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  1. Happy Birthday!  And we miss you!

  2. :hug: hope you're doing ok 

  3. Thank you moggy, I'll talk you later ...
  4. Good morning from Paris, it's now 10:15 in the morning ... landed earlier this morning and now finishing off breakfast at Le Bristol Hotel ... more pictures to follow later ...
  5. hohochan657


    Also squeals with delight at the marriage proposal at the end of the story ... go Alek go ! I have a thing or two about squealing to teach young Drew @Drew Espinosa , possibly screaming as well ... So, game, set and match to Team Alek ! Yay ! Thank you so much @LitLover for restoring my faith in the Happily Ever After !
  6. hohochan657

    Chapter 29

    Some people are not good at sharing ... clearly Nathan was jealous / resentful of Bryce colourful "sexcapades"; but Bryce was equally wary of his "promiscuity" being a turn off for Nathan. BUT @dughlas was absolutely right, until Nathan would stake his claim on Bryce clearly, he would need to dial back his snide remarks to Bryce right down ...
  7. hohochan657

    Chapter 28

    Well ... LitL shows her true colours as "Cliffie Queen" once again ... who the hell would be in the bedroom with Alek ?
  8. hohochan657

    Chapter 20

    Reading all the comments, I'm struck by that mentioned by @spikey582 , namely that Declan wasn't our favourite character at the beginning of the story, but his roommates helped to set him back on track ... now we're all enamoured of him. I root for the friendship / relationship between the two boys. I for one, wanted so badly for Declan to draw Bailey out of his pain / confusion / depression ... the kiss was so sweet, the connection between gentle souls so brighten my day ... I wish only good, good things for the two teens
  9. hohochan657

    Chapter 19

    I'm getting back into the groove of reading this story ... BUT Bailey ... my heart bleeds for you ... if you wouldn't let people help you, then you wouldn't get better ...
  10. This is fucking awesome Sam ! I loved the story and I've asked you before, and am asking you again now, will there be a sequel ? I seriously ship Cal and Davey (I do apologise for speaking in adolescent language) more love for them !!! Okay maybe more sex as well ... Keep on writing, thank you !
  11. Hunter, I don't know the details of events that have led to your decision to move away from Vancouver. But I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours and send all my positive vibes to you !
  12. Let me read the story first so that I could join in the discussion ! Apologies tim, I really need to up my game and show more support for the authors / friends I love !
  13. I come back from my hiatus / self imposed exile / break and Lit has already finished her story !!! Anyway let me go and finish it first ...
  14. Hey Hoho.,I just saw about the typhoon in Hong Kong in the news and I hope you're safe and sound. All the best :hug:

  15. Another new story !! How come I feel excited and "meh" at the same time ?! I've known some authors will take a looooong time to pick up on their story again but please keep Book of Sky and Stars on as short a hiatus as you're comfortable with ...
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