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    Sasha Distan
  • Author
  • 6,614 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Pool Boy - 3. Chapter 3

It was quiet under the water, nothing but the softened lap of the waves against the tiled sides of the pool far away and the regular thud of his pulse beating against his inner ear. Marcus pulled himself forward as hard as he could before drifting inches from the floor, skimming himself along as his muscles began to complain about the continued lack of oxygen. Only when he felt dizziness and pain making his vision blur did he push himself up from the bottom, and break the surface with a grateful breath. Marcus tred water in the very centre of the deserted pool, his gaze falling on the entrance just as Tiago and Eric walked in, still in their sweats.

Told you he’d be here already,” Tiago smirked, then waved to Marcus. “Hey, Beautiful.”

Do you not need sleep, Marc? We were still up at two….” Eric dragged his fingers through his hair. “He’s just as much of a fish as the Captain.”

Marcus swam in long clean strokes to the side of the pool and climbed out with a smile. Still dripping, he pressed himself against Tiago and kissed him hard, relishing in the feel of his boyfriend’s body against his own, separated by a thin layer of jersey fabric. It was erotic in the best way, because Marcus didn’t have to worry about the coach spotting them. It was Sunday, there wasn’t any training, and Marcus was wearing speedos and swimming just for fun. He glanced between the men he loved as he broke the kiss, then frowned.

Where is Harper?”

Tiago went to take him breakfast and he was already plugged into his laptop and onto his second coffee. He’s getting so stressed about this paper. It’s worth some stupid percentage of his grade. What’s it on again, Tia?”

He has to critically evaluate and review a couple of research papers and guidelines on improving performance in competitive front crawl. It sounds… complicated.”

It sounds boring.” Eric rolled his eyes. “And it’s not even his stroke.”

Marcus frowned.

It’s mine….”

He says writing about you helps him concentrate better.” Tiago explained. “I hope he finishes it soon, he’s going to be in bits for training tomorrow otherwise. You feel cold, Beautiful.” The Latino man hugged his boyfriend hard. “You wanna swim some more, or are you all done?”

Let’s swim.”

You working on your lung capacity again?” Eric asked as he began to shuck his clothes off directly on the poolside. “Would it not be easier to just grow gills?”

Marcus splashed him deliberately before he dived back into the pool, closing his eyes and gliding along under the water until he saw stars. When he surfaced, he’d made it three quarters of the length of the pool in the same amount of time as before. Any other time, he would have been happy, but already Marcus was thinking about Harper, stressed out and alone, shut up in his dorm room, typing away. He hated to think of the Captain being miserable.

A dozen lengths later, Tiago had noticed his desultory mood.


Marcus swam directly into his boyfriend’s arms and snuggled against his chest. Two minutes later, Eric joined them. Marcus felt happy in the harbour of their bodies, but he still chewed his lip and frowned.

You’re worried about the Captain? Sweet boy...” Tiago kissed him warmly. “Go to him then.”

You’re sure?” Marcus frowned at his boyfriends. Never before had he felt like he needed to go and be with just one of them like this, and he was expecting Tiago or Eric to be suddenly jealous.

Of course.” Eric kissed his bare shoulder as he spoke. “Go help him through his stress. We’ll see you later.”

But… what about…?” Marcus wasn’t sure he had the nerve to ask the million questions zipping around his head like trapped fireflies. What will you do without me? If you have sex together without me is it cheating? Will you be jealous or angry once I’ve gone? Is it fair for me to be alone with Harper this time? Is anybody keeping score? Does it matter? What if he doesn’t want only me?

Weren’t you the one who told us we shouldn’t expect this to look or feel like a conventional relationship?” Tiago reminded him gently. “Go. Tell the Captain we love him.”

Marcus didn’t need any more encouragement, but kissed each of his boyfriends passionately before he half climbed, whilst being half launched, from the pool. He skimped on his shower, dried his hair by shaking himself, and stopped before throwing on the sweats he’d arrived in. He still hadn’t used all of the interesting underwear Eric had bought him, and one of the pairs he’d been saving for a special occasion was wrapped up and tucked in the back corner of his locker. He smiled, and put his legs through the turquoise straps of the jockstrap, settling the waist band emblazoned with the words TROPHY BOY below his navel. He dressed quickly, and jogged from the sports complex. There was no one to mark his progress across the campus, because it was still pretty early for a Sunday morning, and Marcus knew the route now with his eyes shut. He spent more time sleeping in Tiago, Harper, or Eric’s beds than he did his own. He loved falling asleep surrounded by the three of them, but they rarely woke that way. Marcus wished the dorm rooms were big enough to fit a larger bed, though what size of larger bed they’d actually all need remained a mystery. No mattress store he’d ever been to sold a bed to fit four young men, two of whom were over six feet tall, with the two others not too far behind. Only once had the four of them spent an evening in Marcus’s single dorm room, which had ended in an accidental black eye, a near-concussion, and Tiago getting head butted rather hard in the gentleman’s region. He made it to Harper’s door without incident.

There was no one else in the corridor, no sound of approaching footsteps, and Marcus slipped out of his sweats, adjusted the bulge in his underwear with quick fingers, and let himself into Harper’s room, releasing the lock and handle of the door as silently as he could. Harper was sat at his desk in a scruffy pair of boxers which looked like they’d seen better days, his spine curved, shoulders hunched, the fingers of one hand tapping rhythmically on the desk whilst he held his forehead in the other. Marcus had never seen his captain looking so worn. As he stood there, Harper ran his fingers through his already messy hair, clenching his fist and pulling at the strands for a long moment before typing another sentence like he had a grudge against the keyboard.

Marcus shut the door behind himself with force.

I’m not done.” Harper snapped without looking up. “I still have a conclusion to slog through.”

I can wait.” Marcus lent the ball of his shoulder against the door jam with a smile. “I don’t mind, Captain.”

I’m gonna be a while….” Harper’s voice trailed off as he turned from his screen. “Oh-” his gaze dropped from Marcus’s smile to his bare torso, “-my-” Marcus could practically feel his boyfriend’s gaze landing on his turquoise encased crotch, “-god. Marcus, darling, what… well, those are new.”

Yes.” Marcus bit his lower lip and smiled happily; already he could see the effect he was having on his captain.

And how long have I got before my ‘trophy’ gets bored and leaves me?”

Say… twenty minutes? You’d better type fast.”

Marcus had to suppress a giggle as Harper tore his gaze away and began smashing furiously at the keyboard. He typed exactly like a man who’d been promised excellent sex if he finished on deadline and Marcus thought it best not to tease him further. He smoothed the sheets and the quilt, plumped the cushions, then sat cross legged in the very centre of the bed, watching Harper’s back, and marvelling at how much straighter his boyfriend sat now that he was determined to get his task over with. Exactly seventeen minutes later, Harper tapped deliberately on several keys and hit the enter button.

Aaannnd saved! Voilà.”

You want me to proof read it for you?”

Now? No. God no. C’mere Beautiful.”

Marcus wiggled his hips happily as Harper spun his chair around and shucked off his boxers in the same motion. He made a mental note to ensure that pair ended up in the bin. He rose from the bed, and paced over to stand between Harper’s spread knees. Just as he was thinking about settling down to wrap his lips around his captain’s waving erection, Harper pulled him in with a hand pressed against his ass, and inhaled the clean scent of his new underwear. Having Harper’s face smushed into his crotch made his knees quiver with excitement. Harper groaned against him, then kissed up his abdomen and chest as he stood, wrapping his arms tightly around Marcus’s slender frame.

What can I do to relax you, Captain?”

Harper kissed him, hard and furious at first, but then he opened up to Marcus’s tongue, and the kiss turned soft and exploratory, and Marcus couldn’t have said which one of them groaned as Harper moved them back until they fell onto the bed.

Just be here. Be here with me, Marc. I love you so much.”

I love you too.” Marcus kissed him again, hungry for the taste of his lover and the feel of their bodies pressing close together.

And it didn’t seem wrong to say it without Tiago and Eric there too, or to snake his hand down between them and wrap his fingers around Harper’s hard cock. The Captain groaned in his ear, rolling his hips into Marcus’s grasp, and began to kiss along the length of his collarbone, grazing his skin with his teeth to make Marcus whimper as he stroked him.

You make a very good trophy, Marc.”

Anything for you, Captain.”

Anything? My my… Let’s take a look at you then, Trophy Boy.” Harper leant up and away from him, kneeling on the bed as Harper spread his legs, arms folded behind his head. He knew what showed off his musculature best, and he’d taken direction from Eric enough times to know what the Captain liked to see. “A fine prize.” Harper’s tone dripped smugness and pride. “That pouch shows you off perfectly.” Harper ran his fingers over the head of Marcus’s dick, clearly outlined in the taught fabric of the jockstrap. “And you know how much I love to see you come on your underwear.”

Oh Captain!” Just the memory of the first time they’d been together made Marcus curl his toes in delight, and a little wet mark of precum stained the fabric covering him.

I think we might have the same fetish, hey Marc?” Harper couldn’t have sounded more pleased if he’d tried. “Roll over now, there’s a good boy.”

Marcus stretched out as Harper ran strong fingers along his spine, reached out under the pillows and wrapped his hands around the bars of the headboard. Harper began to massage his shoulders, moving down to the dorsal muscles of his lower back, making Marcus groan. The Captain pressed firmly into the small of his back, and Marcus automatically lifted his hips and presented his well-framed ass for his lover. Harper wasted no time in readying him, smearing lube across his entrance before pressing against him with the head of his cock. Marcus pushed back against him, and Harper clearly wasn’t in a teasing mood, because he pinned Marcus’s hips with his hands and drove himself deeply into Marcus’s hot and accommodating body.

Ooooh fuck….”

Even without being able to see him, Marcus could imagine all too well his captain’s facial expression; that mix of pleasure, stress and near-release which only served to make him more beautiful. Harper’s pelvis locked against his rear, and Marcus had to bite the pillow in a very literal manner to keep from screaming as he was plundered.

Oh Marc… my sweet boy...” Harper curled over to place a kiss between his shoulder blades. “I needed you so badly. Unnnnngh, god… do that again.”

Marcus tensed his shoulders as he clenched his internal muscles, gripping the length of Harper’s erection for a long moment before releasing him slowly once more. The Captain moaned, leaning into him, gravity guiding him deeper into Marcus’s tight sheath. Marcus curved his spine, and Harper’s tip prodded firmly against his prostate.


Oh, there you are,” Harper practically purred as he withdrew, setting the angle of his hips so he could hit that exact spot again to make Marcus whimper. “You’re the best present a guy could ever want, Marc.”

I’m glad you think so Capt- OH GOD!” Marcus’s exclamation trailed off into incoherent gibberish as Harper’s hips snapped hard against him. “Ffffucking hell! Nnnnggghhhh… ahhh!” Every thrust now was harder, more sudden, and Marcus could feel the urgency in the Captain’s movements. “I had no idea- haaannghhh!- you were so stressed Captain.”

Harper grunted, his hands fisting the sheets either side of Marcus’s ribs, and Marcus knew his captain was well past being able to form any kind of verbal response. He growled against his back, hips moving like his stroke, fast and hard and gaining speed with each breath. Marcus could feel his own trapped cock begging for attention and release, straining against the fabric now fully wet with the evidence of his arousal, and the moment Harper touched him he came. The Captain practically snarled, and a few bones shaking thrusts later, he pumped his seed deep inside his boyfriend. Harper pulled out long enough for Marcus to roll over, and then he slipped back inside the heat of his body, and folded them both together onto the bed. Marcus kissed him hungrily, missing the taste of his lips, and Harper held him close, hands running through his hair and over his jaw as he rocked their hips together in time with his pulse.

Feel better, babe?”

Mmmm...” Harper kissed his jaw, and nibbled on his ear lobe softly.


You betcha.” The Captain held him close, arms locked about Marcus’s torso, his actions firm but unhurried. “It’s sweet of you to worry about me.”

Of course I worried… ungh… You’re my boyfriend. We need you.”

Speaking of, Eric’s gonna wish he was watching this, huh?”

I’ll make it up to him later,” Marcus managed between kisses.

Just give him the jockstrap… that’ll get him going.”

You’re a kinky bastard, Captain. You know that?”

Oh, aren’t we all just as bad as each other? Where’s your phone?”

Marcus hadn’t actually thought he’d be able to blush, or be embarrassed about his current state, but he still hid his face in Harper’s sternum as his boyfriend tracked down their joined bodies with the camera, finishing with a shot of Marcus’s obviously cum soaked underwear, and Harper’s cock, sliding in and out of his already lubricated hole.

Shall I tell them we miss them?” Harper smirked.

Say we’re thinking of them. Ahhh!” Marcus wrapped a leg around Harper’s ass to try and keep him still while he finished his thought. It was getting rather distracting to talk and be fucked. “It has the benefit of being true.”

Done.” Harper let the phone fall to the floor and kissed his lover hard. “Well now, let’s see what else my Trophy can do before I have to share him again...”


For the last practice before winter break, Coach had them doing nothing but mixed medley relays until Marcus felt like his arms were going to fall off. He congratulated them on the strength of their season so far, reminded them they had an inter-state meet the first week after the holidays, and wished them a happy New Year before hoisting his duffel onto his shoulder with a wave. Eric watched him go, and the moment the door swung shut he leapt from the pool and headed to the sauna.


Oh hell yes.” Harper made it to the side in less time than it took him to reply, and glanced back at Marcus and Tiago. “You coming boys?”

Yeah, one sec.”

Eric rolled his eyes and sighed.

They’re going to try and do that underwater kissing thing again, aren’t they? You’re gonna drown one of these days boys!”

Marcus grinned at his boyfriend, but met Tiago’s happy expression with a soft smile, and clasped his fingers as they sank under the surface. Kissing underwater was fun, though when the four of them had tried it together it had mostly ended in several accidental inhalations of the pool, and Marcus had decided he wanted to practice. Tiago had been happy to join him. Marcus wrapped his legs around his boyfriend’s waist as they sank, ran his fingers through Tiago’s thick curls and kissed him hard. Two minutes later they rose, spluttering, having mistimed the re-joining of their kiss and ended up running out of oxygen rather quicker than planned, and headed for the sauna. Marcus stripped out of his trunks, hung them over the rail, and entered into the hot, steamy, wooden room.

Relays are going to kill me one day.” he muttered as he sank down.

Just wait until next year when you’ll have a whole new team to try and work with. Coach’ll make you captain for sure.”

What?” Marcus sat up as though electrified. “But, you guys will still be here next year?”

Eric shook his head with a half-smile.

Just me,” Tiago told him. “And you’re faster. You’ll make captain for sure.”

But...” Marcus looked at Harper. “The Captain is...he’s the Captain.”

He’ll always be our Captain.” Eric said softly. “But I got in on an early action course, did a whole summer high intensity study before everyone else started, so I’m graduating along with Harper. Whoa, hey… don’t look so upset Pretty One. We’re graduating, not leaving you. You’re our Show Pony, and you can’t just up and change horses once you’ve fallen in love.”

Marcus chewed his lower lip and allowed himself to be hugged against Eric’s side.

I hate that we don’t get to spend Christmas together.”

There’ll be other Christmases, Beautiful.” Tiago relaxed against Harper’s spine. “After all, where would we all sleep?”

I’ve been thinking about that.” Harper’s voice was steady and level. “Once we get back after the break, I think we should look for a house.”

It took them all a long moment to actually understand what the Captain had said in such an ordinary manner.

What? Where?”

How the fuck are we supposed to afford a house?”

Where are we going to find a big enough bed?”

They all turned to Marcus, and Harper grinned.

Nice to know you have your priorities sorted out, Marc.” Harper grinned. “Boys, we got ourselves a cuddler.”

Oh, you guys knew that already.”

True enough.” Tiago agreed. “Are you sure we can afford it, Harper? And not end up living in some crappy run-down part of town?”

Sure. We all pay rent now to live on campus. I can’t imagine it’ll be much worse in town. And I know what I’m getting for Christmas.”


My parents always promised that if I made it near graduation, I’d get a car. Second hand, but four wheels, five doors, and enough seats for all of us. I’ll get us to practice on time. No more sprinting across campus at the last minute.”

You guys aren’t leaving until tomorrow, right?” Marcus knew Tiago was flying south of the winter weather, and he wasn’t looking forwards to the moment when he’d have to wave goodbye.


I’m taking you all shopping this afternoon.”

Eric rolled his eyes.

Now why do I think this is going to be much less fun than when I took you shopping?”


This is not where I’d thought we’d be.” Eric ran his fingers along the shelf of a bookcase, and very nearly knocked over a modernist ceramic ornament. Tiago caught it and placed it back on the shelf with a confused expression.

Stop touching things.” Marcus sighed with exasperation as Harper held up a cushion like it might bite him. “It’s like you guys have never been to a home-wares store before.”

The three of them looked at him with a range of very telling expressions.


You’ve seen our rooms,” Eric shrugged. “We don’t do… soft furnishings.”

Please tell me you’re not all still using the sheets your mom’s sent you here with when you were freshmen?”

All three of them nodded, and Marcus nearly growled.

You are all such...boys!”

Is that not why you love us?” Tiago asked, perplexed.

Not understanding cushions-” Marcus snatched another item from Harper before he could hurl it at Eric, then began to push and prod the three of them into line, “-and décor is such a ‘guy’ thing. Like, I know none of us are camp, but it’s not like you guys don’t care about how you look. Right? Décor is like clothes for your house.”

But no one sees our rooms, apart from you.”

You all have other friends, right? And when we have a house, not just a dorm room, people are going to come round to visit, and we’re not going to sit them on fucking patio furniture.”

Yes, Marcus.

Yes, Marc.”

Anything you say, Beautiful.”

Marcus’s grin was smug.

Good. Now, Show Pony wants a bed.”

Isn’t it a bit soon to pick one,? We’ve nowhere to put it.”

Think of it as an incentive. And stop touching things!” Marcus slapped Tiago’s hand away, and stalked off muttering until he found a member of staff who’s badge read ‘Manager’. “Hi. What’s the biggest bed you have?”

The Manager looked him up and down with a slight frown.

You want to go bigger than a king size?”

Marcus gestured at his collection boyfriends.

They’re taller than me.”

Either the man didn’t understand his hint, or wasn’t fully listening, because he simply smiled.

A California king should do you fine.”

No. Bigger.”

But… why?”

Marcus smiled sweetly, all innocence, knowing that his lovers were watching him closely.

Well, there are four of us.”

Four of you?!”

Is that a problem?”

Not at all.” A slightly younger woman slid in beside the manager and smiled at Marcus. “Uncle Robert, why don’t you let me take this one?” She watched the older man wander off, muttering something indecipherable but distasteful under his breath, then she beamed at the four of them.

You guys ever heard of a Texas King? Sometimes called an Athletic King? You look like athletes to me.”

Swim team.” Harper assured her.

All of you? My, my, that must be a sight. Follow me!”

The bed section had a few choice pieces laid out with comforters, pillows and drapes like their own little rooms, and Marcus had to grab Eric’s hand to keep him from playing with things as they went past. Behind the show beds, a range of mattresses were laid out in big white squares, as they wove their way around beds which Harper muttered ‘all looked the same’ until they were near the back wall of the store.

This is an Austin King. That frame also comes in black and dark walnut as well as the oak. What do you think?”

Well fuck me sideways...” Eric gaped at the size of the thing.

We’d have room to...” Tiago murmured. “It’s enormous.”

Ninety three inches,” the sales woman assured them. “Do sit.”

Keeping his feet on the plastic protected lower half of the huge mattress, Marcus bounced into the centre of the bed, his face plastered with a massive grin. It didn’t take the others long to join him. There was space enough for the four of them to lie comfortably side by side without touching, and move around, and when Harper turned to snuggle into Marcus, Eric grinned at them.

We have to buy this bed.”

Oh yeah,” Harper agreed.

Tiago rolled onto is back, hands behind his head and sighed.

I could get used to this décor thing, it’s so comfy.”

Marcus sat up and beckoned to their assistant to step closer once more.

You sell sheets and stuff to fit?”

Oh, yes sir.”

Excellent. We’ll take it.”

Tiago wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist and nuzzled his neck.

Does it come in a pillow top?”


I can’t take being dragged around another disappointing house. Not after the last one.”

It’s not like the cats would still be there when we moved in.” Harper chided softly.

Or the mad old cat lady,” Eric quipped.

I don’t care, I’m never going to be rid of the memory of that smell, or the way she shuffled around after us muttering about god. Sheesh… I don’t know why they even show houses to new tenants before the old ones have left.”

Marc… we have four appointments booked in for tomorrow.”

Go without me? Please?” Marcus practically whimpered. “I just want to go to training, sit in my morning lecture, go to the library and finish my essay. Don’t make me go house shopping again.”

We have to find somewhere to put that bed, y’know babe.”

The shop is storing it for us.” Marcus reminded his boyfriend.

You were so keen to shop for house things, but less keen for the actual house?” Tiago frowned softly. “Is everything OK, Beautiful?”

Marcus looked from one face to another, whined, and dived under a pillow to avoid the men he loved. He didn’t want to tell them why he was so desperate to find the right house that the thought of looking at another wrong one made him feel sick. But he knew he had to. They’d all agreed to be honest with each other.


Come on, pretty pony. What’s up?” Of the three of them, Eric always knew how to make him talk. Marcus felt himself extracted from the covers and placed in Tiago’s lap. When he moved the pillow, Eric was sitting opposite him, cross-legged, his expression carefully neutral. “Talk to me, Marcus.”

Are you guys going home for spring break?”

Eric shook his head, Harper frowned, Tiago hugged their lover tightly.

No. But spring break isn’t for another month. Sweetie, what’s wrong?”

Marcus inhaled deeply, and sunk himself deeper into Tiago’s embrace.

I can’t go home again.” The moment Marcus said the words, he felt better, but he lost all his self-control, and dissolved into tears. By degrees and between sobs he told them about his Christmas break, how his parents had kept asking if he had a boyfriend or found someone special, and he’d finally given into temptation and pride, and told them everything.

There had been confusion on his parents faces, quickly replaced by mounting fear and anger, and then came the shouting and demands for him to change. One serious boyfriend they could cope with, that had been something they’d been looking forward to for their son, apparently, but three was some kind of abomination. Marcus had defended himself and his absent partners, tried to make them see how happy he was with the men he had chosen to love, tried to explain between his mother’s outbursts of disbelief that they were faithful to each other, but she couldn’t see it, and he couldn’t make her. After the last awful flippant remark that obviously he’d never get married or be seriously in love with anyone whilst still playing around, Marcus lost his temper, letting indignation and rage get the better of him. He wasn’t proud that he’d threatened to walk out of his childhood home, but he’d been physically shocked by her response.

She told me if I came back to be with the three of you, I’d best not come home again. I got an email this morning from my father. He invited me to come home for Spring break as long as I’d given up my ‘dangerous lifestyle choices’.” Marcus scowled. “As if I was off having orgies with random blokes from Tinder. Fuck.” He shuddered. “I can’t go home and lie to them. I won’t. Just because they don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

Oh sweetheart...”

Beautiful… Well I suppose next Thanksgiving we’ll just have to do our own thing.” Eric assured him.

Or we can go to Vermont.” Harper said in a slightly offhand manner.


Why Vermont?”

Aren’t your folks from there?” Tiago quizzed.

Our Show Pony wasn’t the only one who got quizzed at home over Christmas. My parents were totally fine with it, which I’ll grant you I found really confusing, until my uncle told me about a bunch of letters he and my dad had found cleaning out my grandparents place a while back. After their kids had grown up a bit they apparently had an open marriage or something. At least, there were letters Grandpa wrote to my Grandma and ‘her lover’ and ones she wrote back to him from the both of them. I don’t think it was like what we have though.”

Even Eric had the good grace to look stunned, but Harper just shrugged.

Dad punched my shoulder and told me virility ‘runs in the family’, and Mom says she can’t wait to meet you all.” Harper bit his lip and smiled broadly. “And I can’t wait to show you all off.”

Feeling better, Marc?”


You know we don’t want to choose a house without you.” Tiago murmured in his ear.

Alright, alright. I’ll come. But you guys have to do something for me first.”

Anything,” The Captain agreed readily.

Take me dancing.”


The club was loud, bright, shadowy, and full. Marcus hadn’t figured that a Thursday evening would be so populated, until Harper saw the sign at the bar advertising two-for-one shots, and went with Eric to go fetch a round. Marcus had had his hand marked with a big black ‘X’ at the door, because he was still too young to drink, but Eric handed him something bright green and Marcus drank with his other hand quickly.

I won’t be going to the bar anytime soon.”

Don’t worry Beautiful, you just dance, and we’ll bring the booze to you.”

Later.” Marcus grabbed Tiago by the front of his shirt and pulled. ”Dancing, Now!.”

He didn’t have enough hands, but mostly by sheer force of will Marcus dragged all three of his boyfriend’s onto the dance floor as the music cranked up. They made a little patch of space for each other, it was busy but not packed, and Marcus grinned with delight as he began to move to the music. Tiago pulled him close locking their hips together as they swayed. It was Harper who ran a hand up his spine to cradle the back of his neck, and Marcus leant back to be kissed as he danced. The four of them wound around each other, kissing, touching, and dancing, losing time between songs and drumbeats, getting wrapped up together in the music.

When Eric moved to kiss him next, Marcus took his jaw, and angled his boyfriend toward Harper. The Captain grinned and Marcus watched in rapt lust and adoration as his lover’s made out on the dance floor. Eric noticed, and reached past Marcus to take Tiago by the belt buckle in order to kiss him too. Marcus swayed in time with the bass as he watched the men he loved, his imagination overlaying the scene with the way they looked in the pool or the showers, their easy company together even without his presence. Harper turned to him as Eric and Tiago kissed deeply, and smiled. Marcus could read his lips despite the flickering lights.

Marcus stripped himself from his shirt, tucked it into the back of Tiago’s jeans, and shivered pleasurably as he was brought into their embrace, fingertips brushing over his sweat soaked skin. Marcus couldn’t think of anything he’d rather enjoy in that moment. He leant against Harper’s rock hard chest, feeling his boyfriend’s pulse thump through his spine, and watched as around and above him, the three men he loved made out with each other. When Eric combed his fingers down Marcus’s front and caught the front of his now rather too tight trousers, Marcus groaned, and Harper chuckled in his ear.

I think it best be time we go home lads.”

Yes Captain,” chorused three voices all equally lustfully.

Only when Marcus tore his eyes away from his lover did he realise how much attention they had gathered. It wasn’t quite that the whole club had stopped to watch them, but it wasn’t far off, and they were ringed by men still swaying to the music, but staring openly as they broke apart. Marcus felt suddenly shy, something he wasn’t really used to feeling, standing as he so often did in front of crowds of hundreds of people at swim meets in nothing but his trunks, but when he looked back, his boyfriends were standing with their arms around each other, all eyes only for him.

Marcus wasn’t sure how they got out of the club, or found a cab, or got back into Eric and Tiago’s dorm room. He remembered flashes of smiling and kisses, sitting in Tiago’s lap in the back of the cab, his legs hooked over Eric’s knees. Harper was saying he didn’t understand how he could be so tipsy from one drink. Eric corrected him. They’d been back to the bar at least twice. He just remembered the dancing, and the hot coil of lust he felt at watching his boyfriends touch each other. They tripped into the room, and Harper and Eric pushed the two beds together before Tiago pushed them onto the mattress, and then turned to beckon Marcus to join them.

Nu-uh.” Marcus smiled, and shook his head. “Carry on.”

I think our Show Pony has turned a bit voyeur himself,” the Captain murmured. “You heard the man, c’mere Tia.”

Marcus stared with attentive adoration as Harper and Tiago kissed deeply, before the Captain laid his Latino lover out on the bed, and Eric helped him to roll up Tiago’s shirt. Harper kissed him again, and then moved down to lick at his nipples so Eric could taste his lips instead. Marcus couldn’t have looked away if the police had started hammering on the door as his boyfriends divested themselves of their clothes, kissing and touching constantly, until Harper knelt on the floor and began to move from one to the other, demonstrating his excellent skill in sucking cock.

You like that, don’t you Show Pony?” Eric’s voice was remarkably steady and even for someone so obviously flushed and aroused. “You worry that because we pay you so much attention means we don’t love each other as much; it’s sweet of you, Beautiful boy. Isn’t the Captain good at that Tia? His mouth feels so fucking fantastic. Ahhh...” Harper switched who he was servicing in the middle of Eric’s sentence, keeping his other hand around the base of Tiago’s shaft. “But we wanna see you have fun too, Marc. An’ you’re wearing way too many clothes.”

Marcus stripped, watching Eric and Tiago’s faces as they watched him too. Harper crawled up the bed to join them, and the three of them lay together, supine and sweaty, kissing, touching, and jacking each other as they looked at their boyfriend.

You gonna make us wait, Pretty Boy?”

He’d intended to, he was sure. Marcus had started out with a very clear image of how he wanted the evening to go, but with the three of them there, watching him, each of them so visibly worked up and already so near ecstasy, he couldn’t resist. Eric caught his thigh as he came close, and pulled Marcus across his lap.

Me first.”

Breaking with tradition, are we Eric?” Tiago smirked.

Indeed. C’mere Pony, let’s put on a show.”

Marcus straddled his boyfriend and watched Harper and Tiago as they stroked each other. Eric spat on his fingers and breached Marcus’s tight entrance with a haste which displayed his urgency, and grinned as his boyfriend whimpered needily. Marcus thrust back against him, his thighs quivering as he balanced over his lover. At Eric’s instruction he folded his arms behind his head, showing off his chest as Eric withdrew his hand, and brought Marcus down onto his cock.


Oh god boy...” Harper purred. “You guys look so good together.”

How’s he feel, Eric?”

Oh Tia… he’s got such a fucking perfect ass. So tight and hot, an’ he grips so well… nyyghhh!”

Eric held Marcus’s hips tight and slammed into him. He’d been close for a while, and the sense of inevitability only heightened the experience for Marcus as his boyfriend came inside him. Eric panted, every muscle standing out in sharp definition as he lay back and drank the air instead of breathing it. The others hadn’t taken their eyes off them, both still hard and eager, touching each other as Harper ran his knuckles down Marcus’s tense thigh.

Oh Captain?”

I think our boy here needs seein’ to first.”

Harper quite literally passed Marcus over into Tia’s eager grasp, and the Latino man wasted no time in sheathing himself inside Marcus’s slick passage. They groaned in unison, but Marcus held himself over his boyfriend with his arms over his head as Tiago stroked long fingers up his torso, brushing over his nipples and dragging short fingernails down his ribcage. Tiago moved easily inside him, slick and wet with Eric’s cum working as lube, and Marcus whimpered as his lover began to grind against his prostate. Marcus’s dick pulsed with need, the tip shiny with precum, and he whined as Tiago’s hips faltered, thrust hard, and came with a gasp.

God, but that’s beautiful.”

Marcus glanced from Tiago’s easy, satisfied grin to see Harper and Eric gazing at them with rapt attention. Eric stroked the Captain’s chest lazily, and Harper smirked as his own hard on bobbed in anticipation.

Don’t they look so good together, Captain?” Eric arched an eyebrow at the scene they’d made. “It’s going to feel so good when you fuck him, warmed up and ready for your cock.” Harper’s pupils dilated. “I’m gonna love watching him come all over you too.”

Which was pretty much what happened. Marcus rode the Captain as Eric and Tiago both stroked him to completion. He cried as he came, messily, all over Harper’s rigid abs, and the Captain emptied his balls deep inside Marcus’s ass. Suddenly limp, Marcus sagged and collapsed into the waiting arms of his lovers.

Well aren’t we the lucky few?” Eric murmured softly, stroking Marcus’s hair.

Ain’t nothing in heaven gonna be as good as this,” Harper concurred.

Love you, Marc,” Tiago told him happily.

Marcus was going to tell them how much they each meant to him. How much he loved being with them all together, and being with each of them alone. He was going to make them understand how happy he was they loved each other too, just as much as they loved him, and how important it was if they were going to make this relationship work. He was going to tell them how sexy they were, and how awesome it felt to be fucked by them each in turn.

He was going to, but he was tired, and instead he mumbled incoherently into Tiago’s neck, and then fell asleep.

Copyright © 2018 Sasha Distan; All Rights Reserved.
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Well, hot damn! I go away for a minute (or a month) and return to find that not only has Sasha returned, but given us an absolutely heartwarming -- not to mention smoking-hot -- story!


The dynamic presented is really interesting. The guys' relationship is very equitable in some ways, and challengingly asymmetrical in others. With three members of the quartet apparently exclusive tops, Marcus is effectively a keystone of the relationship. But then there's "the Captain". . . and Tiago, who seems to bring the emotional intuition and openness; and Eric, who's always ready to turn up the heat. Everybody really does bring something different.


I can't wait to see how this one wraps up. I'm certain we'll all be wanting more -- but I'm equally convinced that this story will appropriately wrap as a novella. Detailed exploration of the relationship complexities within a 4-man poly group can be left as a fun exercise for the reader . . .

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7 hours ago, Saraband said:

The dynamic presented is really interesting. The guys' relationship is very equitable in some ways, and challengingly asymmetrical in others. With three members of the quartet apparently exclusive tops, Marcus is effectively a keystone of the relationship. But then there's "the Captain". . . and Tiago, who seems to bring the emotional intuition and openness; and Eric, who's always ready to turn up the heat. Everybody really does bring something different.


I'm really glad you're engaging with the differences the guys bring to the relationship. It worked quite naturally for me - they turned up in my head knowing who they wanted to be and what their 'specialities' were - which was damn useful.

One more chapter to go, but it's on hold with the editing team due to lack of time. soon, soon!

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I feel sorry that Marcus can’t go 🏠 anymore, I just wish that parents  would stop 

putting their children into boxes and telling them who they can and cannot 💕 

its no bodies business but the people that are in the relationship. 

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