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  1. Thankfully, he does. They'll probably put him on something other than what he normally does for a bit, that requires less physical work.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. My dad passed just a couple of weeks ago, at just a few month's short of 100. If there is a sibling that you trust to do something better than you could, delegate the task. My brother is the executor but gave me the insurance stuff while he took care of banking issues.
  3. SP needed a medical release to return to work at his 2nd job, he had two managers say he should get a release for "restricted work" to limit his hours. Surgeon wouldn't do it - 6wks is their standard and he was out for 7.
  4. Don't think I've really ever had lamb / mutton. I'd need to eat it first by someone who knew how to properly cook it.
  5. I got the insurance filed (or at least forms requested) for dad's policies and remotely met my brother at the bank to sort that portion of things. Long, stressful, and tiring, but it's one more thing started and one more thing done.
  6. Tomorrow will be a long day -- dealing w. insurance companies on 50+ year old life insurance policies in the morning, then dealing w. the bank (the main bank - still one other to deal with) in the afternoon.
  7. Has he touched chocolate since? The one person I know who did something similar (got into his grandmothers bottle of brandied cherries she was going to use in fruitcake) was never able to eat the food again.
  8. Had dad's funeral yesterday. More people were there than we expected, including the owner/manager of the facility he was at when he fell, the head nurse from the last facility, and a couple of the hospice nurses. Had several compliments on the choice of casket, and how nice the service went. Running into work briefly this morning, doing a couple of errands, then coming home and going to sleep.
  9. seems several parents were upset that their kids loved "Old Town Road" and that somehow meant he could only produce songs for kids. His response was that OTR was never appropriate for children in the first place: "i literally sing about lean & adultery in old town road. u decided to let your child listen. blame yourself." and "i thought y’all didn’t like political correctness. what happened?"
  10. Was a long day today. Driving up to Enid and back in 48 mph wind gusts wasn't fun - esp. as my SUV is only slightly less aerodynamic than a brick. Dad's funeral is set for this Thursday at 11am.
  11. They relate to his new single, a song to his 12-year old self, "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)" He was criticized that it wasn't appropriate for children and his response was that it was never intended for children. Nike is also filing some form of legal action concerning the shoes
  12. Things are a bit mixed this morning (blog post explains some of that). I've got my 2nd shot, SP has his 1st; my brother and sister-in-law got their second.
  13. Brother [M] called at 1:44am this morning. Dad -- who would have turned 100 on Oct. 7th -- had been sliding a bit but not rapidly. We expected something soon - but not this soon. He was hurting quite a bit last night so Hospice gave him what M called "a very tiny amount" of morphine just to knock the edge off the pain. Before he left they said his vital signs were really good. He hadn't been sleeping that well. The morphine allowed him to relax enough to go into a deep sleep and...just didn't wake up. Much worse ways to go (like watching mom linger for four days), and he had a long lif
  14. Horrible day today, and tonight SP and I have a conversation w. the attorney working on our estate paperwork. <sigh> If it weren't for the medical benefits -- and the lack of other available work in this area -- I'd probably tell them to stuff it.
  15. We found time to be together and talk about stuff. Things are much improved.
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