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  1. To those who go to GameStop, can you help me get the Pokemon Volcanion gift code and pm me. Im in asia and I couldnt grab one. thanks :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Audi

    24th sept 15

    I really miss you tho o.o
  4. Audi

    24th sept 15

    Hiihihihi long time no seeee hehe. thank you *blushes* hehe
  5. Audi

    24th sept 15

    Hihi Ashi! yep grown up! or still maintain hahahah xD thank you <3
  6. Everybody was KungFu fighting~ HuuH!!

    1. Zombie


      And they was fast as lightening! :P

  7. Audi


    Messing with Picnik ;)
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday... :)

  10. ricky

    Tristen himself is back and a new title. https://theboysofsunset.wordpress.com/0001-chapter-one/ posting about a chapter a day.

  11. ricky

    ARBN'd resurrected as "The Boys of Sunset" http://skorrip.blogspot.com/

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