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  1. Scary

    Chapter 28

    I think all of the previous books offered a more satisfying ending to the series than this one did. I really didn't enjoy reading that last chapter, and the most positive interpretation of it that I can muster will be that history will just keep repeating those 80ish years with SOMEONE always traveling back in time. But honesty, I can live with that. As was stated at the very beginnings: Only a mad scientist would mess with time. An infinite loop is what they get for repeatedly traveling back in time. Despite my rather critical view of the last book and especially the last chapter, I thin
  2. Scary

    The Mars Gambit

    I left this chapter sitting in my notifications for a while. Already having practiced years of patience waiting for this, I had to make sure I was in the proper mood for this extraordinary treat. Today I finally felt like I could give this story the reading it deserves, and I have to say: It definitely didn't disappoint! I was a bit skeptical at the start with that over 200,000 year flashback, but it ended up providing some nice additional backround to how everything came to be, and then we were thrust right into the action with the assault on Earth. Even though it has been a while since
  3. Scary

    Chapter 18

    I really don't understand why they told so many people about the time travel. By now, if anyone decided to leak it, they wouldn't be able to track the source just because that many people know. They could just have left it at "secret government project". This seems very illogical to me.
  4. Scary

    Chapter 16

    Not gonna lie, you had me in the first half there! I'm am seriously glad though that you did not take Davey's dad away from us so soon after he managed to redeem himself and actually became a likable character. Somehow his charactergrowth feels very wholesome and satisfying. I thank you for giving us that feeling.
  5. Scary

    Chapter 27

    You know you are a great writer when your words convey the setting and emotions so well that they enter the audience and let them feel the same as the characters in the story. This chapter made me tear up and I am glad you ended it in a happy-ish note because my heart can only take so much angst at once. I know there are still 3 books to follow this one and I am scared to face the pain that is undoubtedly lying ahead of Davey and therefore also me, as you put me in his shoes all too effortlessly. I just hope that all will turn out well in the end. The last time that I read a story gr
  6. This was probably the funniest chapter of any story I have ever read on GA. I read this with my boyfriend sleeping next to me so I had to work really hard to not burst out into laughter at several points, but I still couldn't keep some funny noises from coming out. The imagery, the dialogue, the onset and hints from previous chapters, it all culminated here leading to the perfect chapter in my opinion. You deserve an award for this, Dodger! Thanks for bringing us this story, I am always eagerly awaiting the next chapter and I am also up for anything you decide to write after this story ha
  7. Scary

    Chapter 33

    I am wondering if the boy AJ has found is Brandon. That would explain Brandon's behavior, fit in with the fact that this time they meet at AJ's place (so that Billy only finds out once he is actually there) and it would pave the way for a few epic final chapters to this volume!
  8. Scary

    Chapter 30

    I kinda agree with mikel22. It has been a few years since I read the earlier books where Brandon still had a bigger role, but what I remember about him is basically only that Billy thought he was perfect. The other characters all have some defining traits that make them feel alive and show us why Billy cares about them. With Brandon it feels kinda forced.
  9. I personally am not interested in any BDSM or its depiction but your writing is really good so I made it through this chapter all right.
  10. I like a good balance of all, although I probably find romance and drama most interesting.
  11. Excellently written I must say.
  12. Scary

    I just Love Meat

    I wonder if Joanna will try to manipulate Jason's relationship
  13. The story is interesting and the grammar isn't too bad. Just, could you please cut down on the baths they take? Chance took 3 baths that morning alone, and also I am not sure if you are aware of the difference between a bath and a shower (you used the words interchangeably for Jaden's shower/bath). With all the bathing your characters are doing, I'd be surprised if they ever get dry. 😄 But don't worry, that's just a minor annoyance. Overall a great read and I am curious how the stories goes on.
  14. Scary

    Chapter 4

    Ok so Jamie and Ali were best friends when they were younger. Jamie outed himself to Ali because he thought he could trust him, but Ali instead outed him to the whole school and bullied him because he couldn't accept his own sexuality at that point. So far my prognosis for the backstory. Can't wait to find out the truth.
  15. Scary

    Inner Sanctum

    It is nice to get to know more about the mechanics of the game. Still, while I understand why they would clear all three paths at once, with the currently explained mechanics there is almost no advantage in further splitting these three groups into vanguard, middle and rear. (This is what I meant with "splitting by time") The only advantage would be that enemy AoE could hit less people at once, but since they could expect to just waltz over every encounter if they had three times the people per path, it would have been both safer and faster to just move through each path only once (so have thr
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