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Nobody But You - 12. Chapter 12




He’d told them what he’d never openly told anyone else, and he’d in turn learned just and what they really were. As fantastical as it sounded, he was a werewolf so what right did he have to cast doubt?

If anything he felt even closer to them, the raw power they exuded was intoxicating to his senses. He’d come this far, and it was time to let go of the things that held him back. It was okay.

Etienne kissed him back with pent up fervor. This was no shower dream where he had to solace with touching himself, no this was real. He only had to reach out and take what he wanted.

He could feel the relief that melted through Tatsuya at his returned ardor, his Right Twin’s control disappearing in a flash. His searching tongue delving past his gasping lips to slide against his own.

Yes, mine.

His wolf was bristling in anticipation, reveling in the attention. Etienne felt himself tilting into the kiss, his body gravitating to his warmth. From behind him, he could feel Tatsuo’s fingers gliding across his back, the soft cotton of his band tee slipping up over his skin to be pulled over his head. Tossing it far from reach, he returned pressing himself up close against Etienne’s bare skin.

The air was rife with the smell of cinnamon, he took in great deep breaths of the siren scent. Tatsuya’s hands were hot against his stomach, with what seemed like infinite slowness they drifted up over the ridges of his muscles. Exploring him, claiming him. As though he were memorizing him by touch and committing the planes of his body into his mind.

The wolf wanted to be claimed, he wanted to take and push his boundaries until he was rewarded. Etienne’s fang nipped his bottom lip, just a few inches taller than The Twins, he arched himself up over Tatsuya, burying his own tongue inside him.

Burying his fingers beneath the hem of his shirt, he let his long fingers skate up his body, divesting Tatsuya of his own shirt and then they were skin to skin. Etienne suckled his tongue, growling needy moans rumbling from him. It wasn’t long though before Tatsuya regained his ground upon him, tearing his lips from Etienne’s he pushed himself up so his face hovered before the wolf’s. Eyes alight with violet fire slitted in black, he looked every inch the dragon he now knew him to be. Sharp fangs extended down and Etienne moaned all the more.

Sharp nibbling kisses danced over the skin of his neck as his arms encircled him.

“Mi Tiefal.”

The words were like a benediction, overflowing with Tatsuya’s emotions as they danced across the quivering muscles.

He felt his eyes rolling shut against the feeling of his lithe body pressing up against his own, lost in sensation.

Tatsuya raised his arms, skin sliding over skin, before another shirt was thrown aside and Etienne could feel the hard muscles of Tatsuo’s stomach pressed against his back. Surrounded by their warmth, completely enveloped by them, Etienne let his eyes drift shut, savoring the feeling.

Nothing had ever felt so peaceful or so right.

Giving himself over completely, he let himself exist in the moment.

Tatsuo gathered his hair into a silken rope, black that melted into brilliant blue, just like his ears and tail. Fingers wrapped within the strands he pulled back on his head, baring the nape of his neck.

Tatsuya loomed over him, smiling smugly as his twin held him prone for his pleasure. A small whine escaped him when he didn’t come closer, a small caveat for the feeling of his lips sliding against his once more.

At the back of his neck, the other twin was licking the long column of his throat, sending chills coursing through his body. His other hand was stroking his tail with slow measured strokes, holding it in hand or it would wag out of reach.

Tatsuya’s hands cupped his face close to his, kissing him hungrily, before drifting up to slide through his hair to his ears. Long tentative fingers slid over the tufted fur, squeezing them gently.

“So soft.”

His words came out as moans murmured into his mouth. Sharp fangs worried at his lower lip with teasing bites. Etienne’s attention became ensnared, giving Tatsuo the opportunity to reach around unfastening the buttons of his jeans, he parted the fabric folds to reach down inside.

Etienne almost bit Tatsuya’s tongue when he took him in his hand, laughing darkly behind his neck. His defenses left open as his mouth opened wide to loose the moans that were wrung from him.

Lifting his head, Tatsuya looked down at him and smiled, kissing his cheek softly before he lowered his head. Etienne felt his lips tracing a teasing path across his skin, drawn the hard nubbin of his nipple into his mouth, suckling hard against him. It was enough to make him shake, quivering and throbbing within Tatsuo’s slowly sliding grip on his rigid erection.

A few more playful nips and his head continued lower, licking with a moan across the muscles of his lean stomach. His body leaning back against Tatsuo’s chest, his eyes opened just a crack when the stroking stopped at the base of his cock.

Lower and lower he watched Tatsuya’s head descend until his lips wrapped around the leaking head of his cock, wrapping his tongue greedily around him. As his twins hand held him captive for his mouth, his hands pulled the fabric of his jeans down over his hips, dragging them across his legs so he was finally naked between them. His hand taking over for his twin, longer fingers wrapped around him, stroking up his length as his moans shuddered against his skin.

Tatsuo arched against his back, sharp teeth sinking into the soft fur to bite his ears. Etienne could hear the shushing of pants as they both tore their hands away from touching him long enough to pull off their own pants.

Gently guiding him to lay on his side upon the bed, Tatsuo laid out at his back. Tatsuya pushed one leg up, bending it out of the way so that he could bury his head between the wolf’s legs. Etienne’s back arched against the rigid erection pressing into his back, his cock involuntarily jerking harder into Tatsuya’s mouth.

Reaching between them Tatsuo delved his fingers down between the globes of Etienne’s ass, rubbing lazy circles with his fingers against the quivering rim of his ass. Pushing just inside him with one long fingertip as he bit down on his ear, Etienne loosed a low ragged howl.

Deeper and deeper he pushed, and he could feel himself shaking and squeezing around his finger.

“I think you’re ready.”

Taking his own hard cock in hand he slid the wet tip of his dick down his back, sliding it between the cheeks of his ass his rubbed himself against the puckering folds where his finger had been. With careful slowness his pushed against him delving inside the warm clenching depths. When the leaking head of his cock was finally buried inside him, Etienne arched more, wanting him deeper.

Tatsuya took all of him, suckling him deep until he pressed against the back of his throat. At the same time his twin pushed steadily further inside until his was fully seated deep within the pulsing clenching hold of his ass.


His hot words were whispered beside his ear as he ground himself harder within him, drawing forth another louder howl. With steady fluid strokes he filled him over and over, his pace quickening has he pulsed and quivered inside him. Etienne felt the hot spurt of cum deep inside him, and then he swelled and grew filling him even more as his gasped in release beside his ear. Etienne’s ass tightened around his knot, his own hot seed shooting out into the back of Tatsuya’s throat who swallowed his greedily, licking him clean before kissing him deeply, claiming him as theirs.

Etienne was beyond feeling, his entire body shaking and tingling with the emotions that filled him to bursting. Together they lay in a heaving heap of gasping breaths and grasping arms.

Absently one of them reached down to grab a blanket, pulling it up over to cover them. Etienne felt like he was glowing and for the first time in his life he was blissful happy to exist within this moment, wrapped in the warm embrace of his dragons.

Copyright © 2019 Tsukihana; All Rights Reserved.

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8 minutes ago, Brokenbind said:

Etienne is home.


took me a long time and a few distractions but yuuus, i finally climbed their wall and im happy 

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1 hour ago, Brokenbind said:

Etienne is home.


I hope he remembers his peace and pleasure when he wakes, and doesn't panic

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Etienne is basically a true innocent. He has never experienced sex or even real love before now. What a lucky wolf he is. He has not one mate, but two and very desirable ones at that.

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I thought I would make a brief comment before running off to take a cold shower. This was so erotic! And I am so happy for Etienne! I hope he is ready to move forward past his insecurities now. Thanks. 

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