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  1. I'm being overly dramatic... It won't!
  2. OMG! Hah. Gotta be prepared!
  3. I mean yes... but we're waiting on the agency to approve us... Unfortunately they don't count as nonessential business so I'm stressed about them letting us know by the end of the month. That being said... We're working with an agent that's been pushing them a bit to expedite. If that doesn't work, I'll be sleeping on the E train... hah
  4. CJ and I are going to look at apartments today... Wish us luck! It's not the best time to have to move, but we don't really have a choice...
  5. I've been there... but just in the patio for cocktail hour! Never a full meal! It's kind of a tourist trap and my understanding the food isn't worth the price. I think they have a brunch menu??? But I'm not positive.
  6. I'll admit... I'm riding the train uptown with CJ to keep him company/get me out of the house for a little bit. He still has to work through all of this. I've been pouring over research paper on research paper of placing monetary value on ecology because pandemic doesn't mean classes are canceled! We're just moving my debate to online video.
  7. Good Morning! Good Morning! Hopefully everyone's being safe. I'm already going crazy not being able to go out and about. I'm not meant to stay indoors...
  8. Grocery Shopping seems to be a necessity so I can approve of that! Stores haven't been too busy for me... but they tend to be pretty picked over. I feel really bad for people in service industries right now... My own job is closed, but at least I'm getting paid, most of these restaurants don't have the ability to pay their employees without business. I haven't had waffles in awhile! Maybe I'll make them tomorrow morning!
  9. I'm decent. I've never seen the City as quiet as it is right now. I'm hoping this blows over soon, but in the meantime I'm using it as a chance to catch up on some school work.
  10. I'm on lockdown so I figured I'd take the time to jump back into my old stomping ground... Hi Hi Guys! It's different in here... Is everyone being safe and staying healthY?
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