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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Someone Like Me - 3. Chapter 3

Surprise! It's another chapter. I got this one done nice and early. All techs all errors should be fixed now too.

Chapter Three

I felt on top of the world. To think that today was one of the best days ever...it was unbelievable. I had to wonder if this was a dream or not. If it were, then I could understand why this day was too good to be true. But it was all too real, this wasn't an illusion at all. I've actually talked to one of the most cutest boys at this school that I've seen so far. And he remembered me from History! And he liked talking to me. And he smiled at me. And...and...
Oh God, there was so much I could say about this boy. His Italian accent, his name Malachi, and of course the first thing I noticed about him, how goddamn adorable he was! He was cuter than a box of kittens, for Christ's sake! Malachi won me over. I was starting go get infatuated with him.
It's only the first day at school, I reminds myself.
Which was why this was amazing for me. On the first day at a new school with new people, scared that I'd be bullied like I was in New York, fearing the worst, I'd managed to become friends with one of the most adorable people here at his school.
Watching Malachi even from a distance sent an exhilarating chill down my spine.

Malachi talked to me...and he smiled at me.
That concept alone was enough to make me explode down there. I was rock hard again, just by thinking about him. I was covering it up with my book so I thought I would be safe peeking over at him.
But then the bell rang, and people immediately started crowding out of the library. My eyes widened with fear as I realized that I'd need to get up too, even with my tenting boner. When I was sure no one was looking, I peeked down at my pants in the crotch area. I guess it wasn't too bad, but would it become more obvious as I stood up? Only one way to find out...
I steadily stood up from my seat. Okay, so it wasn't immediately noticeable, but it still might need adjusting. If I just reach into my pocket and bring it down a bit...ah there we go. That's better. It made walking a little bit uncomfortable but it was fine apart from that. I looked over my shoulder one more time to check out Malachi again but he wasn't there to my disappointment.
As I emerged from the library, I headed down the hallway, then upstairs to my science class. I was soooo happy right now. This is one of the best days ever.
To actually talk to my crush was something I never thought I'd be able to do. I was really happy because of it.
At my old school, all the cuties and the hotties were restricted to only looking for me. As good-looking as they were, they joined everybody else in making a mockery of me when word got out that I was gay. They called me things like 'queer' and 'cock lover', verbally beating me up. A few really DID beat me up, but it happened little. Still, the punches, the kicks, the blows, it hurt me badly. And with the addition of everyone else laughing at my face, I just couldn't take it anymore.
It was destroying me.
However, it wasn't as bad as you think. These things did happen on a daily basis, but only a few times. The abuse came in waves, small and nearly insignificant on some days, big and destructive on other days. Whenever I looked adoringly at some hot boy at school, people around watching me would make remarks and jokes about it. The hot boy would then find out and he would either hit me or insultingly bully me. I understood why, they were freaked out by the fact that some gay queer was perving at them.
Once I went to the guidance counsellor with my problem. I was in tears by this stage and it felt so good to lift a load off my shoulders. Only to get it back again when he said: "Change your gay inclinations, get a girlfriend and it'll be happy days." As if it were that simple! Oh, that's cool, I'll just turn off my gay switch and I'll be normal again. Well he's so wrong. I never went back to that pathetic so-called "counselor".
I didn't want these thoughts to ruin the brilliant day I was having so far though. I was just happy because I was able to talk to someone who was hotter than any boy at my old school. The difference was though, nobody knew I was gay. Would it have been different of everyone here did know? Maybe it would be just the same. But no one was going to know anytime soon. I wasn't missing the abuse at all.
I reached my science class and walked in. I looked around the room, finding a seat at the same time as checking out potential candidates for 'Whose the hottest?'. That's when I saw him near the front on the left. I gasped a little in surprise, not believing what I was seeing.
Lain sat back in his chair, talking to someone behind him.
And there was a space right next to him.
Instantly, I rushed forward in the hope of getting that seat. Just this once, somebody please don't take it!
Yes! I'd made it! I dumped my bag on the desk next to him as I sat down. I was so nervous, my heart was pounding hard. Lain turned to see who had arrived next to him.
"Hey" he said with a small smile.
"Um...hi...m-mind if I sit here?"
Lain frowned in thought for a second. "Uh...yeah it should be good, I think."
Relieved, I relaxed into my seat. Lain turned back to continue his conversation with some other guy. God he was cute. Not quite as adorable as Malachi, but cute nonetheless. And I just spoke to him! Sure it was just a hello and permission to sit by him but it was still verbal contact! Man, this day is too crazy. It's almost too good to be true.
Immediately regretting that last thought, I cursed as one of Lain's friends I recognised from homeroom sauntered into the classroom and went up to him.
"Lain, brother!" He grinned."Sweet, we're in the same class!"
"Awesome, right?" Lain returned, slapping him a high-five.
"Yup." He said, before glancing in my direction. "Whose this, your mate?"
I shot a glance to Lain to see what he'd say. Please say something nice. Please let me stay here.
"Oh him? Psh, don't know him." Lain replied, instantly letting me down.
Then he actually turned to me and asked, "Who are you anyway?"
This was my moment, I could tell. His adorable inquiring look with those sexy blue eyes he gave almost melted me inside. And with that, it impressed to me that he actually cared. Or wanted to know who I was. So I took a breath, and spoke with clarity. "I'm Jordan and—"
"See, he's a nobody." Lain interrupted, cutting me off completely. His mate gave a snort in amusement. Lain chuckled along with him and he turned to me yet again. "Yeah can you just move somewhere else? My mate wants to sit here."
It felt like I was being dropped and stomped on by his foot. But it didn't make me that upset, angry or wanting to burst into tears. I'd put up with a lot at my old school, and out of ten, Lain's words to me rated a fair four. Mostly, it wasn't what he was saying to me. Or even how or why he was saying it. It was the one who said those rejecting words to me that made a little piece inside of me die. Just that little bit.
I looked again at Lain's mate who was having a good guffaw over this and Lain himself who gave me a mercilessly mocking stare. With a sigh, I got up, reached for my bag and slumped off to another table with an empty chair.
Lain's mate mocked me further, "Awww, you're so sweet!"
I heard them both laugh as I tried my best to ignore them. Morons. So Lain was no longer in my 'I think you're cute' club. Now it's just a party of one. It was understandable really. My awesome day had to have some negative aspects to it. Hopefully nothing else ruins it.
As if on cue, who should walk in the room but Monica, who instantly spotted me from across the room.
"Jordan!" She hollered.
Oh no. My hands slapped onto my face.
Out of the corner of me eye, I checked to see if Lain and his friend noticed, but thankfully, they'd gotten over me and were having a laugh at something else. In that time, Monica reached my desk and she plopped down at a chair and desk which OF COURSE was free.
"Hey Jordan, how's it going?" She greeted with a wide smile.
I sat up straighter and put on a forced smile. "Yeah good so far, how about you?"
Too late to realise that it was never a good idea to ask her a question, Monica went into a sermon about how her day was going. Literally, it was like a verbal essay.
"...I saw Chell and Amy in my Math class which is cool cause we're all best friends and we can help each other out but I don't think we'll even need help cause we're good at it but just in case anyway you know? And Mrs Clarks is an okay teacher but she's really good at the algebra so we can ask for her help too maybe at lunchtimes or something, but I wish I had Mr Doolan because he's like the best teacher ever and..."
Seriously. That was what she was saying a million miles an hour in a super hyperactive voice. All I could do to not appear rude was nod and smile. An occasional "oh yeah" here and there. But after two minutes of unstoppable talking, our science teacher Mr Oh began to shush the class.
"Alright, enough talking." He called out to the class.
Miraculously, Monica did. Thank God.
"Before I do roll call, I'll hand out your textbooks out quickly." Mr Oh said.
He began racing down each row, dishing them out to us. When we got ours, Monica started up another round of non-stop chatter again.
"Oh I love these kind of textbooks, they have nice hardbacks so you can write on them easily and oh look they have answers too! Sweet, that'll help me in revision and..."
I was ready to die at this point. How could she possibly talk endlessly about textbooks!? What a nerd. Chatterbox nerd. Her incessant jabbering made me wish I could go back over to Lain and company so that I could be mocked again. Why? It's far better relief than what I'm going through right now!
"Hey Monica? Can I ask you something?" I asked, interrupting her blabber.
"Huh? Yeah?"
"Do you by any chance have a shut the hell up button?"
"OKAY!" Mr Oh called out over everyone. "Rollcall. Say present when I call your name. Tyler?"
While the science teacher was doing the roll, I scanned the class for the candidates of my little game. Half of the class were girls, about ten boys looked as if they hadn't seen a mirror before and others were mildly cute. Winner again second time today: Lain.
Screw him and his good looks. He's just a jerk.
It was about that moment when I was evilly eying Lain when I heard a sniffle next to me. Like someone sobbing.
Oh God, don't tell me what I think it is.
Yes, there was Monica, hunched over her desk with hands covering her face. I could see her lips were quivering. Oh dear, I've gone and been a bully haven't I?
"Are you alright?" I whispered to her, leaning in her direction.
She gave a muffled response. "Awm sawwie jawdin"
"What? I can't hear you?"
"I'm sorry Jordan." She repeated louder.
"For what?"
She sighed. "I'm a total chatterbox. I can't stop talking. Like, ever. Everybody hates me for it."
I wondered if there was any exaggeration in that.
"I don't hate you for it." I assured her.
"You told me to shut the hell up."
"You have friends that are in your Maths class aren't there? They don't hate you do they?" I quickly said, diverting from my only-to-be-supportive-lie.
"They just feel sorry for me." Monica pouted.
"No that's not right." I said. "Look, I don't care if you chat for ages, but maybe if I ask you to stop, can you control yourself and do that for me? Otherwise, you can babble all you like."
Monica seemed to like that. "Okay...I (sniff), think that'll be good."
"Cool." I said with a smile. "I apologize for my rude words. I shouldn't have said that."
Yeah, and a certain someone else in this room should apologize for their rude words too.
"Tis' ok." She said, a tiny smile forming.
I flashed her a grin, then when I looked away, I took a deep breath and rolled my eyes. At least that's over with.
It seemed like the period dragged on for ages after that. When the bell finally rang, I was all but happy to leave.
"Bye Jordan." Monica said as I darted for the door.
I flicked a half-hearted wave in her direction before I got out of class.
Last class: Art. Hopefully this class will be better than the last. Before that, I was feeling great. But after having Lain treating me unfairly and having Monica in my ear, it made me just that little bit sad, you know? Specially because of Lain. Monica was just...annoying.
So I hung my head low and arrived at art class, which wasn't too far away from science. I walked in and slumped down at a chair and desk next to some boy. I looked once at the boy, but all I could see was the back of his head. He had an interesting hair color though, like caramel-brown. He was in conversation with his friend who was smaller and admittedly quite cute.
Although I wasn't in the mood, I still played my game of 'Whose the Hottest?'
Hmm...he looks cute...oh, he's even hotter...mildly cute there...and that small kid who's talking to the boy next time have to be second to the boy over there.
The winner was a boy on the other side of the room, who as hot as he was, was only worth checking out. He was one of the popular types.
Little did I realize the true winner was sitting right next to me. I looked at the boy's head next to me, then down at an art pad on the desk, with his name on boldly written with nice handwriting.
"Sean Chrystal." I said aloud.
Oh crap! I just said his name out loud by accident! What do I do?
Sean was turning in his seat towards me. I opened my mouth to apologize, but then my throat got caught as my eyes beheld the most amazing sight as I saw his face for the first time.
Now, in comparison with my other contenders, Malachi was a boy I found myself having a little crush on. And although Lain was evidentially a jerk, he was cute too. But nothing, nothing, got even close to the boy who was sitting right next to me.
Sean Chrystal was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen in my life. He had flawless, very light brown skin with a cute nose and lusciously curved lips. His eyes though, omigod they were making me tremble! Brown, playful eyes stared straight into my own. I noticed how at the edge of both eyes, they were stretched just slightly, as if someone had pinched them on both ends. It was nearly like he had permanent smeyes (that's what I like to call smiling with your eyes). His hair was the icing to the cake - caramel brown, flat over his head and a single wave at the front on the right. It was a sexy little aspect that made him look so beautiful. Even though he looked puzzled to who I was.
"Do...do I know you?" He asked, with a polite yet confused smile.
Oh his smile was even CUTER! It made his eyes shine brighter, just a little bit more.
And I have NO IDEA what to say to him! I racked my brain for a response. Sorry, I read your name from your pad. That's totally lame. You don't know me, but that's okay because you're goddamn hot. Don't even let that cross my mind again...
"I...I just saw your name there." I managed to blurt out, looking down at his pad.
Lame option it was then. He's gonna think I'm dumb, right? He'll just be another Lain and he'll make some condescending or sarcastic comment about that and ignore me.
Sean darted his eyes from me to the pad. "Oh, right."
Well I guess that wasn't too bad, was it?
THEN he asked, "What's your name?"
I can see where this is heading now. I see a pattern in talking to the cute boys I've met today. Lain cut me off and didn't give a toss about me. Malachi asked only because he had to. So Sean will probably do something similar.
"Jordan Brooks." I said, bracing myself for impact. I didn't wince though. I simply looked straight into those adorable eyes, melting inside by it's seductive allure, yet knowing it had the potential to cut me open.
But his smeyes brightened further and he gave me the world's cutest grin.
"Cool." Sean smiled. "I love that name. It suits you."
The instant he said that, he reduced me to nothing but a love struck vegetable. The look on my face must've been pure shock - shock that he didn't make an insulting remark like Lain, and shock because I think...I think...he just gave me a compliment! Sean was still paying his attention to me, with that mind-blowing smile. I didn't quite know how to respond to that. It's not every day someone as cute as him says something as nice as he did just then.
"Uh...thanks." I smiled back. "You too."
A shy laugh escaped his mouth. Awwww, even that was crazy cute!
Just then, our art teacher Mrs Pfeffer stalked into the room with a stack of blank paper.
"Sorry I'm late, class." She said. "Lets settle down and get on with it before we waste any more time."
I dunno. I thought. Maybe I do wanna waste some time with Sean.
I glanced at him again and again beheld a face that made me crazy.
He was still looking at me like I was something so interesting to look at. I don't know why he was. I'm not that special am I? He doesn't think I'm cute too, does he? In which case that makes him gay, and in the unlikely circumstance that he IS...
Oh God. The realization nearly made me crumble right then and there before him. If Sean is gay, then he was just flirting to me.

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Copyright © 2015 The_Jordanator; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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  • Site Moderator

Smeyes. I like that. I suppose that is a Jordanism. :) So Jordan has had meet and greets with two cute boys and the last one, Sean, went off the cute scale. Even with chatty Monica and rude Lain, that equals a stellar first day for Jordan. I enjoyed the flow of the writing. This was a very good chapter indeed.

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Fun chapter! You've managed to portray some of the basic characters that make up high schools everywhere--and maybe bring in a love interest, too!

Good job!

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  • Site Moderator

Another really wonderful chapter.

I must apologize though. I was trying new things on the site and unfortunately, your story was the "guinea pig". I wanted to rate your story and I did. Somehow, the save bars started flashing and only three stars were showing. I'm trying to fix it so that you get a five star rating as that is what your story deserves.

I look forward t you next chapter.

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So I see many possible ways for this to go, which makes it really interesting. I hope that you don't let us wait for too long till the next chapter appears. ;)

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Litterally me on my first day of high school... The story has good flow and I wanna keep reading cant wait for the next chapter! Enjoying story so far ^_^

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God I want to get in there and just smack Lain across his head. Totally uncalled for and Jordan deserves a hell of a lot better. I would be his friend if I was in his highschool. But no matter, he has Sean and Malachi to stare at and hopefully something more from at least one of them. Sean's artistic too which usually means a more open personality so who knows? I'm dying to find out what happens next!

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Oh, that Lain made me think of jerks in my high school... Kids can be downright cruel and mean. It's nice Jordan apologised to Monica. Maybe, she'll slow down once they get to know each other a bit more.


That "counselor" made me mad. I hope he's just a figment of your excellent imagination, but I fear he might be real. Made me want to ask him to quit his straight inclinations for a while. See how easy that is. Idiot!

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Great chapter, and a really enjoyable read I'm gonna say it once more you got talent man, keep up the good work and I'll be sure to check back every so often to read any updates.

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