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    Would be willing to edit m/m or m/m/m stories. Like SciFi/fantasy; preferable w. little to no violence.

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  1. Just SP and I for Thanksgiving. Cooked too much food, but it turned out ok. Hope everyone enjoyed their day!
  2. Yes - I think all of here care for both of you and send our love and support.
  3. Today is the last day of a two day week (they gave us an "Administrative Day" tomorrow we don't normally get) -- which means one more day to finish five days of work. Then we're off all of next week for the wedding -- and to recover from the wedding.
  4. Between the high yesterday and the low tomorrow morning we could have a 50 F swing in temps - we've already hit our high for the day and expect 45mph wind gusts later this morning. Joints are really not liking the shift, but I'll get through it. SP has been wonderful and supportive. One of the reasons I love him.
  5. Wedding planning is at a point of anxiety attacks and stress -- and that's ignoring SP wanting us to write our own vows (the thought legit makes me panic).
  6. I agree that it's stupid and was made obsolete w the invention of electricity. We are currently on Standard [normal] time - we just need to stay on that and not go back on DST in March.
  7. 20 F below normal today, cloudy, and a cold rain Joints don't like it
  8. THIS -- "I was only kidding" is the line used by those who know they've <beeped> up but don't have the courage to actually admit to it, and is also a way to try to make YOU feel guilty for genuinely being insulted. It is gaslighting.
  9. Fae Briona

    Chapter 3

  10. College town, so traffic is really light during the summer; heavier during the school year; and 🦇💩 crazy on home game days (like today).
  11. Almodopine sent me to the ER -- it caused my blood pressure to rapidly spike. Sister-in-law was on it and she said it lowered her top # but caused her bottom # to go up. Lisinopril works for me, mostly, as does metoprolol. Irbesartan worked but caused my resting heart rate to increase 150% Found out I'm very sensitive to bp Rx and am ridiculously low levels -- but they're working.
  12. Severe weather last night, but we missed the hail and tornadoes -- just got some well-needed rain and a bit of wind (but not enough to cause significant damage). Hope everyone's week is going well.
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