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Usually I look for the first flowers of spring. Snow bells or crocus but neither is breaking through the ground yet. However it looks like the pussy willow will be cracking open any day now. Seems Spring is almost here. Very, very mild winter this year but not going to complain. Enjoy all.


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I'm so ready for spring. Even with a mild winter it was still cold and I hate the cold :pissed:


Bring it on, I'm ready! ;)

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It's hard to believe that it will be 74F here on Thursday. Some flowers are out very early due to the mild winter. I'm talking about some that are usually much later than crocus. I have seen a lot of jonquils (buttercups, narcissus) and even a redbud tree blooming.

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I can't identify any flower, bud, growy-thingies but the green is coming back which makes me smile :D

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I don't mind the warmer winter weather, just so we don't get a late hard frost that freezes all the budding fruit trees and strawberries and ruins the crops. Prices are high enough.

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A Siberian cold front swept over Europe. It was bitterly cold for two weeks and still pretty cold this week. I'm so waiting for spring.

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