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  1. Fae Briona


    Don't worry - it speaks clearly. Probably won't read / comment on every chapter, for reasons you know, but glad to see you posting it.
  2. Fae Briona


    Glad you're posting the story. 💖
  3. At least Heath has admitted to himself what he wants; and Aiden has too -- but thinks it's out of reach and all still a game to Heath. Heath needs to do something to make Aiden see it's more than just a game to him.
  4. Fae Briona


    Wasn't able to read this when you first posted it because I felt like dreck. Really enjoyed this chapter, and quite a few interesting plot points being brought up. Have a feeling that the gloves will protect the loggers from direct possession, but they're not going to be able to get everyone in the town to wear a talisman.
  5. I was trying to mentor him, well... mentor with the occasional side benefit (did I mention he was pretty?). He was enrolled in OK's only HBCU and doing alright. Really good in his core classes but not so great in his Gen Ed. I was helping him with little things like telling him, "You're intelligent and capable of doing this" and life skills like how to make a budget. He was trying. He'd slide back a bit now and then but was generally making progress forward. He planned his mothers funeral when he was 17, his father wasn't really around and wasn't much of one when he was, and his grandmother had never been quite sure what to do with this fae changeling. The corset was one of the more expensive gifts I've ever purchased for anyone but I'll smile to my last day remembering his reaction when he opened it up. We were talking on the phone while I was looking for one and I mentioned they made corsets for men. Oh my! He was legit offended, "I don't want a corset for a man!". I apologized and said I'd only mentioned it because I was surprised they existed (which I was). He was overwhelmingly giddy with joy when he opened it his birthday gift up and found a black corset with spring steel boning. Fit him perfectly and he looked real good in it -- especially when only in that and a pair of lace pa.... ahem. ... sorry, got sidetracked (have I mentioned the boy was pretty?). Then, a few years ago, he had a psychotic break of some kind. Definitely intense paranoia, possibly some schizophrenia. Called me one night about 3am talking about how he was afraid to go back to his grandmothers because of reasons that didn't make sense to my still half-asleep brain and that he never did remember later. Started to self-medicate with questionable substances from dubious sources. Got kicked out of the University. The last time I saw him I told him he needed help that I couldn't give him. That I still loved him and cared about him -- but that I no longer trusted him. Hurt to say that, even though it was true. He was essentially homeless. I gave him $ to get to the agency in town that could help him. A couple of weeks later there was an article in the local paper that a body had been found floating in the retaining pond that is just north of the housing addition I live in that they were having problems identifying. There had been some ID but he'd been in the pond long enough it wasn't readable. Placing a phone call to the local PD Dept. to ask if the person they found was a black male in his mid 20's was not a call I ever want to make again. Thankfully, the person they found wasn't African-American. I think he's ended up back in the Tulsa area based on the last time I did a records check on him.
  6. Thank you. Not sure where my mind was wondering last night that lead to this.
  7. I had problems falling asleep last night and this popped into my head unbidden and fully formed. Then insisted I write it down before it would let me rest (you can picture whatever Muse is to blame standing behind me, his sharpened quill-pen ✒️ at my throat) : My beautiful rose made of shattered glass, glittering in the sunlight and morning dew. Beautiful from afar, but made of sharp points and rough edges which cut & scar when you try to hold it too close, hold it too tightly. Your fragile beauty falling apart in the heat of the midday sun. I wrote that thinking of Mr P, who I knew before C and I got our relationship going. Sexually-fluid, gender-queer, skin like smooth chocolate, beautiful lips, a body that was… mmmmm… did I mention the boy was pretty? Damn was he pretty. Lace & corsets; mascara & lip gloss; muscles & strength. Mostly, but not entirely, gay; mostly, but not entirely, a top. Starting in a hole he had no hand in digging and determined to climb out, but he kept sliding back in. Looking for a Daddy with a firm hand and love but afraid of finding what he needed. Someone called him a Butch Queen, which I'm sure they did not mean as a compliment, but which is probably the best label for him. Though he hates labels as they bind you as much as they identify you and he never wanted to be tucked neatly into any box. The trust between us finally wore away but I still wonder how he is and what may have been. He lost himself to the shadows in the hole and I am afraid it will bury him.
  8. Don't know if I mentioned this in the DiC, but my Aunt passed Saturday last at around 4am (brain has a been a bit foggy the last week w the sinus ick). I'm glad I was able to go up the Friday before to see her. I know she knew mom and I were there, and could understand what we were saying. When mom said she and I were there to see her breathing changed, got more struggled, and she got a twitch in her right shoulder. I told her she didn't need to try to respond to us, then sat down, held her hand, and told her I loved her. We stayed until her breathing settled down to a low even rate that I would normally describe as "sleeping." Was nice to be able to say goodbye, and glad I didn't wait.
  9. Another 3" to 5" of rain over most of the state between overnight tonight and end of day Tuesday. <sigh>
  10. Fae Briona

    Chapter 30

    I'll blame it on sleep deprivation but has Lex seen Briann? I'd think his ability to see auras would help weed out some people you'd not want working for you. Loved the chapter, and the foundation name is perfect.
  11. Fae Briona

    Chapter 29

    Doesn't Cassie always have tricks up her sleeves?
  12. Fae Briona

    Chapter 28

    Missed this when it was posted, but my notifications have been wonky. Enjoyed the chapter. His mom definately sounds like she was quite the character.
  13. Definitely have a sinus infection and not just allergies. Temp is a bit more than a degree above normal for where it should be this time of day. Blood pressure is still be behaving itself, surprisingly. All in all, it wasn't a horrible day.
  14. Talked to mom this morning. She's "doing ok" but said she'd probably feel better if she could just cry -- think she's still in a state of mild shock. Talked to one of two youngest Aunts a few minutes ago (they're twins) and she still feels like she has to "be strong" for mom and her sister (who has some mental retardation from oxygen deprivation at birth). I wanted to tell her that it was ok for her to tell the rest of the world to stuff it and allow herself at least one afternoon to break down, but knew it wouldn't do any good. Worry about her and mom. They're the only 3 sibs left from a large family. I have more 1st & 2nd cousins than I can count.
  15. ok -- I rushed it a bit but I'm hungry and tired It turned out wonderful. I know it's traditionally a thick stew but I like to take some of the liquid as part of the water to boil some egg noodles or dumplings, then thicken the rest and serve it over noodles.
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