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Nobody But You - 13. Chapter 13


It was warm, so very warm…

A hot exhalation of breath against his neck and the scent of cinnamon filling his senses, and finding himself entwined in a tangle of arms and legs. Tatsuya’s sleeping face was buried against his chest, as Tatsuo lay flush at his back...pulling him possessively against him.

Etienne barely allowed himself to breath, afraid everything would disappear in a flash to leave him utterly alone once more. After long agonized minutes, this reality prevailed and his eyes shut with relief. It was real. Really real.

Somewhere beneath the covers he could feel his tail wagging, he couldn’t help it. After much concentration he managed to get it down to a sedate twitch.

“If you keep wagging your tail I’m going to throw you a bone…”

Tatsuo whispered the words softly behind him, his tufted ears swiveling back at his dragon’s purred murmur.

“Sorry, I was trying not to disturb y’all…”

“Please disturb me.”

Etienne could feel the heat flushing his face as lingering kisses crept down the column of his neck.

“I’m supposed to be back by 10 or I’ll be in trouble with the coach. He’s sponsoring me to live on my own..”

A soft moan escaped him as Tatsuo’s fangs nibbled against his collarbone, wearing down his will.

“I’ll get my mom to smooth it over...is that a cool boyfriend thing to do? I just don’t want to let you go yet.”

“I have to at least see what time it is….”

Tatsuo reached behind him, rifling through the pockets of clothes tossed all astrew. Pulling out a phone he checked the lock screen.

“It’s only just after 8:30...I’m allowed to keep you a little longer.”

“Fine...when you say boyfriend you mean…”

“Oh I mean way more than boyfriend, but for simplicity sake we’ll go with that.”

Etienne felt his dragon growing hard, Tatsuo’s erection pressing itself into the small of his back. The flush of heat which had begun in his cheeks spread like fire across his skin. He felt wanton and wanted, almost drunk on the bliss he felt with only them.

Warm lips wrapped around the head of Etienne’s cock, suckling greedily as a hot tongue wrapped around his own quickly straining erection.

“No wonder no one can sleep around here with all this noise.”

Tatsuya’s tones were velvety, still roughened by sleep as he pulled Etienne’s cock deeper into his mouth.

“How rude to try and exclude me from all the excitement.”

The rough rasp of the young dragon’s tongue sliding up Etienne’s shaft made the Loup Garou shake as sensation rocked through his body.

“Don’t fall for his honeyed lies, Mi Tiefal, he’s been awake far longer than you think...like some creepy voyeur.”

Tatsuya looked up at his twin with a look of indignation.

“I’m not going to deny what makes me excited, everyone knows it’s the quiet one you should beware of.”

Arching back against Tatsuo, Etienne flicked his tail with impatience, ears pinning back against his skull.

“Both of you are wasting time, so continue bickering or make better use of...me.”

In synchronicity the twins froze in place, violet gazes locking.

“Did he just?”

“Oh, I think he did.”

With fluid motions Tatsuya knelt on the mattress while Tatsuo pushed Etienne over onto his stomach.

Taking firm grip of his hips, Tatsuya pulled Etienne towards him, backsliding him across the sheets so that his hard cock lay nestled between the globes of his ass.

“Do you think we can make a wolf howl?”

Looming behind him, the dragon bent over Etienne in a show of dominance, reaching beneath to slowly stroke Etienne’s throbbing erection while his cock rocked and slid against the wolf’s quivering ass.

Tatsuo shook his head, burying his fingers in Etienne’s long dark hair, scratching just behind one ear.

“I think that might draw too much attention. I guess I’ll just have to find a way to keep him quiet.”

Pulling back on his hair, the twin forced the wolf’s bicolored eyes to meet glowing violet. Awe filled the loup garou, followed by the urge to run his tongue over the ebon horns sweeping back from his temples.

He must have read the want in his eyes, because a gentle smile curved Tatsuo’s lips.

“Close but not quite, Mi Tiefal.”

Long slender fingers wrapped around the dragon’s pulsing shaft, taking himself in hand he led the dripping tip to rest against Etienne’s lips.

Warm and wet, the beads of precum were salty against his tongue and the wolf didn’t bother holding back the moan elicited from deep within him.

Mirroring Tatsuya’s earlier ministrations, he let his tongue lap against the throbbing head of his cock, wrapping his lips around him and suckling Tatsuo’s dick further into his mouth.

Etienne left his eyes open, watching the way his dragon was biting his lip in an attempt to keep from moaning himself.

“How bold you’ve become already. It’s adorable how you believe you’ve gained the upper hand, but have you really?”

Tatsuya’s words were a growl from behind him. With aching slowness his other twin began pushing the swollen tip of his dick into Etienne’s quivering eager ass while his large hands held the wolf’s hips still for his pleasure.

He wanted to howl, and whine... and moan, but in front of him Tatsuo was pushing further into the hot depths of his mouth. In forced silence all he could do was moan as he slid his tongue in wet strokes against the slick skin of the dragon’s shaft.

“Good boy.”

Tatsuya abandoned his hold on Etienne’s hips, one hand grasping the base of his tail and holding it high as he slid those last sweet inches deep inside the wolf. The dragon bent low over him, grinding into Etienne as his free hand stroked the loup garous aching cock.

Eyes drifting closed, his needy moans were muffled by Tatsuo’s dick sliding in and out between his suckling lips.

Tatsuo was gently petting his ears, violet eyes glowing down at him as pleasure shuddered through the dragons frame. The tip of his cock jumped inside Etienne’s mouth before warm cum spurted against his tongue.

Tasting him, drinking him in was what pushed Etienne over the edge. Pulling his dick from the wolf’s hot mouth before he could knot up, Tatsuo kissed him deeply, delving his tongue against the wolf’s and reveling in his own salted taste in Etienne’s mouth.

“I won’t be so benevolent though…”

Tatsuya’s hand quickened it’s strokes until Etienne felt himself jerking against the dragon’s palm, hot cum dripping down upon the sheets as he continued stroking the wolf’s shaking cock.

He could feel his ass squeezing tightly around his pounding cock as it slid in and out, pushing Etienne even further he moaned helplessly onto Tatsuo’s mouth. Tail still held high, Tatsuya buried himself fully within the wolf, finally allowing himself his own pleasure now that his mate and twin were sated.

Instead of pulling out as Tatsuo had, Tatsuya remained deep inside him, grinding the still swelling head of his dick into the loup garous.

“I think you quite enjoyed our ‘use’ of you.”

His words were murmured hotly beside Etienne’s ear, a sharp nip from his fangs accompanying them. Gently, Tatsuya laid them back down, holding the wolf in his arms while they waited for the dragon’s claiming knot to ease inside him.

Tatsuo loomed over him, showering kisses against his skin as he stroked long fingers through Etienne’s hair. He could feel his eyes drifting shut again as languorous pleasure glowed inside him.

It was going to be so hard to make himself go home...

Copyright © 2019 Tsukihana; All Rights Reserved.
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Etienne just had a very hot and fulfilling session with his twin mates. It's time he had some happiness in his life.

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