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  1. Tsukihana

    Chapter 4

    Finn Beneath an ancient oak, charred and split by lightning, Finn laid down to rest amid the tall grasses blanketing the forest floor. Tucking his black nose into the snowy fur of his tail out of habit, he huffed out a long whine of frustration. Finn had suspended his search, forcing himself to vacate the area surrounding Leeds before he drove himself mad. It was in these silent hours that Finn felt the most alone. As the sonorous howls of his pack haunted his memories the utter absence of life around him drove home the aching loneliness he felt. He was ashamed of himself for giving in to such weak feelings. The blood of Fenrir sang in his veins, and pack or none, Finn knew it was in him to endure no matter what circumstances he faced. A deep rumbling growl shook his chest, the sound loud in the empty silence surrounding him. He’d made his choice, and there was no use in stewing over it now. Feeling the weight of such discouragement deep in his soul made it easier for his brain to eclipse out the things he’d accomplished completely on his own since setting out on this journey. Eye bleeding and maimed, he’d forged ahead conquering his environs through his remaining senses. His very life had depended upon it. This was not the world of his elders any longer. Even now, two decades later, the world was still reshaping itself. After being decimated by the Black Death, humanity was toppled from their lofty seat. With the numbers of Man dwindling away into non-existence, it wasn’t long before those long relegated to lore and legend staged their bloody return. It was amid this chaos that he’d been whelped and subsequently brought deeper into the fjords and forests where he’d grown strong, kept always apart from the escalating violence outside. Nature’s laws were written in the blood of the weak. If you didn’t adapt, you died. It was as simple as that. Torn between ancient knowledge passed down through generations and the struggle to evolve himself beyond the old ways, Finn was pushed to his limit surviving in the world as it was now. His time would be far better served concentrating on the here and now instead of dwelling on things he could not change or control. Enough time had been wasted wallowing in his woe is me attitude, and it was with marked reluctance that Finn forced himself to focus on what he’d learned of his quarry. Snowy white ears twitched in aggravation atop Finn’s head, betraying just how affected he actually was by his journeys latest turn. By all expectations, what he should have found was a territory that was clearly marked and maintained, especially between settlements such as York and Leeds. So he was surprised to find fading muddled scent trails clinging to patrol routes that hadn’t been used in days. Different groups of both wolves and men drifted in and out of each other’s territories without much care, the one thing they shared is they were always where he wasn’t. Their movements held no sense or reason, ever leading him on some erratic goose chase. Tired of playing games in the woods, he’d pushed his search in closer to Leed’s city borders. It was there beyond those barricaded city walls that his quarry awaited him. Finn was certain of this with every fiber of his being. A thousand and more miles away from where this long nonsensical journey began, Finn had felt the same drive pushing him to Leeds that had him pacing riverbanks back in the fjord. Tantalizing snippets of the scent he sought so tirelessly wafted from Leeds on the changing breeze, it had ensnared his senses entirely. Distractions got you killed, and Finn was only a few steps from revealing his location when some things caught his notice. Much like the patrol paths through the forest, the weathered fading scent trails around the city told Finn no one had been in or out for days. This close he could tell they were Bitten, which explained the human scent that intermingled with the wolf. It would be very unwise for one of his kind to advance on such a settlement unprepared. A tactical retreat had been his only course of action, and after running several miles deeper into the forest he’d reached the remains of the charred oak.
  2. Tsukihana

    Chapter 27

    Ainthe The comforting warmth of Cern’s hand grasping hers was all that anchored Ainthe to this plane. It would be all too easy to crumble away to nothing and free him...but some stubborn part clung to him needily. Would it be so terrible to let the numbness overtake her? Involuntarily her feet plodded onward like leaden weights beneath her. When had she become such a fragile thing? Before the thought could complete itself in the recesses of her mind, Ainthe’s sight went red as visions of Cern bleeding and a faerie queen lying with her throat slit upon the shore flashed unendingly before her eyes. Red. Everywhere she looked was stained with blood. As though some great weight descended upon her, Ainthe froze in place, incapable of moving another inch. This was okay. She didn’t want to go anymore. Ready to give herself over to whatever fate awaited her, Ainthe lifted her face to engrave Cern’s visage into what may be her last memories of this world. She could see the way his lips formed her name, even if she couldn’t hear the words over the deafening roar in her ears. Ainthe hoped she was smiling up at him as the world went black, blood red vision turning to ash. So very warm, his arms caught her as she crumpled towards the ground, the last thing she saw was the fathomless green of Cern’s eyes. “Wild God, do you have nothing better to do besides intruding upon my excommunication? Although I guess I should count myself lucky someone on your plane still knows I exist..” The man’s voice was soft and sweet like honey, and something about it made her feel...comforted. “Who are you...am I dead? Is it finally over?” Silence. Surrounded by darkness, Ainthe faced the direction the voice had spoken from. In attentive silence she waited, her ears straining to catch even the most minute of sounds. “You shouldn’t be here.” “AND WHERE DO I BELONG THEN?! Is there no place for me even in death?” Silence. Again. Frustration filled her, burning like fire beneath her skin. Surging to her feet, the words escaped Ainthe in a torrent as she screamed into the void. “What else do I owe the fates to find some god damned solace?! Am I truly an aberration with no place in this world or the next or whatever fucking world it is!” Rage poured forth until Ainthe felt blessedly empty inside. “Do you feel better now?” “YES I DO.” Ainthe could feel the warm trails of tears streaming down her cheeks, it was all that seemed to be left to her after loosening her pent up inner terrors. How unfair that she could weep in the afterlife. “Although you are not who I was expecting to find in this plane between planes, I have a suspicion that I know who you are nonetheless.” A warm palm cupped her cheek as his thumb wiped away her tears. “I would know you anywhere...I’ve never met you or gazed upon your face but I know who you are with every fiber of my being.” “Please, nothing about my life makes sense anymore. Can you not talk in circles...and just who are you?” A soft glow pierced the consuming darkness that surrounded her, much as the sun pushes back the night. A sea of Hawthorn trees surrounded them, tiny noiseless bells shaking upon their branches. “You have found your way to Mag Mell, no small feat in itself.” Long slender fingers stroked her cheek still and as the rays of light filled the ethereal forest, Ainthe froze in shock. Like staring into some enchanted mirror, her own face stared back at her. Where her eyes were the shade of golden amber, the strangers were infinite pools of lavender...it was the only true difference between them. Hair the hue of silvery moonlight cascaded unbound down his back, Fae pointed ears exactly like her own poking through the ephemeral strands. “Are you...you are the one Ceinwyn…” A pained look crossed his face at the mention of Ceinwyn’s name before he cut Ainthe off. “Our paths were never meant to cross. By all means it should have been impossible...the very fact that you have found your way to me means that other things have been set in motion. The lines of fate have twisted and tangled, and the path you will walk has been altered.” All around them the invisible wind gained in intensity, whipping at the branches and shaking the tiny bells into a violent cacophony. Ainthe fought against the gales, screaming to be heard. “Oberon! Your name is Oberon and you are my…” “Your time here is at an end, embrace the coming changes...they will make you strong. No longer doubt where you belong in this world...you will find your place.” Once more her vision turned red, the winds stealing away her words as the darkness encroached upon her consciousness. “You have your mother’s eyes… Be well, blood of my blood.”
  3. Tsukihana

    Chapter 26

    Cernunnos The true enormity of what they’d learned sat like a ball of lead in the pit of his stomach. Ainthe was shaking like a leaf within the circle of his arms, her tears leaving bloody rivulets as she wept openly against the remains of his tattered shirt. Why did she always have to be so goddamn damn brave? Pushing herself further and further just to prove that she was able...until there was nothing left of herself to give. Never again, Cern swore the vow deep inside himself, carving the words into his very soul. Piece by piece she was breaking apart before his very eyes, and it was all he could do to pick up these fractured bits before they disappeared forever. She’d finally reached the point where her bravado could do nothing for her, not this time. Schooling his features to reflect a sense of passivity that he was far from feeling, Cern made sure that all she saw was his love and devotion for her. Young, scared, and overwhelmed; it was his responsibility to become his Mo Bhanrigh’s strength, protecting her with his very life. For now he would hold her close and attempt to soothe her fears with whispered nonsense and the warmth of his touch. Ainthe’s fears were far from groundless, though there was no way she would be able to realize the true implications of the Queen’s words. While he’d had his own suppositions about the wee morsel’s origins, to hear the words straight from the mouth of the Seelie queen had felt like a kick to the gut. They’d indeed found the answers they’d sought, and while he was busy taking everything they’d learned into account Ainthe wept for an enemy who’d been all too ready to end her life. She was kind in a world devoid of empathy, untouched by the terrible truths of reality. Cern wished that he could protect that kind of childlike innocence, but he would rather her be bitter than dead. “Come now, wee morsel, let’s put some distance between us and this place. There’s nothing more to be done, and we must keep putting one foot in front of the other.” She moved not an inch, choosing instead to ignore his words completely. After a long minute passed she at least gave him the courtesy of shaking her head. Cern couldn’t argue that it must have been quite a traumatic experience for her, especially after she’d already worked herself into an anxious frenzy anticipating their meeting. As with everything else, she’d put on the brave face and bluffed her way into facing her fears...only to have more death put on her conscience. Although she was born of forbidden love between faerie royalty, Ainthe was untouched by the guile and lies so commonplace among the Fae courts. “Don’t get hurt for my sake anymore...please. If that’s the price for me to be at your side, then it’s far too steep. I don’t want to know who or even what I am anymore, just let me go on being a nobody.” “ I don’t think ‘ye ever were a nobody, wee morsel. Besides, ‘ye gave yourself to me, and of ‘ye own free will. I will hold ‘ye to ‘ye word, Wife. No more facing this world alone, ‘ye ken? Now we need to be on our way, when ‘ye feel that you’re ready we can talk. I will tell ‘ye what I know and what lies ahead, but for now ‘ye look half dead on ‘ye feet.” He could tell that she wanted to argue, that even when she was at her breaking point there was enough fire left in her to make her opinion known. “Now, Wife.” Taking the decision out of her hands, Cern drug her along with him towards the direction of another overgrown road. It’s what’s best for her right now. Even in his own mind the words sounded weak and did little to soothe the twinge of guilt he felt at taking advantage of her slight female form. Things were about to get a lot harder from here on out, and that meant hard choices for them both. Cern cast a surreptitious green glance over his shoulder, watching as she trailed behind him like a child with her hand clasped in his. The usual glow of golden fire in her eyes was clouded and dull, someone who was here and yet not… “I’ll nae make ‘ye go far, wee morsel. We’ll make our rest a bit down the road and set off again tonight.” Not so much as a flicker that she’d heard a word he said showed on her face. Just give her time...she’s had a terrible experience. It was hard to tell if his inner monologue was for her benefit or his own. For hundreds of years he’d honored the duties of those bearing the name of Cernunnos, tied to none but himself. When the world went to shit it had been all too easy to simply turn his back once he’d realized that it was far beyond his control. Not his problem. Deep down he knew that she believed this to be some whim on his part, and Cern could feel the small part of her which doubted him still...and maybe she was right to. What did he really know of caring for anyone besides himself? She made him want to though… Far from being on a whim, he was treading onto territory that was completely alien to him. Every step and mistake he’d made in his long life had been to set him in Ainthe’s path.
  4. Tsukihana

    Chapter 3

    Yea she’s not letting on to what she does know
  5. Tsukihana

    Chapter 3

    Skye One advantage of bearing the curse of the wolf’s bite was speed beyond anything a normal human could ever hope to attain. Even without transforming into the beast, the trees blurred around Skye as he fled home to Leeds. The atmosphere of the English wood was charged with a sense of dread, made all the more obvious by the unusual silence and absence of any other creatures. Skye could understand now why the trio from the York pack had been so on edge. Once you became accustomed to being the apex predator, it left you ill prepared for something bigger and badder to come along. Traces of a fading scent trail was the only evidence that something else had taken up residence in their territory. What he could still make out of it with his human nose was enough to tell Skye that he needed to hurry home...and not because of the intruders from a neighboring pack. Could this be the reason Arisa had mandated the entire pack stay within the city limits? Just what was she hiding… Scoffing as he ran, Skye thought it a tad high handed that she would issue such an order without any elaboration if something that dangerous was out here. Were they no more than children? He could see the cityscape coming into view through the trees ahead. Slowing down, he gauged the direction of the wind while his eyes sought out the presence of any passing patrols. If he was lucky it was possible that his absence had gone unnoticed, and no one was the wiser that he had snuck out. However, if fate was against him then he would surely be taken into custody the moment he re-entered the city and brought before Arisa for punishment. In a show of optimism, Skye was going to act on the hope that nobody cared enough to notice if he wasn’t around…Now all he had to do was sneak in and act like he’d never left. Long minutes passed as he watched and waited patiently, and when not a soul passed by Skye could only figure that she’d even suspended patrols outside the city. What could possibly be out here that even their tough as nails lead bitch would err on the side of caution? Either this was going to make it much easier to regain entry or he was walking into his own ‘doom’. There was only one way to tell… Using the sea of trees as cover Skye maneuvered ever closer, pausing at intervals in between just in case there was indeed a patrol. Anxiety wracked his nerves, driving him into fight or flight mode. The feeling of being hunted impossible to shake...Whatever was out there was watching them, and it brought back horrible memories best left in the past. If he opened that mental door there would be no coming back from it. Concentrate, man. You have far more pressing concerns to address. The outskirts surrounding Leeds remained devoid of motion. Skye made his move, pushing himself to cross the wide open dead zone and lose himself amid the maze of structures. Ears straining to attune to his surroundings, he waited for the cry of alarm heralding his discovery. Even when he reached the relative safety of the looming brick faced buildings, the hunted feeling persisted. There was very little foot traffic on the usually bustling streets. Everyone else except him had apparently taken their pack leader’s orders to heart. Even within Leeds, Skye went to great lengths to remain in the shadows. By all accounts there was no reason he couldn’t be out and about the city, but guilt and fear over his escape hung heavy over his head. It wasn’t until his own door loomed before him that Skye let himself take a deep breath. Darting across the street separating him from the safe sanctity of his home, he turned the knob of his front door. Unlocked exactly as he’d left it, Skye hurried to shut it back behind himself. Slumping against the wood, his body sagged to the floor in boneless relief. “I want to know just where the fuck you’ve been.” The heel of a boot slammed down next to his face, making him jump in fear. Green eyes glared down at him through the pitch dark interior of his entry hall. Arisa loomed over him, looking severe with her steel grey hair, the same color of her fur, pulled back from her face in a bun. White fangs bared, she grabbed the fabric of his shirt to drag him up to stand before her. Skye felt himself turn white as a sheet, words falling from his lips like water from a pump. “I went out of the city. It was driving me mad being cooped up in these walls when you won’t even tell us why we can’t leave.” Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. This always happened with her, and whether it was her elven birth or her just being plain scary, he always sang like a canary when she put him on the spot. “I. Said. No. One. Is. To. Leave.” Each word was clipped short and uttered on a snarl, her grip tightening under his throat. “What’s out there that you don’t want us to know about?” Skye wanted to kick himself the instant the words left his mouth but it was too late. Eyes narrowing to angry slits, he waited for the worst. So it came as a great surprise when he felt her grip loosen, and visibly reining in her rage she took a step back. “What did you see while you were off exploring?” “Three members of the York pack out roaming our lands while we sit in the city with our thumbs up our asses, but I have a feeling that isn’t what’s concerning you…” “What else did you find as you willfully disregarded a direct order from your pack leader and endangered an entire city?” Skye could hear the snapping click of her fangs as she bit out the words next to his ear. His sense of self preservation finally came to his rescue and he answered her swiftly and meekly. “I saw nothing else, I swear it. Except… the intruders were acting oddly. Something had them on edge to the point that they had little care that they were encroaching on our lands, and I don’t think it was simply taking advantage of our absence.” Arisa went quiet, paying careful attention to his information. As pack leader, she was not only strong but also intelligent. “That was it?” Skye nodded emphatically, his lavender eyes meeting hers head on. “I don’t know what is out there, or why you don’t want us to know...but I saw nothing else and came home directly after they went on their way.” Arisa pinned him with an emerald glare, “I pray to all the gods that you don’t find out. Now you will say nothing of this to anyone, and stay inside the fucking city.” Nodding in assent, Skye skittered off the the side of the hall, clearing free of the doorway so that she might use it to get out of his house. Arisa stared at him long and hard before finally taking her leave.
  6. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    Skye In careful silence, Skye pushed his slender frame deeper into the charred hollow of a lightning struck tree. Not so much as daring to breath, he waited as three members of the York pack passed just upwind of him. At best they were considered rivals and at their worst...murderers, and as he was well within the territory of the Leed’s pack, these three were likely up to no good. Brazen of them to venture this far past the borders, and of course he’d be the one to find them… Word must have spread that Arisa was enforcing lockdown upon the city, forbidding any member of the pack from leaving its limits, even at the risk of their territory being encroached on. As pack leader, her word was law and anyone who went against her orders would likely be meted out a severe punishment, and so they sat and quivered like a turtle in its shell. That morning when the sentinels were busy changing over, he’d escaped out into the forest surrounding Leeds. After all, he was only one man...hardly anyone of note. Unlike other members of the pack who embraced their curse in order to wield it against the ones who’d inflicted it, Skye refused to bend to the beast. It was far less likely that they’d scent out his wolf, diluted as it was by his human self. That’s what he’d told himself as he wandered through the trees, dawn's light breaking over the horizon. He hated everything about the wolf, its urges, the mindless anger it incited in him...and the bloodsoaked memories of his family's throats being torn out before it had turned its fangs on him. Somehow he’d survived where none of his other kin had lived . Every month he was forced to become that which he hated above all else when the moon hung full and heavy in the sky. Any semblance of choice stripped away, he’d be damned if this curse stole away anything else from him. Wanderlust though...that was a human proclivity, Skye again explained away to himself. Being stuck in those city walls day in and day out, piled in on top of the same stinking dogs he saw all the fucking time was driving him mad. Just a short jaunt about the countryside surely couldn’t cause any harm. He’d be back long before anyone even noticed he was gone. That was hours ago and here he was, charred tree remains sharply digging into his back. If he did manage to make it back alive, Arisa was going to lock him away in a cell until the next full moon. Then she’d probably skin him so she might present her wife and mate with a golden wolf skin rug. All he had to do was stay out of sight and downwind of the group, hopefully they’d go on their merry way. Something else appeared to have grabbed their attention. Making no attempt to hide their presence, he could hear them sniffing through the undergrowth. Unease heavily evident on their scent as they paused here and there to urinate on the trunks of trees as they passed. Skye counted out the minutes as they crept slowly by, mentally willing the interlopers to go back where they came from. After what felt like an eternity, their leader issued a sharp bark. Signaling it was time to depart, the other two wasted no time taking up flank positions and following him in the general direction of York. Once he was assured that they were truly gone, Skye took off full speed back towards Leeds. Death by rival wolves or death by Arisa? At the moment both options seemed equally hazardous, but if it came down to it Skye supposed he would throw himself upon the mercy of his Alpha.
  7. Tsukihana

    Chapter 1

    ty very much especially since im only the littlest drunk
  8. Tsukihana

    Chapter 1

    Finn England, 1840 Eerie silence hung like a void around him, a tangible absence of life all the more noticeable in the fading light of the setting sun. Even the footfalls of his padded paws were muffled by the dense layer of detritus that covered the forest floor. Muzzle to the ground he searched, black nose sniffing through the decaying leaves for the elusive scent he sought. The traces which remained reeked of many different wolves, their trails intermingling and confusing even to his astute senses. He moved silently like a spectre through the slowly lengthening shadows of dusk, wending his way between the tree trunks. Anything with a shred of self preservation took care to stay out of his path as the great white wolf navigated the forest which bordered the city of Leeds. A lone wolf. Beware a wolf who wanders with none at his side… The eyes followed him, they always did. It was so far beneath his notice that it was laughable to waste even a moment's effort thinking on it. Some might believe him mad, to break from his pack in times like these. And for what? Instinct? It was good enough for him...He’d traveled over eleven hundred miles and crossed seas...on instinct. Who was going to stop him now? An angry scar sliced down through his right eye, clouded and useless it seemed to peer right through your soul. To perceive it as weakness though would prove a mortal mistake. The world left behind after the black death ate the weak without mercy or consideration. It was a far gentler fate than to subsist in some half cocked existence. True, he could not see what lay to his right..but he could smell, and hear… The climes of the English woods were a far cry from the Nordic fjords of his birth lands, but he was finally getting close. Finn was certain of it. In the aftermath of the black death, the descendants of Fenrir had retreated deep into the mountains, isolating themselves from the rest of the world in hope of escaping the cruel fate inflicted upon the rest of the world. For a time, it was enough. He’d managed to ignore the internal struggle that told him something was missing, something that lay elsewhere...There was nothing left out there, so what could he possibly hope to find? Facts and suppositions meant nothing compared to what lay inside him, it knew better. There was more out there and it was waiting for him. Mad with wanting he’d run the rocky shores lining the icy streams that marked the edge of their territory. Staring off into the distance and howling with a sadness he felt deep within his soul..over what he had no idea… In a mournful chorus his brothers had called him back, urging his return to the pack. Finn had wanted so badly to stay, to let go of this siren call that whispered to his heart and run with his own kin, but every time he returned to them, it pulled him back. Breaking something deep inside until he turned back once more to pace the rocky shores. It wasn’t long before news spread that a son of the line of Fenrir was overcome with madness, inviting usurpers to take up the idea that it was finally the time to strike. It would be the last time Finn indulged in such a piteous self indulgent frame of mind. Taking him unawares, they came under cover of darkness, taking advantage of the weakness he’d so easily provided. Eye slashed and bleeding he’d led them off away from their lands, a son of Fenrir too rare a prize to be so easily let go… Behind him his brothers wailed into the night, calling him back to their side. Finn kept running, the infiltrators staying hot on his trail as he led them far afield from the rest of the pack. With every step the pull strengthened, calling him ever further away from everything he knew. Now here he stood...over a thousand miles from home in an English wood, the reward of his long journey so close within his grasp. The sensation burned inside him like a fire that lit his soul, calling him ever onward. One scent stood out from the others...it was special, although muddled by the myriad other scents that fought to overpower it. Standing at five feet at the blades of his shoulders, there was no hiding for the dire wolf. Thick white fur covered lean muscles as he stalked forward in predatory silence, his long snowy tail swishing behind him in concentration. The scent was assuredly getting stronger, the musk of wolf but also the telltale allure of the smell of man…
  9. Tsukihana

    Crying Wolf

    Set in the same dystopian world as A Twist of Fae, a lone wolf is called by instinct to find his mate, but when that mate is a turned human that hates everything you are, how will Finn overcome the fierce barrier of Bred vs. Bite? Not all werewolves are the same, and Skye will soon learn just who he is meant for.
  10. Tsukihana

    Chapter 13

    Etienne It was warm, so very warm… A hot exhalation of breath against his neck and the scent of cinnamon filling his senses, and finding himself entwined in a tangle of arms and legs. Tatsuya’s sleeping face was buried against his chest, as Tatsuo lay flush at his back...pulling him possessively against him. Etienne barely allowed himself to breath, afraid everything would disappear in a flash to leave him utterly alone once more. After long agonized minutes, this reality prevailed and his eyes shut with relief. It was real. Really real. Somewhere beneath the covers he could feel his tail wagging, he couldn’t help it. After much concentration he managed to get it down to a sedate twitch. “If you keep wagging your tail I’m going to throw you a bone…” Tatsuo whispered the words softly behind him, his tufted ears swiveling back at his dragon’s purred murmur. “Sorry, I was trying not to disturb y’all…” “Please disturb me.” Etienne could feel the heat flushing his face as lingering kisses crept down the column of his neck. “I’m supposed to be back by 10 or I’ll be in trouble with the coach. He’s sponsoring me to live on my own..” A soft moan escaped him as Tatsuo’s fangs nibbled against his collarbone, wearing down his will. “I’ll get my mom to smooth it over...is that a cool boyfriend thing to do? I just don’t want to let you go yet.” “I have to at least see what time it is….” Tatsuo reached behind him, rifling through the pockets of clothes tossed all astrew. Pulling out a phone he checked the lock screen. “It’s only just after 8:30...I’m allowed to keep you a little longer.” “Fine...when you say boyfriend you mean…” “Oh I mean way more than boyfriend, but for simplicity sake we’ll go with that.” Etienne felt his dragon growing hard, Tatsuo’s erection pressing itself into the small of his back. The flush of heat which had begun in his cheeks spread like fire across his skin. He felt wanton and wanted, almost drunk on the bliss he felt with only them. Warm lips wrapped around the head of Etienne’s cock, suckling greedily as a hot tongue wrapped around his own quickly straining erection. “No wonder no one can sleep around here with all this noise.” Tatsuya’s tones were velvety, still roughened by sleep as he pulled Etienne’s cock deeper into his mouth. “How rude to try and exclude me from all the excitement.” The rough rasp of the young dragon’s tongue sliding up Etienne’s shaft made the Loup Garou shake as sensation rocked through his body. “Don’t fall for his honeyed lies, Mi Tiefal, he’s been awake far longer than you think...like some creepy voyeur.” Tatsuya looked up at his twin with a look of indignation. “I’m not going to deny what makes me excited, everyone knows it’s the quiet one you should beware of.” Arching back against Tatsuo, Etienne flicked his tail with impatience, ears pinning back against his skull. “Both of you are wasting time, so continue bickering or make better use of...me.” In synchronicity the twins froze in place, violet gazes locking. “Did he just?” “Oh, I think he did.” With fluid motions Tatsuya knelt on the mattress while Tatsuo pushed Etienne over onto his stomach. Taking firm grip of his hips, Tatsuya pulled Etienne towards him, backsliding him across the sheets so that his hard cock lay nestled between the globes of his ass. “Do you think we can make a wolf howl?” Looming behind him, the dragon bent over Etienne in a show of dominance, reaching beneath to slowly stroke Etienne’s throbbing erection while his cock rocked and slid against the wolf’s quivering ass. Tatsuo shook his head, burying his fingers in Etienne’s long dark hair, scratching just behind one ear. “I think that might draw too much attention. I guess I’ll just have to find a way to keep him quiet.” Pulling back on his hair, the twin forced the wolf’s bicolored eyes to meet glowing violet. Awe filled the loup garou, followed by the urge to run his tongue over the ebon horns sweeping back from his temples. He must have read the want in his eyes, because a gentle smile curved Tatsuo’s lips. “Close but not quite, Mi Tiefal.” Long slender fingers wrapped around the dragon’s pulsing shaft, taking himself in hand he led the dripping tip to rest against Etienne’s lips. Warm and wet, the beads of precum were salty against his tongue and the wolf didn’t bother holding back the moan elicited from deep within him. Mirroring Tatsuya’s earlier ministrations, he let his tongue lap against the throbbing head of his cock, wrapping his lips around him and suckling Tatsuo’s dick further into his mouth. Etienne left his eyes open, watching the way his dragon was biting his lip in an attempt to keep from moaning himself. “How bold you’ve become already. It’s adorable how you believe you’ve gained the upper hand, but have you really?” Tatsuya’s words were a growl from behind him. With aching slowness his other twin began pushing the swollen tip of his dick into Etienne’s quivering eager ass while his large hands held the wolf’s hips still for his pleasure. He wanted to howl, and whine... and moan, but in front of him Tatsuo was pushing further into the hot depths of his mouth. In forced silence all he could do was moan as he slid his tongue in wet strokes against the slick skin of the dragon’s shaft. “Good boy.” Tatsuya abandoned his hold on Etienne’s hips, one hand grasping the base of his tail and holding it high as he slid those last sweet inches deep inside the wolf. The dragon bent low over him, grinding into Etienne as his free hand stroked the loup garous aching cock. Eyes drifting closed, his needy moans were muffled by Tatsuo’s dick sliding in and out between his suckling lips. Tatsuo was gently petting his ears, violet eyes glowing down at him as pleasure shuddered through the dragons frame. The tip of his cock jumped inside Etienne’s mouth before warm cum spurted against his tongue. Tasting him, drinking him in was what pushed Etienne over the edge. Pulling his dick from the wolf’s hot mouth before he could knot up, Tatsuo kissed him deeply, delving his tongue against the wolf’s and reveling in his own salted taste in Etienne’s mouth. “I won’t be so benevolent though…” Tatsuya’s hand quickened it’s strokes until Etienne felt himself jerking against the dragon’s palm, hot cum dripping down upon the sheets as he continued stroking the wolf’s shaking cock. He could feel his ass squeezing tightly around his pounding cock as it slid in and out, pushing Etienne even further he moaned helplessly onto Tatsuo’s mouth. Tail still held high, Tatsuya buried himself fully within the wolf, finally allowing himself his own pleasure now that his mate and twin were sated. Instead of pulling out as Tatsuo had, Tatsuya remained deep inside him, grinding the still swelling head of his dick into the loup garous. “I think you quite enjoyed our ‘use’ of you.” His words were murmured hotly beside Etienne’s ear, a sharp nip from his fangs accompanying them. Gently, Tatsuya laid them back down, holding the wolf in his arms while they waited for the dragon’s claiming knot to ease inside him. Tatsuo loomed over him, showering kisses against his skin as he stroked long fingers through Etienne’s hair. He could feel his eyes drifting shut again as languorous pleasure glowed inside him. It was going to be so hard to make himself go home...
  11. Tsukihana

    Chapter 25

    In her comparatively tender years it’s a lot to deal with
  12. Tsukihana

    Chapter 25

    Ainthe Fighting to sustain the tenuous grip Ainthe held on his sanity took every last ounce of control he possessed. It was a bittersweet feeling, to be completely cognizant as the numbness crept over him...like smashing your finger in the door…right now he was blessedly bereft of feeling anything at all, but it was coming. The pain was coming. His excellent night vision forced him to bear witness to what had been wrought upon the rocky shore. There was no escaping the river of scarlet that seeped out from the clean deep slit across her throat. It wasn’t supposed to be this way...his answers weren’t supposed to carry such a high price… The numbness faded away slowly the longer he stared at Ceinwyn’s corpse, and it wasn’t long before his breaths rasped in and out in ragged uneven gasps. Cern’s face wavered in and out of focus before him, his words lost to the deafening silence that canceled out everything around him. All that remained in focus was the body of the Seelie Queen and the red river of her blood. As though it were happening to someone else, Ainthe could feel Cern’s palms against his cheeks, trying to draw back his attention from the scene of death. Nothing could make it disappear… The scope of his world remained tunneled in on her still lifeless corpse, the rest of his senses blacking out. Broken from shock, he could only sit there dumbly, time passing around him like a boulder in the middle of a stream. In the east the sun began its ascent into the sky, bathing the world in warm light. Some part of him knew the change was overcoming him, reverting to his feminine form. It was a fitting feeling to melt away within his own skin, shrinking down into what felt like a mere shell of them self. Cern crouched before her, doing his best to block the grisly scene from her view while his thumbs wiped away the warm damp trails of her tears. His green eyes were panicked and worried, his lips moving in pleas that weren’t quite reaching through to her. Something was truly broken inside her, swinging wildly between feeling everything and nothing. A mournful howling like the singing of wolves filled her ears, lost on Ainthe that it was her own wails filling the morning air. With grim determination, Cern scooped her up into his arms, cradling Ainthe against his chest. Careful to keep himself in between her and the dead Queen, he carried her further from the rocky shore. Finally setting her back down on a hillock covered in threadbare sea grass, he took her cheeks in hand once more. “Ainthe, please love....” His words were strained, green eyes forcing her own gold to meet his. Finally breaking through to reach her. “Why am I so cursed?!” Shaking fingertips reached up to touch his chest where crisscrossing wounds from the queen’s blade laid streams of blood across his skin. He was hurt, again. It was her fault, again. “It would have been better if you’d just left me to die a long time ago. Even my birth brought nothing but heartache and pain...for so many.” “Stop with talk like that now.” The click of hooves on rocks signaled Epona joining them, her velvety muzzle rubbing against Ainthe’s cheek as though to reassure herself that the Fae was indeed in one piece. “I need ‘ye to stay with her, Epona. There are things I must attend to, it’s only the right thing to do. One does not leave a vanquished queen as fodder for beasts.” Turning on his heel, Cern left her in the kelpie’s care as he retraced his steps across the rocky shore. Lowering herself to lay at Ainthe’s side, Epona pulled her closer, whickering against her braid of moonlit hair. Burying her face against her raven mane, Ainthe let the tears flow as she hugged the mare tightly. “What if he’s next...when it’s one fight too far and he comes out on the losing end...because of me.” There was a warm huff of denial against her back. “You can’t know that for sure, though. Maybe I am an aberration…I’ll only bring more sorrow.” Epona’s head shook vehemently behind her, releasing an angry squeal. “She said my father’s name is Oberon.” Ainthe couldn’t stop the mirthless laugh that passed her lips. “Of course the King of the faeries would be named Oberon…” The heavy footfalls of boots on rocks heralded Cern’s return. Lifting her swollen red teary eyes, Ainthe drank in the sight of him, reaffirming that he was indeed still hale and whole. His cloak was gone, the wind whipping at the loose linen of his bloodied torn shirt. Rising on wobbly feet, she ran to him, throwing herself against his chest. “Here now with all this. I’m okay, wee morsel.” His arms came to wrap tightly around her still shaking shoulders, stroking the length of her hair as he cooed nonsensical soothing sounds against her fae pointed ears.
  13. Tsukihana

    Chapter 24

    It was comforting to feel like she had a place in this world again. In the years she spent alone after her parents’ deaths, it had become her norm to have no but herself. Cern’s bombardment into her life had been both jarring and unsettling. Spending her life in isolation in the Irish wood, before being thrust into a world of a post plague pandemic, she’d had very little interaction with anyone besides her parents. For miles now they’d been following the road southwest as the sun arched overhead ever closer to the horizon. It wouldn’t be long now before her other form took shape, but she was ready today. Truly, it didn’t matter what form she wore to Cern, she knew this with a certainty now. When the time came and night began to darken the world, he held Ainthe in his arms as his bones cracked and stretched, female transforming into male. After long minutes he nodded that he was okay now, Cern’s arms lingered in obvious reluctance to let him go. Ever onward they continued as the darkness grew to pitch and the moon tracked its own path over their heads. After many hours more, he could smell the salty scent of seawater and hear the waves breaking over rocky shores. “Make ‘ye self ready, wee morsel. This is the narrowest crossing we are going to find. Epona is going to ferry us across, so we are going to have to double up.” With utmost care they picked their way down a rocky slope leading to the sea strait that would put them on Wale’s mainland once they crossed. Epona stopped at the shore, standing at the ready so that they could climb up atop her back. Grabbing a fist of mane at the base of her long arching neck, Cern quickly swung himself up to the mare’s bare back. Reaching down he took Ainthe’s hand, muscles in his arm bulging as he pulled him up to sit behind him. Arms wrapped tightly around Cern’s waist, he could hear the soft lap of the waves splashing around her hooves as Epona waded into the waters. With his excellent night vision, Ainthe could see the opposing shoreline in the not too far off distance. Cold water rose up over his long legs, soaking the leather as she confidently swam out into the flowing strait. With powerful kicks the kelpie cut through the current, her black head bobbing above the waters as she carried them. Instinctive fear made him grip Cern tightly, it was unnerving as a whole to be waist deep in frigid seawater. The world was eerily quiet except for the soft huffs of Epona’s breaths asn she swam. He was all too thankful when the mare’s hooves finally found purchase upon the opposing shore. Sliding off her wet back first, Ainthe paused to wring out the salty water soaking his braid of moonlit hair. Following suit, Cern also slid down from Epona’s shaking frame, patting her side. “Thank ‘ye, for everything.” Shaking water off of her like some great hound, she whickered softly almost as if to say, ‘Tis nothing.’ Cern likewise began to twist his fiery braid, water falling upon the rocky shore. Hair in hand he froze, whispering to Ainthe. “We are not alone, keep your wits about ‘ye. This is even sooner than I anticipated” “God of the Wild, what brings you to the edge of my realm...and not alone.” From between the skeleton silhouettes of the trees lining the shore, green fox eyes shone back at them. Watching cautiously, she awaited their answer. “We seek ‘ye aid, Queen of the Faeries. Might ‘ye have a little time to spare us?” “I am no one’s Queen, Wild God, not anymore. I will lend my aid if I can, nobody seeks me out in times like these.” On small black feet she crept forward, her form changing as she moved out of the cover of the trees. A red fox at first, lines blurred and shifted until a stately woman stood where the vulpine had been, dark red hair hanging to her hips and those same brilliant green eyes shining through the dark of the night. Ainthe held back, crouched behind Epona’s quivering flank, something about the faerie queen screamed of danger. “In my travels fate saw fit to drop a lost one in my path, she did nae even know what she was, believing herself human. I thought it wiser if their queries were answered by one of their own.” A long moment of silence followed Cern’s request as she turned it over in her mind. “Very well, I will do what I can. Where is she? Is this the other I sense with you?” “Aye, I think it will be easier if ‘ye with ‘ye own eyes.” A lump formed in his throat as Cern motioned him forward from where he remained concealed. His feet were frozen in place, every ounce of self preservation screaming at him to stay where he was. “It’s alright, wee morsel. I’m right here.” His soft words were coaxing and reassuring, and Ainthe remembered his decision to trust in Cern. Forcing himself into motion, he moved into sight...step by slow step. With forced bravado he lifted golden eyes to meet her emerald, trepidation filling him as hers iced over with hatred. All around them the world became frigid, frost creeping out from the faerie queen to cover the rocks and grass at her feet. “You…” Escaping her lips in a low vicious hiss, Ceinwyn advanced towards them. “With his face and his magic...you DARE come before me, bastard spawn of that cuckolding wretch.” Ainthe was crushed beneath the weight of her power, confusion at her angry words overcoming her. “I don’t know who you mean...I didn't even know that I was a faerie until a few days ago.” Ceinwyn stopped in her tracks, her menacing emerald eyes pinning Ainthe where he stood. “Oh this is too rich...what a fool. Oberon, when they cast you out of this plane to remain apart from this world forever...I wonder if you were even aware of that Unseelie whore queen being pregnant with your spawn. No worry...easily remedied.” There was a rush of air and Cern stood before him, his bronzed dagger sliding up against the blade of Ceinwyn. Ainthe stumbled back from them, screaming at the former Seelie Queen. “Leave him alone, we have not come here to fight you. I had nothing to do with your grievances.” An invisible force pushed her back an unwilling step, rage darkened her eyes further as she fought Ainthe’s command. “Your very existence is an grievance. That moonlit hair and fair face, you are indeed Oberon’s...but your eyes...they belong to that whore of an Unseelie Queen. I can still hear his excuses. ‘Ours is a marriage of convenience...I love her...what do you care?’ He never saw me, not once. Not my feelings, not my rage...everything I was he conveniently swept under the rug.” Feinting to her left, she tried to break past Cern’s defenses and get in a blow. He was having none of that, antlers quivering with power his own eyes lit a glowing emerald. “You will nae lay a finger on Ainthe. Let it go,old queen, or I will end you.” “Move away, God of the Wild. You know not what you are about or the danger tied to this aberration. I am doing you a favor.” “Never. Ainthe is mine and I will die for what I hold dear. I warned you, Ceinwyn.” “Likewise, Wild God. Suit yourself.” In a flurry of movements, their blades flashed through the darkness as rocks flew out from the deadly dance of their feet. Ainthe watched, unsure of what to do. Beside him Epona’s muscles bunched in readiness to charge at the Seelie Queen. “Don’t do it, Epona. This is my fight, protect Ainthe.” Huffing in consternation, the kelpie stayed where she currently stood at Ainthe’s side. The sheer pressure of the power oozing off of the battling pair was crushing in intensity. Neither held anything back in an obvious battle to the death. Bloody slashes appearing on them both, Cern sporting bloody cheek and arms versus Ceinwyn’s lacerated chest and shoulder. Unflaggingly Cern advanced on the former queen, pushing her back back until her movements began to slow. With lethal swiftness the queen’s blade struck out at Cern’s gash, leaving a deep bloody gash through the leather. Taking the opening, Cern took advantage of her attack to throw his superior height and weight against his chest. Falling back against the rocks, he pinned her there with his blood soaked calf. “Speak your last, Seelie Queen.” “May your love rot to a sickening poison, Wild God. May death eventually find Oberon’s spawn.” With a flash Cern’s dagger sliced open the Seelie Queen’s throat, her blood pooling upon the rocks below her and the light of life faded from her green eyes. Falling back off of the cooling corpse, Cern gasped for breath. After long seconds passed, Epona finally let him pass, running to stand at Cern’s back. Ainthe gathered him in his arms, pulling him away from the dead faerie. “Are you okay?” Numbly Cern nodded, one hand reaching up to touch his arm. “I swore to ‘ye, Mo Bhanrigh, I will protect ‘ye with my life.”
  14. Tsukihana

    Chapter 23

    Ainthe Deciding to trust in Cern and take him at his word, she did her best to put her lingering qualms out of her mind. Even if she was still afraid of what might still lie ahead, there was nowhere to go but forward...and at least she wouldn’t have to do it alone. His reassurances were both vehement and numerous, and finally breaking through her thick defenses. Not once, even with all the chances when he could have left her for dead, had he deserted her to fate. Gathering up her clothes from where they lay folded upon the ground, Cern passed them into her hands before retrieving his own. “If ‘ye are able, we should travel on through the night and we will reach the Queen’s realm before sunrise.” Ainthe nodded, pulling the voluminous folds of her large linen shirt over her head. “I’m fine to press onward,” a hot blush stained her cheeks before she continued “I slept really well last night…” Practicing restraint, she managed not to smack him when a broad smile tilted up his lips. Ignoring him, Ainthe continued. “Admittedly I’m still nervous, but I want to know more about who I may be. I want to know the truth, and with you at my side I know I can handle whatever I may learn.” His arms wrapped around her once more, seemingly always searching for some excuse or other to touch her. Where before it had alarmed her, now his contact brought her comfort. Slowly she returned his embrace, pressing herself against the warmth of still naked skin. Practically glowing from her affections, Cern held her much longer than was necessary but she didn’t mind, not anymore. “I am going to hold you to your word, God of the Wilds. You’re stuck with me now.” Holding her even tighter, he laid kisses upon the top of her head. “ ‘Ye could nae be rid of me even if ‘ye wanted to now...wife.” Ainthe mustered the will to push him back from her, looking up to meet his eyes. “You are supposed to be getting dressed, as am I. If we keep lolling about in the woods, we’ll never get where we’re going. Now stop being such a distraction and put your clothes on.” “Fine, but I do it under protest. I much prefer us naked…” The only sensible thing was to ignore him or they’d never make it out of the woods. Turning her back to him, she pulled on her leather pants and boots, not giving him the chance to steal away her attention. Facing him, Ainthe couldn’t quell her own sense of disappointment that he’d done as he was told and properly got dressed. “Don’t look so forlorn, wee morsel, ‘ye will have me naked for ‘ye pleasures again.” A hot blushed turned her fair cheeks a guilty shade of crimson. Would she ever grow accustomed to his crass mouth and tempting form? “You are full of yourself and it’s not nice to speak so coarsely just to get a rise out of me.” “It’s only fair, every time I think of ‘ye it makes me rise.” If anything her cheeks grew even redder. “I think I could subsist on ‘ye sweet blushes alone.” Rolling her golden eyes at him, she pointed at the burbling stream beside them. “Don’t forget to put fresh water in your magic space pocket.” “As ‘ye command, Mo Bhanrigh. Anything else?” “I do believe that will suffice.” “As ‘ye will it, Mo Bhanrigh.” Cape clasped at his throat, it waved out behind him with a flourish as he turned on his heel. Leather flagons appearing in his hands, he held them both down within the cold clear stream to fill with fresh clean water. Capping them off, they disappeared within the folds of his cloak. The taste of power he afforded her was addictive and Ainthe threw herself into it, besides she had the sneaking suspicion that he enjoyed her telling him what to do. Intuition. Gesturing grandly to the wall of grasses and trees blocking the path they’d taken to get here, she smiled up at him. “I leave this in your capable hands, Husband.” The words were sweet on her tongue, and too easily she could get used to uttering them. “Of course, wee morsel, it would be my honor.” The warmth of his lips imprinted their memory upon her skin as Cern took the opportunity to steal a kiss upon her cheek as he passed by. Pausing before the tangle of greenery, his eyes glowed with power as the mass of vegetation obligingly moved from his path. Following his broad muscled back, they made an exodus from the Welsh wood and returned to the road. Sleepy blood red eyes met them as Epona lifted her head, indeed napping in the grass beside the overgrown thoroughfare. Pushing herself up to stand, she whinnied at them with obvious irritation that they’d left her for so long. With an accusing glare she lifted her head to where the sun was fast beginning it’s descent towards the west. “Sorry..” “Don’t be like that ‘ye nag”, Cern cut her off “and ‘ye know that ‘ye were all too happy to nap so don’t take that tone with me.” Crimson eyes rolling heavenward, Epona turned around to present Cern with her black rear end and making her point of what she thought of his excuses. As they made their way onward, Ainthe let herself become lost in the familiar bickering between a god and a kelpie. This was her reality now.
  15. Tsukihana

    Chapter 22

    Cernunnos Cern had never been so confused in the entirety of his long long life. Whatever the cause of her unhappiness, he wanted to be the one to slay her dragons. He would kill her enemies without a second thought, but how did he conquer the struggles inside her? Even now he had no idea what had spurred her to weeping and anger, every drop burning itself into his memory as some way that he’d failed her without ever realizing it. His Bhanrigh should never have reason to shed tears. Holding Ainthe in his arms, having made her his very own in every way, he’d become lost in the glow of happiness the likes of which he’d never experienced before. The warm essence of blood freely offered still lingered on his tongue, the taste of her intoxicating while binding her to him irrevocably. His Queen, Mate, Consort... Lost in the lustre of worshipping the sight of her bare dips and curves beneath the glow of the sun and dappled shade from the boughs of the sea of trees. Ainthe was his. Somewhere deep inside himself, he could feel her unease manifesting as though it were his very own. She’d completely ignored him when he’d asked if she was okay, even managing to take him a bit by surprise when she rose suddenly and silently to leave him right there in the middle of the stream. Ainthe. Her name falling from his lips in hopes of bringing her back to him, but Cern could feel something inside her break and in a torrent of words, her angry outburst lashed into him. Slowly the depth of her passionate and angry emotions dawned on him. She wanted to spend forever with him...he was vital to her, after screaming it to his face, it was not something he’d soon forget. Her feelings were laid bare before him...it was bittersweet to be so cared for by someone and yet end up hurting them because of it. So why did she cry if she was happy with him? Honestly he didn’t know anymore… Assuredly it would be a great shock to anyone to learn the kinds of things about themselves as she had. She’d said she was afraid of what lay ahead, and seemed angry at herself for clinging to their time here... “Are ‘ye okay now, wee morsel?” Silently he could feel her nodding against his chest as she surreptitiously reached up to wipe away the trails of tears from her cheeks. Cern couldn’t resist the temptation any longer, vibrant green eyes peeking down to watch as she somewhat awkwardly tried to smear away the damp trails on his skin from where she’d wept. Innocent and magical, hidden away in the aftermath of a destroyed world, she had become everything he wanted to protect. Soothingly, Cern ran the palm of his hand down the damp silken strands of her braided hair. “I never meant to cause ‘ye such dark thoughts, Mo Bhanrigh.” Ainthe’s long slender ears ended in delicate points, windswept strands of silvery moon lit hair blowing out behind her. “I meant it when I said it wasn’t your fault... Now I feel silly.” Cern could feel the soft whisper of her lips against his chest as she raised her head to meet his gaze, glowing amber eyes ensnaring his attention. It was novel to him, the feeling of drowning in the golden depths of her stare, and being perfectly content to do so. “In all the long years I have existed, there has been no one that makes me feel the way ‘ye do, wee morsel.” Pausing to gather his words, he held her tighter against him, unwilling to part from the feeling of her warmth. “As ‘ye have given yourself to me, I have also pledged myself to ‘ye, Mo Bhanrigh. Never feel like ‘ye have to hide ‘ye worries from me. I will nae let ‘ye face this world alone, not anymore. It’s hard to have faith in the words of others, trust me that it's not in me to form attachments, not to anything. At least not until I found ‘ye…” “I still cannot understand it, what you want with someone like me...just look at all the extra trouble you’re saddled with just by staying with me.” Lowering his head, Cern silenced her protests with a kiss, unwilling to listen to her try and convince him she was unworthy in some way. “With time ‘ye will understand. I think I have finally grown on ‘ye. At least now instead of outright trying to be rid of me ‘ye have moved on to denial. Won’t be long till ‘ye are teetering on acceptance.” “You are growing on me but I shall never admit it aloud.” He couldn’t hold back his bark of laughter, and it was just another facet of her that he was fast falling hard and deep for. “From now on I will be more forthcoming with keeping ‘ye informed so ‘ye are nae worrying over everything. I’m not sure that there is anything I wouldn’t do for ‘ye if it is within my power. We’ll be off this island before ‘ye know it, and after that ‘tis no more than a half a day to reach Ceinwyn’s realm. We should get dressed and try to get a bit further down the road, and I’m sure by now the nag is napping on her hooves by now.”
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