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  1. Typical fall weather here --- will hit 80+F tomorrow, then drop to 50F on Friday, and drop farther on Monday/Tuesday. So I expect to be on the couch in pain all day tomorrow as the air pressure rapidly rises. Only good news is two nights of a hard freeze should kill off the ragweed and reduce my allergies.
  2. He's a Jack Russell Terrier and about 15 -- yes, fifteen -- years old. Girl is a mix (cattle / sheep hound), and only about 7.
  3. Took Little Man to the vet this morning - they think he has a version of old-man doggie vertigo, but are going to put him on antibiotics to make sure there isn't an underlying ear-infection causing it. Has SP and I stressed out. At the more extreme end is brain tumor / stroke. Love the little guy, and hope he'll be ok; but he is very old for his breed.
  4. I've tried crochet but not knitting - about the only thing I can achieve is a single continuous line.
  5. Mom's headstone is going to be delayed, because the company that makes the brass/bronze/whatever plaques put on the marble base was shut down for awhile, and is not backlogged.
  6. I have tried it, from a reputable source w. testing certification, and it did help w. the pain -- but it also caused my blood pressure to go up, something it's not supposed to do.
  7. SP and I are going to start pre-marriage counseling next week. Expect it to be a bit rough, but good in the long run. There are things in his past he thinks he's dealt with, that I don't think he has. We've had a few difficult conversations the last week -- not helped by my pain level having been extremely high for three days now -- but we'll work through things.
  8. Trying to keep my pain to tolerable levels -- we have another front coming in overnight w. a 20F drop in temp and 50mph wind gusts (20+ mph constant).
  9. Sorry dinner didn't go well. Always disappointed when a recipe that sounds so good on paper turns out....not
  10. We're going from an absurd 92F today to 75F tomorrow, the doing it again Wed. to Thurs -- this is going to be a long long week for the joints.
  11. Today is dad's 99th birthday. The center set up a sign out front saying, "Honk to wish *** a Happy 99TH!"
  12. Not sure what the town / neighborhood is doing for Halloween this year. If it does happen, we'll just be putting a bowl of candy on the porch w. a sign saying, "Take one"
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