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Men in Paradise - 10. Chapter 10 - The Sex

Warning: This episode may contain sexually explicit scenes and graphic materials. It also includes interracial and same sex activity that may or may not be legal in your region. It has "adult" content that is unsuitable for children who are not legal in your region or country, and for some adults as well. Readers discretion is recommended.

Two to four male lions often form what is known as a coalition, where they work together to court female lions. To fend off other coalitions, they rely on each other. To guarantee fidelity, by having sex with each other, male lions reinforce their ties. Instead of homosexual pairing, researchers refer to this conduct as the classical "bromance". Homosexual activity is exhibited by both female and male bottlenose dolphins, including oral action where one dolphin stimulates the other with its snout. Homosexual behavior happens in the bottlenose world at around the same level as heterosexual play. In general, male bottlenose dolphins are bisexual, but they go through cycles of exclusive homosexuality. Homosexual intercourse is more prevalent than heterosexual copulation among male bison. That's because female bison only mate about once a year with bulls. Males who get the desire take part in same-sex acts many times a day during the mating season. And so, in young bison males, more than 50 percent of mounting occurs within the same sex. The Sambia tribe of Papua New Guinea in Africa is following an initiation rite ceremony for adult males to consume semen with pubescent people. The ritual involves boys being brought to a cult house and older boys dance in front of them making sexual movements. The younger boys are taken to the dancing ground once it gets darker, where they are supposed to perform fellatio on the older boys and drink their semen every night for two weeks to three months. The tribe believed that the semen will provide muscle strength and virility to the pubescent boys. Ho tribe of Jharkhand in India practices same sex and group masturbation as part of their ceremonial worship. Since ancient times, it has always been socially accepted among their tribe due to lack of female population among them. Homosexual men are called Kothi Panthis in the region. Ritualised homosexuality is common in ancient Polynesia and Melanasia this could be due to the social norms of distance between males and females in their society. One of the most onerous ritual tasks of the Pharaohs in Egypt was to add fertility to the Nile by masturbating annually as a public ceremony as part of their gift to God Atum in its waters. During the harvest, ancient Middle Eastern pagans would indulge in orgiastic communal masturbation sessions. The key was to ejaculate at the same time, therefore summoning beneficent energies from the gods of life and land. A Scottish club, The Beggar's Benison, met in the 18th century to eat, drink, chat about sex and masturbate together. Their initiation ceremony involved men placing their erect penises on a plate, covered with a napkin, against one another.

Jai Prakash's PoV

Generally, it should be Afridi's Point of View after Sakthi on this story. But I think it's important that I need to give you my point of view on this episode for one particular reason. It's going to be a long episode because I was supposed to tell you my real perspective of what happened so far in one shot. Before I begin, let me warn you that the contents of this episode may have sexually explicit scenes and graphics. Your weak or prejudiced heart may not be able to tolerate it. If you are an asexual who hates sex but secretly wishing to have it or whatever, you must skip this episode and a few more. Trust me, you wouldn't miss much of the story anyway.

I don't know if you have figured it out already, but when it comes to the subject of sex especially when you were the only gay guy among four boys on a deserted island. The worst part was when the other three boys were super damn straight by God's mistake. Well, you deserved to know a gay boy's perspective of the story, isn't it?

Yeah right, my secret is out and open now. I know what you are thinking and your perverted presumptions on my situation. Things could not be better for a gay teenager to be left alone among three hot looking studs on a deserted island. Well, let me tell you, it was the worst situation I have ever imagined.

From day one, I have realized that the rest of the guys were 100% straight. How did I know that,? Well, there was not even a single cell in their body that screamed gay to me. I was just nineteen then, I had not been on the gay scene much and I never had sex before. But I have always known I am gay and attracted to the physical perfection of male beauty. I was too focused on my studies at school, I had very little opportunity to explore my sexuality except for one accidental moment of mutual jerk off session with my school buddy. And few hidden kisses with boys whose names I don't even remember now. But I already started reading about sexuality and watched gay porn. Honed my gay radar to get that so-called vibes when someone with similar thoughts was anywhere near me. So I was pretty sure Sakthi, Afridi, and Justin were nothing but straight lads.

FYI, this is the first time, I am officially proclaiming my sexuality to anyone. Not even a single soul back home knew that I am gay. 'Hey, unlike in Western countries, we hardly get an opportunity for premarital sex in India, alright!'. Gay sex was unthinkable and an abomination. Many in my town doesn't even know the meaning of the word 'Gay'. We play around and even physically touch each other, but it doesn't carry any label neither a lifestyle.

I have not lost my virginity then. I was completely not comfortable being gay, but then I couldn't stop being one. Due to my boyish charms and puppy face, I have had my fair share of girls crushing on me at school. Thus I managed to hang around with a few of them which helped to hide my sexuality among my friends and family.

Apart from all the turmoil I had to go through since the flight crash and the constant adventures on that deserted island, I have also had to go through the daily routine of mental torture by living among three absolute male perfections and especially one in particular Mr. Sakthi Muscle Man. I don't know why I was attracted to men who were way beyond my age. But when he carried that American blondie on his arms on day three, with his bulging biceps and pumping chests, 'Oh man', that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

I didn't think he was even aware of his looks or his presence that made me jump every time he came closer to me. Even during tumultuous times and terrifying situations at that place, I couldn't stop myself from completely and madly infatuated with him.

I followed him around like a puppy, and he treated me like his equal despite our age differences. I found both Justin and Afridi attractive too. Afridi like a typical Arabian boy with his mischievous grin, thick eyebrows, and perfect jaw, looked like one of those boys you watch regularly on TikTok followed by millions of crazy girl fans. Justin was super tall with curly blonde hair, rosy lips, and a toned body, he looked like an Abercombie & Fitch models. But it was Sakthi, the muscle man who completely took my breath away with his dark skin, sexy face, hot body, and above all his humility to care for people. On that Cyclone night, when he whispered into my ear with that husky voice of his to let him hug me, I melted then and there.

I enjoyed being around and talking to him. For the sake of our developing friendship, I ensured to keep my mouth shut. I didn't want to blurt out my gayness in front of others. I presumed it would complicate my situation with the guys adding to the complicated life on that island already. So I acted as straight as I could. And it was easy to do so, as I have been doing all along since school. It's one of the reasons I spoke less and always engaged myself at work on that island.

Hiding my 'gayness' towards Sakthi, which I did successfully until the day we were building the house wasn't easy though. But I figured he was hiding something too. When I asked him about his marital life, he just ignored it and switched to a different topic. And that made me wonder whether he was hiding something from me. And on top of it, I saw him sneaking a peek at me when I removed my shirt.

Hmm, I just wanted to leave it there and not think too much about what happened that day. Sometimes, I think too much and keep assuming that my crushes would like me the way I liked them, but then like every other gay teenager I had to live with the reality like the way I felt back home that I was the only gay guy in town. Always, Ahem.

"This is taking forever, my arms are sore" Afridi complained.

"We are almost done" Sakthi assured him. He was carrying a wooden branch on his shoulder. Shirtless and sweating. The man was a spectacular specimen.

When I was marveling at his display of muscles. Justin interrupted my thoughts.

"The Cold wind again, why is it always cold out here?" He said.

Of course, the weather on that island was so mysterious. But I felt it was somewhat similar to the weather back home.

A few minutes later it started drizzling.

It has been almost three weeks, we almost completed building the house, except for a loft for us to sleep, windows, front door, and storage cabinet. But at least the structure was ready. We had no idea how long we would be stuck on that island, but at least we got something to keep ourselves occupied, it was like a mental exercise to overcome loneliness, abandonment, and homesickness. It worked to a great extent.

"Back home, I don't even wash my food plate," Afridi said.

"Back home, I never slept on the shore" I added.

"Back home, I never did hang out with Arab guys" Justin.

Afridi gave him a stare as if he wanted to slap him.

"What's wrong with Arab guys?" He asked Justin getting ready for another argument.

"Because they hardly spoke English which I can understand. No offense please" Justin threw his arms up in the air.

"Why didn't you learn Arab, after all, you were living in an Arab land, right?" Afridi snapped back at him.

Fearful of a words storm brewing out there, I turned towards Sakthi for an interruption

"Guys stop, let's not have a culture war here," Sakthi told them.

For some odd reason, they both kept quiet.

That day, we decided to build a sleeping loft and a front door. And also we needed to complete the roof. Like cavemen or homeless people, we have been sleeping under the tree, on the seashore, and broken cabin with the mercy of nature to protect us from dangers at night. We were not even able to move our bodies at night. Moreover, I wanted to sleep freely without being poked on my butt and tempted by Afridi early mornings. I knew it wasn't intentional by him, I was an adolescent boy too and I understood the complexities of raging hormones.

"I feel bored already" Afridi complained once again when we were about to finish the roof.

"We can play some games tonight," Sakthi said.

"What sort of games?" Justin asked him.

"I don't know, What do you have in mind?" Sakthi asked him in response.

"Guys, let us finish the loft first. We need to have a better place to sleep at night" I reminded them.

They agreed with me, but I had a different idea for that night.

I have been hiding an unsealed French wine bottle from the guys last few days. I found it from one of the luggage a week before. And I felt we need some sort of celebration after our two weeks of hard work building the house. We needed a distraction out of that deserted island situation.

I never had drinks before, I didn't smoke either since I was brought up by a strict family back home. But I thought what worse it could do and I never know if I would ever return home. I didn't want to die on that lonely island without tasting alcohol at least once in my life. But I wanted to wait till we have the loft ready to sleep. I didn't want to be tempted by Afridi poking my butt or Justin's armpits staring at my face when I was drunk. That would expose me.

We already laid the pillars inside for the loft. We needed to cut down a few more trees and slice the wood. Since there were hardly any big trees around the stream and our shelter, we decided to get into the forest and look for one. It has been a while we have been there since we found Justin.

The cyclone devastated the forest, herbs, and plants were almost destroyed by it. We weren't sure if that forest had any wild animals living in it. But for safety purposes, we all had a bamboo stick with sharp edges in our hands. That was our weapon. Lately, I have been carrying a kitchen knife hanging over a leather belt on my hips which I found inside the food container, probably it was used to cut vegetables for sandwiches hidden by one of the air hostess or flight steward you never knew. I didn't know how they allowed bringing a knife inside the flight. But I found it and It made me feel safe.

Having a biology graduate like Justin in a forest among us was very useful. He was practically giving us biological lectures showing every plant and tree, giving us its name and features. I could hardly pronounce those names neither I remember them. The plants and trees we found couldn't be of any use to us except for wood.

But Justin was effusive. As per him, there were plenty of medicinal plants in that forest, he showed me a plant called sweet flag which can be used for snake bites, and then he has shown me a fruit plant which somewhat looked like pomegranate and its called Nutmeg. I had never seen or heard about them before. He said it is equivalent to Viagra to stimulate sex, particularly for men. 'Man, I so wanted to give that to Sakthi and test its result,' I thought to myself.

Justin took a few samples of each one of those plants and kept them inside a shoulder bag he was carrying. And then we saw mini size melon-like vegetable herbs spread everywhere. It tasted better than the regular melon, so we collected as many as we could.

There were pumpkin look alike edible vegetables, spinach, cucumber-like vegetable, and many others I have never heard of.

"People lived here for sure" Justin murmured loudly.

"Do you think they brought these plants to this island from elsewhere?" Sakthi asked him.

"Yep, some of these plants are not natural vegetation here. I don't think so" Justin replied to him.

That Island was a mysterious one indeed.

I carried plenty of plastic bags inside my leather bag, so we collected whatever fruits and vegetables that Justin told us were edible. On any other day without Justin's expertise, I wouldn't have recognized those plants. We even saw a big jackfruit lookalike tree and a banyan tree. The forest-covered at least 3 or 4 miles, but we understood it offers plenty of food sources.

"I can't understand this island at all" Justin threw his arms up in the air.

"Neither do I" Afridi echoed him as if he knew biology left and right.

Sakthi and I stared at Afridi for a moment and then smiled at each other.

It was almost 2 pm according to my watch and we were already starving. We decided to return to the house so that we could complete the loft with the woods we collected. On our way back, we saw something spectacular. There were at least 5 or 6, small and large creatures running across us. I never thought I would see a chicken in the middle of a forest like that. Then later on, when we returned to the house, Justin told us they weren't chickens or hens, but chickens were originated from its family, the bird we saw named as Red junglefowl, human domesticated it 8000 years ago which later evolved into chickens, but still living in many islands in Europe, Asia, and Australia, the original junglefowl can still be found. Phew...history.

"Can we domesticate them like chickens?" I asked Justin.

"Yep, we can try" He replied.

We were so hungry, we even ate some of those edible vegetables and fruits we brought from the forest when we returned to our spot. After a couple of hours of rest, Sakthi and I started chopping and slicing the branches we brought from the forest, while Afridi and Justin built the floor for the loft. We even managed to build a small three steps ladder to climb. We still needed the front door as per our target, but it was almost after the sunset, we knew sooner it would get darker and we would not be able to do any work.

We figured it might take another two or three days to complete the rest of the work. We weren't in a hurry though. We had all the time on that island.

Once we completed we went back to the stream to wash from the stream. I don't know if I told you this, one of the toughest parts on that island for me was taking bath with the guys.

All those nakedness, cocks, and balls display, pumping muscles, and bare chests made me feel like I have eaten dozens of Nutmegs. By then, I knew the exact size and color of each one of their placid dick. Bathing with a dark-skinned Tamil Indian guy, a Persian mixed Arabian boy, and a French American white guy, It was an interracial male display of striptease on plain sight. A gay teenager like myself who hardly had seen another boy's dick, I found it hard to control my hormones as well as my erection below. That was one of the reasons I went alone to take bath on many days. It was not the kind of trouble my teenage brain could endure on daily basis.

When we returned, it was dark already. I gathered woods and lit the fire. Justin did the cooking that night, he made boiled basmati rice and vegetable stew, using some vegetables which he collected from the forest. We found one of the luggage from the flight, the owner of that traveling bag must have been from my state. He was carrying packages of brown rice and many other cooking items.

When Justin finished his cooking, the guys were already ready with their ready-made plates for dinner. That's when I took the wine bottle from my hidden place and surprised them.

"Where did you find that?" As usual, Afridi was the first one to ask.

"From the luggage, I have been hiding for a special occasion like this. We have a house and sleeping loft, it's time for celebration" I told them excitedly.

At first, Afridi and Justin were accusing me and fighting with me for hiding the wine bottle. But then my excitement must have caught the rest of them too. We decided to get inside the house and drink it in the loft.

Since we had found at least four or five active mobile phones, we used them as flashlights occasionally and for emergency purposes. For long, we slept outside, we had the burning wood to provide us enough light until dinner. But that day, we needed a source for light inside the dark house and loft.

Sakthi took a hair oil bottle from one of the luggage, traditionally Indian men apply hair oil made of coconuts instead of hair gel and other chemical products. He poured the oil into the two clay cups which Justin made, then he used the thread to light it. It provided enough light for us to drink the wine and finish our dinner in the loft.

Staying inside four walls reminded us of our home and how we missed it. We were silent for at least a minute or so. Depressing thoughts flashed on our minds for a short while.

That's when Sakthi said "Guys, let's forget about where we are and when we will go back, etc. Let's just cherish the present moment. We built a new house on our own, we have lights, we have wine and food. It's Diwali (Festival of lights) time guys, cheers" with that he opened the wine bottle took a few gulps before passing it to Afridi.

"Cheers" the rest of us joined him in chorus.

I was the last one in the turn, when I gulped the alcohol for the first time, it was bitter, I didn't like the smell of it too. But by the time, I got the second round, I already got used to its taste and smell. My head was slightly dizzy. Since we were hungry by then, we took it along with the wine. Diwali lights as we called them, were dimming due to a lack of oil in them. Sooner, it will go off completely.

After my third round of wine, I stopped as my head was in a giddiness by then. But not the rest of the guys, they continue to drink. As I recall exactly, it was during the fifth or sixth round Afridi made that 'most important' announcement.

"I am like super horny" he was grabbing his bulge from his trousers and showing his erection to Justin.

"Did you steal Justin's Sweet flag plant or what? Sakthi mocked him. We all laughed at his joke.

"He has been controlling it since we came to the island," Justin said to us. And then turned towards Afridi and said "Dude, you should just whip it off and call it a day" Justin told him on a serious note.

I didn't know why he said that, but it was him who started it first.

"How can I do that in front of you guys, when the rest of you watching me?" He asked Justin, I thought it was more of a come back for the jokes we had on him.

"Well, I wouldn't mind doing it too, if the rest of the guys join us, we are all horny anyways" Justin shocked me with that unexpected reply.

"I don't do that with guys," Sakthi said nervously with a chuckle.

"We are just guys here, whom else we got?" Afridi asked us and then he looked at me like a challenge with his grey eyes.

"I don't care, I am the youngest here and still a teenager. My hormones are all over the place" I told them to make sure I was part of that straight dick whipping gang.

"I have done it with a friend once, it wasn't bad," Afridi said it quietly.

"Really?" Sakthi asked him in disbelief. We laughed again.

I thought it was the wine talking. It went into their brains and created gay out of them or I was just hallucinating. I didn't know.

And then that magic happened, Afridi removed his trousers, he wasn't wearing underwear either any shirt. Even though I have seen it many times at the water stream, that was the first time I was seeing his dick in its full flow standing like a flagpole without its foreskin like a beautiful yellow creature. His unshaved pubic hair failed to cover any of its glory.

"Man, you are rocking out there" Justin shouted at him with a whistle not removing his glare on Afridi. I wondered how much wine did those guys drink then.

"It's your turn now" Afridi reminded him.

Justin removed his trousers too in a fraction of seconds. And said
"That's all for you to see for free of cost" pointing his crotch to us. Even with a semi hard-on, it looked like a white snake waiting to spit, brown pubic hair mushroomed above it, and matching balls hanging below like pair of lemons.

"If things go like these, one day we are going to roam around here like cavemen," Sakthi said with a grin on his face.

They thought whatever happening there on that night was just a joke.

"It's Gym boy's turn" Afridi reminded him.

I looked at Sakthi's face, the man of my dreams. He looked like he wasn't sure of participating in that 'glory revealing, jewel displaying moment'. He was not wearing anything on his top.

I could see his chest muscles getting tensed, he was nervously rubbing his fit tummy and then with a sudden thought he said "What the fuck!" and removed his trousers in a flash.

There... With a semi hard-on dancing like a black cobra in front of my face. I could even see little wet on the edge of his cock, ever so beautiful as his Dravidian face. I could never forget that particular image for the rest of my life.

"Man, you are leaking already," Justin said to him as if we didn't see it. 'Seriously', what was wrong with the straight guys that night, I didn't know.

It was the wine, I figured.

I was still amazed by Sakthi's manhood with its girth and length, even if it was for a few minutes of exposure, it was perpetual glory to me. I closed my eyes a little, maybe the wine finally got me. That's when they woke me up.

"It's your turn baby boy," Afridi said with a mischievous grin on his face. When was the last time a straight boy asking a gay guy to remove his trouser?.

Well, he was already started jerking back and forth making it even bigger and wet on top. The boy was super horny indeed.

I thought I had no choice, so I obliged. I removed my trousers and then my underwear. I knew I was surrounded by watchful glares. I might have been nineteen yet, but I was nothing less in the size department.

"Woah, look at you" Afridi screamed at me.

And then the parade started, we took another round from the wine bottle. And started jerking off. Each one of the guys followed a unique jerk off pattern, either the way they held or hand motions to seek pleasure. It was glorious to watch, I didn't even remember when was the last time I jerked off, so I knew I would cum sooner, so I slowed myself down and just watched them on that dim light like a true pervert.

All three of them were immersed in their self-pleasure seeking, hands encircling their respective manhood with their eyes closed. Afridi's pink lips were slightly open proving to me the excitement he was having out there, he was vigorously jerking his dick with its precum oozing out of his cock slit. He bit his lips twice and I knew he was nearing his climax. And then it happened, he stopped his hand movement and juice spurted all over his chest and hand.

Justin wasn't as quick as Afridi, he was jerking off slow and steady, his big balls dangling with his cock movement, he had already removed his foreskin exposing the pink top, it reached its full erection by then which must be the longest I have ever known. I have seen white guys on gay porn, but a straight lad like Justin with his curly blonde hair and pretty face made it even more perfect.

"I am gonna cum" He murmured with his sexy voice. I realized that already, with his breathing becoming heavier every second. He poured out like a juice stream and it took several minutes to stop until it was dripping on the floor like a waterfall, he was all over the place.

Sakthi was trying to match the rhythm of the other guys. His black cobra was at least seven feet completely erect with its veins bulging to burst out, his red-sensitive top was like a bulb promoting his masculinity. He slowly twisted it using his fingers to provide that additional pleasure and shaking simultaneously. I was so desperate to dig in and smell his crotch, his face was so adorable with his closed eyelids and strong jawline. His muscles flexed everywhere from biceps to chest. It was the glorious moment of any gay boy's fantasy. It was his time for a release, he let out that sexual sound letting us know the heights of his pleasure and its final moments. They flew like a rocket in his hands and abs, there were even a few tiny drops on my shoulder sitting next to him.

It was my turn, I closed my eyes replaying every single moment I just saw. With all the sexual euphoria that exposed in front of me, the movements of the muscles, the sexual prowess of their manhood, the pleasures that intertwined them with every process and then their final releases. I rose my tempo, gripped my brown dick even tighter, and went like an express, within few minutes I came, I wonder if I splashed a few of them on others, but I didn't care. I relaxed and let me release all the sexual frustration and empty myself.

I had no idea when and how we slept, but we must have been totally exhausted, drunk and completely wasted. We dozed off in no time. I remembered we didn't even have the energy to wipe or clean the floor after that streaming interracial orgy that night.

But that's how we broke the glass that night. And I was not sure it would be the end of that.

End of my story...


Part 1 of Men in Paradise is complete. Part 2 will continue right after this episode. Kindly post your reviews and comments that will help me to understand readers better and hone my writing skills. If you have any queries on the contents, facts, narrations, characters or any other detail in this story, please feel free to post it as a comment, I will respond to your query.
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I am charmed by the rhythm of this vernacular telling.   It speaks of innocence and a caution reflecting the author's cultural norms - some of which run the risk of offending, yet I don't think any offence is intended.   At times I'm put off by word choice or grammar, but then I remember my first comment.  I wonder if careful editing would diminish the story - I begin to think so.   

I also hear the author's bravery in telling a story that reveals personal fantasy and fears.   Bravo.

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