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  1. Keeping the winding ribbon of road to our right, we eventually approached the outskirts of the city. Kemuri slowed to a halt, his smoky twin tails swishing with anticipation before turning to me. “Okay, here’s what I have in mind. Remember your way back to this spot. Two foxes roaming the city streets might be a bit noticeable so I think we should split up here. Keep a low profile and we’ll meet back here in two hours. Stay safe and stay out of sight if you can help it. If someone sees you.
  2. If I just close my eyes, it’s the same ambient sounds of happy chirping and the distant sound of cars passing on a road not far off. Cars. “Can you hear that, Kemuri?” Pausing in his tracks I watch as his eyes drift shut and he cocks his head to the side, listening attentively. “There’s a road...and from the sound of it cars that are least comparable to what we are used to. Guess we’ll see. Good job.” I try not to let the good job go to my head, all I did was hear a car.
  3. Tsukihana

    Chapter 7

    K’tine told him of the closest settlement in the area, the city of Bashiel was considered ‘off the beaten path’ by even elven standards and due to it’s secludedness it was a locale haunted by ennui stricken ancients and exiled elven scions. In the handful of years that they’d been settled in the area, she’d tried limiting her family’s exposure to the underlying hedonistic nature that seemed to pervade the outpost in the forest. For the most part it was the unspoken law of the land to ‘let sleepi
  4. Free floating in the bright aether void, I feel so very at peace with the world. All my worries, all my cares, and thoughts evaporating away into sweet nothings, I let my heavy eyelids fall shut as a toothy vulpine grin reveals my sharp fangs. Any annoying mental alarms surcease to be under the lulling effect of the...wherever I was. ‘Feeling sleepy, Poppet?’ “Hmm...?” The void vibrates with the rumbling of laughter before the amorphous male voice continues, my fur ruffling by th
  5. Moon is transported to a world awaiting eminent destruction by her demi-god dragon father, and with no memory of her life on Earth she must search for both a way to save the world and the one bonded to her heart and soul.
  6. Tsukihana

    Chapter 6

    Balthazar cast his gaze aside, letting the hurting family have a tender moment of privacy. Slowly sliding his feet to the floor he let himself sit up as K’tine wiped at her damp cheeks. “Forgive me…” “Madam, there is nothing to forgive. After the kindness you have afforded me...sheltered me, I am in debt.” Taking one of her soft lightly furred hands in his, Balthazar gently wiped the remaining tears from her eyes. “During my convalescence I was visited by one who I believed a
  7. Tsukihana

    Chapter 2

    I've actually seen this movie and it's a good movie ❤️
  8. NOBLE STEED ❤️❤️
  9. Tsukihana

    Chapter 1

    its a short one off set in the world of final fantasy xiv, an online rpg and game series that stretches back to Nintendo. I'm a big fan of the franchise and felt in a mood to write for them. I'm really happy that you enjoyed it for what it was, thank you!
  10. Alphinaud shuffled the papers on the desk before him, sorting them into neat separate rows as he mumbled to himself. “To be called away to Falcon’s Rest so urgently when he’s still healing. Completely unneeded.” Next he lined the seals of House de Fortemps all back into their velvet lined box. “I’ve a notion to go there myself and remind them that he is the Azure Dragoon no longer and…” His body froze as a long finger traced its way down the back of his neck. “You ramble
  11. After the defeat of Nidhogg, Alphinaud is eagerly awaiting Estinien's return
  12. I'm out of order in reading but is this what Lapis wants since he's meant to travel the world in the name of his gods or is it drow shenanigans? either way, oh my daniel, woman. good stuff
  13. Tsukihana

    Chapter 5

    When next he woke, a soft gentle humming filled the air above him while bright sunlight broke across his vision through the slight part of the tent’s entrance. Blearily, Balthazar’s amber hued eyes blinked in vain of banishing the jarring rays of light away. An involuntary groan passed his dry cracked lips, ceasing the lovely humming mid-tune. “You are awake!” K’tine hurried to his side, her shadow blessedly blocking out the harsh sun. The fact that he could now understand her perfectl
  14. Tsukihana

    Chapter 32

    -HISS- unstable.... -grumble- we know what i'd do with her...CERN a villager escaped -throws him margaret- do the thing!!
  15. Tsukihana

    Chapter 4

    Weak as a babe, he let his body shut down leaving only the barest of essential survival measures in place. Concentrating his energies on the regeneration of his draconian magicks, the world became both very fast and yet molecularly slow at the same time. It bore a striking resemblance to eating those little mushrooms growing in his neighbour's cow pasture… The encompassing breadth of the weathered tent currently sheltering him practically reeked of Daniel’s residual magic, another mysteriou
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