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  1. Fae Briona

    Chapter 4

    My guess is on #2 -- heavy makeout session; that's the first thing I thought of when I read that description.
  2. True, but that doesn't stop people from demonizing corn syrup while at the same time trying to make Agave syrup into some kind of health food -- when they're both fructose. [edit: agave syrup actually contains more fructose on a % basis than corn syrup (56% vs 55%)]
  3. Corn Syrup isn't any worse for you than any other refined sugar, just s Sea Salt isn't somehow better for you than regular table salt (all sea salt is is normal salt with impurities). As far as your body is concerned, refined sugar is refined sugar regardless of it's source and sodium chloride is sodium chloride regardless of it's source.
  4. Love all of them, but especially After Consideration
  5. The very very last of our new Teaching Assistants gave me her paperwork today. Reminded her that she never wants to be the very very last person. Her excuse is that she's a commuter (who only lives an hour away). I had people from out of state turn in their stuff before they even moved; even the international students who didn't have stuff to give me until they got here this week had turned their things in already. Blood pressure is continuing to climb after having gone wacky the first week of July. Cardiologist hasn't called me back, even though I gave them my sheets -- and concerns -- last week and left an online msg for them last night. If I don't hear from them by noon tomorrow I'm calling them. It's going up at an ever increasing rate; was 140/90 when I got home today, which is high enough I can tell it's up. Before this it had been consistently staying below 120/80.
  6. Fae Briona


    Left wondering what happened to crazy dude who attacked him.
  7. Oooooohhhh -- I just ran across that yesterday and thought it sounded lovely! Just need to find a decent low-sodium soy sauce. One of the recipes I found yesterday had almost 400% of normal daily sodium. ☹️
  8. Fae Briona

    Chapter 5

    It borders on assault -- which side of that border I'm not yet sure.
  9. Fae Briona

    Prophetic Dream

    I should have said I'd wondered what will prompt the trip to Vienna, as that's not currently on the schedule -- or, at least not the schedule known to them. I wouldn't put it past a certain would-be puppet master to have an itinerary planned out he hasn't bothered to share with those who it will affect.
  10. Fae Briona

    Chapter 3

    That would qualify as at least slightly disturbed. 🙃
  11. Fae Briona

    The Detritus

    I'll just echo what others have said -- some of us may only know you through a keyboard and monitor, but we still care about you and are hurt to know that you were hurt so badly, and so callously.
  12. Fae Briona

    Chapter 3

    Actually, what this chapter made me think of most is that there is nothing better than watching a man having a full-body orgasm -- except, perhaps, the activity leading up to it. 😛
  13. Fae Briona

    Chapter 3

    Violet "flame"? Interesting.
  14. Fae Briona

    Prophetic Dream

    Interesting chapter. Wonder when they will make the side trip to Vienna?
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