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Lost in Manchester

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Manchester 2009.  Adam, 25, has just broken up with his long term boyfriend and moves to the city despite knowing nobody and nothing about city life. He dives into his new-found independence and experiences the highs and lows of drinking, dating and dealing with his unusual flatmate, his emotionally troubled workmate, his environmentalist neighbour, her sexually frustrated roommate and a local Councillor who was once the hero of the gay village. The story unfolds through the eyes of each of the six characters, as their lives weave in and out of one another, with political ambitions, sexual exploration, personal demons and unearthed secrets.

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Being a resident of Manchester I found it interesting to say the least to read about Adam and his life here. It's a good and accurate read of what life can be like here and in other big cities. Definitely a recommended read where you learn, it removes the rose tinted glasses. 

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This is a story that start's with Andy moving to Manchester, it then follows the lives of 6 people from there point of view. They are all very different and complex characters but there lives become interwined through events that occur to draw them together. the story is told from a different persons perspective in each chapter. I highly recommend this as a read especially if you fancy something different to what you would normally read.

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