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    Would be willing to edit m/m or m/m/m stories. Like SciFi/fantasy; preferable w. little to no violence.

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  1. Managed to upgrade my computer memory from 8 Gb to 16 Gb without frying anything! So ready for a three-day weekend.
  2. Burn blistered yesterday morning but is looking much better now. Wind gusts of 50+ mph today, and could be worse tomorrow. Oklahoma -- "where the wind comes sweeping down the plains" isn't just poetic metaphor.
  3. We have a truck that comes in w. a power shredder that can chew through large binder clips.
  4. Next three days are going to be "fun" -- SP has a couple of Dr appointments; things should be fine but there is always that lingering doubt. Public Service Announcement: when blending still-hot potato soup, don't lift the immersion blender (or hand mixer, depending on what you want to call it) too high, or the napalm-like gloop will splash on you hand and leave you with an inch long blister.
  5. Fae Briona


    That says so much.
  6. Rain / Snow / Ice moving in today -- we'll be ringing in the new year w. yucky weather.
  7. Fae Briona

    The Story

    Missing a Charlie Boone story for a 3rd Onward Door sounds like a good trade.
  8. Fae Briona

    The Story

    Wonderful story. Always fun to read about Charlie and his friends -- but write at a pace that is good for you. They wouldn't be as thrilling if you rushed putting together a story just to meet an arbitrary deadline. They would loose their skwish. ❄️
  9. Christmas for us was ok. Bread didn't turn out that great (dough didn't rise as much as it should have) but the cookies were delicious. And my brother and/or sister in law are apparently upset at us for not saying anything to them about our relationship earlier, even though they've not shown an ounce of giving a 💩 about my life before now. Edit: sorry -- I think I posted most of this the other day; yesterday wasn't a good day (too much pain) and I forgot
  10. Getting a new place that is "ours" is the goal. We need to get his place remodeled (was his parents and hasn't been updated since the 60's), then we'll live there for awhile and rent this place out until we have the $$$$$$$ saved for a down-payment on a new place.
  11. Day went mostly ok. Started by seeing my last living Aunt -- she just called to say the cookies were delicious and she had to hide them from my diabetic Uncle [she knows they have molasses w. a powdered sugar frosting - so not exactly sugar free - but said, "sometimes he has to learn the hard way." Then went to my brother [M] & sister-in-law [C]. Told them about the wedding; M took me to see dad leaving SP w C who told him "they" were disappointed I'd not said anything before [by "they" she means her] and didn't know what to say when we were at the hospital. Wanted to say, "how
  12. The "snowflake" bread turned out ok, I think -- ends of the "points", where you pinch two twisted strands together, didn't all stay sealed but it doesn't look too horrible and smelled ok. House now smells of ginger and molasses. Not tasted one yet - waiting for them to cool a bit -- but if they taste like they smell they should be delicious. Part of my panic, I'm sure, is that this will be not only the 1st Christmas SP spends w. the family, but the 1st one w/o mom being around. Will let all of you know on Friday how it went.
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