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  1. Fae Briona


    Huck is trying, and I think Rayne realizes that - but most of all, he's just happy to have his father back again. Loved Huck's realization that Elias has experiences beyond what he would have expected for a young man his age -- beyond what anyone should have at that age.
  2. Have a coworker who mentioned something similar -- all the disinfecting sprays were gone, but the gallon jugs of full-strength bleach were still there. Bleach + water + spray bottle = disinfecting spray; she didn't understand why people weren't doing that.
  3. SP and I bought promise / engagement rings today. His is 10mm wide - 6mm black band in the center, with two small silver bands on the outside, spaced slightly off the main ring; mine is a 6mm black band. It was good. We did not go to the cemetery today like I had originally thought I would. The last two years I had very strong "intuition" on what day and time I should be there. This year... nothing. That really upset me yesterday; then felt bad about being upset about it when SP and I are almost at our 6-month anniversary (the 27th -- which is also C's birthday -- which hasn't helped any). I think that lack of "intuition" was C's way of telling me to let him go. Not entirely of course, I'll always love him, but I can't look back and look forward too. Times, like yesterday, I still feel very torn by my emotions towards my Boy and my Darling; my past, and [hopefully] my future.
  4. Glad you're feeling better -- and that it's only a sinus infection.
  5. Fae Briona


    Yep - nothing he said was a lie, but it wasn't the full truth either.
  6. Fae Briona


    Just remember - when you keep your head about you when all around you are loosing theirs, perhaps you don't understand the situation. 😉
  7. Wet night overnight and didn't sleep well - joints aren't liking the weather and we have a chance of rain for the next 10 days. Little Miss got up in the middle of the night & threw up some bile, but that's because she didn't eat anything the rest of the day yesterday -- not even her evening meal. And she's not wanting to eat any this morning, even small portions out of my hand. Farmers market sounds good but jalapeno bread and cucumbers don't.
  8. Well, that still slows the eating down as the bits of kibble are spread all over.
  9. Thanks -- we'll have to look into getting something like that to slow her down.
  10. Well the largest dog scarfed down her breakfast then threw up five times so... I've had better starts to the day. She's just started doing this. SP and I think a trip to the vet is in store.
  11. Fae Briona


    The little slip by Mason at the end of the story is one of my favorite parts of his story arc. Joseph is right - it shows Elias' real feelings toward the closest thing to a real parent he's ever had.
  12. Gourmandise is love of food and based on gourmet Gormandise (without the "u") is based on "gorge" [eat a large amount greedily; fill oneself with food] Similar spellings and pronunciation, but very different meanings.
  13. Took Friday off, so I'll have a nice 4-day weekend. Unfortunately, it could be storming three of those days. The University won't "reopen to outside visitors until July 7" so we'll be home until then. Some people may start going back in June, but they would prefer those be limited as possible.
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