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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 2,731 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Missing Conversations - 6. The Fixer

Jared rang around a few of his old army mates, looking for a particular soldier that served with him, but not considered a mate by Jared.

“Hi Wozza, it’s Jared, long time no hear.”

“You old bugger, what have you been doing since you deserted the forces?”

“A bit of this and that”

“Sounds a bit light on intel, nothing the cops would be interested in, is it?”

“No nothing like that, but I am interested in finding someone who is a bit bent in that direction.”

“I always thought you were the bent one... Mary.”

“You know I don’t like being called that.”

“Sorry mate, but who are you looking for?”

“Remember the bloke who was always repairing things and we called The Fixer.”

“Yeah, but he didn’t get the name for his repair skills.”

“I know, that’s what I’m interested in, his other skills.”

“Are you sure you’re not on the wrong side of the law?”

“Nah, just need him to do a little job for me.”

“Well, I don’t really know what happened to him, but he was mates with Chunder. Maybe he knows. Have you got his number?”

“Yeah, thanks for that.”

“So that’s it, you only wanted intel from me. How about we catch up for a beer some time and you can tell me all about your, this and that career.”

“Ok, sounds good.”

“And I might be able to twist Chunder’s arm as well. Then you can talk to him about Fixer.”

“Where to you want to meet?”

“I’m at Holdsworthy barracks these days, so what about the Crossroads pub?”

“Friday night ok?”

“See ya at seven.”


Jared showed up early at the pub, ordered a beer and sat alone in a corner, from where he could see the door. Half way through his beer a young red headed man in tight jeans and an INXS singlet asked “Is this stool taken?”

“It will be soon.”

“Thanks for the invitation.”

“No, I meant I’m expecting some friends”

“Can I keep it warm until then?”

“I suppose so”

“I’ve had warmer responses, but that’ll do for now”

“Maybe you need a better pick-up line”

“Is that what I’m doing?”

“Am I wrong?” asked Jared

“Ah, let’s just say I don’t see bodies like yours here very often”

“Your singlet doesn’t hide much either”

“Thanks, you want to see more.”

“I don’t think they allow bare chests in this bar, I’m surprised you’re allowed in a blue singlet.”

“The barman’s a mate of mind. He wouldn’t dare throw me out.”

“How’s that?” Jared asked

“I could tell his wife about the cellar”

“Is blackmail how you get your tricks?”

“Kicks maybe, not tricks”

“So you’re just an amateur?”

“If you mean do I charge, the answer’s no. But amateur is a bit insulting.”


“So do you want to visit the cellar?”

“Are you into tapping kegs?”

“I’m into inserting a rod into a tight hole”

“Maybe not now, my mate’s have just arrived”

“They’d be welcome too”

“I think not, they’re strictly front door men”

“So how come you’re mates?”

“We’re all ex SAS soldiers”

“Fuck man, no wonder you look so fit”

The redhead turned to look at Jared’s approaching friends and added “What a waste of manpower. I could really get off being taken prisoner by them.”

“Hey Mary, Chunder yelled across the room.”

“Mary?” the redhead asked

“Who’s your friend?” asked Wozza.

“Oh he’s not my friend, he’s just collecting glasses” Jared commented as he passed over his empty glass and said “Thanks”

“So you little bugger what have you been doin’ lately, still shirt liftin’?”

“No of your business, Chunder.”


Wozza shouted the first round and while he was at the bar, Chunder said “I hear ya lookin’ for Fixer”

“Yes, do you know his whereabouts?”

“I might, watta ya need ‘im for”

“To fix something for me”

“Mmm, I presume it’s not your mower?”

“No something a bit more complex”

“Well, I’ve got his number, I’ll give it to ya later”

“Thanks Chunder, what are you up to lately?”

“I’m moving furniture, but the missus is always at me to make more money. She has tastes beyond ‘er status.”

“Sorry to hear that. Maybe something else will come along”

“Yeah a lot of the blokes find it hard to transfer their army skills to civvy life.”

“But what about you. Ya look well dressed and fit as usual, makin’ heaps of moolah?”

“I do ok”

“Doin’ what? Wozza said you’re hard to get an answer outta.”

“Here you are fellas. Three of Toohey’s best.”

“Thanks Wozza” said Chunder.”

“So what are you two talking about?”

“Mary here was about to tell me about his job”

“Was I?”

“Ya betta, if you’d rather have the beer inside ya, instead of on that Gucci shirt” threatened Chunder.

“It’s not Gucci, it’s AussieBum, and what’s with the threat?”

“Just a bit’a fun”

Jared let it slide, but felt a touch of jealousy in Chunder’s threat.

“Well?” asked Wozza “What’s the big secret about what you do for a crust?”

“Have you heard of the Fairfax family?”

“Yes, rich as creases.”

“Well, I don’t work for them, but a family that is almost as rich.”


“I’m not saying, it’s confidential”

“Is it a mafia family, is that why you can’t say?”

“No, you bastards.”

“So what do you do for this rich family?”

“I’m an intimate assistant to the wife.”

“In English please” asked Wozza

Jared lowered his voice and answered “I fuck his wife.”

“Oh yeah, pull the other one”

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you”

“But you’re gay and besides that, since when did having an affair with another man’s wife become a job?”

“Her husband is gay and doesn’t give his wife what she needs, so she hires.”

“Her husband’s gay and can’t fuck her, so she hires another gay to do the job. How’s that work?” asked Wozza.

“Guys, I’m bi, and although I prefer a male as my personal partner, I can still get it up for a woman.”

“Fuck me” said Chunder “No, I didn’t mean that, just a figure’v speech.”

Wozza then sought to clarify the situation “Ok, you can fuck a woman and she wants you to, but how does the husband feel about this?”

“He’s fine with it, because he buys his sex as well”

“From you?”


“And they pay you for this?”

“Yes, I get a good salary, accommodation, food and drinks as well as other fringe benefits”

“How da I get inta this work?” asked Chunder “Did ya start as a rent boy?”

“No, I’m not a prostitute and I went straight into this from my army training job.”

“When ya leave can ya put in a good word fa me?”

“It doesn’t work like that. She has a secretary who interviews and vets prospects for her.”

“Does the secretary road test the prospects?” asked Wozza

“Not usually...but...”

“But what?”

“As it happened, her secretary was my lover before, but we broke up before he interviewed me for the job, so....”

“Wait! Her secretary is a bloke, and he knew you were a good fuck?”

“Sort of, but we’re back together now.”

“Oh this just gets better and better” said Wozza.

Chunder than summarised for Wozza, “So now he fucks this woman fa money and also fucks ‘is man as well. What a life? I’d like summa’ that action...not the man bit...my wife’d do”

“Fellas, can we move on and talk about something else, besides me?” asked Jared.

“A bit embarrassed are you?” askedWozza

“No, not at all. I’m proud of what I do, and bloody good at it, but I have to maintain some confidentiality for my client.”

“Fair enough mate.”

“So we don’t just call ya Mary now, ya’re Mary and Joseph, all rolled inta one.” Chunder concluded.


The following day Jared called the number given to him by Chunder. “Hello”

“Is that the fixer?”

“Who wants to know?”

“Sorry Frank, it’s Jared here”


“Yeah, Jared Haynes form second SAS regiment, we served together.”

“Sure, I remember you, just have to be sure who I’m talking to, not many know my nickname.”

“What can I do for you, and be careful what you say on the phone.”

“I understand, I have a special job for you, when can we talk?”

“Whenever you like”

“How about tomorrow, where?”

“Hyde Park, near the war memorial at noon.”


“Hi Jared, it’s been a while.”

“I think the last time we saw each other was when you were wounded and airlifted out of Oruzgan.”

“Only after you stopped the bleeding and carried me to safer flat ground where the chopper could land. I won’t forget that.”

“Thanks, but just doing my duty and looking after a mate.”

“We weren’t really mates, though were we?”

“I suppose not, but we’re all brothers in the service, having each other’s back.”

“After you put me in the chopper and it took off, I had an hour to think about you and realised that despite being a poofter, you weren’t such a bad bloke afterall. I did intend to tell you that, but I was sent home and never saw you again.”

“Thanks for that, it means a lot.”

“I should have made the effort, it’s not that difficult in the military, but....well you know.”

“Life gets in the way?”

“Yeah, but it’s still no excuse.”

“Well you’ve done it now, that’s what matters in the end” concluded Jared.

“Let’s walk while we talk. You know what I mean?”

“Of course.”

“But before that, I need to pat you down, just to be sure you’re not wired. Know what I mean? I know I owe you a lot, but I need to be sure”

“No problem, I get it. Good old army training, leave nothing to chance.”

“Just take off your jacket casually and then step closer to me.”

Jared did as requested, Frank took a look at him and said “With those tight fitting clothes, I don’t think there’s room to conceal anything. You wouldn’t misunderstand me if I said you’re still in great shape and still like to show it.”

“Thanks, and no misunderstanding.”

“So what can I do for you?”

“Can you arrange to have someone...disappear?”

“You mean permanently.”


"Does it have to look like an accident or just never seen again?”

“I don’t think the latter could be done in the circumstances.”

“I’m not following you.”

“The target is in prison.”

“Fuck! I’ve never been asked to do that before.”

“Can it be done?” Jared asked

“Nothing’s impossible, just might take me a bit longer to find the right man for the job. Obviously I can’t do it myself...unless...” Frank thought for a few moments then continued “No, I couldn’t be sure of getting into the same prison.”

“But you think you can arrange it?”

“I’ll need details before I can commit, but I really want to do this for you, I owe you.”

“No need for that, but I’d certainly appreciate whatever you can do. Do I tell you now who and where he is?”

“Just which prison, that’s the most important, so I can look for someone on the inside.”

“Long Bay prison”

“Do you know which section?”

“Not as such, but he’s in for murder, does that help?”

“That should narrow it down.”

“Now, how much does this cost?”


“How much exactly, I have no idea about these things.”

“I was going to say, it costs a lot, but for you I won’t charge for my services. But, as I need someone else to carry out the final act, I’ll need to pay him. So I can’t give you a figure until I find the right contact.”

“Thanks, that’s very generous, but I don’t want to be in your debt.”

“I’m already in your debt, you saved my life, so if this goes someway to repaying that debt...”

“Thanks Frank, you’re a good man.”

“Some might not agree with you, but I understand what you’re saying. That then brings me to the reason for this blokes...well how has he pissed you off?”

“Does it matter?” asked Jared

“Yes, it does. If you just wanted someone roughed up, I probably wouldn’t care why. But a full elimination is different. It comes back to what you said... that I was a good man. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I think I do and respect you for that. We all killed in war and that was justified because they were the enemy, as perceived by our government. So you need to be sure this man’s elimination is justified.”

Frank just nodded in agreement.

“He raped my mother, when she was a teenager and I’m the result of that rape. Not only that, but he is her brother.”

“Fuck! This is a day for firsts. So why have you waited so long to have this done?”

“I only found out a few months ago. I was adopted out at birth and only by chance, recently found my mother.”

“You poor bastard, what a way to come into this already fucked up world. No wonder you’re pissed off with this scum. It will be a pleasure to arrange this. I wish I could do it myself.”

“Now when do we meet again?” Jared asked

“I’ll let you know”

“Thanks Frank, can I treat you to lunch?”

“That would be great, but the less we’re seen together ...you know what I’m saying?”

“Sure, I get it. So it’s bye for now and I’ll hear from you.”

“Bye mate.”


The two ex army mates went their separate ways. When Jared came across a coffee kiosk in the park, he purchased a flat white and sat on a bench to mull over what just happened. He had mixed feelings. On one hand he wanted Brendan punished for his behaviour. On the other he thought what value is a human life? An inner voice was telling him he should not take a human life. But as the son of a woman who was badly wronged he wanted to right that wrong as best he could. The soldier in him said killing must be justified.

As he sipped his coffee he looked around him and beyond the park. It was then he noticed, the park was surrounded by St Mary’s catholic cathedral and adjacent to that, the state registry of births, deaths and marriages, where he assumed his birth was registered. On the other side of the park was St James Anglican church, next to the King St. Law Courts, where murderers are tried. At the other end of the park was the Anzac War Memorial that honoured the service and memory of those who did not return from war.

He wondered if all these institutions were trying to tell him something. Were they competing against each other, or did they all have a similar motive, but taking a different path to the same destination?

Then he heard a bell ring in his head. No, it wasn’t in his head, it was the clock tower on Sydney town hall at the end of Park St. Then suddenly his mind was as clear as a bell. He had to do what he thought was right. Not what someone else thought was right.


Two weeks later The Fixer called with further information. A week after that Jared met The Fixer, this time in Victoria Park, where they shared the sandwiches Jared brought along in a plastic lunch box. At the end of their brief lunch, they parted forever and Jared left his lunch box on the park bench, for The Fixer.


The Sydney Daily News

Always Independent


Convicted Murderer Found Dead in Prison.

Brendan Haynes, who confessed to the murder of Sam Hiscock in 2017 was found, last week, hanging in the exercise yard of Long Bay Prison.

Police are investigating but at this point are treating it as suicide.

The body was discovered by a prison guard during a search prompted by Haynes’ failure to check in after his exercise period.

It is believed the hanging occurred in a corner of the area not covered by CCTV.



Copyright © 2021 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Chapter Comments

Interesting chapter. So we finally meet the fixer, an army mate of Jared's.

Would love to know how the fixer managed to get the job done so quickly, but I suppose money talks.

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'Mary' Jared's nickname brought back many memories. I used to have a 'Muscle Mary' T-shirt many years ago which I wore with pride. Even my mother called me Mary occasionally, back when I was younger, fitter and more muscular. And, 'Chunder', what a great nickname. One can only imagine how he came to be named so.

Very clever writing to have Jared meet 'The Fixer' in Hyde Park. The irony of the meeting place as noted by Jared was a stroke of genius @Wombat Bill. It strikes me that it is not coincidental the buildings mentioned are close to each other, particularly when one considers their purpose and how long ago they were built. 

I share @chris191070wonderment as to how 'The Fixer' managed to arrange Brendan's death. 

“So we don’t just call ya Mary now, ya’re Mary and Joseph, all rolled inta one.” is one of your best one-liners for quite some time @Wombat Bill. For this line alone I had to rate the chapter with a 'ha ha' emoticon. It may not seem appropriate given the close of the chapter, but the close to the chapter opened CWB book 3 and much sadness has taken place since then. I was determined to only make a light-hearted critique of this chapter. 


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