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An apology



This whole week has been screwed up for me. I am trying to keep the smile in place but depression got its grip in me for a while and I can't focus. I'll be honest, I didn't want to focus. I wanted to wallow.


However I am behind on beta projects, my story, and all. So for those following me or waiting on me, I apologize. I promise to get my butt back in gear. Was working on the beta projects and should have my story up on Monday.


Again sorry gang.

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Stop apologizing. Sometimes things happen. If people can't understand that then they aren't very realistic. Pushing yourself when you're not in the mindspace to do things usually means your work isn't as good as it could be.

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I agree with Cia on that... There have been times that I have beta's when I'm really not at my best and then afterward, find mistakes that I typically would have caught. Sometimes you just need to take care of yourself and put other things on the back burner. It happens to all of us eventually. *hugs*

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Wayne you're human...we all are and if someone can't see that, then they need a reality check! I'm sure everyon will understand. Life comes first. Take care. Trying to do too much will run you down and you'll feel worse or get sick again.



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We all have ups and downs, whether we want to admit it or not. Just think of your lows like this - Damn tomorrow's going to sunny.

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OK Mister now you need a kick up the backside. Makes a change huh?? :)

Take as long as you need to take, leave my stuff till last. You are more important. so sort yourself first.

Love you Unc, take care :hug:

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*HUGS* hug.gif


Why do you think you haven't gotten chapter 13 yet? A story is just a story. You, my friend, are much more than a story.


Let me me know when things calm down for you and I "might" start chapter 13 and think about handing it off to you. I KNOW the readers will wait. YOU, Wayne, are very important to a lot of people as our friend.


I don't know what CIA was talking about because I KNOW everyone that has ever worked with you LOVES you!!! wub.png

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I agree with everyone. The slow boat eventually reaches its destination, too. Also in my experience if you force things you practically call for stress and depression to stick with you. You see, I have have daily routine of writing for 30 minutes no matter what. World's coming to an end - Ella's writing anyway. I usually did that just to get started and some mind jogging. But during the past weeks I found that the hassle with different faculties and commuiting and health problems it just wore me out further and it didn't lead to any results. So I paused. allowed myself to actually be upset because everybody seemed to be thinking they could divide and plan my time (even Significant Person was mad at me, because I didn't reply to a couple of text messages in time) and I bitched and moaned, i.e. allowed myself to, and put an end to it all and just meditated or watched the occasional DVD when I got off work (I didn't even try to get puppeting inspiration for my own puppeteering from the puppetteery ones.). No reading, no internet except the bare neccessities, no baking, no cooking. Instead me, lots of ayurvedic tea and fruit salad (I love fruit salad, but I rarely ever do it because I keep telling myself I had no time to browse the farmer's market - I live in the country). Two days I slept most of the time. It was very relaxing. And then Sunday evening, without any intention or whatsoever - bang! Ten pages of impulsive, but very usable writing. I might not only have my beginning now, but also my hood, characterisations of my four main characters (actually there is one, the other three are connected to the protagonist). What I want to say is andante, take it slow.

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