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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

The story has some explicit contents and graphic details. Along with nudity and profanity. Reader discretion recommended.

Men in Paradise - 3. Chapter 3: The Primitive

Tribals from North Sentinal Islands near Andaman & Nicobar in India have never made any outside contact for more than 10000 years. Their Population could be somewhere between 50 to 100 still living in Primitive style. They are considered as the ancient human DNA in the world today and probably living isolated and not exposed from the outside world. Fearing that the tribe could be wiped out by diseases from the outside world. Indian government banned anyone entering or nearby this island. Sentinalese people attacked any vessels approaching their shores with their bows and arrows. An American Missionary, John Allen who visited this island in 2018 was killed and found dead on the shore. Drone images and videos are the only available evidences of the existence of this indigenous people. There are few parts of Guinea, Solomon islands, Fiji, Micronesia, Congo and Amazon basin practiced Human cannibalism which has been well documented.
Afridi's PoV
Have you ever seen a teenager's dick before?
If not, let me introduce my 'Great Master' to you. Though I was about to cross my teen age then, I was already nineteen. But it's the young and fresh dick that matters. So let us focus down there.

Back home in Sharjah and Dubai, it got a 'huge' demand. Things were going great for me until that plane crash. All those crazy TikTok videos and non-stop selfies on Instagram were fruitful. I finally got the attention of one million girls and I was 'wanted' by them. One million vaginas, two million boobies, figures. Yep, that's how I measured the demand of my dick. Such a long and pretty thing, without the foreskin it looked like a spectacular specimen. I am sure you would marvel at it its length and girth. It was waiting for its launch towards the glory and I was sincerely hoping and praying that I would get a chance to pop open it in the States.

A few weeks before, I released my second self-made music video on YouTube and I was planning to promote it in the US. I signed a deal with a social media company and I was supposed to do photoshoots and a couple of videos with them. But fate brought me to that island.

I never thought I would be in a place where I had to worry about things like 'What if I am stranded in one of those islands where they eat human alive?'. Life was playing a terrible game with me.

When I saw that human creature in front of me it arose some crazy thoughts on me. I might not be as slim as Jai, but I knew I had enough muscles that will feed them for at least a day or two. But then If I sacrifice Sakthi to the tribal, the man got all the muscles in the world, he could provide them enough meat for a week, right?. Then we could plead the tribal guy to let the rest of us go. You don't need bony calves like us when he can have a full grown buffalo, right?. My devious plan was ready just in case if the need arise by then.

We didn't move when we saw the human creature approaching us, we stopped and positioned ourselves in one spot. I didn't know what to do then, I saw Sakthi and Jai, each holding a stick, I picked a stone from the ground. I had never played any sports back home, but I was hoping to hit the bull's eye with the stone anyways.

'Should we run and hide in the bushes or attack the human with our sticks, what if there any other human creatures in the mountain that he could bring? If we had to run and hide, where do we run? We are stranded on a small island, right?. Those survival thoughts flashed in my mind within seconds in that dangerous situation.

"Guys, please don't run away or attack him, I think he is one among us," Sakthi was certain.

'Really?' I asked myself in disbelief.

As that human thing approached closer to our vision, we were able to take a proper look at him. Indeed, he was one of the co-passenger. A white tall,caucasian, probably an American returning home or something.

He was wearing a blue jean and a white shirt, both were ripped torn apart on several places, he was bleeding. We noticed one of his legs which was bleeding too visible from the torn part of his jean. He must be at least five years elder than me. He looked tired and wounded. He couldn't even walk properly.

Sakthi and I went near him in a hurry and rested him on our shoulders when we realised he was going to fall down. He got scratches on his forehead and chest too. His eyes were swollen due to tiredness and bleeding. He was half unconscious when we found him.

He just blurted out "Help" and then slide down completely on Sakthi's shoulders.

"How did he get here? What shall we do?" Jai asked Sakthi.

"Let's take him back to our spot, he needs medical aid. Let's return to our spot by the shore". Sakthi said.

Sakthi carried the new guy completely on his arms like he was carrying a baby. The new guy was toned and must weighed at least 80 pounds, but Sakthi seemed not bothered by the weight.

As we reached the rocks once again, we strolled on the shore slowly since Sakthi was carrying the new guy. By the time, we reached the spot Sakthi was completely exhausted and writhing in pain due to the human load he was carrying for at least a mile or so.

Jai and I helped Sakthi to put the new guy on the ground and we sat on the spot.

Sakthi said " My arms are feeling numbness, it was like losing blood circulation in my arms," he said with a smile.

He must be a superman or something, I thought to myself. It took another few minutes for Sakthi to regain his strength, he stretched his arms and shoulders.

By then Jai picked a cloth from one of the leather bags dipped it into the waves and came back. He started wiping the blood, the new guy who was still unconscious but breathing heavily. I could see blood was still dripping fresh out of the cut on his leg.

Sakthi took the medical kit box and opened it. He found an antiseptic liquid. And he asked me to get a new cotton cloth which I found from another leather bag, it was someone's cotton underwear with a hole. 'Seriously!', the things I had to endure on that island was unspeakable.

Sakthi dipped it with the liquid and wiped the new guy's leg. The new guy woke up from his unconscious then, he wriggled in pain.

I held his legs tightly so that he couldn't move while treating him.

Jai removed the new guy's shirt by tearing it apart using the small knife. And then started cleaning the scratches on his chest.

The new guy slowly opened his eyes and started staring at us out of fear. Jai held his hand to relax him. And then Jai made his headrest on Jai's shoulder. I went and opened one of the water bottles and fed the water to the new guy. Finally, he found some energy.

"Where am I?" He asked me.

"We are on a deserted island, our plane crashed. Just are four of us left here" Sakthi spoke like a News bulletin board.

The new guy closed his eyes again, trying to breathe normally, and then opened his eyes once again.

"I need food," he asked us.

I peeled one of the bananas and fed it into his mouth. He ate it in a hurry.

Sakthi continued to treat his wound and scratches. He applied more antiseptic lotion on the wound and then took a bit of cloth to tie it around his leg to ensure it was not exposed in the air any further.

Jai was still holding the new guy who was comfortably lying on his shoulders and he rubbed his forehead for warmth.

"What is your name?" I asked the new guy to initiate some sort of conversation.

"Justin Pierre," He said.

I wonder why he gave me his full name, probably out of fear on that situation.

"You are from France?" I asked him based on his last name and accent.

"No, I am a French American, but recently moved to Dubai" He answered with an American accent then.

Sakthi asked, "Where were you since the plane crash?".

Justin pointed his finger directing towards the mountain and said

"I was down there, woke up near the rocks, I wandered around for help, I didn't eat or drink anything for last two days. I didn't see you guys, I thought I am the only one alive" He said in his tired voice.

"We were at this side of the rocks, How did you get these wounds?" Sakthi asked him

Justin just shook his head as if he had no clue.

"My friend who traveled with me from Dubai was dead, I found his live-less body near the rocks," he said sadly.

We went silent for a few minutes, slowly our stranded situation on a deserted island gripped our hearts. We had no clue how to connect with the outside world and return home.

But then, we were hungry too. We started eating bananas, Jai brought a few more coconuts from the tree, he looked like a tree-climbing expert, he did better than monkeys, he did it even casually.

It was completely dark around us, except moonlight was shining through the waves, a million stars sparkling on the sky. On another day and some place else, I would have enjoyed that moment of natural beauty. And I would have taken a picture and posted it on my Instagram.

I thought about my people back home. I lost my parents in an accident a long time back and was adopted by my uncle and aunt. They would have been worried about me by then, missing me even though I hardly stayed at home when I was in Sharjah and Dubai. I spent most of my time taking photoshoots and TikTok music videos with my friends. My fans would have missed me greatly, especially girls who adored my looks, style, costumes, and more in particular my dick.

'Whatever, I am stuck here now, God knows for how long' i thought to myself.

"Do you think there will be more people alive and escaped passengers just like him?" I asked Sakthi pointing at Justin.

"Maybe, we will find out sooner or later" he replied. I didn't think that was an answer at all, but I understood that was the least I could get at that time.

"Do you think there will be others?" I turned towards my right and asked Justin who looked a bit relaxed by then.

"I didn't see any, except you guys. I found a few dead bodies lying on the rocks" he replied to me.

Suddenly Jai asked us "What shall we do now?"

We didn't reply, I didn't think anyone could. We were completely helpless and hopeless on that situation. There was a silence among us for a few more minutes. But then Sakthi, the elder, broke the silence by saying

"Guys, we can't lose hope. Back home, the news of our missing plane might have reached by now. There will be a rescue mission to search the missing flight, so we will wait and see" he said and continued.

"Our flight lost its connection with the control room an hour or so before it hit the rocks. So it might take a while for them to locate us". He said rightly.

Jai added by saying "Until then, we need to be patient and find a way to safely survive here".

We agreed, the thought of a rescue mission trying to find us gave us some relief and confidence.

"Yes, we need water and food for survival," I told them as if I discovered that idea and the rest of them didn't.

Sakthi said, "We have bananas and coconuts. I am sure that container is a food storage, we need to open it somehow".

I went and look for a stone to hit open the container. No matter how hard I tried to hit the container lid, it didn't budge. I cried out for Sakthi to help me.

He took the stone from me and hit it several times harder, but there was no sign of opening. After a few more hits, we gave up trying.

"Let's try it in the morning, we can bring a big stone from the rocks and try it," Jai said to us.

All four of us sat there watching the waves in silence once again. We saw crabs crawling away from the waves towards the shore.

"If we had to survive here until they come to rescue, we need fire, I am scared of bug bites," I told them.

"Remove the luggage and boxes out of that cabin, you three can sleep inside" Sakthi gave us the idea.

"How about you?" Jai asked him with concern.

"I sleep on my airbag, don't worry I am a light sleeper, I will take care of myself from insects" He assured him.

Justin looked tired and writhing in pain, his white skin was flushed. His curly blonde hair were disheveled. Jai and I cleaned the cabin by taking the luggage out, some of the boxes in it were too heavy, I wondered what was in it.

It was a small cabin, not enough for three boys, but somehow we managed to lie inside. Jai was lying in the middle to ensure Justin on the other end was not touched by us on his wound. I had to keep one arm of mine on Jai, he was warm and bony. I couldn't sleep for several hours. Justin might had dozed off early. The cold wind was blowing around the cabin. Some mosquitoes were flying around, but it didn't bother me much.

I could hear the noise of Sakthi wriggling his body around in his airbag trying to adjust for comfort, it must be really cold and mosquitoes out there without any cover above the airbag, unlike our small cabin. But somehow, he must had slept after an hour or so, I could hear his consistent breathing sound from here.

The quiet and darkness around kept my mind from circling with thoughts about our situation.

'Will I be able to escape from that deserted island? Will the rescue mission locate our place and help us as Sakthi mentioned? How many days do I have to survive on that island with no light, proper food, mosquitoes, bugs, and God knows what else?' I asked myself.

I prayed to Almighty for help from that dangerous situation. Short after I must have slept, I don't know when I woke up that morning which had even more horrors waiting for us

Copyright © 2021 Vikki; All Rights Reserved.
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I am publishing my story here on experimental basis. Readers feedback and comments are most welcome

Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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I could make comments on the English mistakes, but I don't want to upset the author. He is being creative with the story so far and I am enjoying it. Let's just see where he is heading.

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3 hours ago, Will Hawkins said:

I could make comments on the English mistakes, but I don't want to upset the author. He is being creative with the story so far and I am enjoying it. Let's just see where he is heading.

I am looking for an editor, until then please excuse me for the grammatical errors.

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