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  1. Frostyvb

    Chapter 24

    While sci-fi may not be your best you certainly did a very good job on the story. Maybe sometime in the future you consider a sequel to this. It would be interesting to see what is happening with Brandon and Sage. give him kudosWhile sci-fi may not be your best you certainly did a very good job on the story. Maybe sometime in the future you consider a sequel to this. It would be interesting to see what is happening with Brandon and Sage. Again kudos very good story
  2. Hate to see it coming to an end, but it’s been very well written wish you luck with your next endeavor.
  3. Frostyvb

    Dim Sum

    Cliffhangers really suck. Well it’s a good story and I like it. Hate to see what’s coming though.
  4. Frostyvb

    Chapter 16

    Thank you for another great story. I am someone said that this one’s over, but I know you’ll do more and I look forward to your great work. Thanks again frosty
  5. The story was excellent from the start to the finish. He kept me locked in there wanting to read more. Thank you for being a good author that you are frosty
  6. Frostyvb

    Chapter 27

    A budding friendship in the works is plain to see, I like to where you’re going to story and can’t wait to see what’s next,
  7. Frostyvb

    Jus Sanguinis

    Great start, look forward to seeing where it goes from here. So many directions come to mind
  8. Frostyvb

    Chapter 47

    You just keep surprising me with more twists and turns. It is a shame to To see Arlene go. But a good shake up sometimes makes things work better for all. I look forward to reading what you write. frosty
  9. Frostyvb

    Chapter 41

    Love story and the way it’s going. I read the updates at night before I go to bed I look forward to them it helps me to relax not because you’re boring but because it takes my mind off of things going on. As one said, I’d love to be a fly on the wall on Monday can’t wait to see what happens kudosAnd keep up the good work
  10. Frostyvb

    Chapter 14

    Good start on what should be And even better story. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  11. Frostyvb

    Boss Nanny

    Great story great plot looking forward to more. Definitely worth the read
  12. Very well written story, it is sad to say good things come to an end and I look forward to what you will do with the final chapter. May I suggest though a book to with Jasper and Ryan and continuing on what their life brings there are many different options that could be had. Again good story and thank you. frosty
  13. Frostyvb

    Chapter 7

    I hope this will continue on in either another book or more chapters there’s a lot left unsaid. What do the boys do they grow up? what happens with the lawsuit? Just a couple of different paths that could take place. I do hope to see a continuation of the future thank you for a good story
  14. Frostyvb

    Chapter 86

    Oh my God, I think this is One of the best stories I’ve ever read. I think you for the privilege of being brought along on this story. Your writings show how much club you have. it is a shame that we have children on the street but have nothing. I think that it would be great if there was something like Sanctuary available. Unfortunately, because of the current world climate this is something that would be almost impossible to do. again I thank you for a very well written story.
  15. I like where the story is going, Matt needs to get over being a 21-year-old college kid. After all he’s quite as a papa, full-time student and has a part-time job. And a man that loves him for what he is. I’m wonderingIf after Matt finishes going to school if he the bookkeeper for all the businesses? That is of course if he wakes up and realizes how much he is loved.
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