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  1. xTony

    Chapter One

    Did we just become best friends? The Untamed is just so excellent beyond words. It took me on a rollercoaster of emotions! I'm actually on like episode 3 of the anime right now. I held off on watching for the longest because The Untamed was so iconic to me. It's good so far! Hitchhiker's Guide has that kind of meta moments that I love. This story will definitely have similar tones at times. Thank you for reading and reviewing!
  2. Scrolls of Icaria will never be finished.... that really just upsets my spirit.

    Angry New York GIF

  3. xTony

    Chapter One

    It's going to be a RIDE I'm glad you understand my love for their novels. I can't say enough good things about them. Scum Villain is one of the best thing's I have ever read. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is top tier reading too! My Next Life as a Villainess! Iconic anime. Taste!
  4. xTony

    Chapter One

    I drew a red X through another paragraph. It was one of several other markings covering the once pristine manuscript. I turned the page, and thankfully it was the last. Hallelujah! My eyes read the final few paragraphs with incredible speed. The thought of finishing this convoluted novel invigorated my spirit. “What the actual fuck!” I spat the curse with so much venom that it was a miracle my coworkers weren’t barging into my office. I closed the book with force and glared at the four hundred and eight seven page book. I wanted to burn it with fire. I was only a junior editor, so
  5. After one man dies in the real world, he wakes up to find he has transmigrated into Red Riding Hoodie, the worst novel he ever had the misfortune of reading. As he awakens, he's greeted by the Re: Life System, who tells him his "account" is now bound to the character Hal Schuyler, the original hero of the novel (who is petty and a huge asshole). He realizes he has to change the story to avoid being killed by the main character's sometimes friend, Alaric. But the System has other ideas, not allowing him to act too out-of-character to avoid derailing the plot.
  6. xTony


    Thank you for sticking with it and reading it! Well now that you mention. I have writer's block on my book so that mean's I'll probably whip up a fun story to distract myself. That's very sweet. Thank you for reading
  7. I can’t believe The Chosen series is over 400k words like was it that serious?

  8. xTony


    This was a nightmare. I wondered how Ryan and Killian were doing, but I couldn't grasp the strength to search them out through the destruction. My brother, with his broken wrists, met my eyes. Two princes of Atlantis, wrecked, on the ground and beaten. What a sight we made. This must be what the angels felt during the Last Great War. Victory was a longshot dream against an enemy that shrugged off attacks like a mild breeze. I was exhausted and tapped out. I suppose that was his plan all along. I hated it when they were smart, but he had been planning this moment before we were even bo
  9. "What do you think you're doing?" Halo demanded. "The Freeze is taboo. If you do this the universe itself will retaliate!" The Executioner studied the Voice of They Above All, warily. "What is he talking about?" "My brothers and I are here to oversee the freezing of the Earth," Celeste said, and she sounded honestly regretful. "An eternity in ice is this planet's future. It's the only way to keep Entropy imprisoned." I felt blindsided. This was a betrayal I never predicted. "What? You would just consign us into oblivion without giving us a chance to fight back!" "You can't do t
  10. The procession that left the city of Atlantis was considerably smaller than the one that had entered it. Upon these quiet streets walked the Chosen, with Nathan and King Oriens at our side. It had been nine days since our arrival, and there were few on the streets to see us leave under cover of night. Those we passed left us alone to depart in peace. I felt rested and more at ease than I had in a long time. Being in Atlantis had soothed all the burdens and stress life had dealt with made me undeniably happy. Being with my family and friends had completely put my soul at ease. King Oriens
  11. I once read that you can never remember the beginning of a dream. I vaguely recognized this place from a distant memory that I couldn’t quite grasp. It was a flat, empty floor in some brightly lit space that nonetheless didn’t echo its emptiness as if there were no walls from which sound could reflect. It was blindingly white along with the ceiling, too, was bathed in an aerial ocean of illumination. I finally looked at the man across from me. He was sitting crossed-legged upon the floor like me. Of course, he managed to look dignified in such a position. I looked into his blue eyes, s
  12. I almsot forgot about that name 🤣 Realllllly complicated
  13. xTony


    If the sight of Atlantis hadn’t stolen my breath, then Kevin’s statement would have. I took a step forward and then stopped. Kevin smiled at my indecision, and I crossed the distance between us and threw my arms around him. I tuned out the murmurs of the crowd who continued staring about in abject wonder. “I missed you,” I said in something like a sob. He hugged back with matching intensity and laughed with nervous relief. “I always seem to leave you. Don’t I?” “Just keep coming back,” I said, pulling away to look at his face, “And we’ll call it even stevens.” Alarm spread thro
  14. Solaris was in no shape to transport us, so I created a portal that greedily sapped at my diminished reserves. The city wasn’t what we left. Centennial was a disaster zone. Clouds blanketed the sky and hid away the sun leaving the city in a dim shadow of gloom. Voidwalkers had come to Centennial, leaving death and destruction in their wake. There wasn’t a single person in the streets. Empty vehicles, abandoned and silent, filled the lonely roads. Shattered store windows were abundant up and down the downtown streets. And the bodies. Withered corpses lay amongst the silent streets, em
  15. Oh wow. I didn't think people would read this. This story has been finished for over a year on Nifty. I just remembered I never uploaded the rest of the chapters here.
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