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  1. Tsukihana

    Chapter 32

    -HISS- unstable.... -grumble- we know what i'd do with her...CERN a villager escaped -throws him margaret- do the thing!!
  2. Tsukihana

    Chapter 4

    Weak as a babe, he let his body shut down leaving only the barest of essential survival measures in place. Concentrating his energies on the regeneration of his draconian magicks, the world became both very fast and yet molecularly slow at the same time. It bore a striking resemblance to eating those little mushrooms growing in his neighbour's cow pasture… The encompassing breadth of the weathered tent currently sheltering him practically reeked of Daniel’s residual magic, another mysterious breadcrumb hidden in this farcical adventure. Whatever the reasoning for his particular protection
  3. Tsukihana

    Rough Rest

    i still vote for kiba riding khemet into battle
  4. Tsukihana

    Chapter 3

    leave your impressions without fear, trust me we've done far worse to our characters. they are excellent honest impressions and me and @Yeoldebard live for this
  5. Tsukihana

    Chapter 3

    The next time sweet consciousness graced him once more, the dragon couldn't help but wonder if he had actually died that time. Bright sunlight leaked in blurrily through the fluttering entrance flap of a tent. At least the pouring rain had taken it’s leave along with the dark of night, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean around him. A cool wet cloth gently wiped at Balthazar’s brow, a very pleasant sensation in comparison to the gritty sandpaper feel of his poor eyes. “M’thos asima t’nath. SAFE. STAY.” Doing his damndest to blink away the bleary crud from his amber gold ey
  6. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    Still better than anime dads...gdi Hoenheim
  8. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    also he's a traveler so the fecker just may have seen the dark side of pluto @Yeoldebard
  9. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    yes and no, i love daniel dearly @Yeoldebard took in my character as his daughter, so im whining about my "Dad" XD its complicated. but for all his faults he's actually an amazing character with a lot of depth, being a gold dragon Balthazar has a natural aversion to him
  10. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    Whether minutes or hours, he knew not how long he’d remained incapacitated. The soft kiss of raindrops fell in rivulets down his cheeks instead of the glass of his study windows. By the gods, Daniel Mythara, if you’ve exploded my keep… The droplets on his skin quickly evolved into a deluge, pounding insistently against his already aching head. A vague shadow hovered in and out of focus above him, the rain sluicing down in tiny streams. Small hands shook his shoulders roughly, as their strident tone lashed Balthazar in a language he’d never encountered. ‘Is all of that truly necessar
  11. Tsukihana

    Chapter 1

    but with love!!
  12. Tsukihana

    Chapter 1

    “Well...what have we here?” Balthazar stared down at the nondescript package unceremoniously abandoned for him to find outside the outermost gate of his keep. Wary of the unmarked parcel wrapped in plain brown paper, the golden dragon grimaced in distaste. To anyone else it would appear quite unremarkable, but to one as old as himself... “Daniel, I swear if I open this and it sucks me away into some other dimension I shall be most displeased.” Picking up the parcel with all the delicacy of one handling a ticking bomb, Balthazar waited with baited breath for some manner of impend
  13. Tsukihana


    A golden dragon is transported to another world where he must save the one if he is to have hope of saving many more.
  14. Tsukihana

    Chapter 30

    i have a behind the scenes peak at your works and you still manage to move my heart and give me chills from your wordplay
  15. Tsukihana

    Chapter 30

    you inspire me to take back up my own tales, keep up the amazing work best friend.
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