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  • 2,700 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

The story has some explicit contents and graphic details. Along with nudity and profanity. Reader discretion recommended.

Men in Paradise - 6. Chapter 6 - The Pottery

In human history, pots were invented twice: some 16,000 years ago in East Asia, then about 12,000 years ago in North Africa. More than 100 broken pieces of ceramic material from archaeological sites at Takarkori and Uan Afuda in the Libyan Sahara were analyzed by the researchers. Instead of consuming raw fruits, berries and vegetables that are not easily digestible, the invention of pottery made it possible to cook plants by boiling them, making them much more palatable and less poisonous. They may also have stored cooked plants and grains for potential use. By just pressing a hole into a ball of clay, or by making a long snake of clay and coiling it into a pot shape, this early pottery was made. It could have begun by making baskets and covering them with clay. Early pots might be buried in the field for storage in Japan and South India. The Potter's Wheel was invented sometime between 6,000 and 4,000 BC in Mesopotamia (present day Iraq).

Afridi's PoV

It was growing bigger by every second.

I felt my limp dick transformed from semi hard-on to a full erected cock then, its head was hitting the fabric of my cloth underneath like a ramming machine, itching to tear down my trouser. I was sure it must have reached its full zenith with six inches at least by then. Without a foreskin, my dick was unable to control the oozing precum, allowing my trouser to be drenched.

'Damn'. It makes me uncomfortable every time. 'Stupid hormones', I cursed myself.

I could hear birds screeching everywhere around me from a distance when I woke up that morning.

'Stop that nonsense', I screamed on my mind. How would you feel when a thousand birds from different types keep screeching on high decibels and that's what you have to hear the moment you wake up?

I closed my eyes again and slept.

I had a short dream, Suddenly, I realized I was in the middle of an ocean, lying half-naked on an abandoned island shore. My dick was shining under the sun, floating above the waters, my chest and shoulders were drenched by the sea. I woke up again.

I hardly had any hair on my body except above the pubic region due to my age. Chillness caused goosebumps. I still had a hard-on which I could feel beneath the trousers I was wearing refusing to die down.

Ever since I turned puberty I had that natural urge to relieve myself almost every day. Let's say, I was horny all the time. I noticed my hard-on was poking the butt of the lying boy next to me. It was Jai sleeping next and I felt sorry for him. I tried to move away, as a counter-response my cock grew even bigger, trying to contact the next human warmth available.

'Fuck shit', I cursed my cock.

I looked down and stared at my bulge and said "What's wrong with you, you are touching a boy", I warned it.

I inserted my hand into my trouser and forcibly adjusted my cock inside.

Things had been uncomfortable inside the cabin for the three of us due to its tiny space. I couldn't even move my legs or body and had to sleep sideways resting my weight on Jai most of the time. We hardly slept until midnight, I noticed even Jai didn't sleep well. He was wriggling his body left and right to comfort the whole night every day. It would have been a bit better if Jai was a girl instead of a boy, I could charm him with my hotness and probably had fun on that deserted island. It could have been like the Tarzan porn videos which I watched on my phone back home.

Porn sites are banned in Arab. We are not allowed to have premarital sex, but we get married at an early age which is a relief. Girls back home are supposed to wear clothes that cover their entire body except their eyes. Sex is a taboo in our culture. We can't talk about sex with other boys. An adolescent boy like me had to live with all those restrictions and boundaries. Lately, boys back home were using VPN to access those porn sites to help themselves during masturbation.

I got up and came out of the cabin, I watched the ocean as a morning routine. It has been 10 days since we arrived here, there have been no signs of any kind of rescue mission to save us. Not even a single ship or boat anywhere around our eyesight on the ocean. We still haven't even discovered where we were then or the name of this island, neither we managed to find a single mobile phone with network or battery charge we collected from the dead bodies and handbags. We found no way to communicate with the outside world whatsoever.

Sun was not its usual self, it was partly covered by clouds. I looked at the blue ocean, I found a mysterious dark cloud formed above it closer to the shore. Cold winds were blowing across my face even inside the cabin through the gaps damaged by the waves when it floated on the sea. Chillness around the air caught slight shivering to my bare chest. I hardly had any idea what all those weather signs meant then.

I closely looked at the dark clouds formed above the ocean. I still had the hard-on beneath my trousers which refuse to disappear. I lifted my arms above to provide some physical movements for my hard on to vanish. It didn't, instead, I could smell a bad odor emanating from my armpits. I haven't taken bath ever since I arrived there. I decided to go to the water stream to take bath to make both my body odor and hard on disappear.

Though we found a cabin full of luggage of the passengers, unfortunately, I couldn't find my shoulder bag which I kept in the loft above my flight seat. So I was stuck wearing the same shorts and underwear for more than a week. I found a pair of pants and a shirt of someone in another leather bag. I decided to wear it after taking bath. I searched for a towel kind of material inside the luggage but ended up finding a pink ladies stole, I wasn't sure if that cloth material could dry me from wet, but then I had fewer options. I wore the stole around my hips to cover my precious jewels and then removed both the dirty trouser and underwear, I left it at the cabin and went to the water stream.

Sakthi, Jai, and Justin were still sleeping when I left the cabin. Water was flowing thick and fast unusually in the water stream that day. I removed the pink stole and plunged myself into the water stream, it was just below my navel in-depth, water was too cold but my body needed it. My cock submerged into the water and I could feel hard to disappear within a few seconds. I splashed water on my chest and face. It was refreshing, even the coldness of the water didn't matter then. I rubbed my armpits and other parts of my body to remove as much dirt off me as I could. I wanted to stay in the water forever.

That's when I saw Justin Pierre coming towards the water stream. I realized the nakedness and awkwardness it could cause. But he seems to be not distracted by it slightly. He was giving me a wide grin, feverishly brushing his blonde hair above his head.

"I have been wanting to take bath too, is the water too cold" he shouted at me so that I could hear him over the noise of the water stream.

"Little bit," I told him awkwardly.

Immediately, he removed his jean trousers and a T-shirt. Also his black boxers without any hesitation. At least a foot long enormous thing popped out and was dangling between his legs. I never witnessed a white guy's penis in person before. Comparatively, I was always proud of my thing below my waist, without a foreskin, it was a decent size beyond my age in comparison. But that American guy got that huge thing to make me feel even inferior.

He seems to be less bothered by our 'awkward' situation rather he was enjoying the moments once he got inside the stream. Trying to play and swim around even though the water was not even above his knee.

"Wow, it feels really good" he looked at me with a grin on his face.

I smiled back at him in agreement. If you ever kept four different people in a room for days, they will either fight each other and die or become friends. I used to be talkative back home, but the situation on that island was different. I got three strangers who spoke languages which I couldn't understand, my English was not good either. I struggled to mingle at times. But Justin had been friendly to me ever since, he had many Arab friends in Dubai, hence it was easier to make friends with him.

Justin was the most talkative type after me among us, Jai was the quieter one. Sakthi spoke whenever needed. It was unfortunate one among them wasn't a girl. I wondered what would have happened if there was a girl between us, we would have fought for her for sure or took turns to bang her.

The thought of a girl caused a stir in my loins once again, I was forming a semi hard-on. 'No, not again' i screamed on my mind.

By then Justin would have noticed the changes below my waist inside the waters too. He gave me another wide grin and said "I hope we had a girl here with us, that would have been interesting" he reflected on my thoughts.

And then he looked below my waist and said "Don't worry about it, it's natural for our age"

I wonder how old was he, so I asked "How old are you?"

"I am 24 and you?" He questioned me.

"I am 19" which settled the conversation between us.

We stayed in the stream for another 30 minutes, then dried ourselves once we reached the banks with the clothes we brought.

I was hungry already, we both fetched some water in the bottles brought by Justin and went to pick some bananas too for our morning breakfast. There were at least ten to twelve banana plants, I counted them one by one and I found a larger plant which had dark fruits hanging all over it, I have never seen those fruits earlier and I wasn't sure if it was edible to eat.

Living on a deserted island. like that could make you lazy and purposeless. No cars, no phones, no selfies, no TV or no movies, etc. Without a civilization around you, daily activities such as school or work, you would feel no meaning in life, every day when you had to wake up and got nothing to do.

Though some of us had watches etc, we have forgotten the time or date. We lived by day and night. We ate when we were hungry, we slept when we were tired. There was no calendar or mom to keep telling us what to do. So we slept most of the time, the rest of the time we talk, walk on the beach, or eat food from the container. Yep, that was how our life on that island for the first few days.

As per our previous plan, we didn't make any pots, we became too lazy to find clay either. We didn't go fishing much, we forgot to brush our teeth neither took bath. Life has become nothing and meaningless on that island for all four of us.

We had almost emptied every food item from the container except barleys, brown rice, and vegetables which needed to be boiled or cooked properly. Even if we started eating rice and stuff, it wouldn't have lasted for another three or four days. Guys got sometimes too mad and angry that they were left alone on an island like that, they even tried starving to death.

'What if we had been forever abandoned on that island, how long could we survive there?' I thought to myself.

When we returned to the cabin, we saw Jai and Sakthi were watching the ocean and conversing something serious. I went behind their back in a hurry and asked

"What happened? Did you find any ship or something?"

"No," Jai said to me politely.

"Dark clouds are forming above the ocean," Sakthi said.

"Yep, I saw that too. What does it mean?" I asked him

"It means storm or a cyclone forming nearby, it's going to rain here" Sakthi answered me with concern.

I realized we had been sleeping in a tiny cabin that would not protect us from a storm or rain.

As I said earlier life inside the cabin had been difficult already. I was looking forward to kicking either Justin or Jai out of the cabin. But then Sakthi interrupted my thoughts by saying

"We need to build a temporary shelter, we can't stay like this in the cabin and airbag for too long"

Justin and I looked at each other trying to grasp the issue.

Jai added "This Cyclone might reach our shore tonight or tomorrow. We need to build it before dark"

And Sakthi said to Justin "You need to make a pot, we ran out of bread and biscuits"

Justin said "I need clay and fire to burn it"

Jai searched the luggage and found a shirt inside. He took it and gave it to Justin.

"Go to the stream and get as much clay as you need. We need at least two or three vessels. Also, bring as many bananas and banana leaves as you could" He said.

If Justin and I were going to do all those work, I wondered what the other two were going to do, so I asked "What are you two going to do?"

"We are going to bring wood for the shelter, we will also get some fish if possible" Sakthi replied calmly.

That convinced me.

Our survival instinct kicked off, we decided to get to work on that day.

Finding clay was not difficult at all. Justin and I got down into the water stream and collected clay just a few centimeters below the water bud. The clay was dark in color, we took as much clay as we could from the stream and filled it in the silk saree. Justin tied it like a bundle and carried it on his shoulder.

Next, we needed to get bananas and leaves. Which we did, at least 10 bananas and one banana vegetable.

We returned to our spot with clays and bananas. Jai had already prepared the bonfire for Justin to make the pots as he promised. I watched Justin mixing the clay with enough water trying to shape it into pot shape, it took him several hours to bring it into some sort of shape, even though I did not agree it looked like anything close to a pot. But it was a vessel which would help us to cook rice and vegetables.

I looked at Justin, his face was gloating with pride. We made pottery with bare hands.

Jai wanted two more vessels and the clay we brought was not sufficient. We had to go again to the stream and collect more clay.

On the way back, I saw a dark fruit plant and asked Justin if it is edible to eat.

We moved closer to the fruit plant, and when we were looking at it, Justin pointed his fingers at something else.

I saw a dark black snake on the tree, staring at us with its head rose above the branch.

Let me tell you, in my 20 years of life in Arab, I have never seen a thing like that neither I was terrified that way.

Copyright © 2021 Vikki; All Rights Reserved.
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I am publishing my story here on experimental basis. Readers feedback and comments are most welcome

Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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