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Twenty-Five Candles

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so, today is my 25th birthday.


today is also 'R U OK?' Day.


these two facts would be mutually exclusive, except one of my friends inboxed everyone on my Facebook account and told them to ask me 'R U OK?' instead of wishing me a happy birthday.


so now I have 95 wall posts (and counting), all asking if I'm ok.


I also had the following interaction with my mother this morning:




it was somewhat amusing.


anyway, on the writing front, I can happily say that I sat down and plotted A Shot of Clarity in its entirety last night. frame-by-frame, scene-by-scene. there'll be seven parts to the story (plus Prologue and Epilogue), and they should all be written in pretty quick order.


in terms of its marketability... I'm not sure. I have this dream of completing a longer story and seriously workshopping it within the local writing community, but I feel that the final product will be a weird, in-between length. 10-15k sorta range. too long to be a short story, not long enough to be a novella.


I'll figure it out, though.


after all, if it's really, really good, who's going to care about its length?


I feel like there's a that's what she said joke in that somewhere.


maybe another time.



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Happy Birthday, Matty!

And I'm pretty sure you're okay, so...


Can't wait for you to get that finished so I can start readying. LOL

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LOL. Are you okay? :P



Seriously, good job on the plotting out your story. You never know, as you write, it might gain in length. Sometimes I actually look for 10-15k stories because they only take about 20 minutes to read. Perfect for commuters too. I feel for you on the birthday text. My father in law calls before 6 am EVERY year for my husband. Fine during weekdays if he's working because he gets up at 5 am but on a weekend? C'mon!! :P Maybe you can take a nap later.




Oh, and happy b-day btw!

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As someone who participated in the previously mentioned Facebook prank all I have to say is... are you Okay *snigger*


Oh, and happy birthday too :P


I am excited about the story,,, do it so it :)

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