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  1. Tsukihana

    Chapter 9

    Skye Twilight encroaches as they make their way out of Leeds, casting a creeping halo of darkness across the treeless ring of land surrounding the city. Above his head, gathering clouds obscure the waxing sliver of the moon rising over Skye’s head. To his wolf eyes, though, it is almost as though daylight still reigns. The world is bright and visible, even when his brain screams to him that it is indeed nightfall. Unbidden, his body brushes up against Noah, gaining a sense of comfort f
  2. Tsukihana

    Reinard- Ardai

    It's finally reached this tragic point, and yes I really did ban her from writing any more 'Reinard's, in fact I gave a family in one of my short stories the surname Reinard so that they may live. Beautiful work as always, My Squishy.
  3. Tsukihana

    Chapter Seven

    Haru My face feels as though it is on fire as I take a tremulous step backwards. From this distance I know that there is no way to hide my body’s reaction. “We really should get moving, Mejir. I was not making light of the dangers that lie in wait here in the marshes.” “Aster.” “Excuse me?” “Not that I mind the way Mejir rolls off your tongue, but I want to hear you call me by my name.” “Aster…” I cannot help the way his name comes out softly accented in the to
  4. Tsukihana

    Chapter 8

    Finn ‘What was I thinking? I really am an idiot.’ There was nothing to be done for it now. Finn figured it might work more in his favor if for now he made a tactical retreat. For the life of him he could not find sufficient reason for him to reveal himself as he had. ‘Not like I wasn’t failing miserably already.’ The Alpha had been something of a surprise to him, though not an unpleasant one. He’d wondered what kind of leader would create the kind of situation he’d wandered i
  5. Tsukihana

    Chapter 1

    ❤️ What an extraordinary first chapter. The background of this world is sure to be a fascinating draw. It has such depth, and I can't wait to see it all.
  6. Tsukihana

    Chapter 30

    wow, thank you so much. this is my largest and a labor of love. i know its not necessarily the 'cup of tea' for this site, but i'm really touched than you love it. you put me in my feels ❤️
  7. Tsukihana

    Chapter Six

    Aster I am more than a little lost as to what exactly is happening. Is this life now? One hand holding closed the folds of the cloak that is shielding my nakedness, while the other is clasped in his. The intoxicatingly sweet scent that wafts out behind Haru is very similar to the wine made from Omore fruit. “So you know where you are going?” “Kind of… the caravan does not take the risk of drifting from the path. The marshes are very unpredictable, and we live in fear of the Thæis
  8. Tsukihana

    Chapter 7

    Skye “Are you really sure about this?” Jane leads him back to the front door, walking slowly beside him. “No, I am not, but instinct tells me this is what I need to do. You’re not going?” Sable curls sway as she shakes her head. “Arisa is leading this. I will be staying behind to protect and lead the pack in the event of an emergency. Leeds cannot be left unguarded. As far as I know, besides Arisa there is Liz, Noah, James, and now you. This is an information gathering m
  9. Muscles bunching, I am about to take my chances and leap from his lap when Hikaru catches me back against his chest. “Ever the repeat offender… See why I can’t leave you to your own devices? I told you to stay where you are.” “It sounds as though you have important things to attend to.” “Oh, no way am I going to let you off so easily. Didn’t you just hear how your bad behavior is becoming notorious?” “I’ve never harmed anyone, and I have been with you…” “I wanted you her
  10. Tsukihana

    Chapter Five

    Haru “What… who are you?” Long pale strands which glow with the fervor of Chirae and Feste above us cling to his sharp cheekbones. Wild eyes shining with pain dart from me to the floating corpses around us “So that’s what happens…” On shaking hooves, I stumble back a few steps when the strange monster clambers up to his feet. Blinking, he refocuses his attention my way as though just taking notice of me. “Are you okay? They didn’t hurt you did they?” I watch in fasc
  11. Tsukihana

    Chapter 6

    Skye When he awakens next, daylight is shining forth in bright rays through the dingy concealing curtains. At least a long night’s slumber has done much to fortify him. Skye’s concerns are still heavy on his mind from the day before, but rest imparts him with a sense of clarity of how to approach the situation. Swinging his feet down to the floorboards, he lets loose a wide yawn as he stretches. “New day, new start. First a bit of breakfast though…” A deep rumbling growl in his s
  12. Tsukihana

    Chapter Four

    Aster It was a short-lived and amazing thing to see the blushing sky above my head. At first when the pain struck, I thought it truly was time to meet my end. Instead of my body setting alight and crumbling to ash upon the streets of Gatsby, I was met with the contorting of flesh and bone as the creature who now possesses me took shape. Instead of feet, there were four hooves clattering upon the stone beneath me. Fear is not something that I feel easily, but I will admit that I was ter
  13. Tsukihana

    Chapter 5

    Finn Turning towards the north, he bares his fangs with glee as he sets off into the fast darkening night. The wind in his fur fills him with a sense of exhilaration, reinforcing his purpose. ‘Tonight I will show them what lurks. They will know fear.’ Black nose to the ground, he sorts the scents upon the ground. For every trail where he finds the conflicting signs of the York pack, Finn lifts his leg high to mark over the offending scents. If they dare to trespass again, his mark
  14. The crunch of gravel beneath tires signals our return to the house. Once the sedan’s engine has been killed, Genghis walks around to open our door, slightly bowing at the waist. First Hikaru slides out of the vehicle before standing aside to wait for me. I can only assume that the men he employs are slowly but surely growing used to my various forms. Instead of shock, they simply bow their heads graciously as they open the doors wide for me to enter. As soon as Hikaru crosses the thres
  15. Tsukihana

    Chapter Three

    Haru When I regain my senses, my hands have been bound behind my back and my cloven hooves are also restrained. Immediately I can tell that my captors have also divested me of the dark cloth covering my eyes. On instinct I keep them squeezed shut tight, still unsure of day or night… how long I have been unconscious… Craning my neck, I see several sources of æther gathered not too far from where I lie trussed up in the dirt. The rest of my clothes feel dry against my skin and I c
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