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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

The story has some explicit contents and graphic details. Along with nudity and profanity. Reader discretion recommended.

Men in Paradise - 22. Chapter 22 - The Feast

There are more than 40 cuisines in the world today. They are varied upon the types of food sources available in each region, their traditions, genetics, habituations, geographical availability of vegetables and meat. Pongal is the popular festival in Tamilnadu, a southern state of India where the most indigenous and oldest genes of people live. Rice pongal, sugarcane, sweets made of sugar and fruits are popular during this time. Onam is another festival celebrated by another southern state of India, Kerala. Banana Sweets and Fruits are made during this festivals. Mehregan is a Persian festival popular for sharbat, meat rice and other grain made foods. Thanksgiving is a religious and cultural festival across Europe and America with Roasted turkey, pumpkin pies etc.

Jai's PoV

Finally Paradise day arrived with a bang.

Randa flowers blossomed in full swing on the trees closer to our fence. Those white flowers with exquisite fragrance filled our entire area in an aroma creating some sort of euphoria as if we were drunk all the time.

Paradise island is the most dazzling place I have ever seen in my life...Period. I wonder why no human ever visited or lived on that island before. Its a crime of mankind. Probably, there could be reasons like Justin said, the island is located far away from the sea route or no one explored it yet. I am not even sure if such a beautiful island could exist in the world map. What if I really died on that horrible plane crash and Gods took me straight to heaven? What if Paradise island is the actual heaven that nobody knows? It's not like dead people from heaven returned back to Earth and wrote a memoir for us to refer, right?.

What if Sakthi, Afridi and Justin were actually angels in heaven assigned by God in the form of ordinary humans to make me happy out of pity?

Otherwise, where on earth three hot straight guys like that could be left alone with me on an island and I get to see them naked every single fucking day...right? And on top of it, I would even get a chance to have sex with one of them...seriously! Tell me, it was a dream.

Things were looking good. Even my sexual frustration disappeared. Thanks to the wonder boy from Arabia...Afridi. The boy was so hot and earnest, even now I can remember every single second of that water stream sex. I still cannot believe that I did it with a pretty boy like that. Boys like him would get a free pass to walk on a Fashion show anytime. And I did it with him which would have never happened back home, not even in my fantasy. And he loved what we did...can you believe that?

To all the girls back home who are still looking at his Instagram pictures longing to get a piece of his hotness...Guess what?...this gay guy got him,..all of it...Ha ha,...suck it up, straight girls.

Back to my story...That day, I got a lot of work to do, thanks to the Paradise harvest festival. I glanced at my To-do list. Then I began with my drawing at the front porch, I drew a floral design using the rice flour. I always love to draw paintings. Even at home, I had a favorite notepad with all my drawings on it. I forgot to carry it with me on the flight. When i finished my drawing on the floor, my Rangoli design was full of flowers, birds and hearts. I brought some chrysanthemums, marigolds and randa flowers and decorated the drawing. I looked at it and was satisfied with what I accomplished. I brought a small clay pot, filled it with a paddy crop plant on top of it and added some flowers to place it like a flowerpot at the centre of my Rangoli design.

I went inside the hut to look for four clean shirts in white from the luggage room for the boys to wear that day. I had to find the right size for Afridi, otherwise I knew he would do melodrama. Finally, I found one that suits him.

Sakthi and Afridi appeared at the front porch and looked at my Rangoli.

"Woah, this is good bro, very colorful. I never knew that you are an artist" Afridi appreciated me with a smile.

"I like to draw," I answered him.

"Nice work Jai," Sakthi patted me on my back.

Sooner Justin joined the gang, he was preparing the farm field for his next crops ever since the first harvest.

"That's awesome, bro" He complimented me with his goofy smile.

Sakthi started the bonfire to make Rice Pongal and Afridi was busy with his Mehregan table.

One of the howl birds was the turkey of the day for Justin.

Our Celebrations started in the morning and went on until late evening that day.

Lunch was the most delicious.

We arranged a large wooden table, set the food over it and sat around with our plates.

Like a true continental, we had Creamy Tomato soup, Rice Pongal, baked Turkey, Mutton Kasba, Mixed Vegetable curry masala, Fried Fish, French Omelette with spices toppings, Sweet Potatoes added with Palmyra jaggery, Pumpkin jam, Cassava and Banana chips, Cucumber and Sprouts salad, Frozen Curd and at last Mixed Fruits and Pumpkin Pie as desserts.

"Oh my god, did we make all of these?" Afridi's eyes were wide open at the table.

"We can't store the leftovers. We don't even have a refrigerator" Justin added.

"Guys, stop staring at them and start eating. The food is not going to eat on its own" Sakthi told us like a responsible head of the family.

"You sounded like my dead mother" Afridi mocked him.

"Dude, just shut up and eat" Justin fondly scolded Afridi and hit the back of his head with his hand.

"OK people, let's not get violent at the food table. It's bad behavior...World peace!!!" Afridi raised both his arms above his head pretending to surrender.

I couldn't control my laugh and spat a little food from my mouth on his face.

"Now, that's what you get for being obnoxious at the food table" Justin fake warned him with a chuckle.

Afridi wiped my spill off from his scorn face and started eating the food on his plate silently.

Evening was the time for Sharbat and some Mehregan greetings. We sat around the bonfire and shared Sharbat, it was delicious.

"Shouldn't we be drinking wine to celebrate?" Sakthi asked.

"I have a new Palmyra beverage ready for you guys" I told them.

"Yey" Afridi and Justin HiFi each other in excitement.

"I am gonna drink a lot today. Man, I was so tense and tired lately because of the harvest" Justin announced to us.

"But you did it Justin, you deserve a drink tonight. Your farming made all these possible" I complimented him sincerely.

I was wondering if there would be another orgy after the drink similar to the circle jerk off we did a long time back.

Sakthi interrupted my thoughts. He adjusted his throat, we knew he was about to give us a speech. We stayed silent to let him speak.

"Guys, it's been more than six months since the plane crash. We found ourselves on this deserted island and left with no help or hope to return home. Instead, we found friendship among us and life lessons for survival. We achieved a lot here. Thanks to Justin for his knowledge and wisdom" He stopped speaking for a minute, emotions were catching up with Sakthi and the rest of us.

And then he continued "We don't know when we will go home or how. But until then we have a home here...at Paradise. Let's cherish this moment and be grateful to our friendship" He was raising his Sharbat cup as if it was a drink.

We raised our cups and said "Cheers" in unison.

"Before I came here, my life was all about selfies, videos and stuff. My parents left me plenty of money to take care of my needs. I was just a happy boy back there. But Paradise gave me something more than that. A meaning for a lot of things, taught me things like friendships and Justin, my bro" Afridi started saying with his serious face.

The boy had come a long way from what I have seen on day one.

He paused for a moment and looked at Justin. And told him.

"You know 'I love you' bro, and I broke all the barriers with you. Even if we go home, i don't want you to leave me' he said, his voice was consumed with emotions.

Justin didn't say any word. He just pulled Afridi into his arms and hugged him. Then they started kissing each other passionately. I am not going to tell you again how erotic it would be to sit there and watch two hot guys kissing each other in front of the bonfire.

Eight months, four guys from four different places somehow managed to survive on an island all alone. It was an emotional time for everyone indeed.

I saw Sakthi was preoccupied with his thoughts, staring at the fire. I wasn't sure what was running on his mind at that time.

To change the mood, I turned towards Afridi and asked him

"How about me? You got nothing to say to me?"

He looked at me and laughed...then came closer and kissed my lips.

"You are my darling, my sweetheart, my fucking girlfriend" he said it with his mischievous grin. I knew he was just playing with me.

The erotic sex on the stream I had with Afridi a few days before appeared on my mind like a flashback. It gave me an instant hard-on.

"Dream on dude...dream on" I responded to him.

And I continued my speech "Well, if we didn't have Sakthi here with us, i don't know if any of us survived here this long. He might not be too old than us, but his maturity led us all the way and gave us hope to live here" i paused for a moment, trying to get words out of mouth and pour my heart out to him.

But I didn't, instead I ended up saying "Thanks to him, for his leadership, friendship and muscles".

They all laughed at that final word I said. Sakthi bent his right arm to show us his biceps. He never missed a chance to show off his muscles.

"I don't know what I did Jai. But you...saved me from the shark. If not, I would have been dead by now. You took care of me when I couldn't walk" He finished speaking and came closer to me. I thought he was going to kiss me, but I was not sure about that either. It might have been just my imagination.

Then we went to the beach, where we found each other on day one and two. We sat there quietly watching the blue waves. It was almost getting dark. We saw a million bright stars in the sky and a blue moon to compensate for them.

"It is Paradise indeed" Justin said, he looked as if he was mesmerized by the beauty in front of us.

"Thank god, it is uninhabited, humans would have spoiled it by now" Afridi rightly said.

I took the beverage pot and passed it onto the guys.

"Man, this is good," Justin said to me.

"Man with all the skills" Afridi joined him.

"I tried a Palmyra beverage before, but this is sweet," Sakthi said.

Cold winds were blowing in our direction out of nowhere. Afridi was sitting next to me and put his arms around my hips.

I kissed him. The other guys watched us as if they were least bothered by it. He kissed me back. And then both Afridi and Justin started walking towards the sea, probably they wanted some time alone or something.

The light completely faded away at the shore. The moon was brimming like silver and reflecting on the waves below. The silence on the beach was apt for a magic to unfold that evening. I saw Sakthi staring at my face sitting close to me then. I was on my third round of the beverage, I closed my eyes and felt dizzy.

His bicep muscles were slightly touching my shoulder. He stretched his legs on the sand and put his right thigh over mine. I might be fantasizing again like a true drunken. I tried to clear my mind, but the alcohol inside me refused to do so.

I made an advance to put my hand on his strong thigh and caressed it, I thought he would pull away and forcibly remove my hand from molesting him...but he didn't. He stayed there motionless staring at the sea.

I took some courage and moved my hand towards his bulge on his trouser. The alcohol must have worked on him too, because he was having an enormous hard-on.

He closed his eyes and inhaled the air. I moved even further towards him, out of nowhere I bent down...and kissed him on his sexy lips. I was expecting him to push me away and kick my face, but by chance, he didn't...instead he opened his mouth and let my tongue inside.

That was the second time, I made an advance on another guy without knowing if they would reciprocate or not. But throughout my life journey, and for many other gay boys in India, because of the lack of opportunities and exposure, it is always the open and out gay man makes the first advancement.

Over the next few minutes, I was indulged in mouth raping him.

I held his large biceps in one hand and unbuckled his trouser with the other. I inserted my fingers down below his dark pubic hair and reached for his treasure. His eyes were still closed, and he was breathing heavy by then. The man is a beautiful specimen indeed.

Finally, my fingers found his hard dick. Just to be cautious, I turned my head and searched for Justin and Afridi. They were lying on the beach a few meters away completely naked one over the other. Probably, they were just kissing or smooching. I didn't know for sure, it was too dark to find out, neither I had the time to waste on that. I had a job at hand waiting for me.

I didn't want to waste anytime further. I needed to finish what I started before Sakthi come out of his alcoholic influence. I pulled his trousers and saw his huge cock jumping out as if it found its freedom.

I took his beautiful erection in my hand and gripped it tightly. As usual, his precum was already oozing out. My fingers peeled its foreskin and revealed his most sensitive area. I pushed him down to the ground.

He was now lying flat on the ground butt naked. I took a few seconds to glance at his magnificent body from the top angle.

His cock was standing straight pointing towards the sky like a flagpole. His big black balls were hanging below it. I kneeled and dived in. My lips kissed him and then I licked his sensitive area to clear his precum with my tongue. Manly aroma on his groin intoxicated me. He lifted his butt a little bit above, pleading me to take his dick in my mouth.

I engulfed his entire length into my mouth. He released a sexual moan. I saw him opening his eyes, I just stopped and took his dick out...

He looked straight at my face and murmured something. At first, I didn't hear him, but then again, he repeated saying "Please suck me off".

Wow, even his voice was so sexy at that time.

There is a proverb in our local language and its literal translation is 'You don't ask for money to eat sweet'.

I realised he couldn't take it any longer. I dived in again, taking his cock in my mouth and started sucking it as good as I could.

Who would have thought I would be sucking Sakthi's dick one day ...the man of my life...the guy I fell in love with the moment I saw him on that island.

It looked as if he was in a hurry. He held my head by his arms and pushed his enormous cock deep into my throat. I wanted it forever drenched in my mouth.

To make sure I am getting the fair share of the deal, I unbuckled my trouser and started jerking my already erected cock. Anytime sooner, I knew he would have to release the tension that was growing in his manhood and it could be in a minute or so.

Moments later, his thighs tightened and I understood that the strong man was going to come.

It's not like I never tasted my own cum before. I didn't like the taste of it, its sour and spongy. But, that was Sakthi...my love, my dream guy, my super man...and I wanted him to pour his juices to cool down my burning desire. And I intended to get every single drop of it.

His balls grew even bigger and his cock shuddered inside my mouth. He pushed his cock one more time deep into my throat and then he threw his first cum in my throat.

He lifted his hip again and the second round of juices flowed out of his manhood.

The third time was a non-stopper, I guessed he had not masturbated for a while. He kept pumping his cock in my mouth and filled me with his juices. His juices were leaking out of mouth and I was spilling it a little.

As if I was so desperate to have his babies, I gulped all of them shamelessly.

I started jerking my dick vigorously at the same time, I wanted to cum before the sweet taste of his cum fades away in my mouth.

I glanced at his flaccid cock covered by my saliva still spilling juices on his abs. I could not take it any longer. I pumped my cock one last time, and I reached my climax. My cum did spill all over the sand.

Suddenly, his eyes were wide opened and watching every single fucking thing I did to him and myself.

As if the movie abruptly ended, he closed his eyes like a magic spell and slept on the beach.

Yep, I lost all the control I had since we arrived on that island and let my fucked-up desire to take over to RAPE HIM without his consent. He was too drunk to even stop me doing nasty things to him which he would have disgusted otherwise.

I fucked up really bad that night... And I feared it would cost my friendship with a wonderful person forever...

I looked at the sky and cursed all my Gods.


Copyright © 2021 Vikki; All Rights Reserved.
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I am publishing my story here on experimental basis. Readers feedback and comments are most welcome

Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Poor Jai, he’s so young an inexperienced.  I remember those panic feelings after having sex with a friend in High School.   I just knew he would never be my friend again and I had screwed everything up.  Little did I know he enjoyed it even more than I did and that led to having sex with him ALOT between then and graduation lol.  Hopefully Jai will soon learn just how much it was enjoyed by both and that it leads to an even closer relationship. 

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