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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Raijinken: The Past - 8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Lei-Gong’s Palace, Meeting Room

“Rai, I didn’t know you were awake. How are you feeling?” She must not have seen Raiden.
A smile came across Rai’s face. “I am doing fine Tian. Feeling a little off balance, but fine nonetheless.” He gestured towards Raiden. “I’m sure you know Raiden.”
She looked up, finally noticing the other god. He smiled and waved. “Hello Tian-Mu! Good to see you again!”
Her eyes narrowed dangerously. Her voice was low. “Raiden. Why are you here?”
“Uhhh.” He gestured to Rai. “Well…I’m actually here to help him.”
“And why would you want to help him. Usually you don’t care about anyone but yourself. Or you are usually trying to get into someone pants.” Her eyes narrowed into slits, small sparks gathering in her palm.
She wasn’t known as the goddess of lighting for nothing.
“Are you trying to do something inappropriate with this child Raiden?” Her eyes flashed dangerously.
Raiden held up his hands. “No! No, see I have no need for that. I just merely came to help the child get control of his new powers. Or power since he lost the air power.”
This was news to Rai. His head whipped around to face the thunder god. “What do you mean ‘lost the air power’?”
Raiden looked at him, disbelief written across his face. “You mean you can’t tell that it’s gone? You are just too thick headed.”
Tian-Mu interjected. “Rai, when the chimera was sealed inside of you, your body had to make room for all of the extra power it was getting. Getting rid of the air power had to be done so that your body wouldn’t overdo itself.”
Raijinken’s shoulders slumped. “Do you…do you know where it is now?”
Both of them shook their heads. “It shot into the sky after it emerged from your body, to find someone else that is worthy of its power. It will take sometime for us to find out who, or what, it went to.”
Rai sighed heavily, arms falling limply to his sides. “Alright. I shall wait for that time to come then.” He looked to Tian-Mu. “I believe that my father is in there?” She nodded. “May I go see him?” She nodded again.
He started walking into the room again.
“You know Rai…” Raiden started. “For some one who, in the past day, has been: Possessed by a demon, had said demon sealed inside you, grew in age and height, and lost some of your power, you seem to be taking this extremely well. I expected you to start randomly blowing things up by now. That’s what most gods, including me, would do.”
Rai stopped. He turned so that the right side of his face was facing Raiden. “Well…it seems like I’m not like most gods anymore, am I?” He snapped, before continuing his way into the room.
Raiden’s eyes were bulging at Rai’s proclamation, before going back to there normal state.
(I’m beginning to love this kid.) He smiled at Tian-Mu before following the godling.
She shook her head before running after the servants and her husband.

Mt. Olympus, Aries’ chambers

Aries moved his other hand to hold Hermes’ head. What were you looking for in here, beautiful one?” A small smile was playing on his strong face as Hermes blushed . “Were you looking for me?”
“Ac-actually yes I w-was A-Aries.” He stuttered. He cleared his throat. “Aries we…”
Aries put a finger on Hermes’ lips, silencing him. “Shhh. Come here.”
Hermes was too stunned to do anything else but follow him. Aries led Hermes to his bed, gently pushing him onto it.
“Aries, we really don’t have time for this.”
“Shhh, yes we do. Whatever you have to tell me I’m sure it can wait.”
(I don’t know for how long it will wait.)
Aries leaned in, gently pressing his lips to the other god.
Hermes’ eyes widened. Whatever he was expecting, it wasn’t this.
“Aries, what are…”
“No more talking, beautiful one.”
Aries stood up, taking off his toga. He was naked underneath, and Hermes’ blush became stronger as Aries’ muscular form came into view.
Massive chest muscles, ripped abdominals, and a large, very large, penis.
Hermes’ was looking directly at it. “Oh…my…goodness.”
A huge smile came across Aries face as he flexed for the younger god. “Do you like what you see?” Hermes nodded. “Good. Now, I don’t like to be the only naked one here. Do you want to take your toga off, or do you want me to?”
It took Hermes a moment to find his voice. “Y-you can do what you want.”
The god of war laid down on the bed, stretching himself out upon the bed sheet, his red hair flowing around him. “I would much rather you strip for me.”
Hermes blushed again before nodding and standing up. He stood directly in front of Aries before he started to take his off clothes, kicking his flying shoes off first.
“Ah ah ahh.” Hermes paused. “Slower.”
Hermes removed the toga slower, seeing that Aries’ penis was started to thicken considerably. He threw the cloth to a corner of the room.
Aries had to catch his breath. Hermes’ hairless, yet adult, body was…beyond words. His penis was immaculate, medium sized, nestled in the downy bush of blond pubic hair. He was just…perfect.
Aries held out a hand to him, which he took. He was pulled to the bigger god, the others hands trailed along his body, savoring each contour as the messenger writhed in his arms. He got to the others penis and stroked it, making it come alive in his hand.
“So beautiful.”
Hermes started moaning in his lap. Writhing, jerking, and humping his hand.
Aries rolled them over so that Hermes was on his back and Aries was on top of him. He leaned down, capturing the other’s lips with his. The kiss seemed to go on forever.
Aries withdrew. “I believe that it is time we did something else.”
He leaned down to Hermes’ groin, looking at the others lust filled eyes the entire time. He smiled before taking the other’s penis into his warm mouth, it hardening in an instant. Hermes’ back arched off of the bed as he entered the warm mouth. Aries immediately started to bob on the medium sized penis, bringing Hermes to new heights of pleasure. He reached down and started to stroke himself as he did this, moaning around Hermes’ penis. Hermes’ gasping and moaning started to pick up speed. When Aries saw this, he quickly withdrew.
Hermes made a whimpering noise, which Aries had to restrain himself from ravishing the younger god.
“Don’t worry. I have something that be a lot…better…for the both of us.” He reached over to the drawer beside the bed, pulling out a bottle of oil.
He poured the oil over his pointer and middle fingers. Grabbing Hermes’ legs, he hoisted them off of the sheet, showing off his beautiful behind. Aries pried the two globes apart, revealing the hidden treasure within them.
“Aries…” Hermes breathed.
Aries reached down with his oiled fingers, putting them at the entrance before him. “It will be fine. Just relax.” He pushed, slipping both of his big fingers into the other god. Hermes groaned as he was speared on them, his erection softening slightly.
Aries sunk his fingers into Hermes’ entrance, slowly as to let him get used to the sensation. Hermes groaned, again, and screamed when Aries hit a spot inside him, his erection coming back full force.
He started thrusting his fingers after he heard him, hitting that spot on every stroke. He stopped suddenly, adding more oil to another finger before entering it beside the other two, stretching him even further. He slowly moved them before speeding up again.
He smiled at the younger god. “I believe that you are ready for me.”
He withdrew his fingers, slathering his length in oil.
He positioned him self at Hermes’ entrance, looking him in the eye, he asked. “Are you ready?”
Hermes only nodded, and let out a low groan as Aries’ head entered him.
“You alright?”
He nodded again. “Just give me a moment.” Two minutes passed, before Hermes gave the nod for Aries to proceed.
He pushed, bringing his groin together with the messenger. They both groaned as Aries hilted himself inside the warm orifice. He paused, letting Hermes get used to his girth.
He sat, looking at the face of the god below him. Short blond hair framed his face, making his already perfect face almost unearthly. Lithe body, perfect for his title, was just as perfect as his, all the way down to his feet.
He was perfect.
Aries withdrew slightly, thrusting shortly until Hermes’ face started to loose its tension. He withdrew further, until half of his length was still inside him. Making each stroke longer and longer until he was pulling back to the head.
He turned them over so that Hermes was on top, riding him. He lifted the other gods hips, drawing him off of him, until he let go, letting the other god drop down to meet him, making Hermes groan.
Aries’ orbs drew up beneath, signaling that he was about to release himself. He held back though, wanting Hermes to come with him. He reached up, grabbing Hermes’ penis length in his hand, stroking it in time with his thrusts. Hermes’ groans started to get louder and louder. Aries silenced him by leaning up, pressing their lips together. A muffled scream emerged from their lips as they released; Hermes on their chests, Aries deep inside his lover.
They released each other, catching their breath. They fell side by side, Aries shrinking, but still impressive length, slipping out of the younger god as Hermes fell beside him, breathing heavily.
Aries wrapped an arm around him. Leaning over, he nuzzled the other gods neck. “I love you, Hermes.” His words were muffled, but Hermes still heard him. “Will you stay with me?”
“No, Aries. I will not.”
Aries withdrew as if he had burned him. “What?! Why not?”
“Aries, I came in here to tell you something very important, not to sleep with you.” He got off of the bed, searching for his clothes. “Something very important.”
“What were you going to say then? I promise I will listen.”
“Of course you will. Now…after you have gotten what you wanted.”
“But Hermes…”
“Don’t, Aries. Just…don’t.”
It was silent as he pulled on his clothes.
He was about to walk out of the room when Aries called out to him. “Do I even have a chance to be with you?”
Hermes sighed, looking back at the other god. He did have to admit, he was attracted to him, at least.
Walking back to the bed he leaned down to whisper in the other’s ear. “You do, Aries. You’ll just have to work for my heart to be yours.” He leaned further, and kissed Aries’ check, surprising him. He swiftly left the room, leaving a smiling Aries in his wake.
When he was halfway down the hallway, he realized that he hadn’t told Aries about Cronos’ return. But…he couldn’t go back for fear that it may be a long time before he left again.
He just couldn’t…
He set off at a faster pace to find another that could help.

Somewhere in England

(Soon my children…I shall return to take your lives as you took mine.)

Copyright © 2011 Windkaizer; All Rights Reserved.
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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