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The Chosen 1. The Chosen

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Phenomenal power. So many new responsibilities. 
Too bad no one consulted Chad Summers when he was discovered as the new champion of magic. 

In his whole life, he's never gotten into a fight. Now he has to kill monsters, demons, and creatures that can bring on insanity with a look. This was so going to put a damper on his social life.

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  • Action Packed 6
  • Addictive/Pacing 6
  • Characters 6
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  • Cliffhanger 4
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  • Feel-Good 1
  • Humor 1
  • Smoldering 4
  • Tearjerker 4
  • Unique 6
  • World Building 5

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

The apocalypse is coming. Soon, the Earth will be invaded by demons, monsters, and other unspeakable horrors from another realm.

It’s time for the legendary Champions to reawaken and fight back the darkness.

What I Loved

Pop culture references up the wazoo!

The action scenes were well written and very engaging. Usually, my brain tends to start glossing over details when I read long action sequences, but I didn’t find have that problem (at least that much) in this story. Top marks for keeping them interesting.

All the insults that Killian and Chad fling at each other are great. I always found their bickering to be quite amusing.

I really liked the concept of the heroes undergoing a reincarnation event. I don’t consume much superhero media, so it might be a common thing elsewhere, but I personally found this concept to be quite unique. (Wonder if they’ll continue to be reincarnated and reunited with each other again and again for infinity?)


Speaking of, I also liked the idea of Chad being a bit “different” compared to his prior incarnation. It seems that, like Nathanial suggested, his current behaviour and personality are in some ways truer to what he really is, perhaps because of his past self’s royal duties.

The flashback to the fall of Atlantis was intense, jeez. That whole sequence kept me engrossed. Great writing.

Adam and Chad are very obviously perfect for each other in so many ways. Guess they really are soulmates.

What Could’ve Been Better


Having three different names for each Chosen (for example: Chad, Emrys, and Warlock) was slightly odd at first, but I got used to it. Not a big deal.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

The Internet has ruined me. It took me a little while before I could look at the name “Chad” and not read it as the meme term for an “alpha male”.

I’m getting lots of Power Rangers vibes from this story, haha.

Was it ever explained how Nathanial himself was awoken? I honestly don’t remember.

Every single time that Chad incanted a spell, I always imagined in my mind one of those “action” sequences in the older Pokémon seasons and other older anime. (You know the ones when a character would say something cool and do some sort of pose while the camera moves around them and the background goes all blurry? Yeah, like those ones, but with better animation and detail.)


I thought the scene where Chad was drugged by Danny to be quite interesting (not because of Chad’s near rape). I never really thought about it before, but if a superhero were intoxicated, then of course they would have problems using their powers!

Chad didn’t get to awaken Adam himself. I suppose the traumatic event of getting his body bitten into did it for him? Or was it Chad’s grief that managed to get through to him through their inherent connection?

“Centennial’s Heroic Quartet”, huh? I agree with Chad – that’s a really fucking lame name.


The Chosen is a great mix of action, comedy, and romance. I could not put it down during my re-read. (I even lost sleep because I wanted to keep going!) Any fan of fantasy and sci-fi will enjoy this.

Highly recommended.

5 stars.

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

This is the fantastic story of 4 teenagers reincarnations of there past selves, The Chosen. We follow the adventures of Chad, Adam, Ryan and Killian as they learn about there past, whilst fighting evil demons with there magical powers. It’s very well written, plenty of humour, great battle scenes.

An excellent read highly recommended. Looking forward to the sequel.

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