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  1. I know, that's a super-weird choice as the first role to come to mind -- but her character on Tales of the City was a memorable part of my baby-queer existence. <Sniff>.
  2. I actually do wonder. As @BHopper2 said, the OP hung around for quite awhile before making his spectacular entrance. Taking into account his . . . somewhat ostentatious word choice (along with an incorrectly chosen indefinite article) and the shout-out to Howl, it occurs to me that Mr. Cole may be doing some sort of performance art, and we're all just part of the show. (If that is the case, I would suggest to him that a more effective example of this sort of commentary can be found in Yoko Ono's re-interpretation of Katy Perry's "Firework.")
  3. Oh, webcomics. Truly the best of the worst, some of them . . . (Yeah, it took me more than a couple hours to dig those out of the archive, whatayawant? If you need me, I'll be putting new tennis balls on my walker. . .)
  4. As I'm coming late to this party, the gist of what I would say about signaling has been well covered by @Puppilull in her comment, and in the subsequent conversation. The thing that I would add is, basically, "this is water." There's something that's important here that I'm slightly at a loss to say succinctly and eloquently. @Mikiesboy has his finger on it with the observation that this (idea of gender expression and signalling) isn't hard to understand -- if one wants to. But as Thorn points out in the comment immediately above, often the ignorance comes from "lack of self-insig
  5. Oh, Stravinsky, my hero. . . As someone who (literally) ran screaming out of piano lessons as a child, and later backed into classical music again by way of jazz, Frank Zappa and Astor Piazzolla -- Rite of Spring is TOTALLY MY JAM (And if anyone wants to hear me swoon and count the ways I think it is amazing, we can do that in another room, I guess.) Thanks for putting this here. Also, fun fact: I have no idea how this happened, but Firebird is the first ballet I ever saw. So, it, too, has a soft space in my heart. My ex in college played the flute, and thus did I
  6. Thank you so much for this. I haven't really listened to any Couperin since my conservatory days, but this was exactly the music that helped me learn to love the harpsichord. (I mean, I like Scarlatti on the piano. I love Bach on the piano. But it's like the piano has nothing special to offer Couperin -- and Couperin offers his best self through the harpsichord. So I love the two of them together, like couple-friends. ) I was only minimally aware of Mr. Ross -- I knew that he played harpsichord, that he was a weird dude, and that he was dead. So thank you for this, as well. I w
  7. From one 'tran' to another, hello and well-met. One of the fun and challenging things about being trans is that we "get" to negotiate how we will engage our trans identity in each and every social interaction, whether that be in person, on the phone, in images, videos or print. One of the things I find disappointing is that (often for reasons of safety or convenience over preference) we frequently adopt a gender presentation that functions for us one way or the other -- but that excludes the transgender aspect of our experience. If one is trans and binary, and one elects to transit
  8. Well, this is interesting. I go away for a month and return to find that the forum threads I follow have had CHANGES, and there are no notifications lingering w/r/t unseen replies on the old threads. Whatever; I figured it out. On the upside, everything so far in Dead Composers 2.0 looks GREAT (although I have not yet spent 2 hours listening to Gardiner's take on the Monteverdi Vespers). I thought I'd share this nutso recording of a little Chopin ditty I recently started with one of my students. Full disclosure: I don't generally like playing Chopin -- for oh so many reasons, inclu
  9. At least one of those doco's contains the footage wherein Marsha says the words :). I don't remember which; I've only seen part of each one. (I may be a terrible person -- especially as a historian -- but I really can't watch documentaries for fun.)
  10. I'm loving ALL of this. Especially the Freddie love (although I confess to being a raging Brian May fan, myself, appropos of nothing). I have to add Justin Tranter, formerly of Semi-Precious Weapons and currently one of the top bitches of the songwriting business (accorded the title by RuPaul himself). Tranter's first really big moment from the writing room was his contribution to the Fall Out Boy song "Centuries:" he wrote the chorus. The chorus that goes "you'll remember me for centuries," to the tune of Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" and in the words of Marsha P. Johnson -- who or
  11. My favorite thing about that Munich concert is "Montsy"'s humor -- when she introduces one of the encores (O mio babbino caro) she calls it "a little ditty" -- which it is -- and she and Marilyn Horne seem to have such an easy rapport on the stage. Caballe really seems to be struggling physically, though. She looks and sounds (to me, anyway) uncomfortable singing this duet, and I recall seeing somewhere that she had been pretty ill a lot around that time. Her dynamics and control are STILL exceptional, though, especially put right next to Marilyn's less nuanced lines (like, around 4:00).
  12. Saraband

    Chapter 3

    Well, hot damn! I go away for a minute (or a month) and return to find that not only has Sasha returned, but given us an absolutely heartwarming -- not to mention smoking-hot -- story! The dynamic presented is really interesting. The guys' relationship is very equitable in some ways, and challengingly asymmetrical in others. With three members of the quartet apparently exclusive tops, Marcus is effectively a keystone of the relationship. But then there's "the Captain". . . and Tiago, who seems to bring the emotional intuition and openness; and Eric, who's always ready to turn up th
  13. In preparation for my 11-year old student's AM lesson which will include the Invention #10, I was poking around on YouTube. (I told the kid to do some listening this week, and come back to me with her thoughts on a best-fit tempo, now that most of the notes are under her fingers. I thought I should see what was out there, myself.) @Tiger 's post from last month reminded me that Valentina is always a good bet when you want to hear a really ballsy take on something, so when I found her Inventions, I couldn't resist. But. . . I have SO MANY QUESTIONS about this:
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