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  1. Scary

    Inner Sanctum

    It is nice to get to know more about the mechanics of the game. Still, while I understand why they would clear all three paths at once, with the currently explained mechanics there is almost no advantage in further splitting these three groups into vanguard, middle and rear. (This is what I meant with "splitting by time") The only advantage would be that enemy AoE could hit less people at once, but since they could expect to just waltz over every encounter if they had three times the people per path, it would have been both safer and faster to just move through each path only once (so have three groups instead of nine). And even if there is another mechanic we don't known of yet, it would probably still have been better to move in four groups: 1 vanguard in each path and a single big group shortly behind taking only one of the paths. Not that this is a big deal. But it is weird that they plan everything so thoroughly and then do something like that for seemingly no reason.
  2. Scary

    Inner Sanctum

    This answers why they take all three paths (which I thought was probably because of some requirement to open the boss room which needed all three paths to be visited). But not why they go in 3 groups split by time in addition to that. They could just move Through each path only once, only fighting the Initial spawns, never having to fight the respawns. This still seems like unnecessary risk and resource waste, even though they were trying to save resources.
  3. Scary

    Inner Sanctum

    One thing that still makes me scratch my head is why did they split up at all when venturing to the boss room? If there were no respawns I would understand that they mighr not want certain people involved in combat, but the way this raid was done, wouldn't they have reached the boss room much more savely by moving in a single big group that just crushes every encounter? I thought that maybe the encounters are scaled in difficulty depending on the party size, but since they didn't have any problem combining the first raiders with the second group, I am just left wondering why they split up at all.
  4. Scary

    Upward Delving

    I really enjoyed this more action driven chapter!
  5. I know there are still many chapters I have yet to read, but here are my thoughts so far: I was intrigued by the story description and wondering how different this would be from popular stories like Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, which I enjoyed. So far I like that you try to fill any plot holes that similar stories leave gaping open. I can see that the game uses mechanics which would be found in a real MMO too (unlike for example SAO). I have some experience playing MMORPGs myself, so I recognize most mechanics. That said, it seems the way aggro or tanking and healing works in this game is different from what I am used to. In the games I have played, the tank is faaar more tanky than the other roles and you wouldn't want to split the aggro at all. But I guess this might lead to some interesting battles. The plot and pacing so far seem mostly fine. I don't really get how Asa and Wake can "like like" each other after what seems to have been only two conversations (the first meeting in Wake's room and the walk to buy potions) - this seemed implausible to me. But other than that, the actions and events seem credible. Overall I am more interested in the fighting than in long talks between characters, but you already said this story focuses more on the mental stress that is put on individuals, so I guess I will have to live with that. Still an enjoyable read.
  6. I never managed to care about the characters in Spirit of Fire (at least the main character and his long haired dragon "friend") and stopped reading it half way through for that reason. Instead I reread the Hidden Sunlight series, so I would Definitely like to see that continued (and concluded). I hope I am not alone here. I guess I would also read something else entirely from you, but it would be a bummer to have to wait another couple of years for the conclusion of the Hidden Sunlight series.
  7. How do you even get such an idea? Amazing! 😆 Hope to read more soon!
  8. Scary

    Chapter 2

    Do people actually go to the restroom out of all places to eat lunch alone?!
  9. Scary

    Chapter 3

    Well if you remember, in the first chapter Asher said "Kenan is a good name. At least it's not a pun" implying that his own name is a pun. ;D
  10. Scary

    Chapter 1

    You have a really funny style! Nick may be a bit too cynical over all, but he sure has a way with words. looking forward to reading more of this.
  11. Scary

    Chapter 7

    Great chapter, although a little sad at times. I just want to say that, even though I know that you don't have to mention every little detail when describing events, I was extremely bugged by the fact that Jack never pulled his shorts back up before Tracy's mom came into the room. How did she not notice that?!😅
  12. Overall an extremely good and satisfying chapter. Don made his move, but it wasn't as effective as he might have hoped. Sue finally grew a pair of balls, and the siblings are still supporting Robbie. I am also happy to hear that the damage Alex has done might not be so permanent after all, and I can't wait to see Conner again. Literally the only bad thing about these chapters is the nagging fear while reading that the next paragraph might already be the last in this update, because with this story time really flies. Thank you so much Dodger! 😚
  13. Scary

    Edith - You Lose

    It's amazing how much more intense this story has become over the last few chapters. And it is a good thing the upload schedule has tightened to match. You really can't let us hanging for long with this kind of climax! I mean, I am pretty certain that Tyson will be fine, after all he has worked so long and hard to get himself into a better place mentally and even deviced this ingenious plan to change his life for the better. No, I just want to see Chase get what he deserves, and maybe a little reunion with a certain Russian boy as an extra in the end. 😄
  14. I've been waiting for the next chapter of Robbie's adventures for weeks, but I have to say, now that it's there, it was definitely worth the wait. I don't know how you do it Dodger but the pacing just always feels right. Only thing that bothers me while reading is the feeling of "oh no the chapter is gonna end soon and then I'll have to wait again to know how it goes on". But I guess you can't do anything about that. Even if you write faster I am just gonna read more and I like the excellent quality as it is so please keep it up! Thanks for this awesome story! 😚
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