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  1. no no no no no... that would make Wed. the new Monday and I've already had one of those this week ☚ī¸
  2. I'll have to try the oatmeal one day when I'm feeling adventurous. SP swung by last night for a bit -- was the 3rd day in a row I left work early because of extremely high pain levels. Stayed home today - seemed like the best idea. Body -- not to mention my sanity -- couldn't handle another 6 pain pill day. Being slightly naugty tonight. Have a prosciutto wrapped maple/balsamic marinated butterflied porkchop cooking, boiled down the marinade for a sauce, then steamed some thin cut carrots and put them in a maple glaze w. a touch of cognac. Should be good [I hope].
  3. Blackberry mead sounds pretty good. Glad the CEO visit went well SP is working late again tonight -- deadlines to meet and the person who should be helping has been "sick" for two weeks.
  4. Ended up going home early yesterday and today because of joint pain. Hope that tomorrow is better.
  5. Fae Briona

    Chapter 12

    I hope he remembers his peace and pleasure when he wakes, and doesn't panic
  6. Fae Briona

    Chapter 11

    Love this chapter. Good that they are opening up and that Etienne is sharing some of his past.
  7. Love to both of you, today and always.
  8. This is... The poem really speaks to me today. New memories last night and today with SP that I will always treasure, but simultaneously there is heartache and loss from C being gone.
  9. It was a lovely evening. Unfortunately, we won't see each other this weekend -- his 2nd job scheduled him from 8am through 10PM on both Saturday and Sunday. The flowers he sent me showed up at work today: one dozen long-stemmed red roses. đŸĨ° They're lovely. Mine to him showed up this morning at his office just before the ones he sent showed up at mine. He said they brought a smile to his face and "warmed [his] heart". Told him I was leaving early because of the joints (yet more wild swings in temps in a 24-hr period); told him when I got home that even though I hurt quite a bit, looking at the flowers and thinking of him still makes me smile. 😄
  10. Nervous tonight. SP has to work tomorrow evening at his second job so our Valentine's date is tonight. Shaved my beard down close -- it hasn't been this tight in decades -- because he thought the longer one I had made me look older (probably did). He knows how long I've worn it that way and that this is only something I would be doing for him. Will leave here in about 30 min to go pick him up. Much more nervous than I thought I would be. Made sure to have his card and box of chocolates in the car; his flowers will be delivered to his office tomorrow. No idea where we are going to eat -- he arranged all of the evening plans.
  11. I've been hurting all day. We had a cold front move through yesterday that dropped the temp by 10F in about an hour and we went from rain with a bit of sleet (and the odd snowflake) at 4pm to sleet with a bit of rain just 30 minutes later. Not coming down that heavy -- just enough to be bother some and make the joints really unhappy.
  12. Fae Briona

    From the Ashes

    Most people in the US are much closer to being in Troy's situation than they realize -- most people only have, at most, enough in savings to cover 3-month's of necessities before they would be on the streets.
  13. Fae Briona

    Late Lunch

    Either way you'll loose. 😉
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