eyes closed till I say it’s time to open them” I said with a big smile. When I could see them all with closed eyes, I quietly turned and boarded the catamaran, which looked absolutely stunning.

I dashed through the recreation area, through the passage into the Library Lounge and up the stairs, opening the door onto the upper deck passageway, around the corner, and up the last set of stairs till I arrived on the Bridge, where I heard Uncle Jay and Aunty Jacq talking. “Hi, this is great, can you follow me, I want to spring this huge surprise on the crew” I said as I walked towards the port side door.

From there I stepped out onto the small balcony. When Uncle Jay and Aunty Jacq had joined me on the port side that is moored to the jetty, we looked at the 3 young adults that were facing away from us. “How much longer do we have to have our eyes closed” Amanda said, “You can open your eyes now” I said to them and as they turned around and saw me and my family standing on the bridge deck, they looked totally stunned.

“Wow, this is far more than I expected, its enormous and brand new, it’s incredible” Amanda said, “That she is, this catamaran is 56 metres long, so over 32 metres longer than the previous boat, and this one has been renamed Trident” I said with a big smile, as I headed inside and back downstairs to meet them on the main deck.

“I have known about this for some time, and only seen the basic plan layout of the catamaran, so this is the first time I have seen her” I said as I watched the crew members climb aboard, and look around the open recreation deck, which is very spacious. We entered the central passageway on the main deck, where there are two large work rooms, plus a large work office space and conference room.

Each of the work rooms has work benches at the back and on both sides, and a central work table, in the office there is a large bookcase, located front end of the room, a small central table and a work bench along the back wall.

Once I had shown them the main deck, we headed upstairs to the upper deck, where I showed them the VIP suites, crew cabins, and guest twin and single cabins, the formal dining room, galley, stores and the two guest lounges, of which the formal lounge has a baby grand piano in it, and I pointed out to Sam and Marcus, that they can choose which ever crew cabin they want on this deck. ‘Amanda, your cabin on the bridge deck next to mine”, I said to her, quietly so the others wouldn’t hear, “You have a few extra comforts added to your cabin, that the others don’t have, I hope you like it” I said to her.

While the lads went to choose which cabin they wanted, Amanda and I headed back to near the front, and up the stairs to the bridge, where Jay and Jacq were talking. “Hello skipper, this is a wonderful you ship you have here” Amanda said when she saw us arrive.

“Thanks, we like it too, and we hope you do too” Jacq replied with a smile, and I lead Amanda towards the back, down the passageway, past the skipper’s cabin, and office, the officers lounge and my cabin, stopping at the first crew single cabin, and opening the door, to let Amanda to walk into her new cabin.

Copyright October 2017 Preston Wigglesworth All Rights are Reserved
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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This is another great yarn by you! I love it like the others. But Preston I would like you to  think about doing  a series or two  with some twists with MIT   Benning actually going to war possible as a  fellow platoonee of Prince Harry or a Harry like character also training his older son in the army a England   he perhaps even getting a commission in either the Blues or royals cavalry units of the Queens Guards.Perhaps Mitch could also be up for a  VC  or  for things he does for Harry and fighting in Afghanistan. Maybe he could get a  knighthood and a Generalship at a young age and get major Accolades for leading  a successful defense against major fires in both Australia and Canada.?  Please consider doing this as this story is. Nowhere near finish and could be taken much further!

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Bushman, you must be reading my mind, I am currently writing a continuing story of Firestorm, based on Tom, starting from when they return to the UK.

Stay tuned...

Preston aka Quokka

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The reunion with Jacob was a nice surprise, though Carlton is much too diligent. He really could have caught up with his studies and spent an extra day with Jacob. Life isn't supposed to be all work and no play.


The new ship was a great surprise to Carlton's friends. I suspect all will be wanting to be crew on this ship.

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Great chapter and a nice foundation for our hero.  Maybe Carlton will fall in love or lust, with Amanda and her secret will be revealed that she is really a he, when she tells Carlton why she can't have kids.  Not a story line, just a twist.  Carlton should end up with Jacob, maybe being part of a sea rescue when Jacob's plane crashes and strands some survivors on some islands north of NZ. At this point, Firestorm heroes, Benning, Tom, and others come together to rescue the plane survivors.  So many possibilities are now in front of you Preston/Quokka with these separate stories. They're the ones I look forward to the most from any author.  Keep up the great writing.


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9 hours ago, drpaladin said:

The reunion with Jacob was a nice surprise, though Carlton is much too diligent. He really could have caught up with his studies and spent an extra day with Jacob. Life isn't supposed to be all work and no play.


The new ship was a great surprise to Carlton's friends. I suspect all will be wanting to be crew on this ship.


B)......................I think the author decided to have a better good-bye scene. rather then leaving one heart broken lad (And an armed mob of angry readers :unsure:) So Quokka placated the mob in the bud, then notice Carlton seems to be taken by Amanda?  I have no idea where this story is going, however if any past stories are any indications. Carlton is going to loser an Uncle pretty soon.

Edited by Benji
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Great job with the storyline and the few twists thrown in as an added touch. I wonder if the statement made by Carlton's aunt Jacq during the fishing trip with Jacob as part of the crew, about Carlton being either gay or bisexual is true after all. I'm holding off on commenting on the subject too soon. I'm hoping that Carlton and Jacob hit it off and decide that they want more than a friendship with one another. I like the catamaran so far, but I want to see what happens when they take it out on the open water. I wonder if Carlton will do charters for a business for awhile. 

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