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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! :D

  2. Happpy Birthday, Dude!!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Kevin!

  4. Thanks for the add, Nicholas

  5. I agree with this. Sometimes i read stories that duplicate the same plot points in two different POV and I just thought "It's done to bulk up the word count". However, I have read very good stories that deal with alternating POV very well. You get to look at a similar plot points from two different POV so you get to see the bigger picture. I think it's Tinnean's Spy vs. Spook series.
  6. Kev de Cauchery

    Chapter 1

    You know what I feel about the story, but I'll repeat anyway. Personally not a big fan of fantasy stories in general, (so it's not against the story). That being said, I do like the story because it's not just about magic. I do like the melancholic ending. Just like all back up plans, they are back-ups, and can never be satisfactory, and they will always leave us wanting more. I also do like that there are evidences of researching in the story.
  7. I'd really love a set of these plates and the cups in the next pics. Love!
  8. Happy Birthday, Stu.

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