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  1. Halfway through Orientation Week -- made even more insane by multiple virtual meetings (two already, one more today, and one on Friday <sigh> ). All four of us on Staff for the Dept are feeling increased stress because of the added complications of this current situation.

  2. They had to work w. it for a bit -- after trying to get me to just buy a new frame -- but got it fixed (I hope).
  3. My day is going to start w a trip to the eye Dr. the screw in my gasses holding the right lens in place popped lose last night and it fell out -- thankfully, the screw stayed in the frame and I was able (I thought) to get it set back in. Fell out again this morning. So found my last pair, which is good enough I can drive but not enough for me to stay online and work all day, and can wear those and take the other pair in. Looking back, the frames I'm using now was the one I used tow scrips ago - bronze frame, gunmetal frame, bronze frame again. Remembering now that the 1st time I used the bronze frame the lens popped out then too -- at least this time I wasn't driving. They're essentially the same frame in different colors, so they should be able to just put the current lenses into the old frames [I hope].
  4. I've known people who don't get that real depression isn't just, "feeling a bit down" but a serious thing. When I was 16 my Dr. compared mine (which is something that runs in the family) to Type 1 diabetes -- some people don't produce enough insulin, I don't produce enough serotonin. Add in all the things tim has had to deal with in his past... I'm glad he has you to look after him; and you him to look after you.
  5. This is the first weekend we've been together SP has had to do long shifts. Dogs and I both missed him most of the day yesterday and he just left for work awhile ago - he'll be back by 11pm (8am now). I slept restlessly last night, but he slept fine. Have been busy this morning. Refilled my spice mixes that were getting low: taco seasoning, "Cajun" seasoning, garam masala, and poultry seasoning. Like mixing them myself and have small airtight containers meant to hold spices.
  6. That's one of the horrible things about the various forms of dementia -- most of the time, the person affected isn't aware of their effects.
  7. That looks delish. I should be cooking the hamburger that I have in the fridge tonight but SP just left for work and my pain level is high enough my blood pressure was 149/91 when I checked it when I got home from work.
  8. The one thing that most shocks -- and in some cases horrifies -- our international students is the % of people in the US eligible to vote that don't.
  9. Glad it's Friday. I'm ready for the weekend, but not ready for SP working extended shifts this weekend at his 2nd job -- starting tonight.
  10. Was an aggravating day for me today. Actually had a small bit of Scotch when I got home, which isn't normal. Had some storms overnight but we still have power. Only got 0.7 inches here but some areas not to far away got almost 6 inches in just a couple of hours. I'm sorry you're having problems @Kitt. Hope the generator gets working. Weather has been weird. Saturday will be the first time in just over three weeks we've reached our normal average high -- at a time of year when we should be the hottest.
  11. Weather was nice yesterday and today -- now if I could only breathe.
  12. Either is fine as long as they're consistent. A hard ruleset that is suddenly broken is one of the few things that will make me stop reading a story. You can also have a story that starts off looking like a soft system, but then gradually reveals the rules as the story progresses.
  13. Beautiful. There are times when it's hard to see the rose through the darkness.
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