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sixteen hundred problems... but a bitch ain't one!

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so, I'm still alive.


I feel like that's noteworthy, since I've been somewhat low-profile around here lately.


you might remember, two blogs ago, that I was debating whether or not to quit my job and take a different career direction. in particular, I was debating whether or not to turn down an amazing career opportunity with my current employer and chase a boatload more money elsewhere.


heavy shit.


anyway, after a solid week of stroking my beard and pondering the mysteries of the universe, I decided to put my morals ahead of my bank balance and take the job with my current employer. I'm still on Struggle St financially, and still earning a shitload less money than what I could get on the open market; but really, how many other 24-year-olds are given the opportunity to build the accounting process for a multi-national corporation? hell, I got to sit on a conference call for an hour and a half this afternoon and tell our systems analysts how I want the accounting reports to be formatted.




because that's my job!


having said that, it's not all shits and giggles. we're now in Week 18 of what was supposed to be a four-week User Acceptance Testing project, trying to fix the 1600-or-so problems that have been identified with our new accounting package. that's right, sixteen hundred problems. we're finally nearing the end, though. a couple more weeks and we'll have the whole thing wrapped up. one person who won't be seeing the end though is my old boss. she announced her resignation in Week 13 and departed the company at the end of Week 16. as you can imagine, that was pretty rough for all involved. the worst part was, she did sweet f**k all for her last three weeks and left her replacement with basically zero training and/or preparation for what she was getting herself into.


we managed to avert that crisis, though. being the paranoid control freak that I am, I identified the impending doom about halfway through my boss' last week and basically demanded more control over both the project and my new boss' training plan. so, for the past week, I've been the man charged with bringing my new boss up to speed and generally getting shit in order. things still aren't quite at the point we'd like them to be, but after being basically left in the lurch by my old boss, things are sure as hell a lot better than they could have been.


we'll see how it all turns out over the next few weeks, anyway.


in other news, I dislocated my thumb at basketball a couple of weeks ago. not the most painful injury I've ever had (that award goes to the elbow I dislocated when I was 11), but it took all of my willpower to not swear in front of the 12-year-olds I was coaching. thankfully, it went straight back in, and x-rays later showed that it wasn't broken, but it's still pretty much useless three weeks later. needless to say, I'm not doing a whole lot of typing at the moment.


speaking of, there's not a whole lot happening on the writing front at the moment. it's not like I have writers block or anything, I simply cannot find the time to get anything done. I'll promise you though, when I do find the time, there's a pretty sweet little short story that I'll be putting the finishing touches on. I won't give too much away here, but it may or may not include my very first attempt at writing a sex scene.


speaking of sex, still not getting any. damn it.


I did get myself an iPhone, though.


and finally, I got myself the first three seasons of Castle off a friend's hard drive, because Nathan Fillion is my current obsession.


what a sweetheart.


anyway, I'm off to watch some Amazing Race: Australia.


if you've taken the time to read all this, do post a comment and say hello..



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So you're alive! Yay! A pic of you must be in toll! In order to show us you're alive.


Good luck with the job.


Can't wait to read works by you, since I normally don't do in-series story, a short story is just right.

Just saying, the first time I wrote a sex scene went better than I thought.


Nathan is alright, cute and all...

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You got an iPhone? blink.gif I guess you get more perks with that in Australia than in the states.


Good to find out that you made a choice you were reasonably satisfied with. It's really cool that your in charge of an accounting process for an MNC, though your description makes me really happy I stuck with MIS/OM and didn't double with accounting.


I've heard of Castle and have experienced Nathan Fillion before, but haven't watched it before, though I guess should since you were dead-on before about Skins awhile back.

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