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    Sasha Distan
  • Author
  • 4,270 Words

Innocent Sacrifice - 2. Chapter 2

The red demon’s strong hand under his jaw encouraged Su Yin to his feet, but he couldn’t help the blush which spread across his cheeks, knowing he was naked and exposed in front of the powerful creature. It shouldn’t have mattered; after all he could still taste the strong and intoxicating flavour of Zhihao’s seed in his mouth, and Su Yin didn’t even want to lie to himself and say he’d been forced to perform the indecent act. He’d wanted to. Now his body quivered, and he wanted other things, but he was still scared.

“Come.” Zhihao smiled softly, an expression which should have been impossible with his double set of prominent sharp-tipped fangs. “Let me show you how beautiful you are, Su Yin.”

Su Yin let the yaoguai take his hand, and lead him to the enormous bed which stood in the centre of the temple. The long mirror showed his reflection with incredible clarity, and Su Yin looked away, focusing instead on the heavy silk of the bedspread and the richly textured and embroidered lotus flowers under his finger tips. He knelt on the soft mattress, shuffled forwards at Zhihao’s request, and felt the warmth and hardness of the demon press against his back as Zhihao took up position behind him.


Su Yin bit his lip, his chest shaking, but clawed fingers took his jaw firmly and without pain, and made him face the mirror. The boy met the demon’s bright green gaze over his shoulder, and Zhihao made a happy noise deep in his throat.

“Don’t look away. You are beautiful Su Yin. More beautiful than any boy I have ever had the pleasure to know.”

“That can’t be true.”

“Why would I lie to you?” Zhihao’s hands came up under his arms, and pressed over the silk coat which covered his chest and abdomen. “I want you to look at yourself, Su Yin. Look while I touch you.”

The yaoguai slid a hand down his front, but before he reached the point where Su Yin’s cock stuck lewdly from his remaining clothes he pulled the fabric aside, and pressed his warm palm against the boy’s smooth pale skin. Su Yin couldn’t tear his eyes away as Zhihao traced up his abdomen and chest, moving the folds of his coat to expose his parted trembling thighs, sweeping over the honey-brown nub of one nipple with a much more predatory smile. Su Yin whimpered as pleasure rippled across his body from everywhere the demon touched him, and Zhihao rumbled happily against his neck.

“You are beautiful.” The demon ran his tongue, long and pointed, up Su Yin’s neck to the tender curve of his ear. His fangs and lips brushed against him when he spoke, and Su Yin shivered without fear. “Do you think you are beautiful, Su Yin?”

The boy watched the demon touching him, claw-tipped fingers tickling lightly down the inside of his thigh, his other thumb rubbing over each of his nipples again and again, his cock visibly throbbing with pleasure, a bead of wetness at the tip which made Su Yin at once instantly further aroused but also shameful.

“I think I look like a whore.”

“And does that upset you, if only you and I are here to see it?” Zhihao allowed his hand to slide down the boy’s body, and wrapped his firm grip around the base of his cock and under his balls, looking down over his shoulder at his erection. With his other hand, he pressed the pad of one finger against the tip of Su Yin’s cock, and the boy gasped. “Every part of you is beautiful.”

“I-I like being with you,” Su Yin whispered.

“It makes me very happy to hear that.”

Zhihao pressed his hand over the length of Su Yin’s cock, pinning it momentarily against his abdomen, his other arm wrapped tight around the boy’s heaving chest. Su Yin turned his head, and pressed back against the demon who held him, feeling the heat of his body, the hardness of his dick nudging at his rear through the cloth of his coat, the heartbeat which felt so much like his own. He smiled.

“I want to bring you great pleasure,” the demon murmured against his skin as he wrapped his fingers around Su Yin’s aching cock. “Do you understand what will happen?”

“I think so.” Su Yin hesitated. The yaoguai’s voice made him shiver, and he understood his mind well enough to know he wanted to be told what the demon wanted. “Please, help me?”

“I am going to sheath myself inside your body,” the demon promised, “to join our flesh together and bring us both ecstasy beyond words. It is your first time, you will need to be prepared.”

Su Yin nodded mutely.

“Here.” Zhihao took the boy’s wrist and held his hand to his face. “Lick your fingers.”

Su Yin did as he was asked, then watched as Zhihao brought his hand down past his erection between his thighs.

“You must touch yourself.”

The boy flinched, and pulled away with a shiver.

“No. I don’t want to.”

“Su Yin?”

Su Yin shook his head vehemently, holding Zhihao’s gaze in the mirror. He loved the contrast in their reflections, his own pale skin against the red of Zhihao, the way his mostly undone coat made him seem even more exposed and vulnerable than if he’d been naked. He had never, ever touched himself there, no one had, and he wanted the big demon to be the first.

“Can’t you do it?”

Zhihao cradled the boy’s hand in his own, and Su Yin instantly laced their fingers together.

“It is your first time, my claws would be painful for you. Without preparation, I fear you will not enjoy this as I would like you to.”

“Oh….” The disappointment was evident in his voice.

“There is another way.”

Su Yin’s face lit up with happiness as Zhihao smiled at their reflections.

“Lean forwards, hold onto the headboard. Trust me.”

“I do.”

The boy took a deep breath, and grasped the ornately carved and lacquered headboard with both hands. Zhihao’s fingers curved around his waist, pushing aside the heavy silk brocade coat, and Su Yin’s back curved as Zhihao ran strong hands down his spine. He squeezed the firm mounds of the boy’s arse, kneaded his pale flesh, and spread him open. The yaoguai’s breath was hot against his skin, and Su Yin bit back a groan as Zhihao’s pointed tongue lapped over the tight pucker of his entrance. To his surprise the demon stopped, his thumbs smoothing apart his cheeks, the massage making Su Yin’s hard dick twitch and bob between his legs.

“You need never be embarrassed when you are with me. Do not hold anything back. Please?”

Zhihao’s tone was so soft and sweet, Su Yin simply nodded, and the next moment was rewarded by the long demon tongue licking once more at his most intimate place.

Pleasure crawled over his skin, and the boy whined with pleasure, his forehead resting on his knuckles as his shoulders stopped being able to properly support his weight. Zhihao continued to stroke over the boy’s entrance with his pointed tongue, eliciting moans and snatched half-words of desire and wantonness with each motion. He circled the ring several times, and only when Su Yin was visibly quivering, did he press further, and invade the heat of his body.


Su Yin gasped, automatically trying to pull away from the heat and unexpected pleasure, but Zhihao held his hips firmly and used his strong tongue to stroke the inside of the boy’s virgin hole. The demon thrummed a contented noise deep in his chest, and the vibrations made Su Yi’s knees wobble as his body gave up all pretence of structural stability. Pleasure was so much more important.

Zhihao judged him sufficiently prepared, and drew back with a wide possessive smile.

“Mmmm… so lovely.” He stroked the soft curve of the boy’s moon pale arse appreciatively. “You really are most wonderful, Su Yin.” The demon felt him up a little more, then aligned his heavy cock with the boy’s twitching honey-coloured entrance.


Zhiahao snarled.


Su Yin turned as he knelt up, twisting to look at the red demon with a soft smile. His spine was willing to support him again, but a hot spark of pleasure deep in his belly wanted to be damned with everything else and just have the yaoguai fuck him until he couldn’t remember his own name. He smiled at Zhihao.

“I want to kiss you.”

To his surprise, the yaoguai’s anger vanished, replaced instead with an expression of confusion, and worry. Su Yin frowned softly, shrugged out of the remains of his silk brocade coat, and reached out to Zhihao. He ran his fingers down the demon’s square jaw, past his fangs and touched the black lips. He licked his own in the manner which had made Zhihao’s eyes go bright and lust filled before, and smiled. He doubted any of the sacrifices sent before him had ever asked such a question, and though Zhihao’s fangs were large and potentially awkward, Su Yin had been wondering about the taste of him since the moment the demon had come in his mouth.

“I’ve never kissed anyone before either.”


“Please, may I kiss you Zhihao?”

Su Yin doubted if the demon with the blood red skin could blush, but he got the feeling he might have been. Carefully, he slid his forearms over Zhihao’s shoulders, bringing their chests together with a soft bump, his hard cock touching the demon’s skin, so close to a similar source of heat and desire. He tilted his head very fractionally, and pressed his lips against Zhihao’s own. For a moment, the demon was still, but he could resist temptation no better than Su Yin was able, and a heartbeat later Su Yin pushed his tongue into Zhihao’s mouth, wrapping his fingers into the demon’s black hair, bringing them closer.

It wasn’t the easiest kiss, but Su Yin didn’t have anything to compare it to, and he didn’t mind the hard press of the yaoguai’s fangs against his cheeks, loved the smooth heat of Zhihao’s tongue as they stroked each other, was fascinated by the complex taste which made his knees quiver with need all over again. Su Yin moaned against his parted lips, and the yaoguai embraced him tighter in response. As they broke apart, Su Yin smiled, tugged the strand of leather which held Zhihao’s top knot in place, and ran his fingers through the surprisingly long mass of silky hair which poured over his shoulders.

“I am undone,” Zhihao murmured with a wry smile.

“You’re beautiful, too,” Su Yin told him.

“Oh boy, you’re gonna be the death of me.” Zhihao’s confidence had returned, and the powerful demon grinned, a glint in his green eyes which made Su Yin shiver with delight. “Turn round.”

“Yes sir.”

The yaoguai growled with approval.

“Good boy.” Zhihao cupped his rear, pressed his fingers against the cleft of his arse and Su Yin squirmed. “Breathe.”

Every sensation was new and raw as Zhihao spread the mounds of his arse with his thumbs, and pressed the head of his cock against Su Yin’s virgin entrance. The boy squirmed, a tiny civilised part of his mind telling him in a shockingly calm voice that this was not what the high priest had had in mind when he had chosen Su Yin as a sacrifice. Zhihao held him tight, and Su Yin was grateful, because he burned with wanting the big red demon, his erection pulsed in time with his heartbeat and twitched every time he though of his flesh being cleaved by Zhihao’s hard cock. When the yaoguai pushed into him, Su Yin cried out in pain, but Zhihao’s hand was pressed over his racing heart, and he whispered against Su Yin’s ear.

“Breathe, my beautiful. You must relax, let me in. Trust me.”

Su Yin drew a shuddery breath, then followed Zhihao’s wordless instruction as the demon pressed against his diaphragm, held him close, then relaxed him again. After two long slow breaths, Zhihao shifted his hips, and pushed himself into Su Yin’s slick tunnel, until his abdomen pressed tight against the boy’s soft flesh. He pulled Su Yin upright, back against his chest, and turned the boy’s face to watch them in the long mirror.

“See how wonderful you are: your smooth naked flesh opening for me, your skin so soft and pale, your cock eager for release.” Zhihao touched one fingertip to the bead of precum which had gathered there, and smiled over his shoulder possessively. Su Yin felt his cheeks colour, and the demon practically purred. “You blush so prettily, such a lovely colour. And so tight, so warm….”

Zhihao shifted his hips, and Su Yin groaned aloud as the demon’s thick cock jerked inside him. The yaoguai pressed a hand over his chest, pinning them together, rubbed a finger over one nipple until Su Yin’s cheeks burned, then wrapped his other hand around the boy’s aching erection.


“Good boy.”


Su Yin panted, his head resting back on Zhihao’s broad shoulder without breaking the gaze they held in the mirror, and the yaoguai began to stroke him in time with his deep thrusts. Su Yin had never known he could feel so full, so complete, or that there were places inside him which could experience such intense pleasure. If Zhihao hadn’t been holding him up, Su Yin didn’t think he would have been able to stay with his spine pressed against the demon’s chest, because he could think of nothing but the thick rigid length ploughing in and out of his tender flesh.

“Here.” Zhihao released his cock and took Su Yin’s wrist, bringing his hand low. The boy whimpered with desire, and need. “Touch.”


“No, here, lower.”

Su Yin watched in the mirror as the demon bypassed the shiny, throbbing length of his erection, and had him press his hand under his balls to where Zhihao’s red cock was joined with his own pale skin. As he felt the blending of their bodies, Zhihao wrapped his large hand around the base of Su Yin’s cock, fingers curving under his balls, and Su Yin whimpered at the sight of them together.

“Would you like to obtain pleasure with me?” Zhihao panted in his ear before licking the smooth curve of his neck. “It is delightful to come together.”

“Ngghh,” Su Yin groaned, reached back with one hand and wrapped Zhihao’s long dark hair in his fingers. The demon licked him again, and he shivered. Zhihao abandoned his chest, and used both hands to stroke his quivering flesh.

“Please, join me Su Yin.”

The boy held Zhihao’s green eyes, one hand tight in his hair, and groaned his question in between whimpers of pleasure.

“Will it be over then?” There was not a trace hint of desire in his tone. He was desperate to come, wanted it more than he’d wanted anything, but Su Yin didn’t want their coupling to be finished.

“Oh beautiful.” Zhihao nuzzled against his neck with a sly smile. “I will need to come many times before I am fully satisfied.”

Su Yin grinned, and tugged the demon’s long hair.

“I want to satisfy you.”

“Oh, you’re a good boy indeed….”

Zhihao punctuated his words with a sharp thrust of his hips, and adjusted his angle until Su Yin had to let go, and simply hold onto Zhihao’s hair and let himself be fucked and fondled. He cried out, whimpered unintelligibly as Zhihao plundered him and growled against his skin, pleasure edging closer and closer with every motion.

“I want….” Su Yin gasped.


Su Yin cried out as he came. Zhihao held his throbbing cock firmly, directed his orgasm to splatter over the tense skin of his abdomen. There were too many sensations to think about, because even as pleasure coursed through his body, the yaoguai’s cock inside him seemed to swell inexorably, and suddenly he was filled with intense wet heat as Zhihao gasped against his shoulder. As his vision swam back into focus, Su Yin watched his lover smooth two fingers across his skin, gathering the cum which decorated his body. Su Yin took the demon’s hand, and without pause licked his own seed eagerly. He did not miss the delighted smile which spread across Zhihao’s features.

“And how do you taste?”

“Interesting… salty. Not as sweet or good as you do.” Su Yin relaxed back against the demon’s strong red body, hyper-aware that Zhihao’s long cock was still hard and rooted firmly inside him, even as he lay supine and boneless against his lover. “Did you… was I…?” Su Yin didn’t quite know how to finish the question.

“You are wonderful, perfect,” Zhihao purred. He raised his hips, and Su Yin groaned as he felt himself speared again on the demon’s hardness. “And I intend to enjoy you some more.”

“Yes sir.”

“Lie on your back.”

Su Yin whimpered as he pulled himself off Zhihao’s magnificent cock, moaned at the sudden strangeness of feeling empty, then groaned as he sank gratefully into the plushness of the big bed. If heaven existed, then surely relaxing into a mattress fluffy as a cloud, his body full of the warmth and joy of being thoroughly pleasured, was it.

Zhihao smiled to see his human lover so blissful, stroked a hand down his side, delighting in the soft dip of his waist, the hard point of his hipbone, the gentle swell of his shapely thigh, then held the boy behind the knees, lifted his legs and spread him open. Su Yin moaned with pleasure as Zhihao slid himself into his so recently virginal hole, and began to fuck him in long slow strokes. He was not shy about vocalising his pleasure any more, and Zhihao felt his pulse thunder as a near incomprehensible litany of desire and adoration fell from Su Yin’s lips. Every high pitched moan and gasp was further highlighted with half-formed instructions and wants, Zhihao’s name repeated like a litany of pleasure, and the yaoguai was unable to resist the pull of the boy who made him feel more powerful than he had in a millennia. His pace increased, and Su Yin cried out prettily as their hips slammed together, begged him for more, and before Zhihao could oblige his lover, the boy wrapped both hands into his long hair, and pulled him down sharply for a kiss.

Having Su Yin’s tongue invade his mouth so swiftly was a wonderful counterpoint to the fierce note of their fucking, and Zhihao groaned against the boy’s super soft lips, and let himself be opened. For someone who had never done it before, Zhihao thought Su Yin kissed fantastically, because somehow the boy managed to enjoy and ignore the presence of his fangs, tangled their tongues, and pressed their lips together like they were meant for each other. Su Yin kept him there, kissed him until Zhihao felt dizzy, and the demon had no choice but to snarl into their joined mouths as he came inside his lover. Su Yin’s passage tightened around him automatically, making him shudder with the force of his orgasm, and Zhihao finally drew back panting for air he actually needed. The boy smiled at him, his expression lust-glazed and beautiful, and Zhihao purred with the wanton way the boy looked, lying on his back with Zhihao’s thick red cock still buried within him.

“You are beautiful,” Zhihao told him.

“You kiss really well,” Su Yin replied. “I could never get tired of that.”

“Are you tired?” Zhihao asked gently. He never wanted to leave the tight, wet heat of his lover, but the boy had been so incredibly excellent already, and Zhihao didn’t want to push him past the point where he would no longer enjoy himself.

Su Yin arched an eyebrow.

“Are you?”

“Not yet.” Zhihao let his hips rock into the boy a few times, demonstrating the continued stiffness of his virile cock. “You have the most delightful arse, Su Yin.”

The boy blushed, but he smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Up you get beautiful, on your knees.”

Su Yin whimpered again as Zhihao withdrew from him, but he followed the demon’s instructions, and found himself once more on his knees, leaning forwards on his elbows, his head and chest resting on the plush covers of the bed. The yaoguai stroked his rear appreciatively.

“If ever you should want me, present yourself like this, and I promise I will have no power to resist you,” Zhihao murmured with a smile.

There was no hint of pain as the red demon entered him, and Su Yin groaned at the now familiar sensation of being filled by his lover. Zhihao plunged into him, using the lubrication of his own seed to thrust deeper and deeper still into Su Yin’s tender arse, forcing the boy to whimper with renewed desire. When Zhihao reached around his waist, Su Yin hissed between his teeth at the sudden rawness of sensation as the demon fondled his already tumescent cock. He panted and whined, didn’t care how he would sound to anyone else, and Zhihao ground into him, nudging at some centre of pleasure deep inside himself Su Yin couldn’t name, and which was so sharp it almost hurt with how good it felt.

“Again!” he demanded of the bedcovers, his previously relaxed muscles now tense, fingers tight in the heavy silk below him. “Again!”

“With pleasure,” Zhihao purred.

Su Yin snapped his teeth and moved back against the demon’s next thrust, wanting more speed and pressure, wanting to find another orgasm with the yaoguai’s thick cock pulsing within him. Zhihao released his erection, making him shiver with abandonment, and the next moment the demon snarled his name as his member swelled with his orgasm. After one pulse of wet heat, Zhihao pulled himself roughly from Su Yin’s tunnel, and let the rest of his cum spill over the boy’s arse and back. Su Yin looked up at their reflection in the mirror, and watched with his knees quivering as the demon gathered his own seed on his fingers and painted it on his pointed tongue. Su Yin only realised he’s whimpered aloud when Zhihao smiled at him.

“Here.” The demon repeated the gesture, but leant forward, and Su Yin licked the sweet and salty emission eagerly from his hand. “Good boy.”

“Thank you.” Su Yin wondered if the demon would know why he was grateful, or if not being judged for the desperation with which he acted was simply natural in the yaoguai’s world.

“Kneel up, hold the headboard.”

Su Yin nodded, and did as asked. He spread his knees automatically, and felt Zhihao’s thick, hot cum trickle down the inside of his thigh.

“You are very beautiful.” The demon stroked the boy’s cock slowly. “Tell me, what would you like?”

“You,” Su Yin replied instantly. His cock twitched in Zhihao’s hand. “And to come again. Please?”

“As you wish, Su Yin.”

When Zhihao let him go, Su Yin tried to turn, puzzled, then shivered as the demon lifted him under the knees, and positioned him back on the bed after he had slid his broad shoulders past the gap between Su Yin’s legs. He blushed as Zhihao wrapped a big hand once more around the base of his cock and under his balls, directed the angle of his stiff cock, and licked the swollen head with his long tongue. Su Yin gasped.


Zhihao didn’t say anything, but opened his black lips, and pressed a hand against Su Yin’s arse, sliding the boy’s erection deep into his mouth. Su Yin could barely make his eyes focus on the sight below him, but every sensation was razor sharp all along his nerves. Zhihao’s tongue wound round him, lapping against him, feeling out every sensitive area, pushing at the texture of his vein and the ridge around the head of his cock. The demon’s big fangs grazed up and down the sides of his length as Zhihao sucked him, hard and smooth, and a wonderful contrast to his tongue. He could feel Zhihao’s teeth, only when the demon had his nose pressed tight against his hairless abdomen, and knowing he was filling the yaoguai’s mouth made the situation even more erotic. When Zhihao slipped two claw tipped fingers gently into his relaxed hole, Su Yin moaned loudly, and found the fingers of one hand clutching tight into Zhihao’s dark hair.

“I’m going to cum!”

Su Yin barely made it to the end of the sentence before he lost the ability to form words, and came with a shout and a thrust of his hips hard against Zhihao’s mouth and jaw. The yaoguai swallowed his seed without hesitation, then pulled back just as he had instructed Su Yin to do and allowed the boy to watch as the last of his seed landed directly on his tongue. Su Yin gasped, then bent double as he dipped down to kiss his lover before Zhihao could swallow. He tasted somehow exotic in Zhihao’s mouth, and both moaned together with the sensation. Su Yin broke the kiss with a smile, and gazed down at his lover. When he saw that Zhihao was still hard, he beamed.

“I want to taste you again,” he declared boldly.

Zhihao made a gesture of welcome, and placed one of the many cushions under his head in order to watch.

Copyright © 2017 Sasha Distan; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Hard to tell who is in charge, here: Su Yin or Zhihao! For a naive virgin, Su Yin certainly knows what he wants and how to get it. And Zhihao is a particularly considerate and accommodating demon! If the boys back at the orphanage knew about this, there would be a waiting line for sacrifice duty! I hope they can take a break soon - Su Yin will need refreshment; not sure if demons can go forever. Probably! Thanks, Sasha.

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After reading this chapter, I need a shower, a cold one would slap me awake or a hot one to take care of my needs ... how should I choose ?


I doubt that the high priest would have no inkling as to what was happening within the temple; why else would there be a bed inside ? Or did Zhihao will the bed and mirror into existence, or some such magic ? Now I'm confused ... better go get my shower ...

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On 03/09/2017 10:06 AM, long1jo said:

Wow what a great start what's next

Well, 8000 words in and their still having sex... who knows?

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On 03/09/2017 08:46 AM, jess30519 said:

Hard to tell who is in charge, here: Su Yin or Zhihao! For a naive virgin, Su Yin certainly knows what he wants and how to get it. And Zhihao is a particularly considerate and accommodating demon! If the boys back at the orphanage knew about this, there would be a waiting line for sacrifice duty! I hope they can take a break soon - Su Yin will need refreshment; not sure if demons can go forever. Probably! Thanks, Sasha.

Just because he's a virgin doesn't mean he hasn't spent time imagining what he likes! and Zhihao is a very different sort of demon, as you are seeing.

Can he go forever... not quite, but a while certainly.

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On 03/09/2017 03:23 PM, hohochan657 said:

After reading this chapter, I need a shower, a cold one would slap me awake or a hot one to take care of my needs ... how should I choose ?


I doubt that the high priest would have no inkling as to what was happening within the temple; why else would there be a bed inside ? Or did Zhihao will the bed and mirror into existence, or some such magic ? Now I'm confused ... better go get my shower ...

Shower time will be a necessity moving forward!

The priests never go into the temple, they wouldn't dare. Would you, if you thought that doing so would kill you? Zhihao doesn't have magic, he can't will things into existence like Kiorl, Kiaza, and Nassau can. Most demons don't do magic. Thievery is a good second option.

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I liked the way the demon kept insisting Su Yin was beautiful and how he appreciated Su wanting to kiss him and be with him. I have the feeling he'll find the boy naked arse up at regular intervals. :lol:

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On 03/15/2017 09:54 AM, Timothy M. said:

I liked the way the demon kept insisting Su Yin was beautiful and how he appreciated Su wanting to kiss him and be with him. I have the feeling he'll find the boy naked arse up at regular intervals. :lol:

Tim! How could you think such things?! (except that they're true?)

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I am captivated by Su Yin, who seems so beautiful and innocent, yet doesn't know it. And it takes a demon to convince him otherwise. Perhaps this demon is not everything legend has created him to be. And if that were so, what might become of the pair?

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On 03/16/2017 03:13 AM, Parker Owens said:

I am captivated by Su Yin, who seems so beautiful and innocent, yet doesn't know it. And it takes a demon to convince him otherwise. Perhaps this demon is not everything legend has created him to be. And if that were so, what might become of the pair?

Zhihao will tell you a bit more about himself in chapter 3... you know, when they stop having sex long enough to talk!

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What can I say but WOW nicely written. So beautifully written.  Cant wait to see what happens next!


Great chapter:2thumbs::thankyou:


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