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  1. Tsukihana

    Chapter 6

    The Seelie King waited until Kaoru’s eyes met with his, he wanted the young dragon to see his sincerity. “First and foremost, I want you to know that what I did earlier to save your life was very powerful magic. I blurred the lines of my own moral code, but if I had to do it over I would still make the same choices. There are...effects to what I did, for that I am sorry. Such as you reverting to a dragon and me in my true form, the magic I cast made it impossible for us to hide what we are from each other. If my guess is correct, we had to accept the truth of each other before we could move forward. Then there’s your eyes, have you seen them?” Kaoru shook his head slowly. “I awoke as my body began to change, you were passed out against the bed beside me. Panicking I rolled off the side of the bed where I continued to change and my clothes were torn to scraps.” His words began to quiver with emotion as he continued. “Not knowing if my cousin is alive or dead, then running for my own life...I would be dead if it wasn’t for you.” Oberon gently stood him up, making sure the fluffy robe was wrapped around him securely. Walking over to the tall mirror he bade him look at himself. “I am unsure of what this means exactly, but it happened as well.” Kaoru looked at his reflection in the glass, those chocolate eyes widening in surprise at the lavender ring. Oberon leaned in close behind him, looking in the mirror over his shoulder. He watched as Kaoru’s eyes darted from his to Oberon’s own glowing lavender irises. “We are connected, bound by blood and very old magic.” Retreating backwards a few steps, he gave Kaoru time to process everything. “I’m something of a...supernatural special agent. Right now I’m in this city because I was tipped off of some terrible things going on in the Crescent City. I was too late...drowning my regrets in a bar, and then you barreled into me, your life in danger. I don’t know if the ones I’m after are the same as those men pursuing you, but I’m going to find out. I think the first thing we should do is go back to retrieve your things from your hotel, and see if there is any information to be had.” Kaoru’s fingers worried at the belt of the fluffy robe, turning so he faced Oberon. “Do you think you could find out if my cousin is okay? I will do whatever you need me to. I owe you my life.” He bowed before the faerie king, hands at his sides he paid his respect. Oberon lifted him back up, something about watching the young dragon prostrate himself before him irked him. “I will keep you safe, and I will make inquiries as to your cousin’s safety and whereabouts. First though, we are going together back to your hotel room to gather your things and check out the lay of the land.” Grabbing a large leather suitcase tucked against the wall, Oberon laid it atop the rumpled covers and unzipped it, opening it with a thud. Rummaging through its contents he pulled out a blue cotton v-neck and some lounge pants that cinched at the waist. “These are liable to be a bit long on you, seeing as I’m much taller, but I think they will do until we are back with your things.” Passing them over into Kaoru’s hands, he gestured to the bathroom door. “Do what you need, I’m just going to grab a few things I have packed up. My car is in the parking garage, we’ll leave once you are ready.” Oberon watched as the dragon disappeared into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him with a click.
  2. Tsukihana

    Chapter 18

    Ainthe “How do you put up with him day in and day out? Isn’t it tiring?” Epona’s eyes rolled heavenward, a much beleaguered huff whooshing against Ainthe’s arm, as if to say ‘You have NO idea…’ On the road just in front of her Cern had taken the lead, his shoulders slouching in a pout as he eavesdropped on her conversation with the kelpie. When he’d finally recovered from his stubborn display they’d set off to follow the road to the southwest. Cern’s position was usurped by Epona who had viciously nipped his arm when he tried to take up Ainthe’s hand. Ears pinned, the mare had glared at him until he got the idea. “I see how it is, traitorous nag. Don’t think I’ll forget this, you walking tub of glue.” Epona bugled long and loud in his face, looking smug in her place beside Ainthe. Now they were a mile further down the road, and she was venting her frustrations to Epona, who was a surprisingly willing and sympathetic ear. “Absolutely no respect for personal space, either. Moves a bit fast..” Raven black mane flicked through the air as the mare nodded her head in agreement, while ahead of them Cern’s shoulders slouched lower. “I suppose I should have a care with what I say, we are hurting his delicate sensibilities.” The kelpie barked a braying whinny, laughing out loud at the thought. Ainthe had to give Cern credit, he was doing his best to play off being ambivalent, like he couldn’t hear them talking about him just feet behind him. But she knew it for what it was, a bluff, a cover to gloss over her true thoughts with a laugh because if she examined her feelings too closely she’d have to admit some truths to herself. She’d thought him the batty one, I mean who latches onto a complete stranger? Especially after being rebuffed and told in no uncertain terms that your company was not wanted, and yet here she was the one who’d followed him across a sea into another land… If not for fate crossing their paths, who knows if she’d have ever learned the truth about herself. Ainthe definitely believed him beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was telling her the truth. That was only one facet of her budding fascination, and he was eternally surprising her. “Care to clue us in on what the plan is?” Feigning that he didn’t hear her, Cern continued walking, his pout continuing. “Can’t handle a little ribbing, Cernunnos? I thought your skin thicker than that…” This jab provoked the reaction she wanted, his shoulders stiffening...it was for only a moment, but she saw it. Acting upon an idea she’d been toying with, she concentrated on the space directly as his back, picturing in her mind's eye how he always popped into existence right in front of her. I want to be THERE. Ainthe willed it of herself in her mind, throwing the depth of her wanting into her intentions. Space around her seemed to ‘pop’ and she was suddenly directly at Cern’s back running her fingertip down the length of his spine. A shiver traveled through him, before he disappeared before her eyes. “Is this a game ‘ye want to play, wee morsel?” His breath hot beside her ear, Cern placed a wet kiss against the slim column of her neck. In her own defense, she’d come to expect the unexpected where he was concerned, so his sneak attacks didn’t unsettle her quite so much. She was learning a few things. “Are you afraid of being beaten at it?” Wearing her bravado like armor she egged Cern on, curious to see what response she provoked. It also didn’t escape her notice that he’d hedged his way around answering what their actual plan was. What wasn’t he saying? “Mo Bhanrigh is ruthless.” My Queen. She was loathe to admit, to him especially, the effect he wrought deep inside her with his touch. His teeth nibbled a path along the crook of her neck. “Are you resorting to distraction tactics to avoid the question? Perhaps you are afraid after all, am I wrong?” Ainthe continued down the road, leaving Cern gaping in her wake. Epona whinnied with loud amusement behind him, tossing her head. She had a feeling the kelpie had not been quite so entertained in a long time. Other than saying that he knew someone who should be able to help her, Ainthe had heard little else about what they were setting into. Was it possible he thought she couldn’t handle it? Probably. Cern was always coming to her rescue, likely he thought she was no more than a babe in the woods. She was beginning to second guess everything about herself, and that only irked her even more. Ainthe knew that she was smart and capable, so why did she feel so inadequate with him? She was self conscious of her male form, and what if it didn’t really appeal to him? Remembering last night she blushed, knowing just what a stupid worry it was, but it bothered her nonetheless. Then there was how she’d yet to be of any use as he battled for his life, and after she’d run her mouth about surviving on her own for five years. It felt as though she were going mad. Why was she so determined to find a chink in his armor, some ulterior motive? Even though he’d done nothing but save her life and help her, she was still looking for some point of contention. When had she become so petty? For the past five years she’d avoided contact with almost anyone, human or supernatural. After all that time alone, she automatically distrusted everyone as a fact, but she wanted to trust Cern. Ainthe wanted to believe in what he told her with his words and his touch. It was hard enough dealing with the knowledge that she was indeed a faerie, and the million questions that brought with it. Who were her real parents, and how had she ended up in Ireland? What if they were alive… She felt crushed beneath the weight of it all, anxiety spinning out of control. A walking lie that’s what she was. Nothing she’d believed of herself was true, nothing. Whoever it was that they were searching for, what would they have to say about her? How many more questions would join the rest? Nowhere to go from here except forward, nothing left behind her and uncertainty ahead. She was trapped putting one foot in front of the other and to keep going. “Ainthe!” Cern’s long fingers were wrapped around her arm, pulling her to a stop. “Did ‘ye nae hear me calling to ‘ye these past few minutes? Is something the matter?” His green eyes were dark and sad with genuine worry, he’d even called her by her name. Had she really been so lost in her woes that she hadn’t even noticed him talking to her? Might as well cut to the quick and ask him, being direct with Cern was best anyway “Answer me honestly please, of your own will, do you think I’m not cut out for this? I follow you with no clue of who or what we are headed into. Do you not tell me because you think I can’t handle it?” Cern lowered his head down to hers, kissing her where they stood in the middle of the road. “Nae, wee morsel, I would never think ‘ye are weak in any way. I know that this is all very strange and different for ‘ye, and I don’t want to pile more onto ‘ye. Trust in me, Mo Bhanrigh, I will not let harm come to ‘ye, I swear it.” .
  3. Tsukihana

    Chapter 5

    Nostrils flaring wide, the dragon recoiled back from Oberon’s proffered hand with an anxious growl, his body coiling with unease. For once he was at a loss as to what to do, whatever had been wrought between them incapacitated him of casting glamour. Laid bare before one another, the entirety of their true selves revealed. Oberon continued to improvise a plan, his hands making soothing motions in a vain attempt to calm him. Imagining the young man was just as upset to be revealed as a dragon, much less waking from the brink of death to discover himself locked in a hotel room with a strange winged man. After all, his glamour was just that, and the only visage the young stranger had ever seen couldn’t be further from the truth. Wracking his brain, Oberon took a few cautious steps back, hands remaining high and in plain sight. An idea struck him and he hoped that it would be successful, opening his mouth he began to sing the same lilting Scottish ballad as before. Oberon’s voice rose and fell in an enchanting undulating rhythm, sitting down upon the plush threads of the carpet he let his long lithe legs stretch out before him. Mahogany eyes ringed in lavender watched him cautiously and quietly as old Gaelic filled the air, his serpentine body laying down upon the bloodied bedclothes as Oberon’s voice rose and fell, stretching minutes into eternity with the emotion of the piece before rising to a crescendo upon the final bars of the song. The silence that hung heavy between them in the impending quiet filled Oberon with a sick anxious dread as he waited...and waited. Creeping up to the very edge of the bedside, the hard onyx scales lining his snout reflected the warm glow of the lamplight above him. Intelligent eyes stared Oberon down, waiting for any sudden movements. Long creamy white fangs made a stark contrast against the opalescent black scales, shining like oil slicking over water. Oberon held his breath, willing the gorgeous creature to trust him. He would wait however long it took, apparently they both had nothing but time. Eastern Dragons were proud benevolent beings, graceful and mystical by nature. It begged the question of just what one of such tender age was doing alone halfway around the world, running from traffickers for his life. It was just another question to pile on top of the quickly growing pile of queries. One infinitesimal step followed by another brought him inching closer to where Oberon sat on the floor. From nose to tail he was just a little bit longer than the length of the hotel’s king size bed. His long serpentine body slinking and coiling as he lowered himself to the floor. “I’m sorry for giving you a fright. I am the stranger who came to your aid, despite how I look now. Do not fear, I will not harm you.” Oberon’s words came out in softly accented English instead of the Gaelic he’d been forced to answer with earlier. The dragon continued to watch him closely but the fear was fading from his shining eyes, understanding taking root. He came forward until he was beside the Seelie King, laying his head down atop Oberon’s thigh. Tiny tremors of fear were shaking his body, as mahogany eyes gazed up at him, growing accustomed to his true appearance. Reaching down to run his palm gently over the raven mane of hair running partway down the length of his long slender body, Oberon tried to soothe him. He was so young, and in a foreign land at that. The tiny shakes emanating through the dragon broke something inside his heart. Vengeful anger coursed through him from seemingly nowhere, and the Fae King had to tamp down lest he scare the poor youth more that he already was. After long minutes passed down of the floor, the fearful shakes finally began to cease, leaving only the sad lost look on his face. Oberon wracked his brain in search of the right words, even though he had no idea what was going on himself. “It’s going to be okay”, it sounded weak even to himself but he felt like he had to say something, “Trust me, this is not what either of us was expecting. I couldn’t let you die. At that moment I think I’d have done anything that you might live. You couldn’t have known what I was…” The ring of lavender in his chocolate eyes grew more pronounced as he watched Oberon speak, his fanged maw opened and closed in frustration as though he wanted to answer but couldn’t. His scales began to pool upon his body, a soft white glow covering him entirely. Like the night sky brightening at the sun’s touch they dissipated leaving olive skin in its absence. The black mane shrunk until it was no more than a disheveled mop of hair on his head, still pillowed against Oberon’s thigh. “Thank you for saving me.” His words were rough and low after returning to his human form, although in English his native Japanese accent was still thick. The rest of his body was naked, and it was only just then that Oberon noticed the shredded pile of what was left of his clothing beside the bed. “Let’s find something for you to put on, don’t want you to be cold.” With a final ruffle of his soft black hair, he took the young man’s hand, helping him rise to standing. Leading him to the bed he set him down on the side that was free of blood before going into the bathroom and returning with a fluffy white bathrobe to drape over his shoulders. “Better?” He nodded silently, eyes darting anywhere else but looking at him, a soft blush was staining his cheeks. “S..sorry for everything.” Oberon pulled the rolling black office chair from the desk in the room to sit beside the bed, letting him have the space to himself. He folded his tall frame into the slightly too small seat. “There is nothing to be sorry for, but I think we do have a few questions for each other. Let’s start with names, I’m Oberon, and as you can see I am of the Fae folk.” Pausing, he gestured towards the young man. “My name is Kaoru, and I’m actually a...dragon.” “A pleasure to meet you. Do you know who those men chasing you were?” Shaking his head, Kaoru thought hard. “No, I have been here for less than a week. I have an older cousin in Baton Rouge and I was supposed to be going to stay with him while I am here. He called me earlier this week to say some things have come up and I couldn’t go there yet, for me to stay in New Orleans for a bit and see the sights. He is paying for my hotel room, and I haven’t heard from him in two days.” “Have you done or noticed anything out of the ordinary?” Again his head shook in a negative. “I did as he said and I’ve been sightseeing the city. It was early yesterday when I started to notice anything. I visited the Aquarium and the butterfly garden, and even though it was very busy it felt like someone was following me specifically. After lunch the feeling went away, and I thought it must have been my imagination.” His voice dropped in tone when he spoke again. “For supper I had some fried seafood and a daiquiri, walked back to my hotel and went to my room. There was a message left for me on the phone in my room from my cousin...it said ‘Hashiru karera wa kite imasu.’ Run they are coming.” Finally his eyes rose to meet Oberon’s, confusion and fear warring within their depths. “I took the service stairs down, left the hotel through an emergency exit. My cousin is not the type to joke about something like that, I know he meant what he said. There are many people here for the Mardi Gras festival, and I tried to look like another in the crowd. They, too, were hiding among the crowd. It was over an hour of walking before I was able to pinpoint them. Black suits and black leather shoes, they stood out from everyone dressed crazy for the parades.” Once again his body began to shake from fear as the words poured out of him like a torrent escaping. “Everywhere I turned there were more of them. In bars, alleys, sidewalks...they appeared from everywhere, and no one would help me! I began to run while drunk assholes whooped and cheered. I didn’t know what else to do...and then I felt you before me, then I saw you...I’m sorry for dragging you into this.” Oberon cupped his shaking hands between his own warm palms. “I told you that you don’t have to be sorry. I’m going to help you, you did the right thing...you’ll see.”
  4. Tsukihana

    Chapter 3

    you're awesome and truthfully im just happy that people are as happy to read my world's as I am to write them. y'all help me grow ❤️
  5. Tsukihana

    Chapter 17

    i enjoy them so much, they really are my guilty pleasure and theres still so much more in store
  6. Tsukihana

    Chapter 7

    As a Louisiana girl myself I’m a sucker for Longfellow
  7. Tsukihana

    Chapter 17

    Cernunnos Stiffening her slim arms, Ainthe put a bubble of space between them, pushing him back from her. With a petulant whine Cern redoubled his efforts, swooping in to claim her lips. “STOP!” Cern froze in his tracks, unable to so much as twitch a muscle. Her mouth formed a little ‘O’ of surprise, jumping back from him. Her golden eyes growing wide with wonder, Ainthe circled around slowly where he remained unmoving, so close but never quite touching him. Here was visual, physical proof that she was everything Cern claimed her to be, right before her very eyes. The cessation of his movement was slowly weakening, he ticked the seconds off one by one. Long fingertips flexing and twitching, he watched her aerie graceful movements about him like a fox eyes a hen. Drunk on lavender and temptation, he felt the exact moment his body was released. With preternatural speed, Cern scooped her off her feet and carried her like the princess she was. “What… Put me down, now. Oh, come on!” Her dainty fists pelted against his chest as he started walking once more, heading southwest to Tywyn y Capel “Why doesn’t it work now?!” “Maybe tis ‘ye don’t really mean it, aye? The road is nae far now.” “You can’t possibly mean to carry me down the road like this?” He simply kept walking, purposely remaining silent to her queries. “Answer me.” Oh, she was a quick learner, Cern smiled down at her. “I will parade Mo Bhanrigh through the streets so that all shall tremble at her might.” Behind him Epona bugled, the forest echoing with her clarion call before falling silent in its wake. “No one asked ‘ye opinion, nag.” “Don’t be mean to her! She’s probably right, whatever she said.” “You’re taking her side? I’m hurt…” His steps faltered, almost falling over after being headbutt by a belligerent mare. “Well, two against one is hardly fair…” “Put me down right now.” Cern put one foot in front of the other, every muscle burning in rebellion of his resistance to her will. Arms tightening around Ainthe’s lissome frame, the feeling of lightning and fire traversed up his spine. The slightly overgrown road was in his sights, just a few more yards. It was another way of being marked by her, but he had to show his wee morsel that he was no low creature, easily cowed. Antlers shaking and head down, Cern fought for every step. The cheerful rays of the sun were warm on his shoulders, at least nature still favored her wild god. “Why are you doing this?! All you had to do was set me down...I don’t want to hurt you. ” “I, Will. Parade. Mo. Bhanrigh. Through. The. Streets.” Each word was a ragged gasp escaping in between a dogged step closer to the overgrown path of cobbles and dirt. Excitement waged against the slow torture of his bodies rebellion, and tearing his eyes from the victory in his sights, Cern gazed down at Ainthe, her eyes reminding him of warm pools of honey. He smiled for her as his body twisted tortuously inside, a broad fanged grin that only grew bigger as his boot heels tapped crumbling cobbles. “I PRESENT MY QUEEN!” Arms outstretched, he raised Ainthe up to the brightening day, screaming the words at the top of his lungs to absolutely no one. His proclamation echoed through the trees, startling a sea of birds into taking flight, their shadows flickering by above their heads. Setting her little feet upon the tree shaded stones, Cern felt his entire body letting go. With a smile he dropped to his knees beside her, the burning in his body dissipating into sweet lassitude. Clutching her hand, Cern flashed Ainthe a cocksure grin as he fell to his ass in the road. “I take this one, wee morsel.” The back of her hand whipped out to strike his shoulder, the closest part of him she could reach. “Why would you do that?! What is wrong with you! Just put me down…” Her amber eyes were suspiciously glossy with tears except that her cheeks were crimson with anger, her hand snaking out to smack him once more. “You are the most stubborn, foolhardy, worrisome ass!” Cern cut off her vehement scolding, pulling her down to sit on his lap in the middle of the road. “A moment, wee morsel, while I recover a bit.” Silently, she stayed put, her melting honey eyes mentally peeling the flesh from his bones with her reproving glare. Some pains were actually quite pleasant, especially with the added bonus of having His Queen perched upon his lap, her warmth seeping into him. Cern’s cock grew hard beneath the soft globes of her ass, and he couldn’t resist grinding it up against her, warranting him another sharp smack...but she didn’t get up.
  8. Tsukihana

    Chapter 16

    Cernunnos Lavender surrounded his senses even in the wending maze of a wild wood. Bewitching and beguiling, Cern could pinpoint exactly where she was behind him, sight unseen. What was it about her that ensnared him so completely? Fae charm? Animal magnetism? The theories he offhandedly entertained in the inner recesses of his mind ranged from flights of fancy to serious consideration. A latent wellspring of possibility, Cern felt what she could have been. Incredible magic walled away to a pittance of it’s true power, leaking out through the ‘scar’ inside her. A hint, a tease...enough to make him look twice to find what was hidden just out of sight. Piece by piece, the puzzle that was Ainthe was falling into place, and yet there were so many pieces yet to be found. Being beside her made something ache inside him, the feeling alien and irksome. Cern wanted to touch her needlessly, ruffle her impregnable defenses. Something about her made him act much as a child preening for attention, wanting to be indispensable to her existence. Carefully he picked his way through the welsh wood, leading Epona over the uneven rocky terrain. After a quarter of a mile westward, the upward slope evened out and the trees became a bit more spaced apart. “Here will do.” Swooping in to kiss her soft lips, Cern smiled as he crouched down low to taste them. She was so delightfully petite, just over a foot shorter than him. Hands pushing down on her slender shoulders, he bade her remain where she stood. Reaching into the folds of his cloak, Cern pulled out an empty leather sack. One of her slim eyebrows lifted in doubt watching him, her instincts were keen indeed. Cern could practically see the gears turning in her head, no doubt wondering where on his person he kept so many convenient satchels. His Bhanrigh was watching him and it made him want to impress. Leaving Epona at her side he took a few steps forward, becoming as one with the roots and grasses beneath his boots. Forked bone antlers protruded from his crown, reaching behind him Cern loosed the tie at the tail of his burnished auburn braid. In the morning sun it gleamed like fire whipping out behind him. With every footfall, the life of nature itself rushed up to greet him, bearing mushrooms and flowers, berries and herbs. A few yards away Cern stopped, turning so he faced her, wanting to watch her watching him. In a circle around him toadstools popped up from the earth, bursting into life before her eyes. Holding his hand out for her to come to him, he mused at his thoughts. I would forge kingdoms for you, the thoughts came unbidden as she came forward to take his hand. She wouldn’t quite meet his eyes and a fetching blush stained her cheeks. Putting the satchel into her soft hands, he quashed what he was truly thinking and instead uttered, “Fill the bag and we will have plenty to keep us going...at least until bigger prey appears,” one long finger reached out to caress her cheek, “We have a lot of ground to make today, and we are likely going to have to rest at night unless it’s impossible.” Nodding resolutely she threw herself into the task of gathering the edibles growing at his feet, not by compulsion or any sort of power he wielded over her..but simply because he’d asked. Always wanting to prove her worth, her survival in a world set against her from the moment she’d been born. At the moment she looked exactly like the enchanting Fae creature that she was, slender and lithe she crouched amid the grasses picking mushrooms and berries, popping them into the leather satchel one by one. Reaching out he traced a fingertip across the lines of her pointed faerie ears as she picked herbs to shove into the pouch. Golden cat like eyes flashed up to meet his, Cern watched all the other ways he’d touched her play across her eyes like pages in a book. He remembered everything, all of his moments of her, refusing to relinquish any of Ainthe. It had become a bit of a study in understanding her to push and prod her, make her heart race...make her smile. He coveted all her hours, in darkness and in light, wanting to be encompassed by her. “Do..you think this is enough?” The still ascending sun made her hair glow from within with a silvery white sheen. Ainthe’s eyes were looking up at him proudly as she shoved a leather sack filled to the brim with berries and herbs into his hands. Tucking the satchel away into the concealing folds of his cloak, Cern lifted her up to stand before him. The crown of her head did not even reach his chin and he enfolded himself around her. Nestling his face against her moonlit hair, he inhaled deeply of the scent of lavender and cedar. “I could never have enough..” Even nuzzling his cheeks against the slender points of her ears made him want to purr like a cat.
  9. Tsukihana

    Chapter 3

    Something pulled Oberon’s in transient existence back into the here and now, and as his eyes slowly opened, the faint scent of hawthorn flowers still lingered in the air, metamorphosing into the coppery tang of bloodsoaked goose down. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. How long had he lain there vulnerable and unaware? The air around him was cold, devoid of humanity’s thrushing inner glow. Lifting his head he found the bed empty, only a vaguely man shaped indentation and his blood soaked coat remained. Something was off kilter in the world, Oberon pushed himself to his feet, immediately searching out the carved cedar chest on the dresser. In serene solitude it sat untouched and unmoved from where he’d left it. Swallowtail wings shimmering in golden opalescent glory lay furled close against his back, and gossamer strands of moonlight hue hair cascaded down to his hips. No glamour, no facade. Oberon was bare to the world as he truly appeared. The air was charged with electric tension, his wings quivering with disquiet. Behind him the barest sound, a shoosh across plush carpet met his long elegantly pointed ears. On the far side of the king size bed, hidden from his view, the sound came again. The tension ratcheted higher as Oberon took measured methodical steps around the bed, his control slipping with every inch taken. It knew that he knew, and it was panicking and cornered. Oberon wasn’t taking chances, not anymore. Slim fangs extended down, indentating his lower lip with tearing grace, eyes glowing lavender fire. The man whose life he’d saved was missing and this was no human presence. Wings fully unfurled behind him, their tips brushing against the ceiling above, he turned the corner of the bedside, a swirling glowing orb of energy forming above his right palm. Lifting his hand to strike, Oberon froze in his tracks. The orb fizzled and dimmed, dissipating away to nothingness. His knees hit the thick carpet with a dull thud, wings drooping to lay sad and slack against the floor behind him. Quaking in fear, he’d curled his long serpentine body in upon itself, coiling into a ball. Jewel-like scales undulating between shades of lapis and onyx covered his long body. Sharp black claws that left furrows in the carpet as he’d pushed himself back in fear of Oberon’s wrath. The eyes were his undoing, robbing him of all anger only to be swiftly replaced with self loathing. A dragon with doleful mahogany eyes, those eyes had never left him, not once as he’d rushed through the streets carrying his bleeding body against him. Never again could Oberon ever not know those eyes, they were ingrained inside him. Another thing in his very very long life that he’d managed to defile and pervert. Blighting those chocolaty depths was a ring of lavender, like the beginning of sunrise fighting against the nights hold. “Blood binds. Binds tie…” The words of Cernunnos came back to haunt him, Oberon held up his shaking hand, moving no closer to him. Unsure of his actions or intentions, the dragon moved to clamber back up onto the bed, attempting to put further distance between himself and the Seelie King. Oberon could only stare dumbfounded at the Eastern Dragon examining him from his high perch. Young and inexperienced, he pushed his bluff, black mane shaking all the way down his body. It’s him. The dots connected somewhere and he wracked his brain trying to make them meet and nothing made sense. He’s a dragon. Those five men chasing him through the crowded streets of carnival, with no care to who saw or noticed. Desperation made for stupid decisions and the what ifs that might have been if he’d not been shitfaced drunk on that particular street at that time of night...He’d have disappeared into the night, hacked into pieces and parceled off so his carcass could rot and wait to be found…Alone and scared while his life seeped away. They’d nearly succeeded in snuffing out his life and he’d been the one to pull it back from the brink. By his blood, and by his magic, the proof of their bound fates was literally staring back at him. Laid bare by the universe, both of their true forms were revealed to the other. “Cha dèan mi cron ort.” I will not harm you. “Bidh fuil a ’ceangal. Ceangail ceangail.” Blood binds. Binds Tie. His eyes were soulful and encompassingly dark, they would be as voids if not for the damning ring of lavender marking him as his.
  10. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2.5

    ‘I ken ‘ye have really fecked the goose this time, eh?’ Eyes of palest violet opened wide, a sea of hawthorn branches raining snow white petals down around him, the serene realm of Mag Mell. Here spring reigned eternal and the tinkling of bells shook on the ghost breezes which trembled the hawthorn trees. Here in this realm in between realms, Oberon presented his truest form. Pushing himself to sit among the blossom rain, he turned to face the source of the voice who intruded on his personal paradise. Long hair of silver and white floated out behind Oberon on the eternal invisible breeze, long pointed ears tipping gracefully through the moonlit strands. Lavender eyes fixed upon the great red stag which towered before him, tiny bells tinkling from where they hung amid his antlers. “Why are you here, Cernunnos?” Friend. Fiend. Both. For centuries they’d cross each others paths here in the realm in between realms. The stag hid behind as many faces to suit his needs as Oberon did. The bells jingled with a merry eerie madness as the horned god shook his head with mirth, lowering his head until intelligent eyes, the green of new shoots of grass met his own. ‘Blood binds, binds tie, what ‘ye have mote, fate nae denies.’ A burst of anger welled up inside of Oberon, rushing up to his feet he got in the stag’s face, wings vibrating with rage, shaking out behind him. “Why?! Why now do you come before me with your goddamned riddles? Do you think I do not realize what I’ve done?” Even though he was screeching at the top of his lungs, at the closest thing someone like him could get to an ‘old dear friend’, it was almost no more than a scared whisper imbued with the thoughts that truly plagued him most, almost mockingly his angry outburst was muffled by the snowing petals. He had no fucking idea just what it was he’d actually done or the myriad effects it was sure to have but the one thing he had known was that if that boy had died there in his arms, it would have ended him. Some part of him told him deep inside with a certainty that if he’d slipped away, Oberon’s eons of life would have been as nothing. “Stars are crossing, my old friend.” A stag’s somehow secretive smile was the last thing Oberon saw before the blizzard of hawthorn flowers blinded his sight. His time in this realm was done.
  11. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    happy girl squiggle, thats all i can convey right now ❤️❤️
  12. Tsukihana

    Chapter 1

    my fealty to your delight ❤️
  13. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    thank you so much, once I started it, things seemed to steamroll and I've enjoyed it immensely and excited to continue, especially with the many connecting threads to other worlds of myself and yeoldebard ❤️
  14. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    It was relatively easy to lose themselves amid the dark winding alleys of New Orleans. Oberon snaked left and right, ducking in between aging brick facades and shotgun houses. Despite the late hour, droves of tourists swamped the streets, tipsily wobbling around, beer cups sloshing in hand. After a few city blocks, the faerie king turned around to check on the young man. His features were turning pallid, sucking in great gasping breaths. Beneath his left arm, one hand was held against his side, the tell tale stain of red darkening his shirt. “You said you weren’t hurt!?” Oberon caught him just as he would have collapsed to the dirt beneath them. “I…lied.” He answered in English, though it was heavily accented. Hurriedly, Oberon removed his coat carefully wrapping it around his slumping shoulders. “Hang in there, I will take care of you. I swear this.” Picking him up, he cradled the young man gently against his chest. At least it was Mardi Gras, and no one would take notice of a 6’9 man in a waistcoat and tails carrying another through the streets. In this city no one would so much as blink an eye. Holding him high above the drunken crowds, Oberon glared his way through the masses. Primal power oozed from his very pores as he willed they all part before him. Glassy eyed they stumbled back out of his way, clearing a path for him to walk freely. Looking down at his face, he’d only grown paler, soft weak moans escaping him. Oberon moved faster, shoving aside those that didn’t move quickly enough. He could see the scrolling marquee heralding his hotel about a block away, they were nearly there. This time he would NOT be too late. Though a complete stranger, he’d entrusted Oberon with his life when no one else would aid him in this foreign land. He’d be damned if he disappointed him now. “Ah, Mr. Seale, welcome back…” The doorman jogged forward to greet him. “Open the door, now.” “Yes, Sir.” He felt a twinge of regret using compulsion on the doorman, he was a nice fellow, but time was of the essence. Eyes going unfocused, the man moved as though in a trance, opening the door wide for Oberon to enter. Inside it was far too bright, the decadent chandeliers of the lobby raining prisms upon people too fucked up to even appreciate the simple beauty. Ducking his way between drunkards wending off their way to collapse somewhere, Oberon rushed to claim an elevator, thankful when the doors closed them in alone. With utmost care he stooped down to push the button for the fifth floor, impatient as it rocked and whirred its way up. The hallway was miraculously empty when the metal doors finally slid open. “We’re almost there, just a few more feet.” Eyes like mahogany, so dark they were nearly black in hue still stared up at him, and the Fae king gave thanks to the gods that he was still conscious. Cringing with pain, the young man couldn’t even form words, his gaze anchored on Oberon’s visage as though it were all that was keeping him on this plane of existence. Standing before a stately carved door, he bent slowly to reach in his pocket and retrieve the plastic card key. Maneuvering it into the little slot, he cursed softly under his breath until the little light finally flashed green. His gloved hand grasped the aluminum handle, swinging the door inward. The lamps beside the bed were already turned on, their artificial glow haloing over the crisply made bed. Gently he laid the young man down atop the downy bed cover. Oberon fastened the latch from the inside and locked the door before rushing back to peel his coat away from his side. It, too, was stained crimson with blood. His pallid olive skin was getting whiter and whiter, sweat beading at his brow. There was no time to waste, he needed immediate treatment. Tearing his shirt as though it were no more than paper, he examined the severity of the wound. He’d been stabbed, blood burbling out from the vicinity of his ribs. Folding his coat over the wound he reapplied pressure, and raced to retrieve a carved cedar box from atop the dresser beside the bed. Hand hovering over the lid, he whispered ancient words old and powerful, the wood growing warm before popping open with a click. Within the cedar box, crystals and herbs lay upon a silk lining, with an engraved silver athame nestled in the center. Selecting a leather sachet of rose petals, a chunk of clear quartz the size of his fist, and finally the athame. Closing the cedar lid once more, Oberon sat gently on the bed beside the young man, once more pulling aside the blood sodden fabric of his coat. His body was shaking and chilled, eyes never leaving Oberon’s face, clinging to him with trust shining in his eyes. Rough with emotion the Seelie King began to sing, an old Scottish ballad from when he was a child. Captivated by words he didn’t understand, it served as a proper distraction while he reached inside the sachet, pulling forth a handful of rose petals he pressed them against the bubbling wound. He was so very weak, Oberon could tell it was taking everything he had just to keep his eyes open, watching the words as they fell from his lips. Taking the great chunk of clear quartz, he levied it in place over the bloodied petals. Silver athame held in his right hand, Oberon slashed deeply across the palm of his left, blood pulling up he held it over the crystal singing all the louder before placing his lacerated palm against the cold quartz. As King of the Seelie faerie, he called forth the power of seedlings growing forth to break through the ashes, of towering oaks watching time flow around them for centuries, enduring power. The crystal became hot and blistering against his bleeding palm, but he did not dare relent, he held the stone true. Glowing from within like a captured star, the wound stitched itself shut, the petals burning away beneath the crystal, closing before Oberon’s eyes. The young man’s mouth was gaping in a silent scream, tears streaming down his face but no sound would come forth, even amid intense suffering his chocolaty eyes remained locked with his own glowing lavender. Long minutes passed before the glow finally began to dim, Oberon sang soft and low, he sang as a tear fell down his cheek, before slowly pulling the bloodied quartz away from the young man's side. There was no bleeding, no wound save a line just lighter than the rest of his skin, like a surgery scar. Just what had he done… Oberon slid to fall in a puddle beside the bed, catching himself upon the bloodied bed cloths, his breathing rasping in and out in great heaves. It had worked, he’d saved him this time...but what else had he done in the process. Dark lashes fanned out over soft cheekbones from the exotic tilt of his eyes, finally closed with the exhaustion of what his body had undergone. Oberon had pulled him back from the brink of death...with blood magic. He lived, but it was as yet to be seen what else had been wrought. Feeling more drained that he had in centuries, the Seelie King laid his head down upon the goose down cover and closed his own eyes.
  15. Tsukihana

    Thread of Fate

    Supernaturals are being murdered and Oberon, the Seelie King, wants to put a stop to whatever it is that's threatening the world. After being too late to save one, a young dragon in danger is thrown into his path, tied to him by fate, and opening to him a new path to stopping this evil.
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